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March 1991

Mar 3 - Mar 10 - Mar 29

March 3rd, 1991

I was in a house, maybe my parent's house. Suddenly my mom and dad walked in and they were crying. When I asked them what was wrong, my dad said something like, "You're minus a brother tonight." I asked him what he meant and before I got an answer, I knew something was terribly wrong. My mom started explaining to me that something had happened to Mandy, Gerry, Dexter and maybe some other sibling of mine. I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I asked her to speak again. She told me again but either she was sobbing too much or I just couldn't understand her, so I told her to write down what she was trying to say. As she wrote, a sick feeling of dread swept over me; I knew one of my brothers or sisters had died. My mom then wrote that the police have identified the body of someone named Max Poppit that had been brutally beaten and killed. I somehow knew that this meant that the police meant Mandy Poppit, not Max Poppit, and they probably got it wrong. Anyway, as soon as I realized Mandy had been murdered, I lost my breath and began gasping for air because the shock was just too much for me. I began crying and gasping as I looked at the piece of paper mom had written on. She made out several columns and one column indicated who had been severely injured. In that column was Gerry's name, and maybe Hannah's and Dexter's, then the marks " " on subsequent rows to indicate further names. There was another column next to the first which described the damage done to each person. I'm sure there was also a set of columns for the dead person, which was Mandy. I can't exactly remember if I saw what happened to Mandy and the rest of my brothers and sisters, but I just know what did. They were in a car in the driveway at my mom and dad's house at Ocean Shores. Gerry was out of the car and was in the driveway when some other guy, maybe two, walked up to him and began beating him to death with a club or baseball bat. They had no mercy. I did see Gerry get murdered, but it was Mandy that I felt had truly died when I woke up. When I woke up from this dream, I almost called my mom and dad, sure something terrible had happened to Mandy. Since it was 1:00 in the morning I didn't, but the next day I felt sick and depressed all day, as if Mandy and my other brothers and sister really did get attacked and beaten to death. The feeling stayed with me all day and I never did call my mom and dad. I felt that if I called and told mom about my dream, she would have freaked out and thought it was a sign from God or something. Also, I figured if something really did happen, then I would have been notified. Nobody called me to tell me anything, but I wouldn't have been surprised if Mandy had actually been killed. This dream disturbed me more than any other. It wasn't a scary dream, just one that stirred my emotions and made me feel sick, knowing that there are people out there that really do things like that.

March 10th, 1991

All I remember about this dream is riding a horse. I remember as we went across a small river, and how I didn't ride the horse but rather, walked alongside of it. I hugged its neck, but I wasn't sure if it was because I cared for the animal, or because it was hurt, or both. I didn't expect it to carry me across, but I think I remember another scene where I actually rode on the horse's back out across a deep pool, like a huge swamp.

March 29th, 1991

I was in a strange house somewhere with Susan and some other girl that I can't remember. I think the house was the one that I know is haunted in real life. The three of us walked up and down endless staircases. They were about a dozen steps long but each one ended only to lead to the start of several other staircases. The stairwells went every direction and no matter where you went, there were lots of them. I remember walking around these staircases and tried not to get confused. I told Susan that this house reminded me of one that I know to be haunted. We walked up one flight of steps because I think what we were walking towards was at the top. Somehow, when going up the steps, I twisted and walked in such a way that my pants and underwear began sliding off and by the time I reached the top of the steps, they had come completely off. It was weird because I immediately began to pull my drawers back on but they were strange drawers indeed. I was wearing two pairs of underwear, one being boxer shorts that I wore on the outside of my pants. Susan didn't seem to care or notice, as if what had happened to me was no stranger than anything else. I think the other girl kind of was shocked and maybe someone else who was on the other side of a door at the top of the steps also noticed and was surprised.

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