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March 1990

Mar 1 - Mar 2 - Mar 6 - Mar 7 - Mar 13 - Mar 15 - Mar 21

March 1st, 1990

Lyle Alzado, the tackle for the Raiders, was scheduled to fight Hulk Hogan in the ring. It was going to be a wrestling match and I thought it would be unfair because Hulk Hogan is a better wrestler. Lyle said something like, "He outweighs me by 200 pounds but it should go okay." I saw a stat sheet of their weights and Lyle was about 187 pounds and Hulk Hogan was 397. Mass more stuff happened in this dream and my head hurts trying to remember it, but of course, I can't.

March 2nd, 1990

I was with Quasi Jones and we were going to play racquetball. We went to a place much like the health club I sometimes attend, and went to the front counter to get a racquet for me. Coach from "Cheers" was the attendant at the desk. We told him we wanted to get some racquetball equipment. He started showing us some balls he had mended where the stitching had come out. He held up a baseball and the skin was coming unstitched and unraveled. Coach showed us how he repaired the worn skin, with a thin, brown type of patch. Eventually he got around to showing us some racquets. He asked if I wanted a skinny racquet or a thick one as he held up examples of both. I told him I wanted a thick one, but he said something like, "Well here's a skinny one for you." I remembered seeing a rounded thick racquet, but he handed me a skinny plastic blue one. The strings were bowed like a cup, probably made for holding the racquetball, and were actually just pinholes in the thin plastic. Coach wanted to give us a plastic ball to go with it, but we ended up getting a real racquetball. Quasi and I started playing racquetball in the kitchen of a restaurant somewhere. There wasn't enough room to play in the kitchen. There was a silver cart in the way so we asked Stephan, who was working in the kitchen, to move it. Stephan moved the cart to my right, behind a counter or something. Quasi was back against a wall which may have been lined with pressure cookers which reminded me of the kind at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The next thing I knew, we were playing in a long field, maybe the pasture I used to play in that my mom and dad owned. Quasi would hit the ball to me, but he kept placing it just right so it would sail past me and I would have to run after it. This kept going on until I had run all the way to the back of the field. Quasi hit the ball past me and to my left. I ran after it and came upon an old house sitting in the back of the field. Suddenly, out of the woods came a group of about thirty black hillbillies who apparently lived in the house. They were angry at me for trespassing, and I was scared they would kill me. They swarmed around me and they all began rapping to a funky beat. The words they rapped warned me to get off their property. It was kind of strange. I walked away from the house and when I was far enough away so they wouldn't bother me any more, I saw the owner of the house. There was a white man standing behind him and off to the right. I talked to the black owner, explaining that I was sorry if I had caused any hassle and that if I thought me being at his house would have caused any problems then I wouldn't have done it. He was a nice old man and said not to worry about it. I again assured him I meant no harm and he again told me it was okay. Soon, we were interrupting each other as I continued to apologize and he continued to say it was okay.
I was at a bar with a black woman. She was just a friend and was actually rather attractive, but there was nothing between us, we were just friends. We walked around the bar and went to the back. We walked by a table where some men were staring at us. Suddenly, a huge man, at least seven feet tall and extremely muscular and thick, approached us. He had a red flannel shirt on and had short hair and a pudgy nose. He was a southern redneck type of guy. In his right hand he carried a big log, maybe a foot around in diameter. He looked at us like he wanted to beat the hell out of us, so the black girl and I began backing away. The faster we backed away, the faster this huge lumberjack of a man advanced on us. We managed to make it to our original table and we sat down. The huge redneck seemed satisfied with this, as if he didn't want the two of us near the back of the tavern where we were. He returned to his friends at the back and I heard him saying mean things about the woman I was with. The black woman and I were scared, not knowing what the hell to do, afraid to leave or do anything. I explained to her that I could try to fight him, but if I hit him it would be like hitting an elephant with a fly swatter. Suddenly we had a plan. We casually walked up to a counter near the front door, but didn't make it look like we were going to leave because we knew the big man was watching us and still wanted to kick the shit out of us. Suddenly we bolted for the front door but the man was right after us. I remember running across the parking lot towards my black Nissan pickup. The black woman was to the left of me and the man was behind us. The girl pulled some keys out of her pocket or purse and dangled them at me, saying something like, "I got the keys!" This meant she would unlock the passenger side first and then unlock my door for me to get in. It was night time. The black chick was wearing a black dress I think. I remember making it inside the truck and seeing the huge man again, but I don't remember driving away.

March 6th, 1990

I was on a dock somewhere, maybe by a boathouse. Tom Selleck was there too and someone else, but I can't remember who. I recall seeing Tom dive into the water and go really deep several times and staying under the water. I may have done this also. I remember seeing Tom's face as he was under the water. His cheeks were puffed out and tiny air bubbles trailed from his mouth as he swam along in the dark depths. I went in the water once, just off the side of the dock. I treaded water and at one point I was sitting Indian style, almost on the surface. My feet were just under the surface and I was able to stand up. Tom and the other person stood on the dock and encouraged me to keep standing then sitting back down like this because if I did it fast enough, I would be able to leap far out of the water. I tried it once, sat down and thrust myself up twice and sat back down, but before I did it the third time I stopped, exclaiming that my legs were extremely tired, which they really were.

March 7th, 1990

I was in the back bedroom of my house with Lisa. Niles Needle pulled up in the driveway. I peeked out the curtains and saw him walking towards the front door, but I didn't want company so I decided not to answer any knocks. Nevertheless, he opened the front door and walked in. Although I was in my bedroom, I could see the front door open up and him walk in. I was upset that he would do such a thing. He walked down the hallway and to our bedroom door and he knocked on it. I said, "Who the hell is it?" in an angry voice. I don't remember opening the door, but I do remember talking to Niles. I told him that he almost got shot. He thought I was joking but I assured him I was dead serious and had almost shot him through the bedroom door. We continued talking and my anger finally left. He told me that he was going to Europe in a couple days and that he would be quitting his job. I commented on how he was going to give a one day notice and we both thought it was amusing for him to do such a thing. Apparently his wife had some friends or family in Europe and the two of them were going over there to work, and I think Niles mentioned he would be going to school instead of, or in addition to, working.

