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May 1989

May 2 - May 3 - May 7 - May 8 - May 9 - May 10 - May 18 - May 19 - May 25 - May 27 - May 28 - May 30

May 2nd, 1989

I was in the pasture by the barn that we used to own on the top of South Hill. I was with several family members, Dexter and mom being the ones I can remember. It was night and the stars were out. We were facing the chain-link fence on the end of the field and we were in some type of enclosure because I kept looking out a window. To the right, up across the pasture and on top of the hill on the neighbor's field, was a UFO. This was not just your ordinary flying spacecraft, this thing was huge. I'm sure it was in the air, not on the ground. It was a huge, dark metallic, clanking conglomeration of machinery. It was sort of block-shaped and the size of a city and even looked like one with hundreds of small lights dotting its massive hulk. The corners of it rotated around and I was amazed at having finally seen a UFO. This dream felt very real and was the kind that makes you feel so good that you want to stay in it forever if you could. The thing in the night sky hovered as small shapeless things began to fly from it. There were hundreds of these little flying things and they flew from behind the ship and started to descend upon us. As they approached, their actual dimensions seemed even more strange. They floated and had slender, barrel-shaped bodies with no arms, legs or other extremities. Their heads were bull-horn shaped and had a dim red light at the opening. They looked in the window at us and floated about harmlessly. I told mom later about what I had seen and she asked if Dexter also saw it. She wanted to know that because she felt Dexter was less likely to make up stories. Dexter was never aware of the UFO and I wished I would have mentioned it to him at the time so he could have seen it also.

May 3rd, 1989

This dream had several unrelated incidents happen in it. One, I was playing the bass guitar with Bob and Charles. We were jamming on our old regular tunes we used to play. I remember seeing Vernon there and I knew he was watching me play to see how good I was. I remember playing "Sparks" and "In the Middle of the Road." When I mentioned we should play "In the Middle of the Road," I smiled and couldn't help feeling happy about jamming. On "Sparks," I played a high D note instead a low one.
I was watching MTV and the new guitar player for a popular rock singerís band was being interviewed. He said something like "Here's a little something I like to play," and he started jamming real fast on his guitar, like a pro. Although it was fast, I'm sure I could have played it also. When he finished his riff, he stared at the camera and began talking like he thought he was tough shit. There was a video of that band and in it the guitar player wore sunglasses and the band members were tossing the lead singer around the stage as if they were in a circus. They tossed him the last time and he went in a hole in the stage. Whoever I was with at the time looked at me and we both slightly giggled at how funny it looked.

