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March 1996

Mar 4 - Mar 9 - Mar 14 - Mar 18 - Mar 22 - Mar 26 - Mar 31

March 4, 1995

I was at a building that was a night club type of place. To get to it, I had to walk down some steps that went downward alongside a brick building. They were steps that started at street level but then went down to the right below the street surface. It was dark outside but even darker inside the night club. I remember feeling uncomfortable because I don't like going to night clubs at all. There were some rough people in there, like a group of bikers or something, and I remember avoiding looking at them so any confrontation could be avoided. The next thing I recall is being inside the house that I grew up in at the top of South Hill. I was in the kitchen part and was going outside, or was looking at someone who was going outside. The night was dark and it was snowing or there was snow on the ground. I remember the ground being slippery and icy. I, along with someone else, walked outside and to the night club where I had been earlier. Apparently I had left my coat in the night club. As I was walking around outside, I didnít have a coat on, but although it was cold, it wasn't too bad. I went to the same steps leading down into the night club below the street that I had been at earlier, and I remember the apprehension I felt when going down those steps again because I didn't want to go in there, but I did. I slowly walked into the night club. There was a bar up front and a few round tables scattered about, just like it was in the beginning of my dream. The place really wasn't that big. I walked to the table where I sat earlier and there was my coat. Luckily, my wallet was still inside and was untouched. I think my keys were in there too. There was a hand written note on top of my jacket that was on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of notebook paper. The note said something like "...Dear Max - we're sorry we partied so much the last time you were here..." The note went on to say some more stuff but I can't remember what. Apparently it was a note from the rough group of people I had noticed the last time I had been in this place and they were saying that their actions made me feel uncomfortable and made me want to leave. I guess they really were a nice crowd and I wished that I wouldnít have been so cautious of them the first time. I walked out of the place after that and there was someone with me, probably Charles. When we walked out, the exit looked like the entrance to a seafood restaurant I sometimes go to. We were by some water and right outside the door, we were on a walkway that overlooked the bay, or ocean. Charles and I had an urge, for some reason, to walk down the cliff that the walkway crossed over. We cautiously stepped down the large rocks and we ended up standing on some rocks at the bottom. I was standing on a large jutting rock that protruded slightly outward over the water below, which was twenty feet under me. I stood there and stared out into the water and Charles was to the right of me, thirty feet away, on a lower rock, also looking out over the water. In the water, about one hundred feet away, were some large oak or maple trees growing out of the water. They were lined up twenty to thirty feet apart and I saw six or seven of them in a line, although I had the feeling that they stretched for much farther than that, going from left to right. It was raining and a storm was thrashing the trees about. Suddenly, several bolts of lightning cracked down form the sky and hit three of the trees simultaneously. The trees that were hit were two to the right that were together, then the tree to the immediate left of them wasn't touched, then the one tree to the left of the untouched one was hit. Those three trees were hit by lightning at the base of the truck where they came out of the water. After they were hit, the trees fell backwards because the lighting had severed them in two. Charles and I marveled at this and we made a comment as to how amazing it was that three trees at once were hit and how you probably wouldnít ever see that again. The next thing I recall is seeing Sarah out on the water in an odd-shaped boat. She was in a light-colored boat that was shaped like one of those huge dinosaur ribs that Wilma Flintstone always feeds Fred. The curved, wider part of the boat was in the back while the skinnier part was in the front, and Sarah had some oars and was paddling the boat through the water. She had two oars or paddles and was paddling one on each side. As she rowed towards me, she paddled too hard and the boat rocked forward. Finally it tipped over and Sarah fell into the water. Fortunately the water was only about two feet deep, but I dove into the water and started swimming after her anyway. Sarah was standing up in the water waiting for me and I shouted to her that I was on my way and to just wait for me. I finally reached her and together we started back in towards the shore. When we were fifty feet from shore, we noticed a stage on the shore and a play was being performed. It was a ballet of some kind, maybe The Nutcracker. I was holding Sarah, or maybe we were on the boat and I was paddling, I couldn't remember. Anyway, I went closer to the shore so we could get a better look at the play. Apparently it was the end of the show because it was curtain call time. The actors and actresses, one by one, approached the front of the stage and did their bows and curtsies. I had a view of the side of the stage and was able to watch a few of the actors as they did their bows then exited the stage. There was one guy in particular, he was wearing light-colored tights and had short black hair. He was smiling and did his bow, then exited the stage. His smile seemed fake, like a mannequin's smile. After he left the stage, he continued to smile and I watched him, to see if the smile would remain, to see if was just an act, but he kept on smiling.

