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November 1991

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November 1st, 1991

I was at work, but it was a place that didn't look like work. Fern, the woman who sells us equipment for the company I work for, was there. She was there on a vendor visit or something. I remember going out into the parking lot and getting into her vehicle, a 4x4 family auto like a Nissan Pathfinder but not quite as elegant, more like a Toyota. As I got into the truck, I saw Brendle Foamith looking at us as he worked just outside the back of the building. He was looking at me weird, giving me his usual Boy I wish I could ride around with vendors all day and do nothing dirty glare. As Fern and I drove away, I smiled to myself, amused by Brendle's usual immature behavior, and I think Brendle probably saw me smiling. I didn't care, though. Fern and I drove around what looked like downtown Tacoma and maybe we even went down the infamous hills. Fern and I may have talked as she drove, but I can't remember what about. She parked into a parking lot but it didn't hit me until a few seconds later that we had reached our destination. It wasn't a very long drive at all and it surprised me that we had reached our destination so quickly. Anyway we got out of the truck and were instantly met by a guy, maybe a couple of guys. They looked Mexican. I guess they were there for valet parking because Fern mentioned something about how they should be careful with her truck. I think she may have tossed this guy her keys too, but I'm not sure. Whatever the case, I was concerned because this guy looked more like a thief than someone who was hired to park cars. But it was Fern's car so we went into the building, which apparently was a restaurant. I don't know what we were doing there but I'm sure it wasn't to eat. Fern went off to go do something so I sat down at a table by a window, waiting patiently for Fern to return, and looked out into the restaurant. It resembled a Denny's or some similar restaurant. There was one table that was all by itself just off to the side of the row of booths where I sat. It had a candle lit on it and it was only prepared to seat one person. I think a woman sat at it. Somehow I got caught up in what was happening to the customers. I suddenly felt a need to start clearing tables of dirty dishes. I was at this one table, trying to figure out which dishes were dirty and ready to be cleared and which plates belonged to the people sitting there. I think I pulled some glasses of milk away that I shouldn't have. Someone, maybe Fern, corrected me, showing me that the customer had ordered two glasses of milk. There were about three glasses, one with just a half inch of milk at the bottom, another about a third full and another nearly full. I was trying to clear the one away that was a third full, but the person corrected me and told me to take away the one that only had a half inch in it. There were also some plates and bowls of food that needed clearing but I'm not sure if I ever figured out which ones were the proper ones to grab.

November 3rd, 1991

I was downtown, I think in Puyallup. I was walking along a section of street and I think I may have just gotten off a bus. As I walked away from the crowd that was also on the bus, Minky, the girl that was at a party Ron had a while ago, was behind me and she asked something like "How did you ever make it home that one time?" I wasn't sure what the hell she was talking about, but it had something to do with the last time I was downtown and a guy named Bill Hitchcock (the tackle for the Seahawks?) gave me (us) a ride downtown and dropped us off. I told Minky that I just walked to my house from there, emphasizing the "house" part, as if to show that I really owned a house. Then I walked away.
I was walking along the sidewalk downtown where the Liberty Theater is. I was walking by and there was a long line of people going into the theater. There was a newspaper dispenser thing there and I walked up to it. I was looking for something on this stand, not a newspaper, but for something that I can't remember. The stand was near the entrance to the theater and I wondered if people thought I was nonchalantly trying to cut in line. To make it look like I indeed was looking for something, I walked around the stand, searching it up and down as the people looked at me. Not finding what I was looking for, I began walking away, but then I looked into the theater. There were glass doors so I could see just inside the theater doors. It was pretty crowded and among the people I saw Donald Notches. At first I was going to walk away and hope he didn't notice me, but then I decided against it and walked right up to the glass. I pounded on it a few times and got Donald's attention. He smiled at me and commented as to how he was now "300 and up..." Not knowing what this meant, he explained that it meant he had stopped drinking for more than three hundred days. I made a fist and thrust it up by my side as if to say "Right on!" Then I think I finally did walk away after that.

