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November 1992

Nov 15 - Nov 16

November 15, 1992

I was on a street in a city somewhere. It kind of reminded me of downtown Tacoma, by Pacific Avenue and 11th Street, or somewhere close to that. I remember there was a lot of hustle and bustle, people walking this way and that, and the buildings and scenery kind of reminded me of Gotham City in the movie Batman. I was riding either a bicycle or a motorcycle, I'm not sure which. I passed a police car which was parked on the side of the street. As I passed, I looked in through the open window on the driver's side of the police care and noticed a disabled man sitting in the driver's seat. He was crippled in some way, like his legs were gone or he had deformed arms or something. He had a gray bearded face and looked like he was about fifty years old. He kind of looked up at me as I passed by with sad, depressed eyes. He didn't look familiar. I knew when I saw him sitting there that he was not a policeman and he was certainly not capable of driving the car. I thought this was odd, then I spotted another police car ahead of me at an intersection. For some reason I left my bike where it was and I ran to the other police car. I told the officer there what I saw. I don't remember anything about him other than he was a medium-sized man, about thirty-five or forty. He got out of his car and we ran back down the street to the first police car. When we got there, the handicapped man was gone and so was my bike. I don't think the crippled man rode off in my bike, but I can't think of what may have happened. The next thing I recall is walking down the street with this cop. I think we were looking for something, maybe my bike and the man, but I can't remember for sure. I remember seeing a school bus as it drove by or tried to park along the curb. This may have been what we were looking for, but hey, what do I know?

November 16, 1992

I was walking around downtown Puyallup and was looking for the Puyallup Pool for some reason. I think I was by myself. I walked along an area, and maybe there was a road. I remember buildings all around but I don't remember exactly what they looked like. The scene kind of reminded me of the high school I attended in Arkansas, like I was in the parking lot. As I was looking for the Puyallup Pool, there was a big mound of dirt, like a bunch of dirt clods piled eight feet high which had grown grass and weeds on it. There was a trail leading up this mound but I don't think it led anywhere. I think the trail ended and this for some reason discouraged me to go on, and I felt this was odd because I usually don't mind romping through the woods. Suddenly this lady appeared, like perhaps she had appeared out of nowhere. She was about forty, had short, graying hair and seemed real pleasant. I think she just lived around there and saw me so she approached. I think she may have given me directions to the pool. I looked at different places in the neighborhood and saw pools in yards, but none of them were the Puyallup Pool. Suddenly, I noticed the pool in front of me, through an opening that suddenly appeared in the woods. A trail led down a slight dirt slope to a green lawn, and that’s where the pool was. A bunch of people from work were there. I remember seeing Joan Poodles and she was smiling. She was among a group of people that stood near the front of the pool, by the front door. I remember feeling weird because I don't go to company events. I kind of was quiet and didn't talk much. I remember seeing the pool itself and it was weird. It was like two huge round circles of water about thirty feet round, and these may have been vertical, as if the pool was tipped up on its side but the water still stayed in. Later, I was still looking for the pool on the street, as if I had never found it in the first place. I went down one street to the left but saw a pool that wasn't the one I was looking for. The end of this street looked strange, like it had a curved barrier at the end of it that swooped upward, like a dimension into another world. I backed out of this street and thought of looking down the next. Suddenly there was a guy with me who reminded me of Gordy Thomas, Betty’s brother. He was helping me look for the pool. The last thing I recall is looking down to the left down a normal looking street and contemplating looking down there for the pool.

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