March 9, 1996

I was at the house where I grew up in at the top of South Hill. It was night time and I was in the upper part of the house. There were some people that were in the house also, and I had the feeling they were really bad people and wanted to kill or hurt me. I was in mom and dad's bedroom, and there were no lights on anywhere. There were others in the house like me, but I donít know who, maybe some members of my family, and the evil people had captured them and left the house to do something with them. Thinking I was safe for the time being, I parted the drapes in mom and dad's bedroom, which were like the ones in the bedroom I have now, and peeked outside. The evil people were moving down the cement driveway, either walking or driving in vehicles of some sort, I donít know, and I guess they had the members of my family with them that they had captured from the house. On the left hand side of the group was a man on a motor scooter or one of those motorized vehicles you see handicapped people putt-putt around in. The man driving it was the head level person and as I peeked out the drapes, he looked up at me and saw I was looking at him and his cruel group. I had a view of what he saw, looking up at the house and seeing the drapes parted, a dark diagonal slit showing through the curtains in the upper bedroom by the deck at the edge of the house. Then I was back in the bedroom again. When the people first left the house, I thought this would give me some time to escape before they came back for me, but I was mistaken. Out in the hallway I heard some more people approaching and I knew then that I was going to die. I had the feeling that perhaps these weren't people at all, but maybe monsters or demons that kind of looked like people. As I stood there and listened to them approach the room I was in, I began to feel an incredible terror, understanding what other people feel that have seen their deaths coming. The terror was so immense that it woke me up. When it did, I found myself lying in bed and looking at the door to my bedroom, which was ajar, just like in the dream. I heard the sound of someone approaching and then Lisa walked into the bedroom. It scared the shit out of me and the fright stayed with me for a while before I could get back to sleep. When I did, I dreamt again.
I was in San Francisco. How I knew it was San Francisco, I donít know, but I knew. I was doing something with some friends there but I can't remember what. I remember being with Bob Costerfenin and we were walking around the townís streets. There were a lot of intersections and streets and I felt confused as to which way I was going, like I always do when I'm in unfamiliar places on the road. Bob mentioned how it was time to go home and I said, for some reason, that I wanted to drive, which is something I wouldnít normally suggest. We were on a street that was diagonal to another street. Bob told me how I needed to go to the right at this intersection and I felt sure I would do that. I think the vehicle I was riding was a motorcycle, not a car. I pulled through the intersection and instead of taking an immediate right like I was supposed to do, I ended up going straight through the intersection. I don't know why I didn't turn, but I knew that I had to so I ended up taking a right at an intersection further up. By that time, however, it was too late and I began to get lost. Bob was sitting by the side of the road, on a sidewalk island by a traffic light button that you could push if you wanted to cross the street. He saw that I was taking wrong turns so he decided not to go with me since I was getting lost. So I drove on, not really knowing where I was going but, surprisingly, I didnít seem to care. I drove along a four or five lane road, cruising at forty or fifty miles an hour. I noticed a cop car to the right of me but it was in the far right hand lane and as the road went on, my lane kept going straight but the cops' lane split off to the right and veered away so I wasn't worried about him ticketing me for my speed. I kept driving along this highway, switching lanes and cruising along. Eventually I came to a spot in the road where I saw it was going to end. Up ahead were a bunch of people gathered at a place that looked like a docking area by some water. I slowed down and had to turn around so I could get out of this place. I pulled through the crowd and began turning my vehicle around. This area, apparently, was being set up as a set for a movie. Apparently a movie company was in town and was using the people and the town as a natural setting for the scenes they wanted to shoot. There were lots of people, hundreds, and they all lined the edges of the streets, waiting quietly for the director or whoever to start the scene. Soon the OK was given and the people began moving around the streets, quickly at first to fill the emptiness, then casually as if there was no movie being filmed at all. In the middle of the people I could see myself, hopping along on one foot and trying to put some pants, or sweats, on. For some reason I didnít have any pants on. This was filmed, me tucking my legs into some sweats as I hopped along, but the movie place decided to keep it in the shot anyway. The next thing I recall is having a pair of drumsticks in my hand and tapping at my legs and at the edges of a large wall and potted plant barriers along the wall. I had the feeling I wasn't supposed to be doing this, like the director would get mad at me or something, but I kept doing it. There soon formed a long line of people behind me, about fifteen or twenty people in all, and they all followed me in single file like I was leading them somewhere. This was part of the movie. I walked alongside a tall brick wall that was forty feet high and eighty feet long. After walking alongside the back of it, I came around the edge and walked in front of it. I walked to the far edge of the wall and stopped my drumming and walking, then turned to face away from the wall. Everyone else in the line did the same. We were all lined up like we were going to get shot in a firing squad, and suddenly I realized that that was exactly what was going to happen. Hoping that no one would notice or care, I silently stepped away from the wall and got out of the way. The wall was covered with a sticky film, like a thick covering of furniture wax or polish that had been left to semi-harden, but not quite. Soon I was watching the people lined up against the wall from a distance and I had the feeling that this was no longer a movie, that these people were really going to die. A large crowd of people stood twenty feet away and started throwing knives at the doomed line of people. Instead of guns, knives were being used. The first wave of knives, large butcher knives, struck the wall just above the people's heads and stuck in through the sticky film and into the wall. More waves of knives came and eventually the people started getting stabbed and killed, although I can't clearly remember the details. Finally it was night time and I could see different lights around the wall and in the city beyond the wall. There were blue and white dots of lights at various places, indicating where windows in buildings in the city were. Along the wall there were some dots of light here and there and you could barely make out the people still there against the wall. Since they were being killed with knives and not bullets, the accuracy was not as good so it took longer to kill the people who were lined up against the wall. Finally all were dead but one and since it was getting late and nobody could seem to throw an accurate knife to kill this guy, he was let go. He was about the fifth or sixth person form the right hand side of the line.