November 6th, 1991

I was racing through the woods, on what I'm not exactly sure, but it was like a toboggan or a snowboard. I was on a track, a skinny two-railed track that went through the woods, and whatever it was that I was driving on was attached to this track. The track sloped straight downward about six feet and then it went straight for another six feet, then it sloped straight upward for another six feet. Apparently I didn't have enough momentum to make it to the top of this slope, for the thing I was riding tipped over backwards about four feet up the incline and landed in the snow there. This slope was defined by the outline of a window where a house was. Just to the left of this slope was the window of the house, but I never did see the house or the window, just the slope, looking up from the embankment. There was someone else on the back of this thing I was riding but I don't remember who. The next thing I knew, I was in the house. There were three women sitting in what looked like a living room. I don't know what they were doing there but just to the right of them was a window, where the slope that I had fallen on was. These girls sat in chairs in a big living room. There was little furniture other than the chairs and maybe it was a sunken living room, with a few steps leading to something else to the left of me. I don't remember who these women were, but one of them was a girl who was at one of Ron's parties, and I think her name may have been Terra. She came up to me and said something, maybe she had a conversation with me and whoever was with me, but I don't remember. She was concerned about something, having much the same look on her face when she left Ron's party that night. Then I was back outside and I was still at the little cove where I fell off my snow-travel vehicle. I felt that since I fell off this thing, that I had to walk from here on out. Suddenly a guy came skiing off the roof above me and went on to ski beyond the slope. He skied into the woods and to the left, where there was a gradual slop that led through the trees. Although it appeared that he slowed going up the small slope, he was soon on his way again down the mountain and I envied him because this is what I should have done instead of falling down and giving up. I felt that I had to carry my snow-traveling instrument under my arm (it resembled a snow board at this point) and walk from here on out, even if I came to level or downward-sloping ground.

November 9th, 1991

I was on a weird scavenger hunt in some woods somewhere. I remember I had a partner who was helping me and I remember one other couple, but I don't remember who any of these people were. I think one of the people on the other team may have been Fawn. We were in an area that was like a hill before the forest and on this hill, thick shrubs and bushes grew. Beyond this hill was where everyone else was, but I can't remember it exactly. The rules to this scavenger hunt were weird. We had some objects, I'm not sure what they were, but they were about the size of squashes or oranges but they were dark, and we were supposed to hide these things in the bushes or forest and then hunt for them later. It seemed odd but we did it that way anyway. I looked for places to hide my objects (we had about two or three to a team) someplace and I felt the need to make sure that nobody from the other teams were watching where I hid these things. There was a tactic my partner and I tried using which involved swapping our objects with each other. This had some kind of significance, like if we secretly swapped our objects to one another while passing by then we would have an advantage on the other team(s). The others and I were walking about this hilly area, trying to put our objects in just the right spots when I saw someone from the other team come along. He tossed his two objects into the bushes, not caring if we saw where he put them, and he waltzed away down the hill now that he was done hiding his objects. I wondered why this guy so casually tossed the objects into the bushes without thinking out carefully where to hide them, but then I realized that it didn't matter. I felt that since he had finished hiding his objects, then that meant he was ahead of us on points, but I'm not sure if that was the case. Later, I was walking around and I think my partner was with me. I came upon a door and we wondered if this would be a good place to hide our objects. I swung open the door and looked behind it - this door was without a building, just outside by itself. Anyway, Nick Gauntlet suddenly appeared out from behind the doorway, or he just walked up from behind me. I think there was someone with him. He had a trouble-making look on his face and that's what was on his mind. He mentioned something about my wallet, that he knew I had one and that he wanted it, something like "You have a wallet don't you?" I don't remember ever giving it to him and I'm sure I didn't, nor did he intimidate me at all.

November 11th, 1991

I was in a bar somewhere, either in England or in Australia, and I was ordering beer. When the bartender gave me the beer I asked him how much it was. He told me but I didn't really understand him, because the money in that country was foreign to me. I pulled out a wad of bills and the money looked strange to me. Not sure how much to pay for the beer, I just handed the bartender a bill that had a 20 on it, figuring this should be enough. The bartender explained that this wasn't enough and he could tell that I didn't understand this money at all. Though a big and loud man, he was being very nice and he began to explain the money to me. I listened but I never did totally understand the value of the money I had in my hand. I think he ended up taking a bill with a 5 on it. Still confused, he started talking about pounds, or lira, or some term like that, in reference to the money. I asked him how much a pound was and he said, "Oh about nineteen lira." This seemed to clear things up for me (in my dream, definitely not now). Some of the bills had a 2 on it before the value of the money, meaning that these particular bills were worth twice the amount printed on them. This was very confusing because unless you looked very carefully, you wouldn't see the 2 and would end up mistaking the bill for only half of its value. I was suddenly with a guy, I don't know who, and we discussed this system of determining monetary value. He was from this country and was quite used to this money. I asked him if he ever had trouble not seeing the 2 and mistaking the money for half its value. He laughed and said that he most definitely did not because he had dealt with this money all his life and it was the only type he knew. I wished that I was as familiar with the bills as he was.

