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November 1989

Nov 3 - Nov 11 - Nov 18 - Nov 23

November 3rd, 1989

I was walking along the side of a road somewhere. It sort of reminded me of the walk along a street a few miles from where I live. There were some people with me and I think Lisa was one of them. We were walking and then a car came by. We looked and saw that an older man of perhaps forty-five or fifty was driving. His wife was sitting in the passenger seat. It was some car that looked as if it was from the sixties. Plato was in the car. He walked along the seat by the headrests. I was surprised and wondered what the hell Plato was doing in someone's car, driving farther and farther away. I think someone (maybe Lisa) assured me it was okay and that Plato was in the habit of hitchhiking and taking rides from whoever would pick him up. I was surprised at this news and was kind of angry that Plato always wandered away at his own convenience and went wherever he wanted with whomever he wished. We continued walking and I exclaimed that we were going to walk until we found where Plato was. I had a strange feeling that he was in trouble and needed me (us) to find him and take him home. Further down the road, we came upon some tall briars or bushes like briars. Plato was walking alongside the road and when he saw me, he jumped through the air really high, at about six feet, and landed in my arms. It surprised me to see him jump so high, but I didn't question it and was just glad to have my kitty back.

November 11th, 1989

I was at a house with Lisa. I guess this house was our home, but it didn't resemble the one we live in at all. I can remember getting up and the clock said it was about six fifteen. This was bad news because I had an interview for a higher position at work that was at six o'clock. I was paranoid and thought of how important this interview was and how maybe if I made it to work fast enough, then I could still get the chance to interview. I remember being outside and being by the driveway. Lisa and I were going to work I guess and she drove off in the truck. I had a car but it was the old '62 Catalina I used to have - the first car I ever owned. This dream is really strange. I was driving along the road when suddenly I had to take a shit. Instead of holding it in, I went in my pants. I could feel the huge turd press against my buns as it squeezed out. It formed into the shape of my crack and I pushed some more. Finally it dropped and then I noticed some guys behind me in another car. They were honking at me like they were my friends or something like that. I didn't want them to see I had my pants down and was taking a shit, so I drove on as casually as I could while I wiped my butt. I remember seeing one wipe and realized I needed to wipe more, but then the scene changed. This dream was like everything I didn't want to happen, happened. Nothing went my way. I guess my car broke down because I didn't have it anymore and I had a bicycle instead. It was also a piece of shit. I was on South Hill, about halfway up, by 23rd street. I guess I worked at Sizzler or some other restaurant like that downtown somewhere. The bike was broke also. I think it was torn in half or was so flimsy that I couldn't ride it. One of the main problems was that the lock that I used for my bike was busted. It was weird, but to fix it I had to grab a chain-like strap and wrap it around a tire. I threaded the air valve into the hole on the metal rim of the bicycle tire then carefully wrapped it around the wheel tightly. Every six inches or so there was another slot to thread another valve or something like that into. As the wheel was wrapped in this strap, there was part of the lock on the end of the strap that had to be attached to something else that had the other part of the lock on it. I fidgeted around with it and was having problems locking the two different pieces up. Finally I managed to line them up but then I discovered the lock itself was broken. It was like the actual steel bar that latched into the metal frame was broken. The end that was supposed to be permanently latched was hanging loose and I had to fix it so I could get to work. The steel attaching bar had many different parts and I was having a helluva time figuring it out. I needed to screw the bar back in somehow but even then I didn't know if that would do it. It also appeared to be broken in two, beyond repair. Some woman was there and she was telling me how to fix it, but that still didn't help much. Suddenly, school children (about 9th grade age) were swarming around me. Apparently where I was standing was a bus stop to take them to school. There were about fifty students. I looked to my left and saw some cops escorting Boris Taper through the crowd as if he was under arrest. I guess it was a law not to be among students as they waited for their bus. Seeing trouble for me in this category, a cop approached me and asked what I was doing here among all these students. I explained that I was just sitting here by the side of the road and the students came up to me and swarmed around me. I assured them that I did not join the crowd, the crowd joined me! Several students in the crowd said that what I was saying was the truth so the cop explained that if I wanted to fix my bike, then I had to do it away from the students. On the side of the road in back of us was a big wooden gate, about ten feet high. It opened up to a gravel driveway and went downward. The cop said I could work on my bike behind this gate so I wouldn't be with the students. I continued to work on my bike lock in this area. I had to hurry because I was going to be even later for this interview at work. By this time, several hours had passed and I was really freaking out that I might even get fired. For some reason, I had to buy a cake so I went into a room that was conveniently located on the side of the road where all these students sat around. I walked in and walked up to someone who I thought was Charles. I asked him if I could borrow five or ten dollars. The money was either for a cake or a new lock for my bike. The guy said he only had gram money, meaning he was saving his money for weed. I said "All right" and was going to ask someone else, but I felt like everyone was staring at me and I was embarrassed because I didn't even have five dollars to my name. The guy I asked, I realized, was not Charles. He had long, straight brown hair and I couldn't really see his eyes. I was embarrassed so I left the room, but not before I actually saw Charles sitting off to the left on a long couch with other students. He may have looked at me but we didn't make eye contact. Therefore, I left the room, wanting to escape the hordes of eyes staring at me. Later, I was in a high school in a locker room. I was walking around naked because I thought it was a boys locker room. As I walked among about a hundred students, I realized that nobody else was naked. I also noticed several girls in the crowd so I was wrong to think I could just walk around naked. It was embarrassing but none of the students really said anything to me as I walked around. I did look for a way out however, and I saw several familiar faces in the crowd. Saucy Wells was one of them and she looked older, how she might look if I really did see her today. I guess my clothes were put in a storage place outside the back door of this restaurant I supposedly worked at. Some guy (the manager or something) put them out there. Therefore, I was walking around with a towel around my waist among about a hundred people, and I was the only one dressed like that. Later on, I had finally made it downtown and I think the County Fair was going on. I had lost track or had given up on my bike altogether. At this point I was getting really frustrated and was on the verge of losing my mind. I saw Stephen and mom and dad. Stephen was a little kid again, like he was five years old, but he still looked the same, whatever the hell that means. I asked mom and dad for five dollars for a cake and mom immediately searched for the money. Dad was walking and he was doing okay. The two wanted to give me the money with no hassles and it felt good to know I could depend on them. I had a cake in my hands, maybe it was the one I had bought. It had a lot of frosting on it and for an ornament it had half the body of a man sticking out of the side of it, also frosting or a sugar figure. It was weird. Mom, dad, Stephen and I walked out to a storage place where my clothes were and there was a bunch of hay on the ground. In the corner of the shed was a brown cake with brown frosting and yellow dots of other decorative frosting. It was that cake that I was looking for earlier but was unable to find, and that's why I had to buy another one. The cake I had in my hands had gouges taken out of it so I wanted to have the one in the hay. It was camouflaged so that's why I couldn't find it earlier. Stephen went to reach for it. The cake started to slide down a crack in the corner and as Stephen groped for it, I was terrified that he would damage the cake. He grabbed madly for it and finally had to stick his hands in the top of the cake, ripping it apart. It was ruined and another thing had gone wrong. As if this was the straw that broke the camel's back, I started crying because everything was just going shitty. Mom and dad started to laugh at me because they were glad to see that I was having troubles with kids just like they had. They made comments about how I have to go through all the pain and troubles with kids they had to go through. I got extremely angry and started saying sentences with the word FUCK in them, such as "...Fuck you!" or "...what the fuck are you laughing at?!" and such. Mom and dad weren't phased at all by my language and continued to laugh.

