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March 1999

Mar 7 - Mar 12 - Mar 15 - Mar 17 - Mar 22 - Mar 23 - Mar 25

March 7, 1999

I was in an apartment building and I get the feeling I was on the second floor. I was standing in a hallway. The place looked like a typical middle class apartment building, not expensive, but not necessarily that run-down either. In this hallway was DeForest Kelley, who played Dr. McCoy on Star Trek. He was talking to a woman about buying her apartment. I think I was standing next to the woman who Dr. McCoy was talking to because he was looking in my direction as he spoke. I canít remember anything about the woman except that she was probably your average middle-aged housewife type of person, and she may have been wearing an apron to accent that point. Dr. McCoy wanted to buy this apartment because this apartment was real close to a beach, on a lake, bay or ocean - I wasnít sure which. The feeling I got was that he wanted to get a real nice apartment because he was in competition with some other guy who was either Robin Williams or that guy who played his professor friend on the movie Good Will Hunting. I saw that movie last night so this is why I dreamt this. Dr. McCoy was talking to the woman, saying how he was thinking of building a driveway up to the apartment and if he did this then he would offer the woman $120,000 for her apartment. The price was a little steep but since the place was right on the beach, it was appropriate. The woman seemed to be interested in this offer so she proceeded to let Dr. McCoy into her place and show him around. I canít remember any details about the apartment but I do know that it was near the beach, not actually on it, but it did have a good view of the water. The next thing I recall is being with Dr. McCoyís friend who he was in competition with (Robin Williams or whoever) and being in the apartment that he was going to buy. It was in the same building but as if to show Dr. McCoy up, this apartment was actually right on the water and therefore a much better place. I remember walking into this place after the door was opened. There were no walls to speak of but that didnít mean there werenít any walls. The walls were actually canvas or animal hide coverings that were rolled up and tied with twine against posts that shot vertically from floor to ceiling about every seven feet or so throughout this place. I guess that if you wanted a wall then you could loosen the twine and roll down the material to form walls. I looked at this and wondered if it would be cold in this apartment because there were no walls. This made me think that perhaps that we were in Hawaii or some place like that instead of Washington State, because in some place like Hawaii it was warm all the time and having walls wasnít really an issue. Me, the Robin Williams (or whoever) guy and also the actor Minnie Driver (also from the movie Good Will Hunting) were led across the hardwood floor by the woman who I guess owned or lived in the apartment now. She was an elderly woman but thatís about all I can remember about her. She was short, around five foot tall. To the right of us, standing among some tables that reminded me of that camping place at Wildwood Park where that flagpole is, stood several other people who were older, probably in their fifties. I know there were at least two people there, but I only distinctly remember one man standing there who had glasses on and he was around six feet tall. Maybe they all lived there too. Anyway, the first woman led us to the edge of the apartment. The floor was wood, made of two by sixes running lengthwise from the door side to the water side, and also acted as a dock overlooking the water instead of just the floor of the apartment. We walked to the far edge of the apartment/dock which was twenty feet from the door we had entered. To the left corner of the floor we went and since there were no walls, we could see right out into the water on which the dock overlooked. This view was very real and I remember my legs feeling wobbly as I walked to the edge overlooking the water because the waves and ocean (or whatever) was right there, just a foot below the floor/dock. I felt like I was on a boat and it was like an optical illusion, seeing the water move and feeling like I was moving as well although I was on solid ground. A huge wave came crashing into the space just below the floor and I was wondering if this was a lake or an ocean or what, because if it was an ocean then I was wondering if the tide would get higher and flood the apartment. That was when I felt like we were overlooking a lake instead. Along this left side of the dock, were several men who also lived in the apartment. I remember the features of one in particular; short black hair, five foot ten, 180 pounds, dark slacks and a sport shirt (kind of like one I own). He and a guy standing to the right of him suddenly ran and dove into the oncoming waves with all their clothes on. This was some kind of sales pitch to Robin Williams, showing him that you could just go swimming right from your apartment floor if you so chose. Another guy alongside this side of the floor was fishing. I remember seeing his fishing line leading into the water from the tip of his fishing pole. This also was a sales thing, showing Robin that he could also fish from the apartment if he so chose. We looked to where the fishing line went, into the cresting waves off to our left. Robin looked at Minnie and said something like, "And this is their garage." He referred to a small structure to the left of the dock. We walked that way but to reach the small shack-like dwelling there, we had to grab onto hand hold things, like those kind in a vehicle for the passenger to hold onto. I remember seeing Minnie grab onto one of these that was at roof level and swing around a section of the floor to the left so she could reach the spot that Robin was referring to. When she did this, there was a collective gasp as she hung onto the hand hold thing and swung to the other side of the flooring where the shack was. Everyone gasped because if she let go, then she would have plummeted into the water, but she held on. In this next area, there was a small shack-like building that could have been the garage but I got the feeling it was more like a tool shed thing. It was surrounded by reeds and other swamp-like foliage. To the right of this was a pickup truck in the water. The water was around four inches deep and just made it to the rim of the wheels. Apparently this was the garage place and where the truck, or other vehicles, were parked. Again I wondered about the tides because if the water rose, it would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the truck to get out of the water. The sky beyond us and the truck suggested it was late afternoon, early evening, with a killer sunset forming on the horizon. It looked just like it did when Lisa, Ron, William, Sarah and myself went to the jetty on the ocean last year and filmed the sunset.

