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November 1994

Nov 1 - Nov 5 - Nov 11 - Nov 24

November 1, 1994

I was asked by the company where I used to work to come in to work for one or two days because someone had called in sick and they wanted me to fill in for them. It was weird, like why would they be calling me? I think it may have been Deidre Sotcheck who called in sick, but if not her, then someone else. The company was in their new building, which was about two to three times larger than the first building they had been in. The first order of the day was a gathering of all the employees at a place that looked like a cafeteria or, if it wasn't a cafeteria, then it resembled one because of the long tables like the ones in the cafeteria in the junior high I attended. We all sat there and I think there was someone who was standing up and talking about the day's events. Who that was, I'm not sure, but it may have been Vasquel Buller. I thought it was odd that all the employees would be sitting at these tables at this meeting when there was work to be done, but then I looked to my left and saw a group of employees sitting and/or standing at a row of benches, kind of like how the old Final Assembly area in that company used to be set up. They were forty feet away, were facing away from us, and were just working away with tools and such like employees possessed. Anyway, as I sat there at this cafeteria-like table and looked out among all the employees, Endora approached me and handed me a plate full of food, being the motherly type that she always is. On the plate was some breakfast stuff, like an omelet and maybe some hash browns and toast and stuff like that. I said that I wasn't hungry and just let the plate sit there and get lost among other plates of food for other employees. Endora left my food there anyway, perhaps thinking I would realize I was hungry and eat it later. I looked around and saw Miranda sitting on the far end of the room across from me. She was wearing dark round sunglasses and a black coat. I glanced at her and even stared for a few seconds once, but if she saw me she made no indication of it. Later I was with Vasquel Buller. He looked the same that he always does. I was telling him that I really didn't know if I could do the job because it's been so long, but everyone acted like they didn't care because they just needed someone who could help out with any purchasing experience they had. When the day starting getting on and it was about ten o'clock and I hadn't done shit yet, I again told Vasquel that I wasn't sure that I could be of any help to them. He said, "Well then, let's take a test shall we?" Apparently he had a test for me to take that would determine if I would be able to tell if I knew what the hell I was doing. When he said this, he was standing behind a counter, like he was in a kitchen and I was on the other side of this bar-like counter. I may have been sitting on a stool. He handed me the test, which was about two or three pages long, and I started working on it. It was strange and had nothing to do with purchasing. It consisted of some drawings of words that were halfway concealed behind horizontal mirrors, therefore the part that was above the mirror reflected on the mirror. I think I was supposed to be able to tell what the word was by looking at it this way. I couldn't decipher any of the words which were about six letters long, but there was one thing I recognized. It was the logo from the rock band Deep Purple, which consisted of the head of the letter P inside the capital letter D, and the tail of the P came down out of the bottom of the D. The logo was halfway concealed by the mirror but I could tell what it was. Why I saw that, I have no idea, because I haven't listened to Deep Purple or seen that logo in probably a year. The entire building of this company was very open, like there were no walls or cubicles or anything, but the building was very clean and bright, mostly white or light colors highlighting everything. I sat at a cafeteria table at the far back right corner of the building and behind me even further was Vasquel Buller. He was fooling with some office equipment or something, like maybe a telephone or rolodex or page punch or something similar. He was having a hell of a time with whatever it was, like it was made wrong. He was stressing out as he wrestled with this thing, and he sat at a counter that lined the back and side wall in this corner of the building. There were papers and stuff strewn about and I got the feeling this was his office area. He said something about how whoever laid this building out did a crappy job because of the spaces for offices and places to sit. Throughout this dream, he always seemed to be stressing out about something, which is what the general atmosphere at that company was. Later on I was sitting in my office, which was the same one I used to have when I was there, only I don't think there was another desk in there, just mine. I was just sitting there when suddenly Miranda walked in. She didn't have her glasses on and she was wearing a red shirt. She said, "Can you pull this?" and she pointed towards something that was hanging from the ceiling of my office. It was like a handle or lever and it was supposed to be a fan or an air conditioning control of some kind, so when you pulled it it would get cooler. Miranda asked me to pull it because it was near the ceiling and I guess she asked me, to suggest she couldn't pull it because she wasn't tall enough. To contradict this, she reached up and touched the handle as if to indicate where it was that she wanted me to pull. This told me that she really didn't need to ask me to pull it, that she just said that because she wanted to make conversation. Then she looked at me and said, "Want to see what I did to a piece of equipment" She was referring to some equipment at where I work now and when she said this, her face turned red and she was almost laughing, like she was in a good mood but slightly embarrassed for showing it so much. She may have referenced some other equipment as well. She indicated for me to follow her so I did. We walked out of my office and I saw her go to the left. The next thing I knew, we were outside and were at a place where some construction was going on. There was big hole in the ground, about twenty feet square and ten feet deep, and apparently this was what Miranda meant by the equipment she had worked on. I found myself in the hole and there was a dark mound of dirt in the center of the hole and a shovel nearby. I picked up the shovel and dug a few spadefuls of earth then tossed them aside. There were some other people around, construction workers or other employees, but I can't remember them, just that they were there. After I dug the dirt, I handed the shovel to Miranda as if to say "There you go", like I had showed her how to do it and now she needed to continue. I began walking away and realized that this construction was something for other employees to do that they could get paid for, and now Miranda was doing it. She smiled at me slyly as I walked away, as if telling me that she wanted me to stay and couldn't believe I was leaving, but I acted like I wasn't interested and had a job to do. I walked on and remember seeing a rickety barbed wire fence that separated the construction area from a parking lot or some other asphalt type surface. There were probably some bulldozers or other similar equipment there, one of them blocking my view of the barbed wire fence as it went on to the right, but I can't remember what they were or what they looked like.