November 16th, 1991

I was in a car with some friends, I can't remember who, but Lisa was one of them although she never stood out in my dream and I almost forgot she was with us. We were driving along a road to someplace, I'm not sure where, someplace out in the woods. It had been raining and there was a puddle in the middle of the road that we had to drive through in order to get to where we wanted to go. The road, although woods were around, was out in the open. I can vaguely remember some type of house and field in front of the puddle to our left. It was a sunny day. I started driving across the puddle in the middle of the road, making sure to stay to the left side of the road so I didn't drive directly over it, but as I started driving across the gravel and the puddle, the car began to sink into the water. Apparently it was a very deep puddle, maybe fifteen or twenty feet. The car slipped into the depths of the puddle but I managed to pull all of the people out of the car and up onto the bank to safety. These people were all pulled out easily but as I sat there and thought, I could have sworn there was someone else in the car. That's when I remembered Lisa was with us so I dove back down to the car, worried that she had been under for too long. She was the most difficult one to pull from the car. I remember having to pull her body out through the open car window, first her legs then the rest of her body and I was wondering if I was going to get her out at all. Eventually I did and we were all on our way again. We reached our destination and I then realized that it was the cabin that dad had built on our property at Case Inlet. I recall us being at the right of the cabin, on the sloping road that led to the area where dad had cut down all those small trees, where we played catch and stuff. I looked to the cabin and saw Sam Thursday suddenly walking out of the front door of the cabin and towards a car, maybe a station wagon, that he parked there. I think he didn't have a shirt on and he acted surprised to see me, like he was supposed to be at work but I caught him at this cabin instead. He said something like he was "just on his way" back to work, like he realized he was late from getting back from lunch or something and didn't want me to think anything of it. I didn't stop to think why he didn't wonder what I was doing there. Anyway, there was a woman sitting in the station wagon and I remember her looking back to me and smiling. I guess she resembled Sam's main squeeze, Wilma. I didn't care about Sam and went on about my business with my friends. We went on to do something at this scene, but I can't remember what.

November 20th, 1991

I was at work, although the place I was at, was not where I worked. At first it resembled the house where I grew up on top of South Hill. I was discussing something with my boss, who I don't think was Sam but rather, a woman, but even then I'm not quite sure. I remember being in the downstairs bedroom and my boss saying something about how she was going to be gone and would be back around either 10 or 3 o'clock, I can't recall which. I thought she had left and there was something in the bedroom I wanted but couldn't get to unless she was gone. Thinking she was gone, I went into the bedroom where I was immediately confronted by my boss. She asked what I wanted and, being on the spot, I had to make up a quick excuse to make it look as though I wasn't trying to get the thing I was after. I stared in deep thought and said something like "So you're going to be back around 10 (or 3), right?" She said yes and I was convinced that she thought this was all I was doing in this room, nothing more. The door was supposed to be locked and I don't know how I got into the room because of that.
I was driving someone around and I had to go pick someone up. I drove through some streets, turning corners that I can hardly remember, then pulled up to a building. There were some girls there and one of them really needed a ride somewhere. These girls were like hicks - hillbilly type of women. I guess I totally forgot about the vehicle I just drove up in because I said that I couldn't drive anyone anywhere because I didn't have transportation. Apparently I was waiting for the arrival of another vehicle that was gone, but whoever was driving it was going to return it shortly. Then one girl mentioned that instead of waiting for that vehicle to return, we could take a light blue van that belonged to one of the other girls. The girl that owned it opened her eyes in surprise and said there was no way I would be able to drive her van. I assured her that I could. One of the girls and I walked up to the edge of the street where the van was parked when suddenly the vehicle I was waiting for pulled up. It also appeared to be a blue van. Out of it walked Justin Bakeaman and some guy I didn't know. This other guy was big and had long shaggy red hair, so much hair that I couldn't see his face at all. He was wearing a hat. Justin was smiling and the two of them walked past me. The big guy was intimidating but he didn't pay any attention to me. Instead of wanting to take that van, however, I proceeded to walk to the other van that belonged to one of the woman. It was weird. I walked up to it and saw the driver's side door opened backwards, swinging the other way when you pulled the handle. It was a skinny odd-shaped door and it was difficult to step up into the van, but I managed to do it. I saw that there was also another door on the inside, caging in whoever drove the van. The girl that came with me was inside and opened up this door so I could step inside and sit comfortably on the driver's seat without getting squished. I remember driving the van next, and the gear shift was on the column, just like the van I bought from Boris a long time ago. I immediately was able to drive the van just like it was my own and the girl who was with me was surprised at how well I was doing. I was kind of blocked in by other cars so I had to go back and forth, back and forth until I was able to get onto the street and start driving. When I was on the road, I was confronted with the similar path of streets that I had to drive through to get here. I remember one time when I had to put the van in reverse to back into a driveway, then I immediately shifted it back to first and was on my way again, almost squealing the tires. I kind of did this to show the girl I was with that I was able to drive this van just as good as anyone. It was strange because although the girl sat in the passenger seat and I was on the driver's side, she was to the left of me while I drove.

