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November 1995

Nov 2 - Nov 9 - Nov 10 - Nov 18 - Nov 25 - Nov 26 - Nov 30

November 2, 1995

I saw the patient from a show called "Operation" on The Learning Channel that I watched on Halloween night. It was a person who was having a face lift done. I couldn't tell from watching the show if it was a man or woman, but in my dream it was an older lady of around sixty years old. She was awake after the operation and I must say that she looked rather ugly. I began to think that perhaps the operation was for plastic surgery to make her look better rather than a face lift. The woman had some kind of deformed nose and skin and I felt that even though she didn't look very attractive that she at least looked better than she did before the operation. The woman had light orange colored hair, and was so light colored that it was almost white. I remember seeing her walking about fifteen feet in front of me and she was smiling. I then realized that some of the deformities on her face were actually globs of cotton that had been put on after the operation, kind of to act like bandages or gauze, I suppose. I think someone, maybe herself, began pulling the cotton off her face to start revealing her real skin underneath.
I was in a place, I think it was outside. I was with some people but I only remember one guy in particular. He was about five foot nine and had short dark hair but I can't recall who he looked like. He was being a real obnoxious smart-ass. I'm not sure what his problem was, but he was saying things to me like Fuck and Shit and then pushing me hard after every time he said something dirty. I started getting pretty mad naturally so I started fighting back. I grabbed him and began slamming his head against a wall, and I was surprised at how easy it was for me to overpower this guy and beat the crap out of him. I'm not sure why I was surprised I could beat him up, probably because he talked like he was real tough and I was surprised that anyone who talked like and did the things he did would not be able to defend himself when it came time to pay for what he was saying and doing. I remember being able to see over his head, which told me I was taller, and once I started beating him up and slamming his head against the wall, I kept going and I did a pretty thorough job. There were some onlookers but again, I can't remember them. Later on I was in a house on the second floor. The house was shaped kind of like a barn. I looked out the second story window, which was big like a hayloft window, and I could see the guy I beat up walking out in the driveway area there. There were people in this house with me and I told them what I had done, that I had beat that guy up. The guy was apparently on his way up to the second floor also. I had the feeling he knew the people I was with and wanted to tell them. He poked his head up a square hole in the floor which I think was the way up to this second floor. It reminded me of the hole I saw from the first floor when Ned Gauntlet grabbed the eggs from behind a guy that stood on a second story inside a barn on a Halloween party when I was about fourteen. Anyway, the guy I beat up was smiling, talking and laughing about stuff and acted like he didn't get beat up at all. He looked pretty good too, his face free of any bruises or scratches. He was talking to the other people in the room, yukking it up with them as he continued to stand halfway up and halfway down in this hole. Finally the guy and I had a few words and, being the kind-hearted son of a bitch that I am, I reached out with my left hand to grab his hand in a handshake. He continued smiling and laughing and grabbed my hand back. We then shook and I gently slapped the back of his hand with my free hand (my right), as if to say "Hey let's let bygones be bygones and be friends." We were after that.