March 12, 1999

I was with Gregoire Henderson. Iím not sure where we were, in a building or outside or what. We were working on something that was probably a computer. I think it was a laptop. Suddenly Gregoire started walking away and down a road that was probably that 25 MPH road behind that big lake by the company I used to work for and behind that shopping center. I ran after Gregoire, and eventually caught up to him. I had the feeling that he may have not wanted me to walk with him so I told him that I would just walk one foot in front of him, which I did. I think he was on his way to church and why he decided to walk to church instead of drive, I have no idea. I kind of lost track of Gregoire as I kept walking. Soon I came across a chicken wire or chain link fence that was stretched across the road. The only way to continue was to climb over the fence, so I did. The fence was around six feet high and had dark grass along the bottom of it. As I crawled over the fence and got to the other side, I met a man and a woman coming the other way. I didnít recognize either of them. They were both in their twenties or thirties. The woman was short, around five feet tall, and had short straight black hair with the bangs cut straight horizontally. I think the man wore glasses and had short hair. They approached me and the fence and as they continued on past me and over the fence, they asked if they would get in trouble for walking along this trail. They said something about "hogs" which I think meant they were referring to police, calling them hogs instead of pigs. They were concerned that the police would tell them not to walk along this trail and they asked me if I knew if it was OK or not. I made a comment about how I had been walking along this trail/road for thirty years which meant, I guess, that it was OK to walk along. I also said something about another trail that was by the intersection of 23rd Street and Meridian Avenue, and how I walk along that trail all the time even though the cops donít want you to. I kept walking along the road and eventually I came across Chong Tui, who was walking towards me. Seeing him made me realize that I was supposed to be watching two cats. Maybe Chong said that I needed to watch the cats or just seeing him jogged my memory, whatever the case, I knew I had to keep track of two cats. The cats were behind me so I turned around and started walking the other way. I now realized that there was water on my left, a lake of some kind, and rough yellow knee-high grassy terrain with some boulders here and there on my right. I had to get the cats past this water. For some reason, instead of just carrying the cats and walking alongside the grassy/rocky terrain, I decided to toss them ahead of me to see if they could get past the water that way. The first cat was a kitten (they probably both were kittens actually), maybe black and white and kind of fluffy, and I tossed it into the water to the left and in front of me. It splashed into the water and began swimming right away. It swam underneath the water like a person would. The water was real clear and looked as though it was around five feet deep at least. There was a boulder protruding slightly out from the ground in front of me on which I stood that defined the interface of land against the water. The other cat I also threw as well, but closer to the land than the water. I tossed it in front of me and it landed in some marshy grass several feet in front of me on the other side of the boulder. It did get wet but it crawled out of the swampy area right away and sat among the tall yellow grass there. It may have shook the water from its body. There was a patch of hair on its back that swooshed forward, from about the middle of its back to the neck, then the hair would lap over the top of the head. It was like a cowlick. The cat was black and almost looked like a skunk with a semi-white stripe about an inch wide stretching down the length of its back. I was worried that the first kitten I had thrown into the water was going to drown because it seemed like it had been swimming for an awful long time, but then I looked up ahead of me and saw it was also in the grass and out of the water and was OK. I began my walk again and finally Chong Tui managed to catch up with me and walk near where I was with my cats. It was about this time that I heard someone calling my name. It was not Chong or anyone I could see in the dream, but the voice was very clear and definite, so clear that it woke me up. I laid there in bed wondering if maybe someone in the real world of consciousness had called my name, but no one had. I canít recall if the voice was male or female.

