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May 1997

May 10 - May 20 - May 28 - May 30

May 10, 1997

I was with someone who was driving me somewhere, but I donít remember the car or the person. I was dropped off at a building that was somewhere by where The Keg restaurant now is on South Hill, by the Mega Foods grocery store. I was dropped off and I guess the place used to be a school for me, or maybe somewhere where I worked. After I was dropped off, I walked towards the building. It had a deck and a railing that kind of looked like the deck and railing on my present home. The people there were all men and there were as many black men as there were white. There were around thirty men total, probably all close to my age or in their twenties. Everyone of them was wearing a nice tuxedo, the white guys were wearing white tuxedos and the black guys were wearing black tuxedos. Some of them had drinks in their hands of some sort. When I approached the building, most of the men looked at me strangely, as if wondering just what the hell I was doing here when obviously I didnít fit in. I felt out of place. I was wearing what I usually do; jeans and a T-shirt of some kind. I know I didnít go into the building or talk to any of the guys, although I feel like I used to spend time there with them. The next thing I recall is seeing myself across the street from the position of the building where the blacks and whites were. I was across the street coming out of a small store in a small shopping complex. I walked out of the front, which was facing to the right, and then turned and walked alongside the side of the store to the left. I looked like I did when I was in my twenties; ragged jeans, T-shirt and semi-long scraggly hair. I think I went in the store to buy some alcohol but I didnít have any in my hand when I left so I'm not sure what happened there, why I didn't have any booze with me. Perhaps I got carded and I wasnít old enough. The expression on my face was one of not giving a shit about anything.

May 20, 1995

I was in a barn somewhere and there was a guy there with me. I donít know who he was but he was barbecuing something on a grill that looked like Orville's barbecue he let me borrow for the housewarming barbecue I had in 1989. We were just inside the large sliding door at the threshold looking into the barn. The guy who was cooking was facing to the right as he looked down at the barbecue. I donít know what happened, but suddenly there was a fire in the barbecue. At first I didnít think anything of it, but then it appeared as if the flame was catching on to some hay around the back wall of the barn. The hay was dry so I started freaking. Immediately I ran into the house by the barn (which I can't remember) and grabbed a fire extinguisher on the wall. It was exactly the same type of fire extinguisher I have in my house now and was on the wall the same way and disconnected the same way. I ran to the barn and was worried the extinguisher would not be enough to put the fire out. The flames were only four feet high and they hadnít spread. They were very realistic, like I wasnít dreaming at all. I sprayed the barbecue then the flames along the back wall and luckily I was able to put out all the flames. I stood there for a second then I started walking away. When I did for a few feet, I stopped then turned back to look inside the barn again and sure enough, I hadnít put the embers out good enough and the fire started up again. However, since I was right there, the new fire started and died quickly. I made sure to squirt any glowing red hot pieces of wood with the extinguisher real good so the fire would remain dead. There was one piece of wood in particular I remember. It was a log around six or seven feet long and five inches round. The end was red hot but I sprayed it and some thick gray goo, like dirty slush, which came from the extinguisher, covered the end of the log and put the heat out for good.

May 28, 1995

I was at a place with a bunch of people, but I'm not sure who all of them were. I feel like there was a mobile home out on a grassy plain or a cleared grassy area where mobile homes and other such things were parked together, like a large campsite or something. There may have been a river just beyond the edge of the grassy area, but that feeling could have been induced by another dream I had many years ago (flying saucers while I was on a grassy plain). Anyway, I was in one particular mobile home/trailer and I think dad was there and maybe mom. There was a guy or a couple of guys there that were real smart asses and were asking for it. They were being rude and were pissing me off. I remember one of the guys, a man about twenty-five or something, around five foot ten inches tall, and he had a rough look, and very short or no hair and big round dark eyes, or maybe just bags around them. He, as well as probably dad, stood in the place of the trailer where the sink was, kind of like the area where there was probably a closet on one side of the aisle and this sink on the other end. The guy said or did something and I finally had had enough. Acting not like myself, I started smacking the guy around and he didnít stand a chance because I was bigger than him and was really pissed on top of that. I slapped him around for a little while and then threw him into a ditch where there were lots of briars. I think I kind of stepped onto his chest to make sure he got pricked real well, and then I stopped because there were witnesses and I had the feeling that what I was doing would get reported to the police later so I held off on completely beating this guy to death, although I certainly could have. I kind of sneered at him then walked away. Later the police showed up. There was one cop and I guess he was there because someone had reported what I had done to the smart-ass guy. We (myself and some others) let the cop into the house. I can't remember his facial features but he was tall and had a long slightly-crooked nose, and short black hair, but not too short. He wore a blue police uniform. He came into the house, which was now a house and no longer a mobile home/trailer, or maybe it was just a house now and someplace else other than where I had pushed the guy around. I remember the cop referring to a sliding wooden door, the kind like on the bathroom in my bedroom, and asking if that was the bathroom. The door was opened and inside were more rooms and you could see a bathroom off to one side. I made some smart-allecky remark, trying to be funny, something like, "Yes it's the bathroom but we also keep a bathroom in it..." Something like that.
I remember seeing a large group of people walking down the road or on a walkway of some kind that sloped downward at a slight angle. In front of the group of people was Bill Gates, and I knew that all these people were walking to his house to check it out, just like all those bigwigs from around the world did recently. I remember seeing Bill in front, smiling wryly as he casually glanced back at the people following him. I was talking to someone there about what was going on, and I decided to join the crowd and go see Bill Gates' house as well. The group of people, around fifty or so, ended up at the waterfront and there was a dock going out about fifty feet over the water. From underneath the dock emerged huge horseshoe crab-like things that swam like large manta rays just below the surface of the water. They were orange in color and had spiky backs that made them look just like horseshoe crabs. Once they emerged from below the dock, they glided gracefully out into the water beyond. They were at least twelve to fifteen feet round and had small thin tails trailing their bodies. There may have been a dock further out in the water that ran horizontally like the one at Port Townsend or Hood Canal. I saw three horseshoe crab/manta rays things total. Out in the water just before the dock, there was a speedboat taking off and behind it was attached someone from the crowd. They were hooked on with ropes attached to their wrists and were only five feet behind the back of the boat. I think this person was tied up this way willingly, thinking being pulled like this would be like water skiing. When the boat started pulling away, however, the person was sucked under the water's surface and it was clear they would not be able to get their head above water. Someone in the crowd on the shore yelled, "No! No!" as if signifying that water skiing this way was definitely not a good idea and that the people would probably drown. This seemed true as the boat continued zooming along and the person could not get their head above water. What I remember next is myself and someone else, a woman probably, being attached to the back of a different speed boat in the same way, me on the left, her on the right, but I donít think it was voluntary. The boat started speeding away and we were both sucked under the water. As this happened, there was the propeller to the boat on the right side of the back, next to the woman, and if she got too close to it then she would be shredded. I managed to pull her close to me and away from the propeller, and I guess we could also keep our heads above water, barely. I remember seeing the frayed, worn pieces of rope that tied around our ankles and/or wrists as we skimmed through the water just barely under the back of the boat, with our feet sticking out into the open water. I then had a vision of the two guys who were driving this boat. The view I had of them was of being underneath the dashboard and looking up into their faces as they drove the boat. I was nearer the driver. Both men appeared to be Arabian because they wore turbans on their heads. I guess they were spies of some kind and were supposed to drag me and this woman behind in their boat to kill us or something. The two Arabians were emotionless and obviously didnít care about me or the woman at all. They nonchalantly drove the boat as music came from a tape deck or radio on the dash. A song came out that I originally thought was by the band Asia, but the more I think about it, the song was actually "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and Kiki Dee. The two men were singing along to it. I watched as their mouths sang the words "...Don't go Breaking..." and then there was a pause, and then, "...Heaaaaart." They sounded just like Habib Dudley when I saw him sing the song by Neil Young called "Rocking in the Free World" when I first started work at a company in 1990.