November 9, 1995

I went to a jewelry store to buy Lisa a necklace. I don't remember driving there but I know that I drove the Mazda MPV we own. Although I can't remember, I feel that in the beginning of this dream I discussed with Lisa what kind of a necklace she wanted. It had to be a flat solid gold necklace rope with a diamond weight of around a half to one full carat and the diamond had to be flat, not sticking out too far above the surface of the necklace. There was a woman in the store and she started showing me different necklaces. She showed me some that had different intertwined designs and were kind of round, not flat, so I told her that "Nope, those won't do." She also showed me a flat rope gold necklace but the diamond pendant on it was too large and was like a small pebble. I then explained to her exactly what I wanted, that it had to be a flat rope necklace and had to be so many carats gold and had to have a diamond that didn't stick too far out above the surface of the necklace. The woman, as well as some other woman who was standing at the counter to the right of me who I don't think was an employee but a customer, were impressed that even though I was a guy, I knew exactly what I wanted and had stated it with confidence. After I stated what I was looking for, the woman to my right, who was older, in her fifties perhaps, and reminded me of one of Lisaís Great Grandmotherís sisters that live in California, kind of slightly smiled and nodded and commented in a raspy voice something like, "Oh you want that kind..." The woman who worked behind the counter then showed me some flat rope gold necklaces but they were too short. I told her that I needed one that was eighteen to twenty-two inches long. The one she showed me was around eight inches long. After it was apparent that what I needed wasn't at the counter where the woman was, she told me that I should look in a cabinet/box-like thing that resembled Lisa's jewelry box. It was further back in the store by a wall that stuck out. I was then at it and rummaging through its contents. The location of this jewelry box was such that when I stood at it, the counter where the woman was, was in front of me about fifteen to twenty feet and off to the left about five feet. The jewelry box was against a wall, maybe on a shelf of some kind, and the edge of the wall ended right where the box was so I could see the counter I was just at, but not the store to the right of the counter because the wall the jewelry box is on blocked my view. Anyway, I'm going through this jewelry box thing, pulling out the drawers and looking at the different necklaces and bracelets and things like that. After a few minutes I discover that what I am looking for is not there. There was a rectangle-like thing that was a pin of some kind that was square-shaped, but it was of a unicorn/carousel horse made of ceramic or some other type of jewelry substance. I wanted to buy it since I couldn't find the necklace I was looking for. I turned the unicorn/carousel thing over and saw the price on a little square sticker thing. The price was $50.00 and I thought this was too much, so I wasn't going to buy it. I think I didn't buy it because if I did, then that would be fifty dollars less I would have when I found the necklace I was looking for, and buying the horse pendant would make me not have enough money. Also, on the back of the horse pendant was someone's paycheck stub. It was stuck to the pendant, like it was actually part of the piece of jewelry and the edges of it were torn and/or worn to fit the shape of the pendant. On the paycheck stub was information such as wages and shit like that. I saw the gross pay of the check and it was $312.00 and the net pay was $109.12. When I saw this I realized that this employee does not make much and I should be thankful for what I got. The paycheck stub belonged to one of the employees at the jewelry store, but I don't know which one nor do I know why it was attached to the back of the pendant/pin I was looking at. I didn't get the pendant but I did leave the store. I mentioned that what I was looking for wasn't here. I told this to a woman who worked there, but she wasn't the first woman I talked to. I don't know who this woman was, but I do know that she was about five foot six, had long black hair and was in her mid-twenties to thirty years old. I told her I was going and she said something like, "Okay Keith Partridge." She called me that because my hair and beard was growing and I was starting to look like a hippie, I suppose. I walked out of the store and was walking across the parking lot towards my MPV, which was about ten rows of parking spaces away and facing to the right. As I walked towards it, I passed a guy in a large pickup truck on my left. The man had short hair and looked to be in his forties. The pickup truck looked like Lisa's folks big Ford model. I don't think the man looked at me. He was looking to the right down the highway to see if it was OK to pull out and drive away. The driveway out of the parking lot that he was on had large boulders on it. The truck was sitting on these boulders and the large back tires were just able to stay on the rocks because they were large and the truck had good clearance. A regular sized vehicle would not have been able to make it out of the lot. It reminded me of that commercial where a Blazer or some other type of similar vehicle drove over a driveway with a wall of rocks in the way to scale. I remember seeing the truck teeter up and down as the back tires just managed to grab hold of some of the rocks' surfaces. The store I had been in was located in the place where that restaurant is that Betty, Lisa and I ate in that's by that intersection to the right of the Tacoma Mall. I think that since this store didn't have the pendant I was looking for, then I was going to drive to the mall to look for it. After observing the man in his pickup, I continued to walk towards my MPV but don't remember reaching it.

November 10, 1995

I was at a job service type of place, like an unemployment office. There was also someone else with me but I can't remember who. I was looking for work and had somehow gotten information about a custodian job. When I mentioned to the person that I was with that I was going to see about getting this custodian job, he (or she) seemed disappointed that it was me that was going for the job and not them. The job was at some place called Munderson or something like that. I remember seeing the word Menderun along with some other word engraved in a piece of large rectangular stone, about two and a half feet high and four feet long and eight inches thick. It was like a sign, a marker, that you would see when entering a building. I started wondering about my hair and beard and if I should get them cut for the interview. I was also wondering if I should wear a suit and tie. The next thing I remember is walking up some steps alongside the Menderson (or whatever) building. They were steps along the right side of the building. There may have been a rod iron railing there as well. Well, I entered the office of Menderson and there was a waiting type of area there. Immediately I remember that I forgot something, I think my resume, so I left the office. There was someone in the office, a woman I think, and I wondered what she thought of me coming in then immediately leaving without saying a word. I walked back to my vehicle, which may have been my MPV, and I kept going over in my head how I should conduct myself at the interview and what I should say.