November 21st, 1991

I dreamt I was in a hospital room with dad and he was still in his coma. I was on the right side of his bed and I can't recall if there was anyone else there in the room. I remember seeing dad suddenly trying to get up and open his eyes. He turned towards me and he was raising himself up on his left side. His eyes were open and I don't think he was staring straight at me, but I'm sure he was trying to look at me.

November 24th, 1991

I was on a motorcycle, driving up a dirt road somewhere in the middle of a forest. I think there were one or two girls with me and I think they may have been riding on the back of my bike. I was driving up the road and I had a sudden urge to turn around, like I missed my turn or something. I guess the road was too narrow because I didn't turn around right away, but instead, looked for a place to turn around, like a turn-off or something. Suddenly there was a cleared-out spot on the right side of the road, like the kind you see on the road on the way up Mountain Rainier, made so people can pull over and take a look at the available view. Although it was daylight, the area was not well lit because of the dense trees overhead. The U-turn on the side of the road had a ground consisting of rocks and dirt, showing what kind of path I had to travel. Up and to the left was an identical turn-off on the left side of the road but I'm pretty sure that I turned around on the first U-turn spot, then headed back down the road. Soon after, I turned off to the right side of the road and onto another dirt road, but this one was bumpy and almost impossible to travel on. This path led me to a rocky cavern, like down in a canyon somewhere. I tried like hell to stay on my motorcycle but it was extremely hard. There were spots where I had to turn my bike completely sideways to make it past an overhang of rock that met with the water and I wondered how the hell I did it. It kind of reminded me of being at a canyon that I have hiked to a few times. There were other spots that were treacherous but I can't remember them. I think the girls were with me the whole time. While writing about this dream, I had a vision of being in an open spot in the midst of this canyon along with a few other people, and it was a fairy tale type of feeling. There was a big rock wall and a small island and a small body of water, kind of like the scene on the river by Eatonville. I don't know if this happened in this dream or if this dream made me think of this scene which maybe happened in another dream, or if this dream just reminded me of something that happened in real life.

November 27th, 1991

A lot of stuff happened in this dream but I can only remember the ending. I was at the house where I grew up in on the top of South Hill. I don't know if it was me or if it was someone else, but I saw what was happening as if it was me (you know how dreams are). I was walking into the front door of the house, where the kitchen is. Petunia Synth was in the kitchen. I remember seeing her through the kitchen window with her back towards me as if she was doing something at the stove. I was filming through a video camera and saw everything as if looking through the lens of a camera. As I entered, Petunia turned around and looked at me. I think she was wearing plain clothes, maybe even an apron, giving her the look of a housewife. When she turned I looked at her stomach, for some reason thinking that she could be pregnant, but she didn't look pregnant although her stomach had the slightest hint of a bulge in it. Her hair was a little curly and had a wave, like she had a perm. When she noticed she was being videotaped, she smiled and sat down at the kitchen table. It looked as if she sat against the wall facing me while I sat on the other side of the kitchen table and continued to film. Wanting to do something silly for the camera, she swallowed a bunch of air then let out a big belch. Then she laughed. Her right elbow was on the table and her arm was in a position to suggest that she might have been holding a cigarette, but I don't think she was.

