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March 1995

Mar 4 - Mar 5

March 4, 1995

I know there was a lot of activity in this dream, but the only part that sticks out in my memory is a scene that involves a woman with shoulder length black hair. I don't know who she was, nor did I recognize her, although I can't exactly remember what her face looked like. She was in her mid twenties and wore a short-sleeved shirt and jeans. There were five dogs, all huskies, and this woman, on by one, tore each dog to pieces with her bare hands and ate them. It was really bizarre. The woman was really nonchalant about it and there wasn't any struggling by the dogs at all. The dogs were off to the side and when she was done with one, she would coax another towards her then kill it and eat it. This whole scene took place on some grass in a meadow or on the side of a mountain. I remember the woman killing each dog one by one, but I can't recall all the details of the actual kills. I do remember some details and they were pretty gross. She would talk nicely to the dogs as she killed them, saying things like, "There there nice doggie, it's okay," then she would do them in. The first kill I recall seeing is one in which she ripped chunks of meat from the left side of one of the dog's face then ate it. She just gorged herself, although I can't recall any blood. Another dog, she talked nicely like the dog should have nothing to fear, then she somehow ripped out the dog's spine. When she did this, the spine came out in a thin, white baton-like piece of bone, reminding me of a Ti leaf stem I saw a chef discard from a Ti leaf when I was watching TV last weekend. I think this dog was still slightly alive after she ripped the spine from it, but barely. It just laid there in front of her, unable to move because it was paralyzed and in shock. The woman then stuck her hand and most of her arm up inside the dog, probably entering through its rear, and grabbed its intestines and yanked them out. These intestines she promptly ate. From what I remember, she ate every bit of the four dogs, except for maybe their bones. When she had finished murdering and eating the fourth husky, there was a fifth one standing off to the side and I knew she was going to kill and eat that one too, but then I woke up and I never got to see that.

March 5, 1995

There was a black, slimy substance that was a cross between tar and slug slime, and I was getting it all over myself. Winthrop Snatch was in this dream also and for some reason, we both had to rub this shit all over us. I remember the substance pretty clearly; it was a cool, slimy black goo and smelled like tar. After I woke up from this dream I could still feel the smell of that stuff for about half the day following. I'm not sure why we had to put this stuff on us. I think it was because we had gotten in trouble with the law or something and our punishment was to rub this crap all over our bodies. The stuff came from a pool about shin deep, and I remember wading through it and splashing it around. I think I was wearing boots when I sloshed through it. Other stuff happened, but I can't recall most of what went on, just the black, slimy goo. I remember a scene where I tried washing the stuff off my hands but it was like slug slime and tar wouldn't come off. The water just repelled off of it. Later, I was walking along a path with Winthrop and we had some pads that resembled those rectangular kitchen sponges with scouring pads on one side. The one I had was kind of soft and was almost like a wash rag, while Winthrop's was firm and was like a big eraser. It was time for us to rub the black stuff on us so we each used our specific pad and started wiping the black stuff all over us. Winthrop was laughing, saying something like, "Yeah go ahead and wipe it all over you, Max!" As I rubbed the black stuff on me, it covered my head and face and some of the rest of my body with a thick coating of this disgusting, smelly, slimy stuff. When Winthrop used his pad to rub the stuff on him, however, I saw that since his pad was firm, the black stuff just barely smeared on him and didn't leave much of a residue at all. That's when I realized why he was laughing at me, because he knew my pad would completely cover me while his pad hardly did at all. We kept walking and soon we were being followed by a man, whom I did not know, but I felt he was an evil man who was responsible for us having to rub this crap all over us. He had short black hair and resembled the sinister man I saw on the show Gumby who captured Gumby, Pokey and Goo in glass domes from which Prickle rescued them by playing the clarinet. He followed Winthrop and I down some steps that went to the left. We may have been in a building of some type at this point. The man had an evil plan on his mind for Winthrop and I, but I never found out what. To our right was a huge screen, about six feet wide and tall and three feet off the ground. On the screen appeared the shape of an extraterrestrial craft that kind of resembled the Discovery from the movie 2001, but it had more bumps and levels on it. It floated up and to the right on the screen. I understood that the aliens responsible for flying this craft were the reason Winthrop and I had to deal with this black goo, although I never understood the actual meaning behind that. It was as if this black goo allowed them to study us. After seeing that spacecraft, I saw several other spacecraft flying behind the first in the same direction. These were rounder, like actual flying saucers, and they had different colored lights around their perimeters. I didn't get a good image of these second spacecrafts, but I knew they were round and may have been rotating as they slowing floated through the air.

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