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March 1993

Mar 1 - Mar 7 - Mar 9 - Mar 13 - Mar 16 - Mar 19 - Mar 22 - Mar 29 - Mar 31

March 1, 1993

I was at a gathering of people from work, like at a Christmas party or something. I remember sitting down at a long table, the kind that had legs that you could fold up and stash away in a closet somewhere if you wanted to. I sat down and was sitting across from Manson Tums. It felt like this was some type of job interview and we were going to do the interview right there and then while this gathering was going on around us. I remember the feeling I had; not being prepared for the interview but feeling that I would do OK anyway. I can't remember how far we got into the interview, if we even started at all, but suddenly a guy, a big fellow, sat down in the chair to my immediate left. He crowded next to me and I think he was grabbing at me or something, like he was a faggot. He was acting real obnoxious and I wished he would have just left. I think he may have been drunk or something. Manson just sat and watched as if this guy irritating me was nothing and it shouldn't hinder our interview. But then the large man sitting next to me began to get right in my face and even pushed his body against mine. I could tell there was going to be trouble. He nearly pushed me off my chair so I stood up and he did too. I'm not sure what exactly transpired between us, but I eventually gave him a sidekick which caught him off balance and threw him to the ground. Instead of standing and waiting for more to happen, I grabbed this chance to get the hell out of there. The guy just laid on the ground by the table. I guess I hurt him pretty bad or knocked him out, which surprised me because all I did was give him a kick. He stirred on the ground but when I saw that he might get up, I ran out of the room to avoid further confrontation. I went to my left and back down a hallway which resembled the hallway by the bathrooms at the restaurant that mom and dad used to own downtown in the city. I felt like I had walked this hallway earlier in the dream but I can only remember walking down it in this part of the dream, the earlier part wiped from my memory. I got the impression of clean steel, like the kind that big mixing bowls are made of. Either the walls and hallway were made of it or I just saw glimpses of this steel as I ran into the kitchen, which was at the end of the hallway, just like the restaurant mom and dad owned. I crept out the back door, not knowing for sure if the guy I kicked was after me, but feeling that he might have been. I remember going through some glass double doors, then into a small lobby where there were more glass double doors, reminding me of the hospital emergency entrance at a hospital I have been to several times. There was a parking lot outside and the night was dark. I may have seen several people on my way out but didn't stop to acknowledge them. The parking lot kind of reminded me of the one at the health club I sometimes attend. I don't really remember getting to the parking lot or what kind of vehicle I would have looked for if I even made it there.

March 7, 1993

I was with Sam Thursday somewhere, like a public place. We were just out doing our domestic duties and we coincidentally ran into each other. We tried to have a normal conversation, saying things like "How's it going?" and stuff like that, but there was that unspoken air of words between us that wanted us to discuss the hard feelings about him leaving the place where I work and where he once had. He had that wry, jerk-like smirk on his face that suggested he was going to say something about how much smarter than everyone else in the world he was. I don't remember our exact words, but finally we talked about his leaving the company I work for now. He said stuff about the company that I didn't like, and I said stuff like "Yeah, the place is much better now without you, you schmuck" and such.

March 9, 1993

I was at work in my work area. Miranda was there and so was Sam and I think Chan Forgotta. We were standing by an area where some parts used to be kept, at the entrance to the work area. I was standing just inside the entrance and Miranda was either further down the aisle or off to the left farther into the work area. Chan Forgotta was standing by the entrance to the work area and he was discussing some policy about how to do something. Soon Sam appeared on the scene and he started talking, either just to me or to all of us I'm not sure, about how to do something. I can't remember what it was he was trying to explain, but it was something that really didn't have to do with what we were talking about, and it was a subject that was confusing and complicated. Eventually, as Sam continued to talk, I began to slowly ease my way out of the store room. I was by the work area where Brendle used to sit, when I looked back through the cage into the first aisle where Miranda was standing. I softly said "Come on" and motioned for her to come on out so we could do something out on the production floor. I remember being out by a different work area, where Greta Smax sits, and looking up at the clock on the wall. It read 5:20 and I remember that I had to leave at 5:30 because I had to play at racquetball at 6:00. I knew, however, because of what I was doing that I wouldn't be able to leave in time and I would be late. I don't remember what happened to Miranda. The next thing I recall is being in the bathroom and changing my clothes for racquetball. It was weird because I had some red silk pants with yellow two and a half inch cuffs on them. I guess I thought they would look OK on me, but when I was in the stall and started pulling these geeky pants on, I could tell they would look weird and I couldn't possibly wear them. I don't know what I could have been thinking. I had the feeling that I was in a department store type setting where I could try on different pants/clothes if I wanted and I think I may have asked Miranda to get me a different pair of pants. I knew I would be late to racquetball, but I didn't care because there was no way in hell I was going to wear those red silk pants.