May 7th, 1989

I was at a department store and I was an employee there. I was having problems with my teeth. There were gaps in my mouth where there were gums instead of teeth and extra wisdom teeth were coming up in those gaps. I was in a lot of pain. One of my teeth was long and tubular and I kept sucking on it as blood began to seep from my gums. I remember once biting down on a section of my gums and crunched into some growing teeth and that made my mouth began to bleed pretty bad. I was walking quickly around, trying to find a bathroom to go into so I could fix the problem so I wouldn't look strange to everybody. As I walked around, someone said something to me like, "Yeah that's the guy that's gonna get it," like somebody was after me and wanted my blood. I kept dabbing my mouth with paper towels to accumulate some of the blood. After I was done in the bathroom, I met a guy who wanted to fight me. I remember his face but he looked like nobody I have seen before. He had black hair and a moustache and looked about twenty years old. I didn't know why he wanted to fight, but instead of acting scared, I told him I would fight him if I had to but I would much rather talk it out. As people watched, I told him to sit down and everyone (as well as us two) laughed nervously as the fight was postponed for the time being. We began to talk and he said that Ox Preston wanted to beat me up. I explained that I haven't seen Ox for probably fourteen years and I did not know why he wanted to fight me. Then Thor Preston, Ox's younger brother, showed up and the three of us walked around the store with our arms around each other. Thor explained that he talked to Ox and said that Ox didn't want to beat me up anymore. Ox was just looking for a fight and I never did meet him, thanks to Thor.
I remember seeing Anastasia, and perhaps Bob, too. They had some puppies and some of them died. One of them was put into a crematorium that had a glass front and we were able to see the burning of the puppy. Some guy operated the crematorium. The crematorium was sideways at first so this guy rotated it so it was level. The window in front was a half moon shape and I watched as the heat came on. The heat forced the puppy's dead body to scream and move around as if it weren't dead. Eventually skin began to peel off it's face and it reached up with its paw as if checking to see if the fur on the upper part of its face was peeling. Anastasia assured me that although it looked alive, it was actually dead and the heat caused its nerves to react and move the body around.
I was in a house and was sneaking around. Plato was with me. I think I was a thief and was planning on stealing something. I ran into the maid and she didn't seem to care that I was there. As she talked, I noticed her picture in a newspaper. She was a princess and the daughter of Queen Elizabeth. She finally told me I should get out of the house and I said to tell Elizabeth, "Hello." She was surprised that I knew she was royalty for she didnít see me look in the paper. We then became friends and I continued to walk around. She started to talk of some guy that would probably show up in this house, a murderer or something. I was on the upper level and looked down at her from many stairways up. As she warned about this killer guy, I saw him walking from behind her up the stairs. He had a rifle and I was scared for my life so I ran around looking for a place to hide. I don't know if the maid was trying to set me up or what, but the killer only wanted me, not her. I ran upstairs and kicked out windows, trying to fool the killer into thinking I jumped out, but then went to a lower floor to exit out a window from below. The killer saw me and I had to leave Plato behind as I dove out a window to the ground below. I was in a familiar yard and as I looked around, I discovered I was at the house on top of South Hill that I used to live in. I ran through and underneath many bushes and hopped the fence at the back of the property which was, in this dream, made out of many tightly-glued together tooth-picks. I hopped the top of the jagged fence as the killer shot at me. He missed every time and I continued to run through brush and foliage, a rabbit's eye-view relaying the scene back to me. I made it to Meridian Avenue and began to run down the street, but the killer still shot at me. He missed every time and it reminded me of how people always miss their target when they're on TV. Eventually I made it downtown and was still afraid that the killer was after me so to protect myself, I began killing people with a pick. I would swing it at people's heads and they would fall as I pulled the sharp blade from their skulls. As that scene faded, I was later tying the dead people to wooden posts and loading them onto some kind of vehicle, like a truck. As I tied the people's feet to these posts, I snapped their shins to make for easier loading and carrying. Their legs were then bent at awkward angles.

May 8th, 1989

I was with someone, I think it was Gerry at times, but then it was a man I did not know at other times. The two of us were driving around in his car which was more like a go-cart. The brakes barely worked, if at all, and there was no top and the body was very flimsy. I remember trying the emergency brake and it did not work at all. We were sitting in a parking spot and were about to pull out when we saw a cop looking at us so we stayed put. The cop walked up to the driver's door and started asking questions, I think like, "Can I see your registration?" and that type of stuff. We were really paranoid that we were going to get arrested because of the brakes not working. The cop picked up on it and said, "Relax, I'm not gonna give you a ticket." When he asked what we were doing just parked there, we explained that we were traveling and had just pulled over to take a rest. He left. The two of us were up to something illegal but I can't remember what it was. As the cop finally drove out of sight, we pulled out and proceeded on.
Lisa was standing in a car that she had returned from a trip in. She had been vacationing somewhere and had finally returned. She held up a glass tube that had about eight ounces of cocaine in it. Gerry exclaimed at how surprised and delighted he was to see so much coke. Later, Gerry, or someone else, and I were with a drug dealer guy and we were trying to sell him a bunch of coke. There were a bunch of younger guys around, like schoolboys or street youths or whatever. We all sat with this drug dealer and his protective mob men on the top of a hill that overlooked a bay harbor with lots of boats. Gerry handed him some coke and the guy was going to test it out. Gerry handed him a dollar bill. The guy said, "I can tell you in just a few minutes if this stuff is good or if it's street stuff," as if street stuff was bad coke. He dipped his thumb in the coke and looked at all of us and said, "Doesn't that smell like chlorine to you?" as if bad coke was made out of chlorine. I smelled the powder and didn't think it smelled like chlorine. He snorted some of the coke then let the guy I was with and myself snort some too. Then he handed Gerry back his dollar bill. Then the drug dealer guy suddenly convulsed and appeared to have died because of the coke. Gerry also keeled over and I was in fear for my life. Everyone sensed the danger and ran away as fast as they could. I was with these guys and ran with them. I kept thinking I was gonna die too, but I felt nothing. Nevertheless, I stumbled and grabbed onto other people's clothing as though I was dying. When we all stopped running, I learned the truth. The boys all started laughing and commented on how sneaky that drug dealer was. When I asked them what they meant, they explained that the coke wasn't bad and he didn't die. He just pretended to die so he wouldn't have to split it with his mob men. Even Gerry was in on it. He pretended to die also and when the drug guy handed Gerry back his dollar bill it was actually the money to pay for the coke (around $8,000). I felt like a fool for pretending I was dying. Even the cop that we saw earlier was in on the scam somehow and he wasn't really a cop. Somewhere in this dream, Gerry looked for something in his belongings (clothes, books, etc.) that were sitting on the side of the curb. I think Trent dropped Gerryís stuff off there earlier in the dream.

