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May 2003

May 1 - May 13 - May 22

May 1, 2003

I was walking around with a group of people. I can’t recall what we were doing exactly, but we did have some kind of objective in mind. Whatever that may have been, however, I have no idea, but I do know that the first part of this dream, the part I can’t recall at all, dealt with the things we were doing. My memory picks up on this story as I am with these people, who may have been members of my family like my brother Gerry and maybe my mom and two or three others. We came across a building that was on the side of the road. The road to our right sloped down and to the left and we were on the crest. The house in front of us looked abandoned and old, many of its walls torn down so you could walk right into the place without having to open any doors. The house was built on the side of the hill and may have had another story below the portion that we could see from the road. Gerry ended up walking into the house to check it out. I remember seeing a few vertical 2 x 4 beams which were parts of the frame for the walls of the front of this house. Beyond these bare frames was the inside of the house. There was a floor and I’m pretty sure there was no back wall to the dwelling, so we could see the world beyond the 15-feet width of the place. There were no definite structures inside this ruined house to indicate which room Gerry was in. Moss clung to the wooden frames and sparse green vines hung from what must have been the ceiling which was, I’m sure, also full of holes and rotted with age. Gerry couldn’t seem to find what it was he was looking for so, after leisurely strolling around the light-colored floor, he came back to the front of the house. I remember seeing him as the vertical wooden beams blocked parts of his body from view as he walked around. He looked to his left (my right) down at an angle at something, and then finally came out of the house. As he did he encountered a pickup truck that was sitting in the driveway of the house. Suddenly Gerry was actually walking around inside the bed of the pickup truck, like the bed had been level with the entrance of the house and as he walked out he just walked right into the back of it. As he did, he walked onto something that was bundled up in the back of the pickup. As he stepped on it, it became clearer as to what this thing was. It was a gorilla that was dead and partially decayed. We took a good look at the gorilla, which was surrounded by or wearing clothes like a flannel shirt, and it may have also been wearing a straw hat like you would imagine farm hicks wearing as they lazily chewed on a blade of grass and looked at you like you’re a moron when you stop to ask for direction cause you’re a lost city schmuck. I could see into the decayed parts of the gorilla’s arms, the red meat there below the wisps of black gorilla hair. The head of the gorilla was toward the cab of the truck and we may have lifted it up to get a better look at it. The gorilla’s mouth was slightly open and we could see teeth in there, the front fangs especially. As we walked away from this truck and started to walk down the street, traversing down the hill, we saw another decomposed gorilla body in the bushes on the left side of the road. This gorilla body lay in some shrubs right on the top of a steep slope that went down into a valley below. This body also had decayed gaps in its fur which showed patches of red meat underneath and, as with the gorilla in the back of the pickup, we could also see the teeth of this gorilla, which sat inside its mouth on a face that was still in pretty good shape and not decomposed yet. On both gorillas the head seemed intact, the black hair covering the entire large crested head and face.

May 13, 2003

The comedian Judy Tenuta (or however you spell her name) was doing a comedy skit on a stage somewhere. The vision I have of her is a close-up of the top half of her body, pretty close, just like she would look if she were doing a skit on TV. She could have been on The Tonight Show but I got the feeling she was on one of those Comedy Central stage shows. The atmosphere seemed like a small, club-like place instead of a large glitzy audience. I have never really like Judy’s act, never considering her very funny, and in this dream that was no exception. She was telling jokes in her usual silly deep voice and although I can’t specifically remember the jokes, I do know that they were pretty bad. I don’t think anyone in the audience was laughing at any of her jokes but she kept telling them, being the professional she is. She was wearing some type of strange costume, a thing that had curved, thin attachments that curled up over her shoulders and drooped down in front of her, like metal vacuum cleaner hoses or something. She was wearing a white dress thing that this strange multi-barred thing was attached to. The dress was lacy and frilly and may have had angel type wings sprouting from the back of it that mixed with the metal bars that curved over a foot above her shoulders and away from her body. Eventually, another pair of arms appeared from behind her and the hands on them started massaging her shoulders. These arms looked like they were actually another set of arms she had, attached to her body. I remember the nails on this new set of hands were painted a gleaming dark red. The sight of this new set of arms appearing and rubbing her shoulders looked bizarre. When they appeared and started doing the massaging, Judy looked at the audience with a bet-you’re-amazed-aren’t-you look. She smiled her goofy astounded look and said: “Ohhhn yeah!” as if implying you didn’t expect me to have that surprise up my sleeve now did ya? The audience, unimpressed, starting booing Judy but it never got to her. Judy kept telling her jokes but the booing of the audience was so loud that you couldn’t hear what she was saying anymore. The boos soon turned to a chant of some kind. The audience chanted over and over an eerie, black-magic type of phrase. I was watching this on a TV and I remember turning to my left and saying to whoever was there with me: “What, are they chanting?” as if wanting to make sure that what I was seeing and hearing was what the other person with me was seeing as well. I got the feeling that the audience wanted to kill Judy and perhaps that is what those chants meant. As I thought this, I had a vision of Judy on top of a cliff somewhere. She was sliding down the dirt-and-rock 45-degree-angled cliff upside down and on her back. I viewed this from someplace that would suggest I was 20 feet away and floating in the air at about cliff-top level. As Judy slid down the cliff in this unusual position, she hit a rock or two on the way down, and that must have hurt like hell. Nevertheless, her demeanor never changed and she continued to tell jokes, even as she slid and fell. Then she was back on the stage and as the audience continued to recite their evil mantra, Judy began singing in an operatic voice, hitting notes right in line with the chants, as if the whole thing had been planned and she had an opera piece ready to belt out just for occasions such as this. Finally she said “Thank you!” in her regular voice, then in a deeper, mock voice she said: “Judy Tenuta!” as if to indicate just whose show it was that you had just been a part of. That was the end of her show and the end of this dream.

May 22, 2003

I was fishing in a river with William. The river was around 40 to 50 feet wide and was at different depths. The shoreline was different at various spots; some places pebbles and sand, while the shoreline further downstream had large trees. I viewed William and I fishing from the opposite shore, the river flowing downstream from my right to left as I watched. We stood in the water waist high at times—well I know I did but I wasn’t so sure about William, but I think he did as well. The fishing was good as I remember catching a fish right away. It was a medium sized trout-like fish. I noticed at this time the forest was now an array of dense, thin spindly gray, leafless trees. It kind of reminded me of a forest trapped in a swampy area, the water sucking away the trees’ hopes of any kind of meaningful life. The trees actually looked dead and the scene was kind of eerie, a doom and gloom atmosphere reminding me of sparse swamp visions from my childhood. However, this was of little interest to William and I as we continued to fish and do well. I remember using worms on the end of the hook, their little writhing bodies intertwining on the curved point. One time William reeled in his line and we could tell there was something on it, but it was just seaweed. As the end of the line came toward me, I could see a clump of seaweed strands, its little green water-soaked nubby, stalky leaves dotting the half-foot long stems of algae-like growth. Now we were on the opposite shore, at the point where I was watching us but I don’t think I was watching anymore—I now viewed the action just as you would when being a part of it. There was a paper plate, the white typical kind you see in the store, and it was sitting on a boulder that humped out of the water near me. On the plate were a bunch of paper clips. I don’t know what we used these for, for hooks or bait or whatever, but I accidentally knocked the plate over and the 100 or so paper clips floated away in the water and downstream.

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