May 30, 1995

I was at the property my folks used to own at Case Inlet. I was with someone, then I had to leave them because there was a young girl that was being molested or bothered by someone and I felt the need to go rescue her. She was down by the cleared out area that dad cut away with a chain saw in front of where he built the cabin. Anyway, I went to see the girl and help her, but then I realized that I had to go to the bathroom. I walked up into some bushes to do the deed. When I did, a wig I was wearing got snagged on a tree branch and tore it off my head. Apparently I didn't have any hair. I searched frantically in the foliage for my wig/hair. I saw a little mound of hair lying on top of some brush but I wasn't sure if it was mine. I ended up grabbing it, or somehow acquiring another hair piece, and put it on my head. This hair piece was different than the first, though. It was straighter hair and had long rectangle-shaped sideburns that came down and flapped against the sides of my head. I remember walking around with this black wig on and occasionally pulling up the sideburn flaps. I think when I did this once, I looked at a young kid and lifted the flaps to show off, because when I did, the top part of my wig turned bright green, and then when I lowered the flaps, the color returned to normal. I went on to impress this kid, or other kids, even further by walking passed them and to the edge of a cliff where there was a wire fence of some sort. I immediately hopped right over the fence and jumped onto a rocky ledge about ten feet below. The kids were amazed that I would do such a dangerous stunt and it was indeed dangerous because if I jumped over the ledge then I would have went tumbling down the cliff beyond the ridge and to my death. After doing this, acting wacky and not like myself, I jumped down the cliff beyond the ridge, leaping sideways and landing like you would sideways with skis on to slow your progress. I did this once or twice more, leaping further down the cliff into dark dirt with my feet sideways, and on the last time I kept sliding down the cliff, unable to slow my progress. I began picking up speed and the further down the slope I went, the more buried into the dirt I became. I was horrified to find myself being buried into the dirt and eventually I was completely covered up. The next thing I recall is being down at the bottom of the hill at a little food stand. There were people behind me, which were probably the people I was trying to impress. Among these people was a Korean woman who looked just like that Korean comedian Lisa and I saw on TV last night that used to have her own sit-com. I remember telling the people that I was buried in the dirt, and I indicated by how much I was buried by putting my hand up over my head, maybe two feet or more, which was really more than I was buried but I wanted to impress the Korean woman for some reason. When it came my turn to order food at the window, I didnít have any money and I knew I didnít, but I wanted to make it look like I didnít know that until I got up to the window. Everyone was ordering pizza and I did as well, but then I searched my pockets and had a look of confusion on my face as I realized I didnít have any money. I think I didnít have any money because I went down the cliff, whatever that has to do with anything. However, instantly everyone else there began pitching in money for me to buy pizza, an act I wasnít really expecting but it didnít surprise me. I think I was wearing khaki shorts and was surprised that I didn't have any dirt on me, considering I had just been buried in it.
Iím on a street somewhere with Lawrence and Elicia Bread. Lawrence was driving a Volkswagen Bug or a pickup truck, and was coming down a hill towards me. The hill may have been a street in Tacoma. As he approached me in his vehicle, I took a snapshot of him and he kind of smiled/smirked at me. Then I turned to my right and Elicia Bread was sitting there, looking straight ahead (to my left), with a casual look on her face. I also took a picture of her and the flash of my camera went off. I don't think she really looked at me but she did acknowledge that I had taken her picture.

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