May 9th, 1989

I was wearing some pants that were halfway between jeans and slacks. They were light blue and had bell bottoms. The waist was way too big for me though, so instead of using a belt, I pulled a string tight around my waist and tied it in a bow knot. It seemed to do the trick. I remember walking along the sidewalk in front of the church I attended when I was in my youth, from which I had just come from. There were other people there but I can't remember who.

May 10th, 1989

Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon from The Tonight Show introduced acts on TV. One of the acts resulted in the torture/death of two of the musicians in the act. The two were underneath a blanket and were not able to get out from underneath it. Because of this, they could not stop playing their instruments (keyboards I think) and they had played themselves to death. I know it sounds funny now, but at the time it was extremely sadistic and shocking. Ed McMahon sidekick approached Johnny Carson on the stage and accused him of being responsible for the deaths as if he had planned them.
"You!" Ed shouted at Johnny, "You're responsible! You!"
Johnny would try to shrug it off and walk away, but Ed would grab him and continue to pound the accusation into Johnnyís face in front of the entire viewing audience.
"You! You!"
Johnny would just smiled smugly. He had gray make-up covering his face and it cracked as he smiled. I knew that Ed was extremely angry and he would not come to sit with Johnny after the monologue as he usually did. I knew that Johnny would say something cute to get himself out of the predicament, as he always did. After this, the actual occurrences leading up to the deaths of the musicians then replayed back. Randy Newman (the guy who sings Short People) was singing in a field somewhere and he had an evil assistant, like a bodyguard who romped around as Randy sang. Randy was wearing sunglasses and standing behind a keyboard and made waving gestures with his arms as he sang. The field was full of high and dry wheat or grass. As the song started, it was a fast, a steady drum roll and bass line carrying along with it. Randy's assistant had a dark blanket draped over himself. This figure in the blanket would jog along in time to the song across the field, leaving a trail as though he was in deep snow. There were other members in the band, or maybe they were studio audience volunteers. I think they were both women and one had long blonde hair while the otherís hair was dark. These two played their instruments along with Randy's assistant, who jammed pretty good on the guitar. The assistant began braiding the two women's hair together, tying it tightly so they could not escape each other. Then the blanket was draped over them and they could not get away, thus playing the music until it physically exhausted them and caused their torturous deaths.

May 18th, 1989

I was with a group of people in another state somewhere, maybe Texas or Iowa. We were part of a military operation. There was a main officer there and he gave out instructions to these other two people who might have been black. The officer gave instructions to photograph aircraft that flew overhead. These were special aircraft, although when they flew overhead, alone or in groups, they looked like regular jets. One of the cameras was different than the other, but maybe not necessarily better. We were in an open field, in a room with no walls or ceiling, just the feeling that we were in a room. Somewhere along here, Lisa and I lost Plato - for good. We lost him in Iowa and when we returned to our original state, we realized that it would be near impossible to locate him again if we returned. It was very sad and depressing. For some strange reason, Plato and some other cat resembled primate-looking Negroes. One of them said something like, "I'll slap ya...I will!" as if threatening the other cat.
I was with Charles among some streams that were actually highways. To get on the highway, we had to jump into one of these streams just right to merge with the hectic flow of traffic. There was an overpass above as we walked from stream to stream, contemplating which one to make our move on. Some time later, Charles and Lisa announced that they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend or have an affair or get married or something like that. It was weird. The reasoning was because they said that Lisa was so happy and energetic that she mixed with Charles who was depressed and mad all the time. They seemed to think they needed each other to make a proper balance in a relationship. They had their arms around each other and I acted like I didn't care, telling them to "Go ahead." Actually I did care and it really sucked, but I didnít want them to think that.

