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March 1994

Mar 5 - Mar 10 - Mar 15

March 5, 1994

I was at a swampy, dark area, searching for the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I don't think I ever did meet the creature and I don't know really know why I was looking for it. I was with some guy who I can't remember, and the two of us planned on finding the creature. What we would do then, I don't know, but I felt like it wouldn't hurt us or if it tried to, I would be able to defend myself. I remember walking along a dirt road and to the left of me was the swampy area where the creature was hiding out. There were tall, skinny trees, like bamboo reeds, spaced about two feet apart, stemming from the swampy ground. Through these trees or whatever they were, I could see a light horizon, making the night appear like it was on the edge of twilight. There were dark mountains or ground below the light grayish white horizon and the scene was really kind of eerie. I, and maybe this guy I was with too, were walking along this road away from the thick part of the swamp, apparently deciding not to look for the creature any more that day. The guy told me that he had to be going and I was really bummed out. I told him that I wanted him to stay and help me find the creature, but he told me apologetically that he had to go and couldn't stay. I ended up driving the guy away, either just giving him a lift or maybe going with him for good. I remember driving across a wooded area, being on a small mountain range and looking down into a wooded valley below. There was a dark forest on the horizon. It was a weird sensation driving this vehicle I was in, which I can't even recall what kind of vehicle it was. It could have been a car or a truck or even a motorcycle. As we traveled across the land, we skimmed across the trees and it felt like I was in a Hovercraft, not really touching the ground as I swooped down into the valley. There was a stream at the bottom of this valley but I can't remember crossing it. The next thing I recall is being in a desert with some people, one of them the guy I had been traveling with. There were about six of us total, but I can't remember who any of them were, although I do know that there were women as well as men. We came upon a formation of boulders, or maybe it was a mountain of rock. The rock was light-colored, like sand; a yellow, light tan color. There was an opening at the base of this mountain of rock, to the left and down as you looked at it. We all walked into this opening and saw it was a huge rectangular cave, about sixty feet long, twelve feet wide and high. The corners were so square that the cave appeared to have been man-made. The cave sloped downward slightly as you walked into it and the rear of the cave was about seven feet lower than the entrance. It was darker inside than it was outside, but not so dark that it was difficult to see, just darker. As we walked into it, I was concerned because I couldn't find an exit. We wanted to use this cave as a hiding place from some bad guys, but it bothered me that there was no way out because if they found us, we wouldn't be able to escape. Later, I realized that there was a hole in the back left of the cave. It was rectangular, about four by three, and was elevated off the ground about two feet. There was some kind of door on it and when it was opened there was a stage on the other side with a band on it. The stage was made of hardwood, like the stage at the school I attended in first and second grade. There were a bunch of microphones on mike stands and wires strewn about, and to the left of the door on the stage in the midst of the equipment was a woman sitting in a chair who resembled Janis Joplin. She wore dark, round sunglasses and had long scraggly hair. She was holding a guitar but I can't remember if she was playing it. Beyond the stage was an audience. There weren't many people, but I don't know if this was because I just couldn't see many people or if the audience was small. The whole scene was outside in the day. In the front row of the audience sat a woman with long dark hair who was doing something, but I can't remember what. I think she may have been smiling and had someone else with her. As I soaked all this in, I was glad to know that there was a way out of the cave if we ever needed to escape. Later, I was outside the cave and saw other people entering it. They weren't the bad guys. The cave and the door leading to the stage beyond had become popular, so other people wanted to see it. Our secret hiding place was no longer a secret. Later, I was at the entrance to the cave, looking in. The door to the hole in the back was now a large sliding door like the kind that used to be on the barn my parents used to own on the top of South Hill when I was growing up. My dad was pushing it along its track because apparently it had been broken and he was fixing it. I think that eventually he fixed it and he slid it shut because whoever went through it last, had left it open. Dad was wearing those overalls he always used to wear and he had a blank, stern expression on his face that always used to terrify me so much when I was a little kid.

March 10, 1994

I was with some people, about four of us total. We were walking in a swamp or bog, much like the one in the dream on 3-5-94. I can't remember who the people were that were with me, but there were a few guys and at least one woman. The woman kind of reminded me of Miranda Wall, but it wasn't her. I remember seeing her as we walked along and she turned her head to the left to smile at us. I was viewing the four of us from the back, like I wasn't part of the group, but actually I was. We walked through this dark bog at the edge of night and day. The woods before us were full of thin trees and there was a gray sky through the trees. We approached a ridge on the edge of the water, as if it defined where the water ended and a more sturdy ground began. The water we were in was shin deep, no more. As we approached this ridge, which was probably just heaped-up dirt and rocks, I had a strong feeling of camaraderie with these people, as if we were all on a team and were out in these woods to achieve some great goal. I felt closeness and peace with these people, like we were an unbeatable team.

March 15 1994

Sarah died in this dream. I can't remember how she died and it was weird, but she was represented as a small ball of steel wool that rested in my right hand. The steel wool buzzed like a pack of angry bees as it rested in my hand and I think that as long as it buzzed, then Sarah was still alive. I think that finally the buzzing stopped and Sarah was dead.

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