November 18, 1995

I was in a theater like the kind at the high school downtown. I was sitting in the balcony. I can't recall what was happening on the stage, but there were a lot of people in this theater and we were all there to join up for the Navy to get recruited. Jethro was there. I was having doubts about joining the Navy so I asked Jethro just what we were going to do when we got out of the Navy, like being in the Navy's fine, but what about when we get out - what then? I was trying to say that maybe we should try to do something with ourselves now to get ahead in life instead of joining the Navy and then trying to do it when we get out. People were walking around and doing stuff, as Jethro did, so I was mostly sitting by myself. Once I was looking to the left at something and someone to my right touched me. I looked and saw that the person who grabbed me was Gerry. There was someone, a friend of his, sitting on the other side of him, but I can't remember anything about him other than he was a guy and a friend of Gerry's. A little while later I was still sitting there, and Tina Spanks walked up to me between the rows of seats. I knew she was Tina Spanks, but she looked just like the actress Winona Rider, short black hair and her face was Winona's all the way. However, she was Tina Spanks in spite of all that. Why? I don't know. This is a dream man, OK? She was smiling at me as she walked towards me. Later, I was outside this building and from the outside it kind of reminded me of a church, like the one just down the street from me. I was walking along a cement walkway towards the church and I noticed Sarah walking towards me from the right. She was on the grass, off the walkway, so I walked on the grass to go meet her. I got the feeling that I wasn't supposed to walk on the grass, but I didn't care. Sarah had something in her hands and it was a present of some kind that she wanted to give to me, from her to me. I think she may have been wearing one of her dresses and wearing a bonnet, the one with the red ribbon around the brim. Sarah handed me the present and I think that at first it looked like a box wrapped loosely in flowered-colored paper with a white background wrapping. When I finally held it, though, it was a bouquet of flowers. I was happy for the gift. The next thing I recall is walking along the cement walkway towards the church. There was a girl in front of me, a chick that was probably in her teens and she was wearing a dress and had long golden brown hair but I don't know who she was. She was walking in front of me and she came to a small ladder in the walkway that had three rungs in it. It went up because the walkway sloped down and wasn't level with the rest of the walkway which was higher. I looked at it and wondered why the walkway was made this way, why it wasn't made the same height so you wouldn't have to climb up this ladder to continue walking along it. The ladder was made of pale yellow rope and had round brown wooden rungs tied into it. The girl in front of me bent down to grab hold of the ladder with her hands so she could climb it. I looked up and saw in front of me, maybe on the lawn or on the walkway in front of me, that Tina Spanks/Winona Rider chick again. She was smiling and walking towards me.
I was on an airplane, sitting at the window seat. The plane was still on the ground and wasn't moving, as though I had just boarded and sat down and was waiting for take-off. I was facing to the right and had my Zenith laptop in my lap and was looking at my "MAX" story that I'm presently editing. The story was on the first page, where the title and introduction and shit like that was. I remember seeing the spaces between the lines and the ruler characters. I was looking at myself as if I was standing in the aisle. I looked out the window and I could see what was happening in the town that I guess I was just in. I could see a bunch of people wearing bright red clothing or shirts. Some of these were soldiers of some kind and they were standing outside a building about the size of a McDonald's. They were beating up a group of people that were either standing by the building, or that had just come out of the building. Among these people was Charles, and he was getting beat up pretty bad. I can't remember exactly what these soldiers were doing to him, but it looked like the soldiers were going to kill him if the beating didn't stop soon. Not hesitating for one second, I jumped out of my seat on the plane and ran off the plane and started running through the town to where Charles was. The scene from the airplane was about a mile away, so I don't know how I saw it so clearly, but I did. Anyway, as I ran down one street on the way to Charles, I passed a huge hole in the street. It was square and was twenty feet long and ten feet wide. I think it may have been the cover to something, like a large manhole. As I ran to the right of it and up onto the sidewalk to avoid falling into it, I glanced into its hole and saw some metal bars running vertically along the hole's length. I didn't look for long, I just caught a glimpse. There was a person or two walking along the sidewalk but I ignored them and continued running, wondering why the hell there was such a huge hole in the middle of the street that was big enough for cars to fall into. As I got closer to the spot where Charles was getting beat up, I started wondering just what the hell I was going to do when I got there. At first, I thought of walking up to these soldiers or whoever they were and beating the holy shit out of them, but the closer I got to the actual scene, the more I realized that it would be very unlikely for me to do something like that because there were about six of them and only one of me. As I finally arrived at the scene, I slowed my running and eventually stopped altogether. The soldiers had for some reason stopped beating Charles and whoever else he was with, and Charles was pleading with them to not hurt him anymore. I remember him saying something like, "I didn't know that I don't know anything I didn't do anything I wasn't doing anything!!!" He spoke every fast and as he did, an old woman, a lady in her sixties or seventies, stood with her hands on her hips and watched as Charles pleaded. She was like the mean bitch leader of the soldiers. I pictured her as a heartless Nazi woman who didn't give a shit about these pieces of human shit before her. I got the feeling that no matter how much Charles pleaded that she was going to end up having him done away with anyway, and that she was just waiting for him to stop pleading and begging so she could end his life. I couldn't see her face because she was facing away from me and looking at Charles. She had tall gray hair, kind of like Lisaís Grandmother's, only gray. The soldiers dissipated but there were three of them to the left of me, lined up against the edge of the street. They were facing to the left, looking at something beyond a fence that lined the street, but then the soldiers turned about face and were facing to the right. The first one was ten or fifteen feet away from me and the others were spaced ten feet apart from him. The three snapped to attention after doing an about face and just looked out in front of them, motionless and silent.

