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May 1996

May 6 - May 12 - May 15 - May 17 - May 28

May 6, 1996

I was at the barn that used to be on the property on top of South Hill where I grew up. I was inside it and for some reason I had the urge to burn it down. I poured some kind of liquid on the inside of a thick, vertical beam. The beam support was about a foot and a half square and it went upwards, probably to support the upper half of the barn. I was by the back door of the barn by where the cow stalls were. I lit the beam on fire and the barn started to burn. I walked outside and when I was by the steps that led down to the barn from the concrete driveway above, I looked around the barn and saw pine trees by it but somehow I knew that they would only get singed, not burned, that the fire would be contained to the barn. I began walking up the steps through the woods to the concrete driveway and when I was almost to the top, I saw one rectangular tower of wood from the barn burning and then it toppled. This barn burning meant something symbolic to me, but I'm not sure what, like maybe since it's not there anymore in real life then it shouldn't be in my dream either so I burnt it. As I looked at the barn burn, I saw Charles standing inside the barn inside the back door by the large beam where I started the fire. He wasn't in danger or anything, he was just kind of looking around the barn, checking out the fire. I felt like if he knew I had set the fire then he would be mad at me so I think I tried to walk up the steps faster and get out of sight. Eventually Charles followed the same path I did and started walking up the same steps I was. I remember looking at him as he got closer to me and his face seemed to have a strange smile on it, like his face was made of plastic or was a statue, or it was just an obviously-faked smile. The smiled was kind of rectangle-shaped and wide, looking as though it would be very hard or anyone to make that kind of smile on their face.

May 12, 1996

I had a pet octopus. It was small, about eighteen inches long fully stretched out. The first thing I recall about this octopus was that it wasn't in water, but rather, on a sidewalk. This octopus was different than others because it kept getting out of its cage. That's how it wound up on a sidewalk. It was a hot sunny day so the sidewalk was very hot. Because of this, the octopus wasn't able to crawl across the sidewalk. As it was about halfway across, it got stuck to the cement and if I hadnít come and rescued it, it would have turned brown and hard, like unfortunate slugs do that donít make it. I remember holding the octopus and noticing a small rectangular piece of paper or something similar that stuck to its head because of the sweltering heat. I reached over and pulled this piece of paper off but when I did, it also pulled off some of the octopus's skin on its head because the heat had stuck the paper thoroughly to its head. Because of this, the skin that had surrounded the octopus's head somehow came off. Underneath the skin was the octopus's skull, and it looked kind of ghastly. For most of the rest of the dream, whenever I saw the octopus, I envisioned it with its skinless head and hovering above that was the skin that had come off the head. The skin looked like a ghost's head with its wide eyes and mouth. I remember seeing a large aquarium that I kept the octopus in, about four feet long and two feet or more thick. I looked at the top of it and there was nothing covering it. The octopus kept sticking its tentacles over the lip of glass on the top to get out and this concerned me because if it kept trying to get out then it would eventually die - I couldnít save it forever. I think I saw a different octopus either in this same tank or a similar one, and it didnít try to get out of the aquarium at all. This made me wonder why the hell my octopus kept wanting to leave the water. I envisioned putting thick sheets of wood over the top of the aquarium to keep the octopus in. These sheets were about two feet wide and would fit on a metal lip that bordered the top of the aquarium. Eventually, as the dream went on, the skin from the octopus's head no longer hovered above the rest of the head. The octopus's head was again as it should be. Maybe it healed or the skin floated back around the skull. Well, soon my octopus had made its way out of the aquarium again and I saw it by a tree in an area that resembled a park. I think this area was in the background at the beginning of this dream when I saw the octopus try to cross the sidewalk. I was by this tree in a park somewhere when I noticed that the octopus no longer had a head at all, but it was still alive. The animal had been reduced to a something that resembled a single flat egg noodle, about three or four inches long. The octopus/noodle was limp and I donít know how it was still alive, but it was. There was someone else there and they were responsible for doing this to my pet. Apparently this someone, whoever he was, had a gun that shot needles and I guess he shot some at the octopus's head and this had caused it to disintegrate away into nothingness. I remember holding the noodle-looking octopus in my right hand while lying the bottom part of it across my left hand, bending the animal and showing it was indeed flexible. Then something else happened to the octopus, but I'm not sure what. Maybe it was an after effect of the needle gun or something entirely different, but the octopus had been reduced to a small pile of powder. It was about half a gram's worth of light-colored powder. I think that the animal was still alive and I was going to continue to find a way to bring the animal back to its normal self. I remember scooping the small fat line of powder off a table and into my hand. I made sure to be careful when doing this, not wanting to leave behind some of the powder on the table and reducing the mass of the animal itself.

