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November 1998

Nov 3 - Nov 8 - Nov 12 - Nov 23 - Nov 26

November 3, 1998

I was walking around downtown with Cindy Breck. It was a nice, sunny day. We came across a convertible with the top down, parked alongside the road and apparently this was Cindyís car. The convertible reminded me of one of those old Bonnevilleís, about a 1962 model, with tail fins that just wouldnít quit. As we walked up to it to get in, I viewed this from the front right fender area, from ten feet in the air. I wasnít sure at first whether or not I was supposed to get into the driverís side or the passengerís side, but as I watched I saw Cindy walk to the driverís side door and reach down for the handle so this showed me by God that I was due to sit in the passengerís side. I donít really remember getting in the car but I do remember Cindy getting in. When she did, it was then that I noticed that her car was filled with dirt all the way to the top of the door where the bottom of the window started, although the windows were rolled down. Cindy got into her car and then managed to completely worm her way through the dirt and submerge the lower half of her body into the topsoil as she sat in the driverís seat. She didnít act like her car filled with dirt was anything strange and I didnít ask. I do think that I did actually sit in the car myself and sat in the dirt next to Cindy. As we sat there, covered in dirt from the chest down as we sat, I noticed someone walking towards us from the right front of the car, from the same position I had viewed Cindy first approaching her car. There was a raised cement ledge with level ground at the same level as the top of the cement, stretching back beyond to the city out there. It reminded me of a park. On this raised piece of earth was a person walking towards us. As he got closer I could tell that it was my boss, Jonathan Smiles. He may have said something to us but if he did, I canít remember it. The next thing I recall is being in the house where I grew up on top of South Hill. I was sleeping in the downstairs bedroom where Charles and I used to sleep. I woke up and then looked at a clock and saw it was 7:15 A.M. Since I had to be at work by 7:00, I was obviously late. I guess Cindy had slept in the house as well but she was nowhere around. I had the feeling that she had her own alarm clock and had set it before going to bed, therefore she wasnít late for work but I was because my clock didnít go off, or I forgot to set it. I got out of bed and when I did I discovered that there was a green, sticky substance all over the floor. When I stepped in it I had the feeling that it ate away at my feet, like it was slightly corrosive. It reminded me of that large can of soap or detergent that Charles spilled when we worked at that restaurant in 1981 and it covered the floor and ate away at his feet. I then went about putting towels down all over the place so I could walk on the floor without getting eaten alive. After that, I went to take a shower in the same shower that is actually in that house in the downstairs bathroom.

November 8, 1998

A lot happened in this dream, but I only remember what happened at the end. There were some people that were after me for some reason, and they wanted to kill me. There was a house with a flat roof that reminded me of the house that Charles, Bob and I jammed on top of at a party once as the spectators watched from down below. Anyway, on this roof were rows upon rows of bricks stacked upon one another. There were around fifteen rows total. These bricks looked like your normal bricks except that in the middle of them were hyphen marks that make me think of the dash mark that can be made by hitting that key next to the "0"(zero) on a keyboard. For some reason these bricks with their little hyphens in them represented bullets that were going to shoot at me, and anyone else that may have been on the lam with me. I was desperate at this point and, as I find that I often do in dreams, I searched for any kind of miracle to get out of this unpleasant situation, and voila! I found one! There was a thin rope that was somehow connected to the brick wall and I pulled on it. When I did, it brought the bricks tumbling down. Behind the wall of bricks were the bad guys that were after me and when I pulled on the rope, the bricks tumbled over backwards and onto the bad guys. I remember seeing one or two of the bad guys on the right hand side of the back of the wall. They looked up in surprise with wide eyes as the bricks fell onto them.

November 12, 1998

I was driving towards the entrance to Mountain Rainier. When I was about one hundred feet away to the large log horizontally above the road twenty feet that had carved onto it the words Mt. Rainier National Park, I started noticing lots of creatures that resembled those arachnid monsters from the movie Starship Troopers. They were swarming all over the road and blocked the entrance to the mountain. There must have been at least a hundred of them. I remember looking to the left at the place where there is a little cabin up in the woods right there that you see as you drive out of the mountain and there were those arachnids swarming all around that area too. I never did feel any fear about being among these, whether it was because I was in a car or I just didnít think they would hurt me, Iím not sure which. It got so bad that I was unable to penetrate their masses, so I had to turn around and leave. The next thing I recall is driving into a mountain park again, but I donít think it was Mountain Rainier this time. The road I drove on was a two lane blacktop and I think there was a lake on the left hand side. I started passing tree after tree, then more and more trees, just like telephone poles lining the road. Standing by each tree that I passed was a bear, probably black bears, and I started getting concerned that there were so many bears around. Eventually I came to a place where I figured it was OK to get out of the van or truck or whatever it was I was driving. This area I was in didnít look anything like Mountain Rainier, but there were some sparse woods and a hill up to the left about twelve feet high. There were other members of my family there with me: Ron, Hannah, Sarah and William. In this area, there were bears all over the place and I was scared to death that these animals would eat or kill us. I noticed that I was still sitting in my van when I looked out the back window and saw a bear walk by Ron. I was worried the thing was going to kill Ron but it just walked by and harmlessly nudged him. It was around this time I noticed that these bears were not really bears at all. They appeared to be half human and half bear and they wore clothes. What they actually were, I have no idea. There was one bear/human/thing that was a woman and she looked right at me.
There were a couple of thin wires, about the width of E strings on a guitar, stuck in between my upper two front teeth. I pulled at them to get them out and it really hurt. As I pulled them (they were around two feet long) out from between my teeth, I felt them grind into the sides of my teeth and I was worried about what kind of damage they had done.

