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May 1990

May 5 - May 24

May 5th, 1990

There were about four or five of us, I can't quite remember who was there except for my myself. We broke into someone's house. There was a kitchen with an entrance going off to the right. The main guy of this group, I don't know if it was me, but he rummaged through the refrigerator and ate whatever he felt like eating. Others wandered around the house, just checking it out. After a while I discovered some wires that were used in hooking up the alarm system to the house. I explained to the head guy that we didn't hear anything when we broke in so it's probably a silent alarm. This, we knew, meant the police were going to be there at any second. This dream was weird because I woke up twice and fell back asleep dreaming from where I left off the last time. I woke up at this part but thought of my dream since it was so cool, to see if I could dream it again. I did. Instead of the police, the owners walked in the front door. I, for some reason, chose to stay to confront the owners, two middle-aged women whom I've never met. Every one ran from the house but I stood there screaming, "Go ahead and shoot me!" as loud as I could, over and over again. I yelled so loud that lots of purple veins began appearing on my forehead and face, then eventually bulged as I screamed. The owners came walking down some steps as if they started outside somewhere and I'm not sure who shot me, but somebody did. There wasn't a lot of blood, but there was some. I fell to the floor, not really dead, but shot in the head. I played possum, hoping they would leave me alone. One of the women slowly walked up to me to check me out. She leaned closer to me and I could hear her breathing. I laid with my face at the floor, straight down. Then, I woke up again. I thought I was lying on the floor, but I opened my eyes and saw the bedroom ceiling. I freaked out for just a second, thinking I'm going to fall to a floor that is actually my bedroom ceiling. The breathing of the woman in my dream turned out to be Lisa sleeping, snuggled at my ear.

May 24th, 1990

I was with Jethro or Charles. I was in Arizona, checking out a job and I think I was going to move there because it was such a good-paying job. I remember driving around in a vehicle with Jethro (or Charles) and there were these people after me. I think they were army guys and they were in a train. We stopped driving our car or whatever it was and pulled off to the side of the railroad tracks. I thought the army guys were going to stop and get us, but apparently they couldn't stop the train. The tracks were in front of me and Jethro was on the other side of them, facing me. The train with the army dudes in them went running past us and I was scared for a second they would stop, but the train kept going, to my left. There were two tracks it could have taken, either straight to my left down a hill with an overpass overhead, or curving off and headed away from me in front. Away and to the front the train went, the army guys in the train yelling at us, obviously mad that we had gotten away. I thought for sure the train would go straight and down the hill but it didn't. As the train passed by, to our amazement, Jethro and I stared at each other and a feeling of surprise passed between us.

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