March 14, 1996

I was at some farm place, like where auctions for livestock are held. I stood in front of a pen. The fence the pen was made of was four feet high and made of wooden slats around five inches wide and a half inch thick. There were six of them or so horizontally crisscrossing from post to post to make up the fence. In the pen was a huge pig, about four feet tall at least. It was walking around and it was a scary looking thing and may have had tusks sprouting from its lower jaw. I think a guy came in the pen and shooed the pig off into another area of the fenced in place, but I'm not sure if I really dreamt this or if I just thought about someone being in there and how someone would have been able to get the pig to go where they wanted it to go because it was so huge. Later I was with some people and I had a box full of different things that I wanted to show them all. The box was the size of a shoe box or bread box. I intentionally brought this box along to show these people the stuff inside. Eventually I was asked as to what was in the box and I began showing people. One of the first things I brought out was part the eye of a pig encased in its socket and part of the head and skull that went with the eye. The head part was mummified or dried so it was preserved and would stay in the state it was in without decaying. This piece of the pig's head with the eye in it that I had was shaped like a cone about an inch and a half round on the end that had the eye in it and coming to a gradual point at the other end. The total length was four or five inches long. This pig eye wasnít from the huge pig I saw earlier in this dream, it was from some other pig that I probably saw in this dream but can't remember right now. This pig part was a light color, about the color you would imagine a pig to be. In this box I had other assorted items. I grabbed the next one, which looked like a piece of light-colored wood, smooth and maybe damp or wet. It was around five inches long, three inches wide and an inch thick. I picked it up, regarded it for just a second, then put it aside, not caring what it was or if I knew, not wanting to tell anyone about it because it wasn't important. The next item I picked up was a firestarter log, like those kind you buy at the store to help you start a fire. It was rectangular, six or so inches long, three inches wide and an inch thick. It was kind of sappy and I went on to explain to the people there, whoever they were, the wonders of this piece of wood I held in my hands. I explained that you could start a fire with it, saying how you could stick this firestarter under a large pile of wood and just light this thing and the wood would catch fire and you'd have a glorious blaze in no time. I also broke off a piece of the firestarter and told them that they could use just a little piece, such as the one I held in my hand, and they would still be able to get a fire going. It was as if these people had never heard of this type of thing before, or that I had just discovered it and was showing everyone this phenomenal thing. After the firestarter, I had one last item in the box to show the people. It was the same type of item as the first thing I showed them - the eyes of a pig encased in it's own mummified cone-shaped skin and skull. This one was a bit different than the first one because it was larger. It was, in fact, the eye from the large pig that was in the beginning of this dream. I guess it had gotten slaughtered but I managed to keep the eye as a souvenir. This pig eye/part wasn't just larger than the first one I showed these people. This one was darker and had tusk-like fangs sprouting from the edge of the eye socket in a fan-like fashion that were two or three inches long. This showed that the pig this eye came from had to have been huge, and a boar, and perhaps mutated in some way because it was so large - at the time thatís what seeing those tusks sprouting form the eye meant. I rotated the thing around in my hand and the eye looked very real. I donít think I could see as much of this eye as I could of the first pig eye I looked at, perhaps because the eyelids were closed a bit more than the first or something like that.

