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November 1993

November 30, 1993

I was at a place that was like the property mom and dad used to own at Case Inlet. There were some other people there, but I can't remember who they all were, but I'm pretty sure one of them was Lisa and then maybe Helmer Stink and Petunia Synth were there. We were at the area where the cabin was, where there was that little cleared-out spot where there used to be trees that ended in a cliff that overlooked the bay below. There was an area to the left of the cleared spot, to the left as you looked out over the cliff. It was the place that had a long path that would eventually lead down to the bay, but this looked different. There was a green, swampy like area with a forest behind it. One of the guys there brought to our attention that he had seen some huge frogs in the swampy green part. I looked over there and we didn't really see any frogs there, but I had the feeling that they had just been there and they just jumped away. I saw what I guess was one of their footprints, which looked like an impression of one of the blades of the ceiling fan in my den, and about the same size too. Then suddenly I began to see all kinds of animals behind some brush that lined the swampy area. I don't remember seeing any frogs but if I did, they weren't as huge as the ones the guy had seen. I remember seeing rabbits, white and brown ones, that were very large, about the size of big St. Bernards. They frolicked among the forest and then I began seeing other types of giant animals, deer and cougar and maybe some other types of beasts. They were all over-sized, perhaps three to four times their usual size. Then I remember seeing some different type of creature, some animal that walked upright and had the upper body of a bear, but I didn't really get a good look at the lower part of it, although I do remember it was light in color. It's mouth was open in a snarl as it glided through the trees and it scared the shit out of me because this was no animal known to man - this was a monster of some kind. It kind of reminded me of the monster from the movie "Prophecy" but I don't think it was that large. Anyway, I turned and wanted to get out of there just as quick as I could. I guess most everyone else went down to the bay, traveling to the right where dad had bulldozed a path that went to the edge of a cliff then no further, but in this dream the path led all the way down to the beach. I guess I felt I didn't have enough time to go that way, so I jumped over the cliff in front of me and scooted down the steep incline there, sliding down on my feet, running into branches and such to help slow my descent. Then a strange thing happened. Apparently one of the guys that had made it to the beach already knew I was on my way down and was apparently concerned that I was going down by way of the cliff instead of the path he and everyone else had taken, so he levitated me in the air up off the cliff and over the bay below. I was a long ways up in the air and at first I didn't really know what was happening. I looked down and thought that if I suddenly dropped, then I would probably still survive the fall into the water below. I guess I was about a hundred feet in the air. But then I began to curve slowly downward to the end of the path that everyone else took. This guy that was levitating me wanted to deliver me safely to the beach so I would not get hurt trying to get away from the monster. I finally made it to the beach and all of us down there felt an urgent need to get off the shore because we knew the monster was on the way. There was a dock there and it started right where the path came out of the woods. It was a high tide, with barely any of the rocky beach visible. I think I remember running along the dock, trying to decide what the hell to do. Soon we all agreed to get into the water and float away on some things, inner-tubes or boxes or something like that. Before we did, though, Helmer and Petunia said they had to go do something and they ran back into the woods onto the path again. I was concerned because I knew the monster was on its way and this might not be such a good idea. I looked into the woods and saw a white object move from right to left through the foliage. It kind of looked like a sweater but I knew it was supposed to represent the monster or maybe Helmer and Petunia. I turned to look at a guy who had just emerged from the woods, someone who I didn't know, and I asked him if he had seen Helmer and Petunia. He looked confused then shook his head and said that he didn't see anyone in the woods. This told me that the monster probably got Helmer and Petunia because the guy just came off the path and he should have seen them. The next thing I remember is getting onto these strange boxes or whatever they were and begin paddling away with our hands so the monster wouldn't get us. Lisa and I were on one and I think there were about six people on the other one, which was too many, but we had to make do with what we had so we could get away. It was rough riding these things, we were continuing to tumble around and stuff because they weren't made to hold as many people as we had on them. There was one time when Lisa and I tumbled around and water got into our flotation device. We still kept afloat so I knew it wasn't a box because if a cardboard box got wet then it wouldn't still float and hold us up. When we were about a hundred or so feet from shore, I looked back to the dock and saw the guy on the dock still standing there but also with him were two woman, who were suppose to, in this dream, represent the monster. The three of them stood by the edge of the path where it came out of the woods and talked among themselves, apparently not interested in us. I guess the guy on the dock was friends with the monster and would have probably let the monster get us, and I kind of felt that that was his plan. His back was to us but I could see the two woman, although their faces were blank. The one standing furthest along the path and on the dock had shoulder-length auburn hair and was about twenty-five and had a good figure. I really can't remember any features about the other woman, other than she was just standing there. As they talked on the dock/path, the rest of us continued to paddle away, heading towards an island on the other side of the sound, about a mile away. This was Anderson Island, or Fox Island, or one of those damned islands that I recall seeing when I used to walk along that beach, but in this dream I think it was referred to as North Island. As we continued to paddle along the water, I suddenly came in radio contact with a woman who was from a rescue team or something like that. I don't recall holding a radio receiver or microphone or anything like that, but I do remember hearing her voice, which sounded like it was coming through a CB radio. I remember telling the woman that we were paddling towards North Island and she said that it wasn't such a good idea to go the way we were going, that I should for some reason go around the peninsula. I had, at this time, a flash of an image of a peninsula run through my head. I don't know why she wanted us to go that way instead, but I explained to her that we didn't have enough gas in our boats, or inner-tubes, or whatever the hell it was we were floating around in. I told her that we had left the shore and we were paddling towards North Island because of the monster on the shore. She asked if it was my pet and how long I had it and I explained that it was not my pet and that it was some type of monster, a beast which I have never seen the likes of before, and if we stayed on the shore then it would eat us.

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