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November 1999

Nov 4 - Nov 10 - Nov 14 - Nov 16

November 4, 1999

I was in a building that reminded me of the bar that my dad used to own. I was standing at the end of the bar and at the place where the hallway to the outside and the parking lot out back was. There were some other people there, I suppose, but I can only clearly remember myself. I watched myself as I was standing there in the darkened atmosphere of a bar. I was facing towards the bar with my back towards the hallway and in the ceiling just in front and above me there was a hole one foot round that light crept through. I remember seeing my face as tiny things drifted down through the light rays and into the bar atmosphere. At first these appeared to be things like dust particles or some other small type of thing that you can usually see drifting among the bright rays of light filtering into a dark room. The light rays angled down towards me and soon I realized that the small things in the sunlight were not dust particles or anything like that but rather, they were little people just inches high. What their purpose was or where they came from, I don't know, but that's what they were; little people. They were like fairies, drifting down from the sky and infiltrating the world of us regular-sized folks. I have the feeling that they were there for some magical purpose but I couldn't tell you what that was. The next thing I remember is standing inside a wooden structure of some kind. It was a square box constructed of wooden planks that were six feet high. I stood inside this wooden box made up of gray, weathered wood that was located at the edge of a forest. As I stood inside there I looked up and again saw little people begin floating down from the sky towards me. I think I tried reaching them but some of them fell outside the box I was in so I think I grabbed the side of the box and lifted myself up. One little person fell onto the ledge of my box. It was a little man, maybe four inches tall. He regarded me only momentarily, his expression suggesting he was neither afraid nor cared about me in the least. To him, drifting down from the sky and landing next to me seemed as boring and nonchalant as anything else. He landed on the ledge and as I watched him he regarded me noncommittally then hung over the edge of the box and dropped to the forest floor, then he ran off. Obviously he had an agenda to keep and wasn't going to waste any time dilly-dallying around. Later I was running along somewhere but I don't know where that was. It could have been in a building, it could have been out in the woods. I was following a guy but I don't know who he was. As I ran behind him, little people continued descending from the sky around us. I grabbed one and realized for a minute how fragile these little tykes were and knew I could easily pull one to pieces if I so chose. I handled this little guy and flung him effortlessly through the air in front of me. I think I may have caught him as I continued running and I wondered if I hurt him by the way I handled him.

November 10, 1999

I worked at a Wendy's restaurant; I think the same one that Lisa used to work at many years ago. I was a waiter there, which is strange because Wendy's, as far as I know, don't have waiters. I didn't feel that strange having a job like this although I knew I never would in real life. I think I dreamt this because I am now unemployed and I was just taking any job I could get just for the sake of having a job. I may have had some fry cook responsibilities as well but I'm not sure. The other employees or people I encountered in this dream were very vague. The only ones that really stood out were three cooks. I remember seeing them through a type of cook's window that separated them from the rest of us. There was a man that looked about 55 years old, and two women about the same age. The man wore a sailor's type of cook hat, just like all those greasy spoon restaurant cooks wear. The two women cooks stood on either side of him and I get the feeling that the woman on his right (my left) was like Freida Makenpeace, the beehive hairdo woman in my story "Little Old Lady From Hell." The cooks here were the hierarchy of the place. To get to be a cook you had to have paid your dues as a waiter or counterperson or some other lower form of life in this employee food chain. Someone there mentioned to me that the cooks had a combined age of 252 years, which seems like a hell of a lot for just three people now doesn't it? The shift I had at this Wendy's was a very short one, like from 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. Something happened that indicated I had to leave the restaurant; either my shift was over or something else came up. I then began walking home and as I did, I wondered if it was OK for me to leave yet because I wasn't really sure what time I was off. I walked along the street that was old and maybe cobblestoned. It was an alley type of setting around this street, like a backstreet in Brooklyn or some other place where there could be rundown, semi-dangerous streets. There were two women walking just ahead me 20 feet and off to the right on the side of the street. They were around 20 years old and both had long, brunette to dark hair, not straight but kinda naturally wavy, but not curly. Got it? Good. I think they were also employees at Wendy's and we just happened to live around the same area.