May 19th, 1989

I was with Cory, Charles's son. We were walking along when I looked at him and he looked up at me. He had a snotty nose and the snot was dry and crusted around the edge of his nose. Then I came across somebody, probably Charles, and then the dream ended.

May 25th, 1989

I was with Raymond Fontelroy and he was working on some type of device. I think it was something for a lab class in college, but we weren't in the actual lab. I'm not sure where we were, probably outside somewhere. This device had all sorts of buttons on it that did different things. It was very vague. I pushed a button that signaled an eleven to be processed through the thing and I thought eleven was too high of a number so I started to change it. Harold came along and said that we should keep the eleven because we didn't want to start processing another number through when an eleven was already specified. I agreed, although I wasn't sure how the hell the thing worked anyway.

May 27th, 1989

I was hunting with some people, Charles being one of them. There were lots of parts to this dream I can't remember, but one part stuck out. As a bunch of us were scattered about the foliage looking for potential game, animals of all sorts ran about us. There were dear, bear and other types of animals. Suddenly we spotted a pair of antlers in the brush and we knew that it was going to be a legitimate buck that would be quite a trophy. When the animal emerged from the brush, however, we were all shocked. It stood at least ten feet tall at the shoulder, around fifteen feet overall. Charles was nearest the huge deer and for a second we thought it would trample Charles for it could have easily done so. It stood there eyeing us all over, apparently not afraid of us. Charles had a shotgun and he shot the deer in the neck. This caused it to fall and that showed us that even though it was extremely enormous, a shot in the right place would bring it down just like any other deer. Later we approached it as it lay on the ground and we saw where the shot had gone through the back of its neck, leaving a red hole on its fur.

May 28th, 1989

I was getting poles for the volley ball set I wanted to make for my backyard. I bought them and I think Charles was with me. The poles somehow resembled logs and one was thicker on one end than the other, like a tree would look. Charles and I stood by where the freeway should have been, back in the woods where we used to live on top of South Hill. I held one of the poles in my hand and tossed it in the grass on top of a very deep cliff. To our shock, we saw the pole roll over the edge of the cliff and fall hundreds of feet into the canyon below. Charles and I peered over the edge as we saw the pole splash into a river below and begin to float downstream. After a while, the pole washed up on a shore further down and it looked as if it would stay. Charles and I agreed that I would go run down the canyon walls to retrieve the pole while he took care of some other business up top. I began to run, looking for the quickest route to the bottom. The walls were rocky and steep. Occasionally I would hop to a lower level cliff then continue to descend, looking for shortcuts to the bottom. I can't remember if I ever did get to the pole, but I became completely fascinated with the canyon itself. As I ran along, the ground and rocks seemed void of color, just black, white and gray. I felt like I was running through another dimension, and I was excited that I was able to experience a different type of environment than the usual planet Earth stuff. I skimmed across distorted dunes of pebbles, the image of strangeness completely enveloping me. Recalling talk of how dinosaur footprints sometimes become fossilized in stone, I was suddenly in one. It was formed by a Brachiosaurus and it was huge. An image of dinosaurs running towards the walls of the canyon, then stopping before they hit the side, rushed through my mind. The footprints had collected water over the ages and was now a swamp. I trudged slowly through it, coming across waist-deep water full of algae, plants and swamp muck. The area suddenly lost its gray strangeness and took on a green, flourishing look. Plants, water and forests stretched around me. I then realized that although a Brachiosaurus weighed 85 tons, their footprints could not have been that huge. Therefore the swamps decreased in size and I continued to exist in the world down at the bottom of a vast canyon.

May 30th, 1989

Plato had been given away, or lost. There was a girl who was responsible for taking care of him and she lost track of him. I was extremely angry. I began cursing at this woman, saying things like, "Goddammit ya' bitch!" and other assorted rudeness. I was being really overly rude to this woman, but I was so pissed I couldn't help it.

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