November 5, 1994

I saw some people riding bicycles along a dirt mountain path. I don't think I was one of the riders, I just saw them. There was one spot in particular where I remember seeing them. One biker stood out as I saw him round a corner on the side of the mountain and turn downward to the right, then out of sight around the side of the mountain. The view I had was like I was standing just five feet away from the corner he rounded. He wore a helmet like all good bicyclists do. It was one of those half-head white jobbee thingies that you always see bikers wear riding along the street. I remember seeing the tires of several bikers as they rounded different corners and also as they rounded corners on light brown colored dirt roads. As they skidded at fast rates around the corners, they turned their front tires towards the cliff edge, away from the direction they were going, and I've seen motorcyclists do this before and have never really quite grasped the physics behind that.
I saw a small, black pig, like a pygmy pig that reminded me of Blueberry, the small pig we used to have that died that lived on the farm on the top of South Hill. It had six legs, which was strange, and I think it stood up on its hind legs once and the four legs in front were like hind legs and the other two were back legs. There was a scene where I was standing out in a rocky field, like the one at the elementary school I attended, and the pig was on the other end of the field. There was someone standing by it, but I don't know who. The pig started running away from that person and towards me. They were fifty feet away. I remember watching it as it ran towards me, kind of weaving, and I was thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to catch this pig once it got near me, but to my surprise, when it got near me I was able to grab it easily. It wiggled as I held it and it felt like any small pig would; solid and muscular. Then it got weird. The underside of this pig didn't have much hair on it. Then, the pig's underside took on the appearance of a beautiful woman's body. It had perfectly-shaped legs and gorgeous breasts and it's stomach was skinny and shaped perfectly. It was weird because the pig's woman body was still dark, almost black, and still had that sparse hair on it like it did before it looked like a woman. The top side of the pig looked normal, just like a pig, it was just underneath that looked like a woman. The six legs were still there, so it didn't have women arms. I think the pig may have been larger when you turned it over and saw the women parts, almost to full size, but then again maybe it didn't. Weird.