March 13th, 1990

I was at the place where I used to live in a trailer at the top of South Hill, but I wasn't in the trailer, I was in the big parking lot area in front of the trailer. I was with some friends and we were talking. Suddenly, Jethro walked up. He really surprised me and we shook hands like good friends/brothers do. It was quite emotional for me and I began to get choked up and I nearly cried. I mentioned to Jethro that it may not have been such a good idea for him to just walk up to me out of the blue in front of all my friends because it made me cry. Anyway, I gained my composure and the dream went on. He had Patricia with him and she was dead. Nevertheless, Jethro brought her body with him. She just sat in a chair and didn't move at all. She had that famous Patricia Aratammah smile on her face and her eyes were open. I looked at her neck and searched for a scar along her neck line because I knew she was decapitated when she got in that car wreck not too long ago, but her skin was smooth and showed no sign of a scar. There was a bunch of us at the small restaurant by the trailers, and Bob and Charles were also there. I remember Jethro had short, even growth hair as if he had his head shaved and it had grown for a couple months. The next thing I remember was being about halfway down South Hill, by some apartments I used to live in, but the apartments weren't there. Instead, there was a lake resort or something like that. There was a bus leading up to the top of South Hill to the restaurant which is where we wanted to go, but we (Charles, me and maybe someone else) missed the bus, maybe on purpose, but when we missed it we looked at each other like we were saying, "What dumbshits we are for not getting on that bus!" The next one wasn't due for probably another hour but that was way too long - we had to get back to the restaurant immediately. Therefore we started searching for a ride. There were several options; One guy had a three wheel ATV or similar vehicle that was really a clunker and made loud mufflerless noises when it accelerated. I remember seeing the guy that owned it drive away with it, with someone on the back. The vehicle blurted loudly, and that was forgotten. The next option was to take a boat on the lake up to the restaurant. The first boat we (I) considered belonged to someone, maybe Bob, and it was a piece of floatless shit. For some reason, I believed it would float anyway. I remember grabbing onto the end of the small six foot row boat and when I carried it, I realized that there was no way this thing could keep me afloat all the way to the restaurant. The entire boat bent like a flimsy piece of rubber when I held it and there were numerous holes opening up in it by the second as we (Bob and I) carried it to a dock that stretched out over the water. Bob's mom approached us as a bunch of us sat in a shack-like place that was constructed on the dock. She laughed at the thought that we would even consider riding in such a boat and she was right. The boat was very old, chipped light blue paint clinging to the frail, loosening boards. Bob's mom looked younger than what she is like in real life, and was full of spunk and pretty outgoing, mingling among all us dudes as if she were one of us. Another mode of transportation presented itself, but I can't remember what it looked like. However, when it was put on the water, a shark approached it and sank it somehow. The shark had a smile as it looked at us and reminded me of a shark I saw in a cartoon once. I commented to the owner of the boat (maybe Charles) that even boats like his were susceptible to shark damage.

March 15th, 1990

I was with a group of people and being very secretive, as if I was on a secret mission or something. There may have been someone else with me who was also doing the same thing, but I can't be sure. I was at a place where people were joining the army. I acted like I had joined, but I really didn't because it was part of my secret mission to pretend to have joined. I talked with a big black guy and he asked me how long I had been in the army. I almost told him I wasn't actually in, but I remembered my mission and said, "About a day." He told me he had been in for six years and was getting out and felt great that he had spent the time because he felt he had a lot of great stuff in store for him. Later, I had to go to the top of a tall building for some reason, so I got in an elevator with someone else, but I can't remember who. It was one of those elevators that was on the side of the building so you could see over the city as you climbed to the top. I recalled someone mentioning that it was a thousand story building, but I said there can't be such a thing as a thousand story building and that maybe that number was divided by ten or maybe even a hundred. However, as we watched the outside world from inside the elevator, we could see that we were indeed getting higher and higher and soon we were so high up that the building began to sway. It was like being on a roller coaster and I wondered how people could go about their business in such a high place that swayed in the wind. The swaying got really bad and everything was spinning around. Suddenly I realized I was on an airplane and it really was spinning around. It must have been a very small airplane because we zipped through the office area in this building. We came to an open door and the airplane we were in turned us completely sideways so the plane could fit through the door. It made me dizzy and I knew the wings on this plane had to be really short to make it through a regular sized doorway. Inside the room there was some equipment and someone was standing there, maybe the black guy I talked with earlier.

March 21st, 1990

I was riding in a vehicle, probably a motorcycle, and I think I was riding up Mountain Rainier. When on the mountain, I had to escape from some people, maybe the FBI or someone like that. There was someone with me, maybe Charles. All I can recall is being at a truck stop or something and trying to hide from these guys who were also at the truck stop. Charles and I managed to sneak out the back of the place and into the parking lot. The FBI guys saw me and started chasing me. I rolled my motorcycle towards the road. It sputtered and hummed and almost died. I thought about how it would probably die and I would get caught because I was in a dream, but it didn't and I didn't. There was one time when the bike almost died but I continued to push it and kept it alive. Finally I guess I hopped on and went past the FBI men and to the left down a curved highway. Somewhere in this dream I remember seeing a speed limit sign that said 80 MPH on it. Also I remember the face of a woman as she smiled knowingly at me for some reason. She may have been part of the FBI team but I can't remember for sure.

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