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November 2001

Nov 2 - Nov 18

November 2, 2001

I was in a boat upon a body of water like a bay. The boat was a smaller model speedboat, around 15 feet long, but it could really cook. While I was in this boat, or some other boat, I saw a shark surface 50 feet away. It looked exactly like that shark in the movie Jaws when it surfaced after getting harpooned by Quint, sticking its head out of the water and its teeth gnawing away. I point the shark out to someone that was with me and explain something about the shark, as if explaining something about the shark that the person with me does not understand; whatever the hell that is I have no idea. Later I am still in the speedboat. I canít see who is driving but I know I am not because I am standing up and holding onto some thin, metallic silver guardrails. The boat is small enough that I am able to hold onto the guardrail on the right hand side of the boat with one hand while grasping the guardrail on the other side of the boat with the other hand. I am facing the back of the boat and grasp these thigh-high guardrails with all my might because the boat is simply racing at an incredible speed. Iím not really sure if I am enjoying this or if I am terrified and am holding on for dear life, knowing that if I let go of the rails then I will fly off the boat and crash into the water and be twisted into a piece of crap. Somehow I know how fast the boat is going, either by seeing a speedometer or by hearing the person who is driving the boat mention how fast we are going. Eventually we get up to a speed of 145 mph, and it is getting hard for me to continue holding on. My face is gritted as teeth are clenched, and my hair is slapping all over the place because of the wind and speed. Then, as either we slow down or others are able to go as fast as we are, other boats start cruising alongside us, some even passing us up. Then, we are not on a body of water anymore but rather a swampy area that is half grass, half water. As the boat continues to skim along this surface, there are people walking beside the speedboat and passing me up, which tells me I canít possibly be doing 145 miles per hour anymore, although it still feels like I am. I get the feeling there are other boats racing alongside mine and they, as well as perhaps someone on my boat, chuck harpoons at the shark as it continues to be in that surfacing position. I recall seeing the rope attached to the harpoons being tossed stretch and race away and become taunt as the harpoons race toward the shark.

November 18, 2001

I was helping Lisa load up for a photography event, cramming all our printers and backdrops and stuff into the van. I donít particularly remember loading into a specific vehicle; I just knew that we did. We found ourselves walking around a mall-type of place looking for Primerica, which apparently had an office in this place. I donít know if the event we were going to do our photo shoot at was here, or if this was just an unrelated tangent my mind decided to take me to during this dream. I recall seeing a large assortment of tables, which reminded me of the Food Court setup in numerous malls I have been to. The chairs were the plastic whicker kind and were white; the tables were white except for their glass tops and had the spider-like four metal legs coming down. Beyond these tables and chairs I could sense various fast-food establishments nestled in the perimeter of this area. Lisa and I walked around and I remember seeing some guys whom I recognizedójust in this dream, not in real life. I canít recall what they looked like but I did realize that I knew who they were and that they might know where Primerica was. I approached one of the guys in this group and asked him if he knew where Primerica was. He didnít really reply and after I asked him he walked away from me down a flight of steps, which were cement-like and resembled ones on the outskirts of a high school gym, on the other side of the Food Court. I somehow knew not to follow him because he wasnít going to where Primerica was, that he just decided not to talk to me and to walk away instead.
I was with William by some woods where there was a lake. We had a modest campfire going and William had fallen asleep by the fire. He was dangerously close to the fire as he drifted off to dreamland and his hand plopped over into the fire and was starting to get burned. This bridge reminded me of the one over that steamy lake in the pterosaur compound where the pteranodons were in Jurassic Park III. The fire was on the end of the bridge where it met with the ground and a trail that went up to the right. I looked up and saw a group of people approaching. They were some other hikers; walking along this way to hike the same trail William and I were on. At this point I woke William up so he wouldnít get burned anymore in the fire and I donít recall him acting like he had been harmed in any way. He and I walked around to the other side of the lake and came across a group of three or four guys and I asked them if they knew if there was a road beyond the lake. Why I needed to know if there was a road beyond the lake Iím not quite sure; perhaps I was lost and was looking for a way out of here. My son and me followed these guys up into an area that resembled a loft-type of place, like in a barn. All this is very vague and hard to describe. Up in the loft there was a young teenage black girl there who looked very odd. She had two sets of arms but what I came to realize was that the guys who took us to this place had actually cut her arms off and put them where her legs were and it made her look really strange and hard to decipher just how many of what limbs she had.

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