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March 2004

Mar 3 - Mar 5 - Mar 10 - Mar 19

March 3, 2004

I was walking with some other people through some woods and finally out into an open space that was along a river. I traveled ahead of them and up a steep embankment. I remember seeing this embankment from the ground. It was steep and had that dark-colored dirt color as its side was exposed to the elements from erosion. The top of this cliff had grass on it and was at least 10 feet high. To the left were the woods and to the right was a river. I scaled the cliff and got to the top, and I got the feeling that I was leading the rest of the group along. I got to the top of the cliff and faced the direction of the river, which was now far below me. There was some kind of bridge that led across the river at this height and I walked across it to the other side of the river, where there was something there like a building or some other type of structure, or maybe just some more woods that I wanted to lead the group into. I got the feeling we had reached our destination at this point, however.

March 5, 2004

I was at a place where there was nothing but water everywhere, kinda dirty water, muddied and the color of that chocolate river that Augustus fell into in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was standing in this water, apparently not being able to find any land to stroll around on, and it was abdomen high. There was a dock of some kind, an 8 x 8 piece of wood or skid floating about on top of the water. On this skid/dock thing were Sarah and William, lying or sitting on it as it kind of bobbed along with the mini-swells the water generated. I was concerned about them falling off into the water. I was more concerned about them falling off the front, probably because they were near the front and getting too close to the edge for me. However, William finally did fall off the back of the dock, which was weird because I was worried about him falling off the front, but whatever. Without hesitation I jumped into the water (maybe I wasn’t really in it yet) and was able to find William pretty easily since the water wasn’t very deep. I found him sitting with his legs crossed Indian style on the bottom and I plucked him up. He didn’t seem too distressed, seeming to know that I was going to come rescue him so he didn’t freak out or anything like that. After placing William back on top of the dock alongside Sarah, I noticed a wooden ridge/barrier type thing that was jutting about half a foot above the water line. It was like a fence in the water and the top of it stuck out. On the other side of this fence was Cora Gaudy, her arms crossed and resting on top of the fence. She was also standing in the water at about chest high or so, just on the other side of this fence. She and I began talking to one another about this and that, and she asked me how my pharmacy technician job hunting was going. I told her that I would be starting some contract work soon instead of doing the pharmacy tech thing. I then asked her how her massage school job thing was going, and she made a comment, saying something about how she “wasn’t into that anymore” or that she “was over that now” and she was now going on to do bigger and better things. After we talked, I started walking toward Sarah and William and saw that the floating device they were now on, whether it was a boat or the same dock thing they were on earlier. This dock was now floating away so I sloshed through the water to keep up. There may have been someone else there at the dock, standing in the water like me at chest height, standing next to the dock as it floated away and also keeping pace with it.

March 10, 2004

I was looking out into my backyard and saw some kind of animal out there that I at first thought was a cow, and then as I could see it more clearly as it wandered closer and out of the darkness back there by the fence at the rear of my yard, I saw that it was more like a fox. It had sleek, black fur, almost wet-looking. I was worried about it being in our yard because my kitties Bandit and Tiger were outside and if this animal got a hold of them, it would probably kill them. The animal then started running alongside the fence just on this side of Elmer’s (my neighbor) yard and I could see that it was indeed chasing Bandit and Tiger. The three of them eventually ended up in the southeast corner of Elmer’s yard. I then saw a couple of big, dark dogs in Elmer’s yard, Rottweilers or Great Danes or something like that. There were two of them and I could see that they had Bandit and Tiger in their mouths and were chewing on them and shaking them around. I’m sure this killed my cats.

March 19, 2004

I was working in a fab. I had a bunny suit on and was welding some type of metal thing to something else, which is typically something you wouldn’t really do in a fab but hey man, this is a dream. There was a door leading to the outside hallway and through a window in the top of the door I could see my boss looking in at me. My boss in this dream was that supervisor guy who I spoke with at NW Etch about a job a year or two ago. There was someone else with him but I don’t know who that was. The door opened and my boss walked in, and he said that I was fired because I wasn’t wearing my goggles and that, of course, is a breech of fab policy. There were other people around and everyone was shocked that I had been canned. I guess my boss wanted to set an example with someone and I just happened to be the guy he felt like making an example out of at that particular time. After some pleading with him, my boss agreed not to fire me and to give me a second chance.

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