March 13, 1993

I was watching a guy, who I think was on the TV. He looked really familiar but I don't know who he reminds me of, but I think he is some type of sports figure that may have something to do with the Seattle Mariners. He was the manager or something, like Billy Martin is to the Yankees. He had short, balding hair in the front but had shoulder length curly hair in the back, but in real life, whoever he is, his hair is short all around. He started singing a melody about the Mariners, I can't recall the words, but it was a promotion type song for the team, giving them credibility even though they suck. There was an audience somewhere that began laughing and cheering as the guy continued to sing as if they were surprised that this guy would ever sing and were surprised at the light-heartedness of the situation. When the guy heard the audience's positive reaction, he smiled as he continued singing and suddenly the whole scene became a friendly sing-a-long that made the Mariners seem like not such a bad team after all. This guy sang the main verses but when the chorus came in, you could see the rest of the Mariner players, although they were far away, like you were looking down on them from some bleachers on the second level of the Kingdome, although this wasn't in the Kingdome. They were wearing nothing except towels around their waists which showed that they had just gotten out of the showers, but it was intended to be that way, to add to the easy-feeling atmosphere and likability of the Mariners. As I looked at the Mariners dancing around in front of the building they had just come out of, their faces were completely void of any features, like they were mannequins or robots, but they were far away so it didn't seem that weird. There were two players in particular that stood out. They were a white guy and a black guy who were dancing together, closely as a matter of fact. One of them swung his legs about and kicked them wildly up through the legs of the other. They danced around as other players gathered about and they all sang. It was a silly promotion, one that you will probably never see any professional sports team do.

March 16, 1993

I was on the property where I grew up at on the top of South Hill. I was by the greenhouse that dad had built in front of the house just beyond the driveway. I'm not sure what I was doing there, but I do know that I had come there with Sarah, but I was caught up with what I was doing and I had lost track of her. I didn't really think anything of it. Suddenly Sarah came walking up to me from behind and she was crying real hard. There were tears all over her face and her nose was running really bad from all the crying. Suddenly I felt like shit for not having been keeping track of her and I wondered how I could have been such a moron for not keeping track of her. I realized how much I loved and cared for her and whatever was wrong, I was certainly going to make it right. She told me that there was someone that had tried to get her and when I asked her who, she said that it was someone who was invisible. She spoke rather well, better than she actually does now, but she still had that toddler-speech type of sound to her words and sentences. I asked her more about this invisible person and she mentioned Fran, the day care lady. I asked her if Fran knew this invisible person and Sarah replied that yes, Fran did know him. I had a vision of Fran and this invisible person walking along the road by the barn, like it was the street in front of our house. I had the impression that Fran knew the person who tried to grab or get Sarah, and that they were friends and perhaps Fran knew that this invisible guy had been after Sarah but condoned it. I knew there were other people there with me, perhaps Lisa or Charles, but I can't remember for sure. The next thing I remember is walking up to a tree that, I think, was down at the end of the cement driveway leading from the house. I saw a pair of tennis shoes standing on the other side of the tree and I knew that they belonged to the invisible person and that the person was standing inside them at that time. I crept up to the shoes and then swung my fist right where I guessed the guy's stomach to be. I swung again and again, knowing that I was hitting the invisible guy in the stomach. As I hit I yelled something like, "Don't you ever touch my daughter again!" or something like that. After this, I recalled a scene where I had the invisible man's hands tied behind him with some rope and he was kneeling down. He was facing away from me and was in some kind of enclosure, like a box or something. There was someone else there, maybe Trent, but I can't say for sure. The two of us proceeded to kick and beat the invisible man for trying to scare or harm my daughter.

March 19, 1993

A bunch of stuff happened but all I can recall is being parked by the side of the road by the entrance to where I work. I was on the opposite side of the street by a place where some doctor's offices are. It seemed to be getting dark, but not quite. I remember there being a lot of trees on the side of the road, more than there usually are. I remember Charles walking up to me. I was just standing there by my parked car. He mentioned something about how he had just robbed a store down at the shopping center about a mile away, but the shopping center looked differently than it does now. Charles seemed real nonchalant, like he thought "Oh well, so I robbed a store and now I guess I'll get caught." I suggested that he get in my car and we had a plan to get him out of town or out of state, or at least away from the scene so he could think about what he had done for a while. The next thing I knew was that we were driving in the car and were headed back towards the shopping center, I guess to get back on the freeway that was by there. For some reason, we traveled back into the shopping center. I remember driving around in the back of some buildings which did not look familiar at all. It was like there was an entrance to an area in which you could drive around, and in this area was a building which was the rear of the store or restaurant that Charles robbed. I think Charles made a comment like "Yeah that's the place I robbed." He really didn't seem too concerned at all about the situation. The next thing I recall is being back on the road and driving in the area behind the shopping center, on that street where I once got stopped for doing thirty in a twenty-five. We saw the flash of blue sirens as police were swarming all over the place looking for the robber, which was Charles. I didn't seem too concerned because I was sure we would be able to drive out of the area without going through a road block or anything.