March 15, 1999

I was walking through some woods with William, but instead of William walking, I pulled him along on a toy truck of some kind. The truck was just big enough for him to sit into. I pushed the truck along through the woods in the forest but there were times when William would sit on the back of the seat, or get out of the truck, or do something that would prevent me from making good progress through the woods. I remember seeing him sit up on the back of the seat while he stretched his legs into the part where his body should be at. I yelled at him to please sit in the truck properly so I could get him through the woods to wherever we were going. He kind of slightly laughed and smiled at me the way he does when I try to discipline him and he doesnít take me seriously. There was one part of the trail that we came to that had two six inch round logs blocking the path, one around ankle level, the other about two feet off the ground. I then picked up William and his truck up over the logs then continued onward. There was probably someone else there, a female I think with short black hair, but I canít recall for sure.

March 17, 1999

I was at an airport or some place like that and I was going to go to Japan. I was with Lisa and maybe my kids, and there were also some other people there that could have been some folks that I actually went to Japan with, like Molholland Trune and Jim Smith and all them. I was in line, I think getting ready to board the airplane or whatever it was that would be taking me to Japan, when suddenly I remembered that I had left my passport at home. I donít know if it was just me that had left my passport at home or if Lisa had as well, but whatever the case, one of us couldnít go without the other so we had to leave to go get it. I remember the people like Jim and Molholland or whoever, walking down the tunnel towards where they would board the transportation to get to Japan, and the last person in line, maybe Jim, turned and looked back at me as he walked along to board. Then he turned his head back and kept going, but in that one look he realized that Max would not be joining them this trip. I remember thinking that if I went now then I would reach Japan in the morning, but if I went on a later scheduled flight, then I would reach Japan at night. I had a vision of seeing mine and perhaps other peopleís passports as they were being processed, along an assembly line or something. Anyway, Lisa and I had to leave so we did. The next thing I recall is actually being in Japan or wherever it was that I was supposed to go. I was somewhere outside, on a tour or something, when I realized that I needed to pack and get my stuff out of my hotel room because it was now time to go home. So I was at the hotel room where apparently I had stayed in Japan in this dream. It was an incredible mess and it looked as though I had lived there years and years instead of just a week or however long I had been there. The room was about twenty feet long and ten feet wide. On one end of the room there were piles of crap like stuffed animals, blankets (a thin light colored one folded and sitting at the front left of the pile sticks out in my mind), some skis, my guitar, and even my old bass guitar cabinet, the heavy, big awkward one with the two SUN speakers in them. There was just about everything in that pile that could be in a pile. I had the feeling that this was all the stuff I had accumulated while I was in Japan, and obviously I never thought about how I was going to get this stuff home. I was stressed out because I only had so much luggage and I was wondering how I was going to pack all this stuff to get it back to the United States. I was overwhelmed and just kind of stood there in shock, wondering what the hell I was going to do. I couldnít really concentrate on where to begin. On one side of the room there was the large pile of stuff about three feet high and the other side of the room was a closet which had many, many pieces of clothing hanging up in it as well as crap and junk crammed into it and stacked on the floor, like Sarahís closet is with all her Barbie houses and other belongings crammed into a space too small to hold it. I recall being in one place that was like Trentís basement, and he had a bunch of stuff to pack also. He had a container of some sort that had garbage bags in it, the big 30 