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May 1991

May 1 - May 12 - May 19 - May 20 - May 26

May 1st, 1991

I was in my house with Lisa and Sarah. We left the house to go outside, although I don't remember actually being in the house nor leaving - I just knew we did. I think went we outside because it had snowed. The snow had fallen in a strange pattern. Exactly half of my lawn was covered in snow and the other half wasn't. The three of us walked out into the yard, and I think even Sarah did, too. I assume the sky was dark, but the color of the landscape around us was like that from Tales From the Darkside, not a negative but feeling like one. We walked to the end of the yard but it looked different than our yard really did, although it was damned close. I remember seeing the fence in front of me, a rickety chain link, almost barbed-wire fence, about bellybutton high, and how there was snow in front of it, on the lawn and out on the street and all over, that is, except to the left of me. Snow fell all over the countryside but just to the right of me. The left side of the scene was completely bare of snow. The snow was about six inches deep and it stopped with an abrupt, raised ridge that separated left from right. I looked around and Sarah jumped up and was clinging to the fence, rocking back and forth just like any small kid would do. I think she was wearing a sleeper. It was a pretty cool dream.

May 12th, 1991

I was at the place where I used to live when I was a kid on the top of South Hill, but I was down in the pasture somewhere. I can only remember the last part of this dream. I kept looking for a place to hide, or set camp, or something. There were other people but I can't remember them. I walked around the area down by the barn, first in our pasture, then to our neighbor’s pasture. No place seemed good enough until I came across a small patch of thin trees grouped together with some heavy grass just on the other side of the neighbor's fence. It was by the tall chain link fence that divided the freeway from our field. I can't remember the fence but that's where it was anyway. I had a feeling that this was almost too far away and out of place, thus not qualifying for the place I was looking for, but it wasn't, apparently just on this side of the territory that was okay to claim hiding places/camps in.

May 19th, 1991

I was at the house where I used to live at on the top of South Hill. Dad was there and so were other people from our family, as well as Sarah and I think Lisa. I was watching my dad renovate the fish pond by the garage and the driveway. He was scooping out the fish and water from the fish pond and he was throwing them off the to the side. The water mixed with the driveway gravel and dirt and formed mud. Dad tossed the fish out into this mud and I was concerned that they might not survive, being out of the water like that. They were large fish, about the size of trout. I remember walking up to a couple of them as they squirmed in the mud. There was a large brown/dark green one that tunneled the front part of its body into the mud and I could see movement from the front of the mud, indicating the fish was still breathing. I remember seeing my dad pull out a rather large goldfish from the pond and toss it into the mud next to the first fish. It chose to lay on top of the mud instead of burrowing into it. I noticed that the driveway in front of the left garage door was dug out and was filled with water. May dad explained that this is where he was putting in a new fish pond. I wondered how people would be able to park their cars in the garage with a pond in the way, but I didn't say anything. There were lots of strange life in this pond. Suddenly I was looking at this pond from the side, like it was surrounded in glass. Dad was in the water with the fish. There was one large fish that had bitten into one of the large goldfish. Dad pulled at the tail end of the goldfish, trying to free it from the grasp of the larger fish, but the fish came out bitten in half. Dad squeezed onto the chopped goldfish, sending its guts and blood into the water. This attracted a very large, dragon-like eel which attacked my dad in a shark-like frenzy. However, dad had a couple of ice pick-like devices which he used to defend himself with. When the dragon eel came too close, dad scratched the underside of its silver-white throat with the ice pick, drawing blood. This deterred the eel and it swam away. This eel was monstrous. It had large white teeth which overlapped its lips, and its body was thick and long, perhaps fifty feet. It swam to the end of the tank and had the end of its tail wrapped around its throat, as if this would help stop the bleeding. It just floated and stared at us and I wondered where the hell dad had gotten such a dangerous creature. He mentioned something about the last family that owned it and how the family noticed that knives started disappearing, as if the eel protruded out of its tank and was grabbing knives off the kitchen counter and swallowing them or something. As the eel curled more of its tail around its wound and stared at us, I considered the possibility of it grabbing Sarah and eating her.

May 20th, 1991

There was a guy that just loved a book I had written and he was going to publish it. He was very outgoing and laughed a lot. He painted for me a vision of being a writer full time and when I said something about how I had to work, he mentioned that I would never have to work again. He also mentioned something about me visiting him at his house, wherever that was. He said we would get really wasted. Throughout this dream, I kept wondering if I actually was dreaming because something like this to happen just seemed too good to be true. I remember pinching or scratching myself once to see if I was dreaming. I kept telling myself that if I was dreaming then I would really know it. I think I may have even dreamt that I had woken up, but the man still wanted to make me lots of money off my writing so I was convinced it was real. Then I really woke up for good and I knew that it really was too good to be true.

May 26th, 1991

A lot of weird stuff happened but I can only remember part of it. Some stuff happened and the reason for it was because of this voice or presence that nested in the branches of a pine tree. The voices kept saying stuff like "Good eh?" and "Take off eh?" like they were the Brews Brothers. I think I may have been in those branches as well, but I'm not sure. I remember looking up at the underside of the branches, as if I was standing on the ground. I saw the undersides of at least one or two snakes crawling along the branches. I only remember the parts of their bodies that stretched from tree limb to tree limb, no head or tail.
I was with a person, or maybe some people. We were on a road somewhere, picking human heads from the back of a wagon. The heads all looked the same. They were not as large as basketballs, but bigger than a volleyball. It was strange because we were looking at these heads, picking the best ones that would help us with some type of experiments we were doing. The heads were red and all resembled the heads and faces of that geek on the front of my 30th birthday card from Charles, the one guy that was bald on top with the big nose. Although all the heads looked exactly alike, we only wanted heads that were not too alive or too dead. The more dead ones were the ones that began turning dark brown, as if rotten, around the top inside of the head, perhaps the brain. I remember having four picks and one of the last ones I picked was maybe a bit too ripe, with not enough brown, but I figured it would get more brown anyway so I took it. The heads were lighter than you would think, more like the weight and feel of large, head-shaped sponges.
I was playing with a child, but I don't think it was Sarah. She was about two years old and in the dream, she was my child. We were out bounding around in a field or pasture or something when I suddenly noticed that she looked a little tan. Then I realized she was part Negro. This didn't really alarm me, but I was curious as to who the real parents were. As the dream went on, I kept wondering if maybe the father or the mother were black or white. The girl was wearing, I think, a light jacket, like Sarah wears, but she wasn't Sarah. The sun shone on the top part of her head and my body blocked the sun from the rest of her face. I noticed Afro hair, like tight curled locks on this girl, for the first time. I think I also remember her smiling as we held hands and circled around in slow motion in this field.

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