November 23, 1998

I was driving a motorcycle and Jethro was sitting behind me as my passenger. I whizzed along windy roads going up and I came to realize that I was on Mountain Rainier. Soon I got to a place and I stopped for a while. Jethro and I got off my motorcycle and I saw that we were in the parking lot at Paradise, the Visitorís Center place on Mountain Rainier. I had parked my bike on the side of the road in the same spot where I had to park the last time William, Sarah and myself went there, on the outskirts of the main parking lot because the main parking lot was full and there was nowhere else to park. After a while I told Jethro that I was leaving and he could stay if he wanted, but I really needed to go. He was waiting around for someone to feed him, as if there was someone there that would do such a thing. He walked up to picnic table that was right by the entrance to the trail that William, Sarah and I have hiked down to Narada Falls many times. There really isnít a picnic table there in real life but there was one in this dream. Sitting at the table was a family. I particularly remember a man, which was probably the father, sitting on the seat that made his back to me. I saw his head turn towards Jethro as he approached. Jethro grabbed a pizza that was sitting on the picnic table. The pizza, apparently, was the familyís food for their picnic but Jethro had somehow managed to convince them to give him a few pieces. He brought them back to me. I was standing there next to my motorcycle and also sitting there was my Nissan pickup. I guess I had driven both the Nissan and the motorcycle there. I grabbed what was left of the pizza from Jethro and took it back to the family at the picnic table because Jethro and I werenít going to eat it all. On the way to the family at the picnic table, I think I may have taken a bite out of one of the pieces of pizza because, well hey why not? The pizza had a lot of cheese and there were pepperoni slices on it. After giving the pizza back to the family, I walked back to my pickup, motorcycle and Jethro, but my Nissan was gone. I guess Jethro had driven it away, and I was left with my motorcycle. I got on it and was going to try starting it up but the tires of the bike were right on the edge of the asphalt. As I jiggled around on the seat of my bike, the tires slid off onto the dirt there by the side of the road. Then there was a man there talking to me suddenly and he told me that he had a motorcycle that he was sure could beat mine in a race. I told him, "Oh yeah?" and I assured him that my motorcycle could certainly beat his. I even had a course in mind we could race. It was a windy course, probably the road down the side of the mountain.
I was in a house with a person who I cannot remember. I had the feeling I was dreaming so I pinched myself as hard as I could. I could not feel the pinch, so I then realized that I was indeed dreaming. There was a door so I opened it and on the other side were a bunch of people.

November 26, 1998

I was sitting in an airport terminal type of place that actually looked more like a bus terminal than an airport terminal, but airport it was. There were some papers with me that referred to my liquidating business and I was shuffling through them. One of the letters referred to some hockey jerseys I was trying to sell, and another letter referred to some latex caulking I was trying to sell. These letters were from companies I was trying to sell my stuff to. The letter for the latex caulking stated that the caulking was not a product they were interested in and therefore they could not do business with me. Another letter dealt with the hockey jerseys and the company stated in the letter that they would agree to buy them for one cent. That price of one cent may have also been mentioned on the latex caulking letter. There was also something on these letters that stated that I must return the"T" before a certain time for their company to acknowledge a response from me. The T was meant to represent the letter I was holding in my hand, so returning the T meant to return the letter. The T, as it was indicated on the letter, was written as a block letter T, not just a thin horizontal line intersected by a thin vertical one. There were also letters on the letter that represented days of the week, you know, like M for Monday and Tu for Tuesday and W for Wednesday and so on and so forth all the way to Sa for Saturday. Several of these days of the week letters were also circled, and I guess that meant that the letter (the T) had to be back by a certain day of the week. I crumpled up one of these nicely typed letters and tossed it, but then I realized that if I wanted to keep track of shit then I needed to file that puppy. Suddenly I was on the phone talking to a woman who worked at the place where I was trying to sell these jerseys and caulking. Then, she was actually in the airport/bus terminal with a man at her side. We all got along great and began discussing things that had nothing to do with liquidating. The woman, who I picture as someone with straight black hair cut right at chin level, was trying to guess the population of the city I lived in. Before she made a guess, I went outside the airport terminal to find a sign that actually displayed the population of the city in which we were in. I walked outside and realized I was on the bottom of South Hill, right by that restaurant where I used to work at in 1981 and 1982. I walked out onto Meridian Avenue and went across the street, walking under an overpass that crossed horizontally over Meridian. I had to backtrack up the road a ways because I knew there was a sign there that displayed what the population of the city was. I saw the sign posted on the overpass above and it said the population was 14,400. I guess the woman had originally guessed 15,000 then she changed her mind and guessed 10,000. The guy that was with her, someone who was tall and had shoulder length scraggly brown hair and wore an overcoat, guessed 5,000.

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