gallon Hefty lawn bags, and I grabbed a few from him. I stuffed some stuff in some smaller garbage bags then put these two into a larger garbage bag. I then loaded it onto an cart that was like a dolly. This dolly was some kind of airport cart for your luggage. After filling the garbage bag with the two smaller garbage bags, I twisted the tie-wrap thingies that are used to cinch the bag tight. I lopped them around each other then eventually tied them tight. One bag I did this to, either now or later in this dream, I pulled too tightly and snapped off one of the red plastic tie-cincher things. That bag still remained tied, but only one of the tie wraps was left to hold onto, the other one was knotted at the base of the two tie wraps, on top of the bag. I think that when it was lifted, this bag may have popped open because one tie wrap had gotten snapped off and therefore didnít have enough slack to keep the knot secure. I asked Trent if I could borrow some of these garbage bags because I didnít have enough luggage to pack everything in my room. I took a few bags and I guess I was going to use these as luggage. There were some people helping me load my stuff, but I canít remember who. I was still kind of screwing off, not really able to get in the swing of packing my belongings. I recall being out on the street at some point and I saw a shopping cart along the sidewalk. I grabbed it and was contemplating using it for an airport luggage cart. I donít think it was an official airport luggage cart, but I was just grabbing whatever I could to get the job done. The cart was the hard gray plastic sturdy kind. I grabbed the horizontal handlebar and yanked it a few times to shake the cart for whatever reason. In front of me about ten feet away came some people that were pushing along different kinds of carts. Apparently these were the real carts that you were supposed to use in airports, although in this dream they looked like anything but. They kind of reminded me of that blue plastic foldable table thing Lisa uses to hang her clothes to dry on in the bathtub. These carts in the dream had thin metal grates for a top. The metal bars were spaces about six inches apart and there were maybe five or six of them running along as a top to support whatever luggage you had. One end of the top grate was open-ended while the other end had the far corners connected. Below this top was a support of some kind, probably also made of the same wire/metal stuff, but it was probably crisscrossing just like LisaĎs laundry thing. On the bottom were some small, shopping cart-like tires. Some people pushed one or two of these carts my way, and it was then that I realized that these were what I was supposed to be using for my luggage. I was complaining to people that I needed help in getting my luggage put together so I could get back home, and there were still some people helping me. I remember finally putting in some effort other than complaining and I picked up some small stuffed animals, about a foot long each, and put them into a white trash bag. One of the stuffed animals was a light blue teddy bear that reminded me of one of Sarahís toys. It was getting late and was near the time when I needed to get out of the room. One of the hotel clerks, a small Japanese woman (like thereís big ones) with short straight black who reminded me of the cashier at Skylark Gardens in Japan, walked towards my room and following her was a person, probably a man, with his luggage stacked on a tall cart that he pulled behind him. The woman came to my room and when she saw what a mess it was, she kind of put her head into her hands and moaned, "No no no no!" as if in disbelief that my room was still in the state it was and wasnít ready for the new resident to check in. She wore a light golden/yellow vest with a white shirt underneath. The pile of stuff on one side of the room had actually dwindled some thanks to the help I got from my friends, but when I opened up my closet I was shocked to see that it was still packed full of shit just as much as it ever had been. I grabbed some shirts off the rack and laid them down and began folding them up, hangers and all. I was just going to roll them up this way and cram them into the garbage bags instead of flatly in a suitcase which is how I thought of doing it, but it was checkout time and I was in a hurry. I was stressed.