March 22, 1993

I was in a place, like a mobile home or house or something and I was with a woman who I think was Elizabeth Montgomery from the show Bewitched. She had two kids which were the two older boys on the show Home Improvement. Suddenly Elizabeth saw a guy approaching and she gets really worried about me being there for some reason. Elizabeth starts panicking and starts shoving me into a small bathroom and tells me that I had to tell this guy that I was her husband or just a friend (I can't remember which exactly) and that I needed to say that my name was Roland. Where the name Roland came from, I have no idea. Then the guy enters the house/mobile home and I guess he's content that the role I'm supposed to be playing is legitimate. I remember a scene where this guy is sitting in the background and is just watching the rest of us while we're watching TV in an adjacent room. The boys from Home Improvement are also going along with the whole thing, pretending that I am who their mother, Elizabeth Montgomery, says I am. For some reason, I am only wearing underwear. Then something really weird happens. I have to take a shit, but because of this guy watching us, I feel for some bizarre reason that it is perfectly acceptable to just do my shit right then and there. I remember having a plastic bread wrapper in my hand, like from Wonder Bread or something similar. I put this near my ass and I shit onto it. This makes me feel embarrassed or afraid so I leave the room, actually running. I don't know why I'm running, maybe so the guy won't ask me questions about myself or something like that. The next thing I remember is that I'm still running and I'm on a beach somewhere. There is a mobile home/trailer on this beach and I run into it, trying to hide. As I enter the trailer, I think I am still in my underwear and I'm trying to hide from whoever might see me. The main thought running through my head is to get some clothes on, but then I see that Chan Forgotta is walking up to the trailer and he sees me. I figure, Oh Chan's cool, so I try to act like being in my underwear around Chan isn't such a big deal. He's smiling as he walks around a bank of a cliff or something, and strolls towards me on the barnacled and sandy beach, where the bay water is about twenty feet away.

March 29, 1993

I was in the haunted house I sometimes visit in real life, and there was a lady there who I guess lived there. She looked like Cloris Leachman in the film Young Frankenstein. There was someone else with me, but I don't know who it was. We went to a room in the house and it was a different type of feeling this time, not one of trying to reach the top as I usually did whenever I go to this house, because we could really go anywhere we wanted to. We went to a room and there was a hatch or door that led to an upper room, like it was concealed. I (we) went into this room and it was a smaller room, like an attic or something. In this room was a desk that was very old, and around this desk and crammed into this tiny space of a room were many things: old papers scattered about, boxes and knickknacks and doodads of all kinds. The room was so full of stuff that there really was no place to stand unless you were standing on something. It was a small room with a low angled roof because it was right at the top of the house. It was strange, like the roof of this room was detachable, or there was an opening in it and you could be outside while also being inside the room. I remember seeing a picture of Cloris Leachman and a man, although I can't really remember the man's face. It was an old black and white photo and I remember that Cloris was smiling. I had the feeling that the picture was taken earlier in their lives, but Cloris didn't look that much younger, if at all. I had the feeling that the man in the picture was her husband and he was the one whose junk this belonged to. It was like he was dead and Cloris now lived in this house all by her lonesome. We started sorting through the stuff in the room. There were back order reports, like the kind I print out at work, and it was like this guy who the room belonged to used to work at where I do a long time ago, although the company hasn't been around as long as this dream suggests. On the back order report there were items, like raspberry jelly and other stuff like that, like in the olden days when this report was printed out, there were no such things as the products I buy now. There were also newspapers and clippings scattered about and I guess they were wet because this person and I started opening them up gently and laying them out on the roof, perhaps so the sun could dry them. I remember seeing the person with me lying out a two page connected piece of newspaper onto the roof, and beneath this piece of newspaper was something else, not another piece of newspaper, but perhaps something else from the room. There was also another piece of newspaper lying out between myself and the other person, on the roof. The roof was made with that weird, asphalt type green coated sandpaper type roofing stuff that I obviously don't know the name of. Back in the room again, I found what looked like a leather knife pouch of some kind. There was the handle of some type of knife sticking out of it so I proceeded to unsheathe the object. It was a shiny silver letter opener which was extremely large for a letter opener. It was about fifteen inches long and had a spear-shaped beveled edge forming a nice line to the dull yet near-sharp point that all letter openers have. The object was in good shape, just dusty. There was also a long sword case, rounded like someone's rounded sword case that I have seen once or twice. I unsheathed the sword and brought it out slowly. Its blade was also in primo shape, but the case was light brown (just like the letter opener's) and dusty.

March 31, 1993

I was at a place, maybe a field, and a lot of hot air balloons were landing. On the bottom of these balloons were weird, tube-like contraptions that reminded me of socks with oranges in the bottom. These socks swayed and curved as the hot air balloons came close to the ground and when they got about six feet from the ground, you could see a wet, dark orange circle appear around the circumference and the ball began to separate at the line. Liquid dripped from the ball as it separated and as it came apart, a baby dropped to the ground. The baby seemed to be encased in something that might have been a uterus or some other type of translucent sac. There were several of these tube-like things attached to hot air balloons, about ten total that I can remember. When these babies fell to the ground, these sacs broke open and the people that the babies belonged to would go get them. Apparently, one of these babies was Lisa and mine's. It was a boy and I remember cradling it in our arms and staring at its infant face as it was wrapped up in the traditional white baby wrap that hospitals usually provide for newborns.

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