November 25, 1995

I lived in the forest and was some kind of jungle man. The woods I lived in were dark and mucky and had a lot of swamps and muck all around. The woods in this dream kind of reminded me of the woods that we had to walk through to get from our cabin to the waterfront at the property my parents owned at Case Inlet. There is a lot about this dream I don't remember, but one of the first things I recall is climbing out of some water and walking along the shore. The shore was covered with a black substance that was like oil. The shore had a bunch of egg-shaped objects on them, and I think they actually were eggs. It was a small shore, and the oil only went as far as the woods, which were ten feet from the water. The egg things were round and were covered with barnacles or something like that. The woods surrounding this water were mainly thin, tall trees and there were a lot of them. I think I was trying to walk carefully, like I didn't want to crunch any of the eggs. As I walked closer to the woods, I think there was a man off to the left of me, but I can't remember who that was. Throughout this dream I spent a lot of time doing things in these woods but I can't remember what. One time I was walking my way through some brush and towards a small body of water that reminded me of one of the pools you see as you hike down the Mashell River after the big waterfall. I think there was about three people, like a family picnicking or something, sitting on the opposite shore to the right. I don't know if they saw me or not. As I approached the water I realized that I was in a hurry because there was someone behind me and I think he was trying to find me or get me. This someone was a young boy that reminded me of "Boy", Tarzan's son. I heard him approaching and as I got into the water to get away, I heard him call out, "Maaaaxxx! I know you're there!" At that point I dove into the water to get away but I realized that the water wasn't very deep at that point, a shelf of rocks at ninety degree angles protruding at three feet under the water. I swam further out and I found some deeper water beyond this flat shelf or rocks. I swam far into the depths but I think that Boy also swam in after me. He wasn't intent on hurting me or anything like that, he just wanted to know where I was at. It was as though we were friends and I was just trying to get away like we were playing tag.

November 26, 1995

I was at a place where a woman was a Literary Agent and I may have been thinking about having her as my own agent (for writing). There were other people around, like it was an office or place of business, but I can only clearly remember the one woman. She had short black hair and reminded me of the woman who gave me my birthday massage that Lisa arranged for me. I'm pretty sure it was her and she showed no signs of recognizing me. I almost told her that she looked familiar and saying "Aren't you the one who gave me my massage?" but I never did. We were discussing who my present agent is and I told her who it was. She said that her agency was local and I got the feeling that she wanted me to submit my work through her. She had several manuscripts in her hand, short stories they looked like. I saw the front pages of them and they looked just like stories I would submit, with the title in the center of the page, then a few spaces for the byline, then the story itself. I also saw at the top of the front pages blocks of letters that were probably the author's addresses. I had the feeling that this agent didn't charge $100 for a reading fee but I never did ask that either. The woman mentioned something about how the writer's she represented got a massage and she showed me a place that had lots of lotions and stuff on counters, and maybe there was a bed in the middle where a person would lie. It was like a fringe benefit or option or something like that for all the writer's she represents.

November 30, 1995

I saw a large person who was ten feet tall. I referred to him as the giant, as I think did everyone else. I don't recall all the details, but this giant person was a mean guy, maybe someone who wanted to kill me and whoever else may have been with me. I remember seeing Hercules and he tried to slay the giant but was unable to. Hercules looked just like you would picture a burly, he-man type of cartoon superhero. He had black hair that curled at the ends as it reached his shoulder blades at his back. He looked more cartoon than real. I can't remember what it was he tried to do to the giant but it didn't work and then Hercules was gone, or he just didn't try any more. It seemed like it was up to me. Something had happened to the giant because he was lying on his back with his eyes closed. Maybe something Hercules did temporarily wounded him or the giant just fell and conked his head. Anyway, I was playing with a solid metal rod like the kind I got from dad that's about six feet long. I had it in my hands for some reason, like I was working and that was my tool. I walked over to the giant and I thrust the metal bar into him. I was trying to hit his chest where his heart was, but I missed for some reason and hit another part of his body, like maybe his stomach or leg or arm. I tried twice but still missed his chest and I was worried this would wake the giant. It didn't though and finally, on the third try, I was able to lunge the metal rod deep into the giantís chest, right where his heart was. I can't remember anything else, but I'm sure this killed the giant and I think I was looked upon as a hero.

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