November 30th, 1991

I was with a guy and we went to a girl's house. We knocked on the door and the woman that answered resembled the woman who was Tom Hank's leading lady in the movie "Big." Then the guy and I went a second time and the girl let us in her place again. I don't know what we did there or what the inside of her place looked like. Then, we went there a third time. She met me at the door and when she saw me, she sighed and looked perturbed, as if saying "You can't keep coming here ya know." Shocked but still thinking quickly, I said something desperately like "But this is my last time!" I think I had a jacket on and had my hands in the pockets when I said this. She agreed to let me in and I remember wiping my feet on a mat in front of the door. There were big globs of mud on my feet and I was kind of embarrassed by these, although I'm sure she didn't see me wipe my feet. To try to conceal what I had done, I wiped a big fat slab of the mud on one side of the mat then rolled the mat sideways to try to hide the mud. I finally finished wiping my feet and went inside, but again I can't remember what happened once I was inside. Obviously I knew not to come back to this place, but I found myself there again a fourth time, only this time I had come from the side of the house, not using the same entrance I had the previous three times. I found myself sitting in a chair outside a room where the woman apparently performed dentistry. I sat there thinking, not really wanting to be there but I just ended up being there somehow. The girl came walking up to me and said something to me but she showed no sign of her not wanting me to be there, as she had the last time I was there, although I was expecting it. I heard drilling or something like that going on behind a white wall in front if me, and that's when I realized that this woman's house was a dentist office. Later, I was with a woman again but there was something mysterious about her. She was being real nice to me but I didn't know why. She led me to a cliff by the ocean and showed me some different-sized plastic bags. She explained that she wanted me to get inside these bags for some reason or another - it was really weird. I remember seeing some of the bags. They were big 4 mil ziploc baggies. There was one pink baggy about four feet long by three feet wide underneath some larger and longer clear ziploc baggies. She had some explanation for going inside these baggies, like they would do something fantastic for me and I would really like it. But I was real suspicious. She explained that I would hang over the cliff in these baggies and she tried to make it sound great, but something was up. To the left of me were nineteen other people in line on the cliff with people at their sides persuading them to get inside these baggies and hang over the cliff that met with the dark ocean. Then I realized that it was some kind of plot to transform humans into aliens, or monsters or something, and that if you got inside these baggies and then went into the water then you would become one of them and not be yourself anymore. That's when I realized that this woman was really an alien/monster and that's why she was being so nice to me, because she wanted to transform me into one of her own. But I was too smart for her and I escaped by jumping into the ocean and swimming to safety. I remember somewhere along here that she was leery about having me be the twentieth in line, as was her alien boss who was a man, because she was afraid that since I was the last one in line and there was no one to the right of me that I would be able to escape and swim away if I suspected anything. I guess they thought that if I was in the middle of the others, like number ten or six or something, that I would be surrounded and unable to escape but since I was number twenty, the last in line, I could escape to my right because there was no one there to hold me back. I guess they figured I was too big to detain, not like a smaller human would have been. Anyway, I was in the water and on my way to safety. I remember the woman being in the water with me, about fifty feet away and closer to shore. I swam to the left of the cliff and away from the aliens but I don't remember coming from the water to the land again, which I apparently did. The next thing I remember is being on a walkway somewhere, whether inside or outside I can't remember. As I stood there and watched activity in front of me (and I think the woman was still at my side), I suddenly noticed Jethro in front of me. He was among other people but I only remember him. He walked towards me and I could tell he had been converted and was one of "them." His hands were flat, circular and slightly-rounded plastic objects, white and smooth, about four or five inches around. He extended these plastic extremities by protruding what appeared to be plastic-clipped springs. It was weird, but his plastic round hands sprung forward, small rectangular-shaped pieces of plastic linking together, connecting to the hands and acting as a spring. There were three springs connected to each hand and they turned a little when they sprung out, then they retracted again and there was just the plastic flat tops which defined his hands. Clay sprung his hands at me a few times and I told him that he could do this because he had been converted to one of the aliens. He looked at me confused, as if he didn't understand what I was saying, and I wondered if these people could even tell when they were aliens and no longer humans. I looked to the right and saw Jim Ignitowski from the sitcom Taxi emerge from behind a door. I was scared for my life, feeling that these alien monsters were everywhere and that Jim was one of them. You could not tell them apart from humans and since that was the case, I slit my throat with an unknown object, not wanting to put up with the pressure of escaping aliens forever. Then I think that I realized that slitting my throat was a bit drastic so I willed myself uninjured again. I can't remember trying to get away again, or if I did get away, although I'm sure one or the other happened.

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