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March 1997

Mar 17 - Mar 19 - Mar 21 - Mar 28 - Mar 31

March 17, 1997

I was with someone, maybe Lisa, and we were talking with Peter Peckster. In this dream, Peter was really disgusting. He had his mouth open a lot as he gabbed and talked like a smart ass, and his mouth looked gross. His teeth were short and stubby, like they had been sawed off at the halfway point, and in some places there were no teeth at all. As I looked into his mouth and down his throat, there was saliva making the pink inside all wet. His hair was frizzy and collar length. I had one close up shot of the inside of his mouth, as though I was right at his bottom and lip looking in. The next thing I recall is being at a pharmacy, like at Safeway. Peter sat on the floor in front of the customer counter in Indian style and I guess I was the pharmacist. Apparently, it was common practice for the pharmacist to use the snot of someone as their medicine. Peter was sick, so I had to stick my finger up inside his nose and I managed to pull out a clear, slimy glob of snot. I was thinking about how I would be dicing this glob up into different pieces for doses. As I did this, I started realizing that not all medicine had to be snot and the closer I got to waking up, I realized that snot wasn't used at all.

March 19, 1997

I was in a small boat on a lake and I was fishing. There was a guy in a scuba suit who was in the water and once in a while I would communicate with him. I remember seeing him lightly grab a hold of my fishing line then follow it down into the depths of the lake, his body vertical and sinking rapidly as he slowly twirled around my fishing line. He was helping me catch fish, apparently. There were some people on a dock about ten feet away, around four people total. They were a few older men and a young guy or two. Apparently there was some kind of scary fish in the lake and the lure I had on the end of my line was the kind that this fish was attracted to. Jokingly I would toss the lure up onto the dock, as if I were trying to attract the fish onto the dock so it would get the men. They laughed as I did this. The next thing I recall is suddenly feeling something heavy on the end of my line. It was deep in the water and I was hooked on something. The guy in the scuba suit said something frantic about how whatever was on the end of my line was longer than he was when he was stretched out to his full length - something like that. I looked down into the water underneath my dingy and could see my fishing line stretch deep into the water. Then I saw a purple shape about twenty feet below my boat. I couldnít tell what it was but apparently this was what my fishing line was hooked on to. It was an undulating creature, shaped like a huge amoeba. As it got closer to the boat, I saw that it was a creature that resembled a manatee, only its face was a bit closer to a human's face than a sea cow. The thing was light purple in color and my lure had hooked onto its cheek, not its mouth. I remember tugging at my line and seeing the hook in this thing's cheek tug as well.

March 21, 1997

I was in early Roman times when people got eaten by lions at the Coliseum. I donít think I was one of the people who was scheduled to get eaten, however. I remember looking down some stone steps, about five or six, at where the lions were kept. There was a guy there who was wearing the traditional Roman citizen robe and he may have had some kind of headband on. His back was to me so I didnít get a good look at his face, but he had short curly hair and a beard and moustache. He was doing something with a lion down there at the bottom of the steps. There was an opening off to the left that went further back into some passageways, but I couldnít see very far that way because I was standing atop the steps looking down. At the bottom of the steps was a lion and it looked up at me, as if checking me out. Later I remember being with a woman who I do not know. We had some long skinny white tubes, about the diameter of broomsticks. Inside these tubes were, apparently, the remains of someone who had been slaughtered by the lions. It was their body cut up so badly that it was almost a liquid and was able to fit into the hollow tube. The woman, who was to my right, was having problems doing something with the stick so I showed her how to do it. What she was trying to do was squeeze blood from the person inside the tube, out of the tube. There was a section of the tube that was connected somehow to the other part of the tube, kind of like how those plastic tube parts of vacuum cleaner extensions hook together. At the interface of where the sections connected together, the top sections slightly fanned out and resembled that metal part of the Christmas tree stand where you put the slats through that define the stand's legs. I think the woman didn't have the strength to turn this section enough to squeeze the blood out, so I did it for her. I turned and squeezed with all my might and finally blood started seeping out of the openings and onto the tube. I then put this up to my mouth and licked the blood off. The woman watched me do this and the look on her face was like Oh that's how you do it.

March 28, 1997

This was a long dream and throughout the entire thing I was being chased by Nazi's. However, I can only remember a little of the dream. I was in a truck with someone else, a girl I think. We were on the road that led to the cabin my mom and dad used to own by their property on Case Inlet. The truck was facing up towards the road as it led away, but we weren't driving. I was in the driver's seat and the other person may have been in the truck bed. There was some indication that the Nazi's, or bad guys, or whoever, were coming to get us so I let loose the emergency brake of the truck and started coasting down the hill backwards, apparently not having enough time to start the truck and turn it around. I sailed down the hill towards the cabin pretty quickly, but I managed to keep the truck in pretty good control. The next thing I remember is being outside the truck and running to get away with this girl or whoever was with me. We came to a waterfall that reminded me of the one in a story I have written called Discouraging Day. The girl and I stepped into the waterfall because the Nazi's had dogs on our trail and we thought we would make them lose our scent by going into the water. We then waded through the waterfall at an area about halfway up its height that was sort of level so we could walk without falling. We then backtracked our way around the other side of the waterfall, thus making it even more confusing for any dogs that might be on our trail. We kind of walked back up into the waterfall from the direction we came and may have stepped back out onto land on the other side.

March 31, 1997

I was with a guy and we were in a forest. There was some kind of virus around that we were concerned about and the feeling I had was that we were trying to figure out information about it. We commented to each other that we should go around the forest and try to find other things that had the virus and therefore, this would give us the information we needed. So we started searching into different things in the forest to look for this virus. I remember the guy I was with chopping down a tree or two and he looked inside the stump that was left to search for the virus. The inside of the stump was partially hollowed out and the design was curvy, not a circular hollow like a doughnut hole would be. It was around this time that one of us spotted an unusual caterpillar on a plant about ten or twenty feet away from the stump we had just cut. I think the guy I was with noticed it, I remember his head turning and looking in the caterpillar's direction. The caterpillar was very large, at least two feet long, and its body consisted of baseball to softball sized segments which connected together. These segments were round, bright orange, and fuzzy. Thick pink/lavender hairs, several inches long, protruded from each orange segment and flowed backwards along the segments in slightly curved patterns, like the shape of waves. The front segment of the caterpillar was its face and on the front of its face was a small transparent plastic button-like thing. It was almost an inch in diameter and was in the center of the front orange segment. Inside this plastic button was the figure of a child drawn against a white background. The child was probably a small girl and had shoulder length hair that curled up on the ends like a fifties/sixties hairdo. Her face was expressionless and her hands were at her sides and she was drawn with a pencil. This figurine inside this plastic button thing was, apparently, supposed to be the caterpillarís face or eyes. This huge caterpillar was crawling among some leaves of a short plant, upward and to the right. The back half of the caterpillar arced down below some leaves and disappeared beneath a leaf, then reappeared on the other side of the leaf as its body descended then straightened to the left. This caterpillar apparently was something that we considered to have traces of the virus on or in it, so we considered taking it as a sample. The guy that was with me, however, was scared to touch it because it looked so big, and I didnít blame him. Nevertheless I approached him and assured him that it wouldnít hurt him and it would be okay to touch it. I think I was going to grab the caterpillar myself, but can't remember doing so.

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