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November 2000

November 2, 2000

There was a lot to this dream prior to what I write here, but that is often the case with most dreams I have. Where I remember this dream starting off at is that I was at the front door of a house with someone else. This house was in a location that reminded me of Osmond Pie's house when he lived across the street from Peter Peckster, that place where we filmed a Frankenstein movie 25 years ago. I don't recall who the person was I was with but it was a guy. There was a sign on the door that had some words on it and what I dreamt prior to this led up to this scene. I remember that I was able to think onto the sign the words I wanted. The sign was an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of copy paper and the writing was in black. It was strange, like whatever I wanted the sign to say, it said, so the text was kind of in limbo until I thought of what I wanted it to say. The words I wished for were something like The key is under the mat. Apparently I wanted the sign to say something that no one in their right mind would put on the front door of their house, so those are the words I imagined. Still not satisfied, I imagined the words And the alarm is off added to the sign and they magically scribbled onto the piece of paper as well. Looking at all this on the piece of paper, I was satisfied that this was a note that nobody would willingly put on their front door, and the guy I was with and myself pondered what to do next. Our intentions were never to break into the house, but with these blatantly obvious statements made as to how easy it would be to break in, we decided What the hell? The door, a brown-hued heavy model, opened easily because not only was it unlocked, it wasn't even shut all the way. The guy and I walked in and were immediately in a living room. It kind of resembled Osmond Pie's house but it wasn't that exactly - it was actually a house I have never been in before. Off to the left was a hallway or some other type of aperture and in front of us was a living room with the usual living room stuff in it. We realized no one was home and then, while wondering what to do next, the owner of the house drove into the driveway. There was a door at the far back right of the living room and I went to it. I kind of lost track of the guy that was with me, he could have been there with me but I got the feeling he ran off to exit some other way or to hide in the house. The door at the far back right corner of the living room was actually three doors. I opened the first door, swinging it inward, and then I saw another door there. The doorknob on the first door was a normal doorknob, but the doorknob on the second door was a skinny, bolt-looking thing. It was perhaps a quarter-inch bolt, three or four inches long, and on the right-hand side of the door. I pulled on this and it opened this door inward and then there was yet another door, again with this same weird doorknob. I pushed on this last door instead of pulled, and this led me to the outside world. There were no steps that I could remember so I jumped out of the house about three feet down and into a driveway area. The ground was covered with gravel and was 50 x 50 feet square, the place where I jumped out being in the middle of its width. To the right of me was the road and to the left of me was a slight incline maybe 10 feet up so I ran that way. After scrambling to the top I laid down on the gravel atop the mound, thinking that because I was lying down then no one could see me. I looked down to the gravel pit beyond that defined this person's driveway and the first thing I noticed was a black woman driving a car that reminds me of Lisa's old Ford Fairlane. She was turning around in the driveway and faced the road again, looking this way and that, waiting to pull out into traffic. I could see she was wearing a white nurse's cap so this led me to believe that she was, well, a nurse. I can't recall her pulling out into traffic and the next thing I recall is seeing a truck that belonged to the guy who owned the house me and that other guy had walked into. It was like a Toyota 4 x 4 and he jockeyed back and forth in his driveway as if wanting to turn around and face his truck toward the road before he actually parked it. As he did this I laid on top of the hill, feeling very out in the open because I was. However, I guess I never got noticed, but I still didn't feel safe so I started to inch my way toward some woods that surrounded the back of the house. I figured if I got there then I could hide myself for good, stand up, and run away instead of crawling around like I was actually part of the earth. Eventually I made it to a path that was on the edge of the woods in the back of the house and this was an area where I could stand and not be seen by the owner of the house. I stood up and ran into the woods as fast as I could away from the house. There was a path I was on that looked car width and may have been carved that way. The trees and forest were soon all around me as I ran deep along this woodsy road and very quickly I knew I was safe from being spotted by the owner of the house or being connected to any kind of break-in there. Soon I came across some large rocks, boulders actually, about 4 feet high and 6 feet across, sticking out of the ground like the top half of egg-shaped meteors. There were two of them and on each was an animal skin stretched tightly across, put into this position, I assume, to dry out or something like that. On the first boulder I came across was what looked like either a tiger or a jaguar skin, stretched from one side of the top of the boulder to the other side. Twenty feet further along the path, right in the middle of the road I might add (mightn't I?), was another animal skin but I can't recall what kind of animal it was from, although it was the same size as the jaguar/tiger skin. I looked back along the road in the direction from which I came and there were three or four people walking toward me. One of them, the second one from the right-hand side, was an Indian man about 30 years old with elbow-length straight black hair. These people were 40 or 50 feet away so I couldn't make out any of their facial features. I knew that the animal skins on these rocks belonged to them and since I didn't feel like talking to them, I ran off further along the path. Not long thereafter I came across a road at the edge of the woods. I didn't really make it to the actual road but I could see it through the thinning trees; it was 50 feet away. This road, I knew, was Meridian Avenue, around 128th Street. The road to my left ran parallel and then it curved to the right and came closer to where I actually was in the woods. My plan was to get on the road and follow it back to where I lived, which was, in this dream, on the top of South Hill somewhere, probably where I grew up. At this point I started waking up and I actually was awake. However, as I laid there I continued to think about this dream and lengthened it a bit. This next part was actually more thought up than my brain engaging in real dream activity, and usually I don't include those details in these writings, but this actually felt like my brain still had a mind of its own without my intervention so I'm including it. As I stood there and observed the road I saw four horses walking in my direction from the right. They weren't coming toward me, but rather, in a diagonal from 70 feet away and to the right to 15 feet away and to my left - in that line. These were light-brown colored horses and had saddles and reins and all that horse crap stuff on them. The horses walked along at an average pace, much like the pace we did when the four of us (Lisa, William, Sarah, and myself) went horseback riding at Lake Wenatchee two months ago. On the horses' backs were small, foot-tall beings that were supposed to be representative of humans, I suppose, but my brain hadn't quite formed them out adequately enough to be displayed in this dream so that's what they were. They reminded me of a little being shaped like a tree stump and wiping its brow. Anyway, the first two horses with their tiny riders went by me but the last two evolved into actual normal-sized humans, probably because since I was awake I wanted them to be as real as possible. The back two riders, as they passed, metamorphosed into normal human beings. I can't remember both of them, but one of them transformed into a teenage girl-looking being with (of course) shoulder-length but dirty blonde hair. She sat there and swayed casually in stride with the horse's steps and looked up to her left and over her shoulder (my right and up) as she rode by with a blank expression on her face. She reminded me of that checker at Safeway that, when she got married, Lisa photographed her wedding (I think her name is Gretchen).

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