March 22, 1999

I went outside to get my mail. My mailbox, for some reason, was on the side of the street where my house is instead of on the other side of the street where it actually is. My mailbox was at the location in front of my neighborís fence, the neighbors that live in the house where Herman and Ofelia Strange used to. The mailbox was supported on a single 4 X 4 post, where in real life the mailbox is on a flat board with two other mailboxes. There were other mailboxes next to it in this dream, but they were also on their separate posts. As I stood in front of them with my back to the street, my mailbox was on the right and it was much larger than it is now. It was your typical-looking mailbox, the silver, metal barn-looking thing, only it was one of the very large mailboxes, about two feet high and wide. Above mine and the other mailboxes next to it was a small overhang that was there, I suppose, to protect the mailboxes from the weather. The color of the wood that this overhang was made out of was a redwood stain color, as was the fence in front of my neighborís property that was behind this mailbox haven. When I approached my mailbox I saw that it and the post it was leaning on was at about a thirty degree angle to the left, as if someone had come and pushed it aside purposely, as if in an act of vandalism. The right side of the mailbox may have been slightly smashed in, as if someone had taken a baseball bat to it, which is something that has happened to a mailbox I owned before. I opened up my box Ďo mail and it was crammed full of stuff; trinkets, magazines and all kinds of stuff in addition to the letters that make up normal mail. I took all this out of the box and it was very hard for me to carry because there was so much of it. To the left of me was my neighbor who had decided to come out and get her mail as well. I canít remember too much about her other than she was around five foot three, kind of pudgy, and had short black straight hair that was cut evenly at right angles. Her bangs were cut straight across. I looked down at the ground between us and saw a checkbook on the ground and I was kind of wondering if it was hers but we had decided that it was mine. The checkbook looks just like mine actually does; blue and slightly worn. I think I probably picked this up as I headed back for my house with my arms full of stuff. As I turned around and faced back towards my house, a car came driving towards me from the direction of Gregoire and Helenís house. It was a Bearcat old-style type of car. I donít recall seeing a driver. The car took a right (my left) and pulled into a driveway that I suppose was my neighborís. This was a strange driveway, however. It was a square hole in the ground, about 12 feet by 12 feet, and itís perimeter was lined with a half foot barrier of cement. The ground of this driveway was around three feet below the edge of it, and it was a direct 90 degree drop-off. As I looked to the left, I could see that the driveway area connected to some kind of building that was probably a house. The wall/barrier at the end there had some rectangular windows in it on its upper part that made it look garage-like. The windows were about two and a half feet long and two feet high, and I guess there were three of them side by side. The Bearcat turned into this driveway area and it drove slowly, and good thing, because it went right over the drop-off and clanged down onto the cement ground below. Then it drove on and to the left into, I presume, the garage door-like area. I was wondering how anyone could have a garage/driveway like this and if the car got banged-up every time it drove into this driveway. As I walked back to my house, the mailman came driving towards me in the same direction that the Bearcat car came from. I didnít think about it coming now when my mailbox was already full. I guess the mail in there was from another day. The mail man was in a mail vehicle that looks like your everyday average mail truck/car/vehicle/thingy. He took a right (to my left as I faced him) and drove into my driveway, kept going and drove into my backyard area. The next thing I recall is being in my house, but it didnít look the same as my house does now. I was standing in an area that I assumed was a kitchen. There was a door to my right that I guess I came in from, and I was standing in front of a counter. Beyond the counter in front of me was a large window so I could see outside. This window faced my driveway. To the right of the door by this window/counter area was another door that led to my backyard. The mailman, or UPS driver or whoever, was opening up that back door and was walking up the two or three cement steps that were there to come into my house but I confronted him and asked him to not come into my house without asking me first. I could see the grassy yard behind him. We exchanged a few words and said a few things back and forth to each other in an argumentative manner. He had short hair and wore glasses and had on a brown outfit that looked like a UPS driver uniform. He said something about wanting to talk to a woman who was in my house. That womanís name was Kathy and she turned out to be that girl who works at Video Update that has the long black hair. I then turned to the right and faced a flight of steps that winded up to an upper floor that I couldnít see. I yelled, "Kathy!" to get her to come down so she could talk to this mailman or UPS guy. I donít know what this womanís name is in real life and Iíll be surprised as shit if turns out to really be Kathy. Iíll have to check that out next time she beeps my videos for rental. Anyway, Kathy came bounding down the stairs. I didnít know if she lived there or what, but I didnít think anything of her being in my house. When Kathy (or whoever she is) came down the steps and into this kitchen area, I said something about how this UPS guy is a real moron, but Kathy made a comment to me about how he is not a moron. It was like she was friends with this guy and was sticking up for him. Her face was serious and really didnít acknowledge me when we talked, her eyes down and making her look like she had other things on her mind. Then there was another UPS guy or mailman, only this guy was actually standing in my kitchen next to where I was. He was younger than the other UPS driver and had short blonde hair and was built well and was tall. He talked to Kathy, mentioning something about what she had done with some guy and how it had resulted in a lawsuit. I donít know what Kathy had done to get involved with a lawsuit with some guy, but when I heard them talking about it, I made a comment like, "Oooh oooh a lawsuit," as if mocking them sarcastically.