November 18th, 1989

I was at a beach. There was a family of perhaps three or four members (mom, dad, one-two kids) floating around just off the shore on what appeared to be an inner tube. Apparently there were a lot of sharks in this bay, or ocean or whatever. This family had managed to subdue, or capture or something along those lines, a shark by attaching a ring-like thing around its neck. The ring was just big enough to fit around the shark's head and I don't know what it was made of, maybe rubber or plastic. I remember being about twenty feet from shore and submerging my whole body under the water. I was amazed at what I saw. Just off in the not-so-far distance were numerous sharks swimming around in the dark depths of the ocean, along with other types of fish, but the sharks were the most dominant. I saw several of great size, then I saw one which was probably a Great White shark that was about fifty feet long. It was incredibly huge and I began to get concerned. I poked my head back up and told everyone what I saw. While the family in the inner tube floated casually about just in front and to the left of me, someone swam just off to the right, also in front off me. I think this person was Charles but he was small, like a six year old kid. He swam about and then I looked to the left and saw a single gray fin skimming the surface of the water and I knew it was a shark. I watched as the fin swam to where the small kid-like Charles was swimming. The shark never came above the surface but when it got close to Charles, it went under water. Charles then began to go underwater like the shark had him or something. I went towards him and groped in the water at where I thought the shark was. I managed to grab a hold of its tail and pull it out of the water. It was dark gray and about ten feet long. I raised the shark out of the water by its tail then flung it around the air and smacked it against a solid cement wall that just happened to be off to my right. I continued to do this for a little while, smacking the shark's head over and over again against the wall. Then either me or the family on the inner tube, tossed one of those rings around the neck of the shark and this indicated that the shark was captured or put out of commission somehow. I dragged Charles to the sandy shore and watched over him, wondering if he was dead or alive. I remember asking someone if they thought I should give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and was about to, but then Charles's body began to make movements. He sort of awkwardly jerked around and showed life so I guess everything was all right.

November 23rd, 1989

I was jamming with Loren and Georgio. We were working on "Victim of Changes" by Judas Priest. It was very realistic as we played the song in the key of E. I remember hitting the correct notes on the bass as Loren played the guitar. Charles was there also, but he just watched. There was a time when I told Loren he should turn down and stop playing so fast because we were practicing and trying to get the song down and not trying to impress anybody. He and Georgio looked at me like I was being a party pooper but Loren did say, "Okay" and turned the volume down a bit on his amp. Once when we played the song, something didn't quite sound right and I finally figured out it was me because I was playing the song in D instead of E. There was a singer there and I was curious how he would handle the high notes in the song. He was some guy that I don't remember seeing before, but he might have been Zachary, Betty's boyfriend. When he sang the line "Whiskey woman don't you know that you are driving me insane?" he wasn't able to hit the high note on the word "insane." Instead, he sang a low gravely sounding note that wasn't that good. As the music continued, Charles leaned over and told me that the guy's voice really turned him off and I was thinking how much better I could sing the song. There were other parts of the dream that I vaguely remember as we tried other parts of the song. I think we may have even tried to play the song "The Ripper," but I'm not sure.

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