March 18, 1996

I was walking through he woods with some people but I'm not sure who - it may have been Sarah and William and maybe one or two of their friends. I had the feeling we were being followed by someone, or trying to get away from someone. The woods seemed hard to walk through, as if there were lots of briars and no clear path to walk on. Then I noticed that there was a black guy among us. I donít know who he was, but he reminded me of Browning Testament. I remember seeing him smile at me as we came to the crest of a small hill. Beyond this was a worn dirt path in the forest floor, which made our walking easier from then on. We followed it and made better time. We eventually came to an area where we had to stop or could go no further. The group of people behind us caught up to us. They all gathered at an area in front of us, but what there was to see or why they gathered there, I donít know, but I saw this as a chance to get away form them. Quickly I ran away back the way I had come and maybe I had my kids with me. The group that had been following me noticed that I was running away so they ran after me, but I had a good head start and was about one hundred feet ahead of them. I ran down the path and heard them behind me and suddenly I came to a door, a sliding door like the kind I have on the bathroom in my bedroom and on my laundry room at home. I ran past the door but shut it behind me. I then locked it, but I was on the wrong side of the door so I didnít have the latch to turn the lock. Still, there was the slotted head of the bolt so I managed to twist that somehow and get the door locked. Now it was like we were in a house instead of the woods. I knew the group of people behind me saw me disappear behind the door so I had to search for a place to hide. There was a door to the left and kind of at an angle and inside it was Sarah, William and maybe two other kids. I ran in there and shut the door. Luckily, the group of people did not see me enter this room, which looked like a child's bedroom. I heard the group run by the door I had entered, yelling and hollering and trampling as they continued their pursuit of me. I listened to them pass by and knew I was safe. Inside the room, Sarah held William and took him to a bathroom that was to the left and further back in the house/room. William seemed smaller, as if he was only around six months old. Sarah really held on to him good and it made me feel proud to see how protective Sarah was being of her younger brother. She really seemed to care about him and made sure to keep him close to her. Sarah held him close to a toilet that was there and William's legs managed to dangle in the water. I felt that perhaps earlier in this dream, William had been in some water and was swimming around, maybe in this toilet water.