March 23, 1999

I was with someone like Jethro or Bob. He mentioned to me how he had been using a parachute but while using it, he had gotten caught in an updraft and it caused his path of flight to disintegrate and he crashed on the side of a road somewhere. The next thing I recall is riding a bike or motorcycle along this road where Jethro or Bob said they had crashed in their parachute. I saw the parachute in some brush on the left hand side of the road. It was around twelve feet round and was kind of ruffled as it wasnít strewn about to its full width. It was an off purple type of color, but that color may have just been the top part of the parachute, about eight feet of it, and the rest was white, but I canít say for sure. As I rode along, I came across two small hills, almost like bumps in the road, about ten feet apart and this was what had caused Jethro or Bob to lose control of the parachute. I continued riding (or I may have been walking) along this road that reminded me of the twisting turning road just before Ocean Shores with the tree-planted plots of land on either side. I somehow ended up on a beach and approached a mobile home/trailer type of place that reminded me of Mel Gibsonís trailer that he lived in in the first Lethal Weapon movie. Apparently this was Ron and Daisyís trailer and no one was home. However, I had a key to the trailer for some reason, so I opened the door and went in. Since there was no one home, I was going to leave a message, I guess to let Ron know that I had been there. Suddenly I noticed some people walking around the outside of the trailer. They were Ron, Daisy, and some of their friends. When they entered the trailer, Ron was real lax and he made it known that he didnít care that I was already in his home when I wasnít there - he didnít care. I noticed somewhere along here that I was wearing a tank top and some shorts. Since I was wearing a tank top, I was worried about my gut sticking out so I made sure to suck it in so I wouldnít look like a pregnant, fat, beer-gut fool. I had a surfboard with me that I was carrying around and Ron asked if I was going surfing. I said, "Yes!" He then asked enthusiastically if he could come along too and I said, "Sure!" or "You bet!" or some other affirmative response. I donít remember much about the other people that were with Ron and Buella, two or three of them, but at one point I was sitting on a couch that lined the back wall of the trailer like that couch on the back end of Lisaís folks boat they used to own. Sitting to the left of me was a guy that was wearing a purple-colored shirt and I got the impression he was kind of large. There was some discussion about me and how cool I was for some reason, but I donít know what that was all about.

March 25, 1999

I was at the house Ron used to own off of 138th Street and Meridian Avenue. I canít remember all who was there but I suppose Ron was. I had parked my Mercury Villager, or maybe a truck of some kind, in his driveway and there was some mention to me how there was going to be some construction going on that would prevent me from being able to move my truck/van, but I didnít heed those words. Soon there was a construction crew there and they were tearing up the lawn and street in front of Ronís house, as well as the driveway area. I remember seeing one or two men in hard hats roaming around by some large construction vehicles or equipment at the edge of the lawn. Their work had ripped up most of Ronís lawn and had made large piles of dirt and mud stacked in front of Ronís lawn and next to the street. I remember walking around the lawn with someone who I canít remember, and seeing large, rectangular cuts in the grass where holes were dug that were around six feet deep. These large rectangular squares were cut with precision and were four feet by ten feet big. I distinctly remember two of these holes side by side with a patch of grass between them about a foot wide. This showed me that I couldnít leave this way. I really didnít want to leave and I guess this is why I procrastinated about moving my truck/van in the first place. I walked around the area, looking for ways out and saw that the three foot high mounds of dirt and mud that were built up as well as the rectangular holes in the lawn made it impossible for me to get my truck out of there. There was an area where there were no holes or dirt mounds, at the end of the driveway area, but there were three posts in the ground, 4 x 4 timbers, that blocked a path of escape. Eventually I somehow got my truck out, but I donít remember that part, I just know that I had gotten it out. With me at this point was Annabelle, the girl who baby-sits for us from time to time. I was driving along a road that reminded me of the road that leads off the main road to the house that my folks used to own out on Tanwax Lake. For some reason I had to leave and walk back to the house, so I stopped the truck near the end of that road and told Annabelle to just sit tight and I would be back soon. I donít remember walking anywhere, but I remember coming back to the truck after I had been gone. Annabelle wasnít in the truck anymore, so I looked around to try to find her. Facing the main road, I then looked up to my left into the thick green foliage there and saw several small animals bounding around. I donít know what kind of animals these were but they were the size of cats or small dogs. Then Annabelle came scooting down the hill where all this foliage was from behind some bushes. She exclaimed something about how her not being in the truck was because she had been playing with these small animals. The animals were rounded and fluffy. One of the animals was very small, about four inches long, and was a strange little beast indeed. It was covered in fur but had a little head like a hedgehog that retracted into the cavity of its little hairy body occasionally, much like a turtle does. This reminded me of one of the creatures in that Super NES video called Spankyís that can de-segment their bodies and move it back and forth like sliced salami accordions. I was kind of concerned that I would get bit if I handled these little animals, but I didnít touch them to find out. However, the little hedgehog type animal approached me and had gotten about a foot up my right pant leg and started nibbling at the seam there, as if to show me that since it wasnít going to bite my hand or finger, then it was going to chew on my pant seam. Some time after this, a group of people came walking up the road towards us from the direction of Ronís house. Maybe Ron and Jethro were among them, and there were around a dozen other people besides them. Why they were walking instead of driving, I have no idea. I vaguely remember sitting in the front cab of the truck I had, or looking into it, and seeing four or five people crammed into the seat there, meaning there was no more room up front and if anyone wanted a ride then they would have to get in the back of the pickup, which may have had a canopy on it.

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