May 15, 1996

I was in my black Nissan pickup and had the stereo on. There was someone sitting in the passenger seat but I donít remember who it was. That person looked to me or maybe someone else that was driving with us and said, "Listen to this!" or "Watch this!" Then that person hit the LD button on the tape deck, which was a loudness button. The song that was playing suddenly became instantly louder, much louder than it would have in real life.

May 17, 1996

I was somewhere with my wife Lisa and Sung Tho, the engineer I work with. The pace we were at was a vehicle licensing place or court house or something like that. Sung Tho was getting reimbursed for something that could have been her income tax or some kind of traffic related expense. She was upset because the check she had was only about thirty-five bucks and she was expecting around one hundred and seventy. I looked at the check and told her that the government could have deducted the amount that she owes for license tabs on her vehicle. I asked her if she owed any money for something and she said that she did. I told that such a thing happened to me, that I would expect a big refund on something but money for license tabs had been deducted for it. Sung was visibly upset. She kind of looked up and away and had a dejected, hurt expression on her face. I tried to console her by putting my hand on her back but she strongly shrugged it away, showing me she didn't want to be touched at all.
I was with Lisa and we were driving a Mazda MPV, one that we were considering buying to replace the one we used to have that got totaled. I was driving and Lisa was in the passenger seat. We decided to park so we could get out and look the van over. When I parked it and turned the van off then opened the door to get out, there was no warning sound that I had left my keys in the ignition. I turned the key at different locations in the ignition and I think the warning bell did sound but only when the key was turned to a specific location. This was something that indicated to me that the van wasn't as good as the one we used to own or that it had gotten in a wreck. I stepped out and looked along the side of the van. I knew before I stepped out that the van was green, the same type of green that our first MPV was. I was surprised at the condition of the van when I stepped out to take a look at it. The side of the van looked rough and obviously repainted at least once or twice. The surface looked rough, like large-grained sand paper, and looked like it was painted with cheap spray paint. I ran my hand over the rough surface to see what it felt like. As Lisa and I walked around to the back we could see a hole in the metal that was caused by rust and corrosion. There were uneven jagged holes in the metal where it thinned and eventually faded away due to the corrosion and rust. I was able to stick my finger inside some of the damage and easily wiggle and bend the metal because it was so damaged. Rusty dust may have flew from the metal that I bent. I remember that the dealer was asking around ten thousand dollars for this van but I told Tami that if we were going to buy it that we should offer nine thousand or less, but I was sure I wasn't interested in getting it anyway.

May 28, 1996

I was hiking along a hill with some other people, Sarah being one of them. It was dark out, but not pitch black, but still dark enough to suggest it was night time. The hill was very steep, about a seventy degree slope, and was all dirt. There were some large rocks bordering this hill further above us, which made think that this was the bottom part of a mountain. The slope reminded me of the one along that trail where Ron and I have hiked a few times, where he sat down and I videotaped him and spoke like Marlin Perkins, the animal guy who represented Mutual of Omahaís Wild Kingdom. It was just like that slope of loose shale rock there. Anyway, a few of us were hiking up and to the right, crouched over to get our footing right. We were spaced about twenty feet apart, which I wouldnít have done with Sarah because I would have wanted to make sure that she was right next to me. We were all hiking along pretty good. I remember being at the bottom of the hill where there was a level path and then suddenly I noticed someone up above on the path was tumbling down, probably because they had lost their footing. The person was Sarah and she was tumbling over and over real fast, zipping by us all and I was sure she was going to get seriously injured. As I stood on the level path below, she zoomed right by me to the left and out of sight. The next thing I recall is talking to her. She seemed in good spirits and didnít act like she was hurt, but her face was covered with blood, probably from being scraped along the ground as she tumbled down the hill. The blood was blotchy, not completely covering her face, but in patches that connected together. I felt that the blood came from wounds where her skin had been scraped away for there were no obvious cuts on her face.

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