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March 1992

Mar 12 - Mar 19 - Mar 24

March 12th, 1992

I had a forestry job. There were a bunch of us employees, but the only one I can remember vividly is Zeta. He was there, and he was showing me how to do the job I was supposed to be doing. It was real strange. It involved plucking moss from the ground, then poking either the moss or the ground with a big stick we had to carry. I remember being on a hill that resembled a hill I was on with Zeta in West Virginia where I picked up a stick and saw fire ants on it. I guess it was important to get a good stick, since you would be working with it all day. It seemed that you only found the right stick after you had been doing the job for a while, and since I was new, I was having problems. Finally I came across a stick, which resembled a 1 X 3 piece of wood, about four or five feet long. It seemed different from everyone else's stick because they all had branches of some sort while mine looked like a piece of lumber, but I didn't care. Finally, Zeta showed me how to do the job. We were sitting there plucking moss and poking our sticks, when I started wondering just what the hell I was doing out here in the first place when I used to have a differennt job (where I work now). I guess I left that job, or was fired, or something, but I began telling myself that this job was a better one and I may have even convinced myself of that.
Jethro was in some type of vehicle, perhaps a Jeep, and he was pulling out onto Meridian Avenue from some apartments where I used to live with Lisa.

March 19th, 1992

I was at a place, like some type of camp ground or something. I remember very little of this dream, but what I do remember is walking or driving up a hill. When I got to the top (I'm sure there were other people with me), I looked to my left and there was a lake surrounded by steep rock and dirt cliffs. It kind of reminded me of the place in the dream I had earlier this year where there were cannons on a cliff playing Black Sabbath music. Suddenly, huge amounts of water began gushing through cracks in the cliffs surrounding the lake and I wondered if the lake would overflow. I, however, felt somewhat safe because I was a few miles away and up on higher ground.

March 24th, 1992

I had backstage passes to see the rock band Rush. I don't remember seeing a concert, but I remember getting into a place where you could see Rush. The place was like a recreation room at an apartment complex or something. There were people walking casually around and it wasn't really the atmosphere you would expect backstage at a Rush concert. I think a guy questioned me as soon as I walked in, but I explained that I had a backstage pass (I think I may have even shown him it), and he let me go on. The first member of the band I met was Alex Lifeson. He looked just like he does nowadays. He had a can of pop or something in his right hand. I walked up to him and he smiled at me. He seemed about five foot ten inches tall. I shook his hand and it seemed incredibly soft, like you would imagine an old woman's hand to feel. I made sure I didn't squeeze it too hard. I can't really remember talking to him about anything, but he did seem real friendly. Then I met Geddy Lee (Yiddish for Gary). He appeared as his normal self, with long straight black hair. I asked how he was doing or some other normal salutation like that, and he said something strange like "Oh I don't know Bob!" or something similar. He turned away when he said it, adding to his crazy, wild behavior, and then he was gone. We didn't really talk about much. Then I met Neil Peart. He was sitting on the floor towards the back left of the place with several people, about four or five kids sitting around him. I looked at him as I sat down, kneeling just by his left ankle as he sat on the floor. It looked like his back was against some curtains or heavy drapes, like those in front of a large stage. He may have had his hands crossed on one propped-up knee but I'm not sure. His hair was collar length and straight, yet full, kind of like Gerry's hair in a picture when he's standing in front of some steps leading up to his apartment with Mom and maybe Mandy or Charles about 1978 in Bremerton. Neil spoke, answering the different questions the group asked him. I waited patiently then finally I found the chance to speak. I asked him why RUSH doesn't play Working Man in concert anymore. He said that they have to keep up with what is selling and they have to play what the majority of the people want to hear, although I got the impression that Neil would love to do Working Man in concert. I think he tried to make it clear that they can't always play what they want to when they tour.

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