November 11, 1994

I was at a place, like a party or something, and I was in a band with someone else, probably Charles. We were the only two people in the band. I played the guitar and sang while Chris did the drums and keyboard shit. I'm not sure who the other people were, but there were about ten to twenty people other than myself and Charles, maybe more. The first time Charles and I played, I don't remember, but I do remember afterward. I saw the two of us walking out of a backstage area, and I was pretty winded, like I had just run a mile or something. It reminded me of Van Halen's pictures of themselves on their first album cover on the inside jacket. Apparently we had kicked ass and we sounded real good and blew the audience away. Some stuff happened but I can't recall what, and after it happened, Charles and I decided to play again. Before we did, we talked about how good we had sounded the last time we had played, and Charles mentioned about how we should be in a band, not just for this party, but all the time. Anyway, the second time we played, it was awkward. There was an audience to the right of me, about ten people or so standing up at the end of the room we were in which could have been a garage of some type. I think there was a door just to the left of the people with glass in the top of it. The door led to an outside and I think it was daylight outside. When Charles and I started to get ready to play, we realized that we had some work to do before we could start playing. I sat in a chair and looked towards the wall that had the door in it. Charles and I just wanted to start playing, but then we realized we had some work to do first. My amp was to the left of me and was squeezed next to my left leg, held in position there by a drum set or some other equipment. I kept trying to move it out so the sound coming from it wouldn't be blocked by my legs, but I never did get it out in the open. Also, I realized that I didn't have a microphone, so Charles searched for one and found one behind his drum set somewhere to my left. The mike stand that the microphone was supposed to be in was broken. The clamp that held the mike in was broken, the right half snapped off and lost somewhere, so I found some electrical tape and used a piece about a foot and a half long to strap the mike in. I don't remember actually playing, but I have a vision of strumming the beginning to Dominance and Submission on my guitar, and it sucked. I did all right until I hit the C sharp seventh, then the note kind of twanged and didn't sound too good. I began to wonder why we sounded like shit this time when the last time we were so good.
I was on a staircase, like those at the high school I attended. I was going down a second flight of steps when I saw three pictures on the wall, each one just a tad bit lower than the one before, giving the effect that they were all the same height above the steps as they went down. The pictures were eight by tens and I think they were in black and white. I don't remember what the first one looked like, but the second one was a picture of myself and someone else, just our faces from the neck up. The third one was just of the person who was with me in the first picture, like a close-up shot you get done when you're in school. It was at that time that I had the feeling I was being watched, so I turned around and there was the person who was in the pictures with me, standing on the steps above me and just staring at me. The person looked exactly the same as they did in the picture. I told the person that I thought that someone was behind me and it was odd how I didn't hear anything, I just knew.

November 24, 1994

I was with some people doing something, but it was really vague and I can't remember the people or what we were doing. I finally left the place I was at and was driving around on a motorcycle. For some reason, I was completely naked as I raced around on this motorcycle. I remember driving around the cul-de-sac in Peter Peckster's old neighborhood. I recall driving around the back corner of the cul-de-sac and was turning around the corner to again come out to the street that would lead me out of the neighborhood. I think the back tire of the motorcycle spun and slid as I rounded the corner, but I didn't fall. As I rounded that corner and was again on the straight stretch of street, the street was different suddenly. Instead of what it used to look like, it now resembled a narrow one- or two-lane road that was bordered by some swampy ground on either side. The road reminded me of the streets out at Ocean Shores, although it didn't necessarily look like them. As I was driving along this road, someone in a pickup truck suddenly pulled out of a side street behind me and started chasing me. I think whoever was after me was someone I had met earlier in this dream but now I can't remember who it was. I was concerned they would catch me but then a cop car pulled out behind the pickup truck with its lights on. The cop ended up pulling the pickup truck over and I was worried the cop would pull me over as well, seeing as how I was naked, but he just pulled the pickup truck over. Therefore, I managed to escape the scene and whoever it was in the pickup never got to me.

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