March 22, 1996

I was at an apartment complex which kind of reminded me of the place I lived with Lisa in the late 1980ís. I was in an area that was probably part of the recreation room that tenants could use. I vaguely remember something about arguing with a guy or group of people about something. We were yelling pretty good and were probably making a lot of noise. The next thing I recall is walking along a back area by where the Jacuzzi and sauna may have been by the recreation room. I looked up along the walkway and could see some flashing blue and red lights and although parts of the building, such as supports, were in the way, I could tell the lights were attached to the top of a police car and they were headed my way. I had the feeling they were responding to someone who had complained of all the yelling I had been doing. I got scared so I found a way inside the place that held the Jacuzzi. I figured that if I could get my clothes off and sit in the Jacuzzi and claim to have been there for a while then the cops wouldnít think it was me that had been yelling. I rushed inside the building as the cop car got closer and closer. I donít know if they did see me but I remember going up to the Jacuzzi and dunking my head in to get my hair wet, thus making it look like I had been in the Jacuzzi. I was wearing the blue shorts that I had bought before I went to Hawaii last year and I remember seeing how tight they were and my belly bowing out from the waist. I knew that I had to get the rest of my clothes off and get wet if I was to convince the police I had been in the Jacuzzi the entire time.
I was at an office-like place that was supposed to be work. There were rows and rows of long desks - places for people to sit at with computers and huge amounts of paperwork strewn all about. Mortimer Bucketly was there and for some reason I had the urge to play chess with him. He sat at a work station that was at the end of the row where I sat. I walked by him and saw he was looking at a chess board on his e-mail, just like the kind we used when we used to play chess all the time. I walked by him and asked him if he wanted to play chess and he looked up at me with those expressionless, condescending eyes and indicated in some way that sure, he'd play me if I wanted. I held four pieces of paper in my hands and one or two of them had something on them that had to do with playing chess. They were strange diagrams, ones that didnít mean anything to me about chess but in the dream they sure did. It was something like an array of boxes drawn with thin black lines. There were nine or so boxes and some of the edges of some of the boxes had double lines. They kind of looked like windows. This somehow related to a chess board. I felt that if I tried to play chess at my work station then people would see me and wonder why I played chess when I should be doing my fucking Godforsaken job. Therefore I walked back a few rows, found a section of work areas, and walked to the end of a particular row to a computer terminal where I thought there would be less traffic and I would be able to play chess without getting "the eye." I stood in front of this computer and shuffled the papers I held in my hands. I seemed to be having a hard time getting done on the computer what I wanted, like maybe it would have been better to stay at my work station to play the chess game instead of standing here. This particular area seemed really busy, people walking around and doing this or that, and there were papers scattered everywhere. I think I finally left this area and went back to my own work space. When I did, I noticed that the front of this office area was a stage. The stage resembled one you would see in a cocktail lounge and then I realized that the place I was in wasn't really an office area at all, but rather, a night club of some kind. On the stage was a band that Bob and Charles were in. Holly was also in the band. When I noticed this, I looked back a few rows and saw Tina Spanks among some faceless employees. I saw her earlier in the dream, I believe, but I can't remember the details. Anyway, I looked at Tina and said something about the band on the stage was Charles and Bob's band. She regarded me noncommittally and seemed irritated about something, although I know she did hear me. I then became interested in the band and the office area seemed to fade away. I was hearing the song "Frozen" by the band Skid Row and I realized that the band on the stage was playing it. I was surprised at first, but then I saw the band play it. I looked at the chords a guitar player was playing, and as I observed his fingers move along the frets and hit the notes, I realized that "Frozen" wasn't that hard of a song to play at all. I donít know who the guitar player was, but it wasn't Bob, although Bob was one of the guitar players in this band. I was standing in front and to the left of the stage. Somewhere along here, I looked out into the crowd of people. They were all seated at tables, like in a cocktail lounge. It was as though this lounge-sitting-of-people-area was in front of the office-sitting-of-people-area. Anyway, I looked out into the seated lounge people and I saw Bob with his guitar, dancing among the people , spinning and twirling and making his way towards the stage. I had the feeling he was doing something else and remembered he was supposed to be on stage playing in his band so he began making his way back, spinning and twirling and making it look like he was jamming and doing a crowd dance or something. When he did this he was up in the air, or rather, at the level of the tops of tables. It gave me the impression that he was dancing on the table tops as he made his way to the stage, but it looked like there were no gaps between tables, like there was one solid floor he was strutting across. I then looked back at the band and all the members of the band were playing guitars, like the band Blue Oyster Cult does from time to time. This looked really cool - even Holly was playing the guitar. She stood slightly in back of one of the other guitar players on the stage, probably because she was not as adept on the guitar as the others and therefore didnít want to stand up front and show that fact. Still, the entire band seemed to be enjoying themselves so I couldn't tell if she was doing OK or not, even though I play the guitar. When I first noticed this phenomena of all the members playing the guitar and Holly jamming away as well, it was during a song that I have never heard before but I heard every note just the same. It was like "Kite Flight", a song I heard in a dream once where I heard all the notes but the song did not exist in real life. After I woke up from this dream, I was able to play those notes through my head over and over for most of the day and I could probably still do it now. It's not really an incredible revelation that means massive bucks for me if I try to write a song out of those notes and strike it rich and become a mysterious musician who gets his inspiration from dreams, but still it makes me wonder. The melody that the notes could go along with, I guess, are the same as in the song "JOY" by the band Apollo 100. When I saw the band doing this, they were all stepping in time, and the step they were doing was stepping forward towards the front of the stage. Holly stepped forward as well and she smiled as she kind of struggled to hit the notes, which she did. She smiled, maybe laughed, looked to her right (my left) and stepped right long with the rest of the band. She looked to her right because there was probably someone there, a band member or someone else, and she knew that that person was involved with her playing the notes on the guitar. Some time later I was outside with the band members. We were in a parking lot like the one across the street from the Tacoma Dome where the Tacoma Dome audience parks for Tacoma Dome events. There was a vehicle we were all standing by. Inside the vehicle (which was an old Blazer like Virgil Necksterís), were sitting the band members I didnít know (a guitar player and the bass player). We were all sitting there talking and I was exclaiming to them all about how good they sounded. I may have been laying it on a little thick because I wanted to seem like a cool guy to the band members I didnít know. I ended by telling one of the band members, the one sitting in the passenger seat of the Blazer, how good I thought they sounded. Then, I jumped forward and hugged this person around the neck and said, "I'm soooo proud of you!" It was all in fun and I felt like I scored some points with them. Then Bob and I started walking back across the street to the Tacoma Dome, or, at this point, I had the feeling that it was actually the Coliseum in Seattle. There is a view, while walking towards the Coliseum, that I kept in my head and brought it out now in this dream. That's what I saw when I walked across the street with Bob. The street sloped downward at a thirty degree angle to the right of us and there was an intersection about thirty or forty feet to the left of us at the top of this slightly-sloped hill. Bob and I were a third of the way across the street when we heard a vehicle approaching to our right so we stopped. It was an insignificant vehicle, like a small car or something else just put there in my dream to make me think about cars that come down the street when I'm trying to cross. This vehicle, whatever it was, came from the intersection at the bottom of the hill, which was approximately fifty feet away. It turned onto the street I was crossing from the street that was running parallel to it, from behind me. Bob and I thought about beating it and running across the street anyway but we didnít. After this car (or whatever it was), a fire truck came rushing by, also from the same direction as the vehicle before. This vehicle, however, was much more vivid. It looked exactly as a fire truck in action should, with flashing lights and a siren and all that. Bob and I watched as this one passed. Then, there was another vehicle we had to wait for. I had the feeling that it was part of the fire truck, like something that was too much to actually be part of the fire truck but still part of it nonetheless. It was something smaller, like a runt fire truck, but still necessary to be part of the emergency that the larger, more normal fire truck was headed towards. It also had flashing lights and a red color as the larger fire truck, but all that was reduced because of itís size.

March 26, 1996

Chong Tui mentioned something to me about my teeth. He smiled and made a comment about my teeth being gold, which meant that my teeth weren't white but rather, stained like I had drank too much coffee and smoked too many cigarettes in my life. I remember seeing my teeth in this dream and they really were kind of yellowed and stained, but they aren't like that in real life. It was pretty bad though, and I was worried. The reason I dreamt this, I'm sure, is because I was talking to Chong Tui a few weeks back and when I was I noticed how his teeth were kind of yellowed and looking old.

March 31, 1996

I was fishing on a dock or in a boat. There were some other guys around me, but I can't remember who they were, only that they were older than me, in their forties or so. I had a fish on my line and as it neared the top of the water, I got a good look at it. It was a strange looking fish, about three feet long at least and a dark gray color. Its skin looked like that of a shark, but the fish wasn't a shark. Its head was shaped like a dolphin but it had a weird mouth. It was like a long duck or spoon-bill, and flexible - it kid of flapped up and down as it was brought out of the water. I donít know what kind of fish it was and because it looked so weird, I thought I was going to end up throwing it back, but then one of the men there commented on how good-tasting this particular fish was, so this made me realize I was going to keep it. One man there, to my right, had a tool in his hands that was like a pair of pliers but the parts that clamped together were kind of rounded and flat on the ends. He used this tool to clamp the fish around its head and into its eye sockets, thus being able to pull it out of the water. It was like this tool was used instead of a gaff hook device. The man pulled the fish out of the water and he threw it and it landed on top of another man that was standing to my left. When the fish fell on this guy, it draped over him like a blanket. Because the fish was thin enough to do this, that somehow meant that it was good eating, or so the men claimed.

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