November 14, 1999

I was on the mountain, probably Mt. Rainier, with William and our lovely Mazda Protégé. The Mazda had broken down so William and I had to walk. I don't know what happened to the Mazda. To get to wherever it was that William and I were going, we started hitchhiking. We were on roads that were on the backside of the mountain or some other roads that were unfamiliar, but I'm pretty sure we were on Rainier. We didn't get a ride when we hitchhiked and all the streets were unfamiliar to me. We ended up in an area that kind of reminded me of the streets on the way to Velma and Honre's house out in the Bonney Lake area. William and I came to an intersection and there were street signs there but the names were unfamiliar to me and I didn't know which way to go. I decided to go to the right, feeling instinctively that that was the way to go. So to the right we went. Going that way, the street sloped downward. There were trees to the right and left of us but they thinned and the sides of the road gave way to neighborhoods with many houses. Eventually the street leveled. The next thing I remember is being at a house that was surrounded by other houses. I think we went to this house because I wanted to ask to use a phone or to ask for directions. The front of the house had steps that were probably cement and there were three or four of them that led up to a large deck where the front door was. I viewed this scene from the right of the house, looking back towards the front door area. William and I walked around to the side of the house from where I was viewing all this at and I think we may have broken into the house for some reason. I think I figured that since no one was home then William and I would just go inside and use the phone or do whatever it was we went in for. What we did in the house, I can't remember, but I do remember being back outside the house on the deck from the place where we entered, where some grand glass doors were, then walking back towards the front of the house where the front door was. Standing by the front door now, I saw some people come out of a house that was at a lower level than the one I was in and to the right. There were some people standing there just outside that house, 40 to 50 feet away, probably curious as to whom I was and what I was doing here. There was an old man standing there inside a metal rod iron gate, black and tall, that lined the front of his house. He seemed very nonchalant and kind of rocked back on his heels with his hands in his pockets. I explained to him and the other people there that I had just been on the side of the house because I wanted to see if anyone was home. Then I asked them if they had a phone I could use and they seemed really nice and let me in their house. Once inside I was directed to a room in the back part of the house. The inside of the house had that antique-y feel to it, like your older aunt or grandmother's house. The furniture was large and dark and very sturdy, not like the stuff that's built today. I went through a door off a dining room type area and there was a woman in there on the phone, but then apparently she got off the phone and I was able to use it. Before I got to use the phone, however, William somehow transformed into a chameleon-type of lizard, 5 inches long. There was a window to the right of me and it was open. Outside the window on the ledge were some short, densely leafed plants in flower boxes. William, as a lizard, was frolicking around in those plants and I was scared he would fall off the ledge. The drop was a long ways, 50 feet or so, so I was terrified for William's life. I yelled at him to get out of the plants and back in the house. When I first yelled at him, I yelled, "Dilliam!" and then I corrected myself and yelled, "William!" Either he came back inside the house on his own or I ended up grabbing him. He crawled around on my hands and then slithered inside the sleeve of the shirt or jacket I was wearing. He was wriggling around like a purring kitty snuggling against one's leg. He was being very affectionate. Finally, the woman that was using the phone was finished so I was able to use it. This phone was very weird. It was shaped kind of like a blue, plastic tape recorder I had when I was a kid. The buttons to push were a quarter-inch round and barrel-shaped, and stuck up above the plastic surface about 3/4 of an inch. They were clear and plastic and the numbers that corresponded to each button were not how it should be. The letters were not in alphabetical order and it was confusing trying to figure out how to use this thing. When I picked up the phone and managed to push the right buttons to dial my home, Lisa didn't answer and the voice-messaging message came on. Lisa's voice was there and instead of saying something like, "We're not home so please leave a message," she spoke about the money-pyramid scheme thing she is involved in. Apparently she was expecting calls from people interested in that pyramid thing so she left instructions on the voice messaging. It was strange when she talked, because there was another voice that interrupted her from time to time, and it was frustrating trying to understand what Lisa was saying because of this other voice. I think it was someone else in this house that was on the other line that was talking into the phone, either inadvertently talking to someone on another conversation or there just to bug the hell out of me. I stayed on after Lisa had finished her message, choosing to wait for her to pick up if she was there instead of leaving a message. When she didn't pick up and it appeared she really wasn't home, I then left a message for her after the beep, telling her that William and I were stranded and needed a ride home. I gave her the number to the house I was in, and that number was 225-something-or-other. After leaving this message I stayed on the phone for a while longer, still hoping that Lisa was there and would pick up, but she didn't. Then I was outside the house with a woman who was probably the woman who had been on the phone I used earlier or some other woman who lived in the house. She was around 5 feet 3, 140 pounds, and wore a dark gray dress with thin light vertical pin stripes. The dress went to her knees. She had black hair that was collar length. She was pretty cute. Her, I, and I assume William were walking around outside the house. I looked up to my right and saw my Mazda parked up there alongside the road, facing to the left. It was parked alongside the street atop a grassy slope and was a 1/4 mile away. Apparently that is where the car broke down. We walked along a road or path that intersected the hill. I asked the woman if she could give me directions on how to get to the city where I lived. The woman pointed to a freeway on-ramp area about a mile away in front of us. There was an overpass there and some traffic whizzing around on the other roads around that intersection. The woman explained that if I got on that freeway then it would take me back to the city where I lived. She was going to explain how to get exactly to my house but then she realized she didn't need to give me such detailed instructions because she realized that once I was in the vicinity of my city that I would be able to find my way home and there was no reason to explain every inch of the way how to actually pull into my driveway. Then we were walking back towards my Mazda and I explained to the woman if she could just give me a jump then I could be on my way, and I'm sure having a dead battery was all that was wrong with my car. The woman was carrying a car battery with her although I know she wasn't carrying one with her earlier. I guess this was how she was going to help me, by putting this battery in my car. We reached my car and now it was on the side of a curb that encircled a large parking lot. It was under some trees and there were leaves on the ground, showing it was fall. This area was under the shadows of the trees above, and this certainly wasn't where I saw my car earlier by a curb above the grassy slope, but you know how dreams are. When I approached my car, I saw that it was in REVERSE instead of PARK and the keys were in the ignition. Apparently, what this did was alarm the car in such a way that whoever tried to open the hood would get electrocuted. I rigged my car up this way because I somehow knew that a particular man would approach my car and try to open the hood, thus electrocuting him. This was all planned because the guy who I knew would try to pop the hood on my car was the husband of one of the women who lived in the house I was just at, and for some reason I wanted him dead. Therefore, I rigged my car up like this. When we got to the car we saw that indeed there was the guy I wanted dead, actually dead and lying on the ground by the car. My trap had worked but now that I saw what I had done, I wished that I hadn't done it. I got in the car and took it out of reverse. There was something wrong with the brakes of the car but only when it was in drive. Therefore I had to drive the car in reverse if I wanted the brakes to work. So I drove the car around the parking lot in reverse, trying to jockey it into a position to get a jump from Lisa's grandmother, who was driving a large white SUV, like Gregoire and Helen's Bronco. It was strange that I felt a need to get a jump when I was able to drive the car, but whatever. I managed to back the Mazda in a spot that was at the same location it was parked at, and I remember seeing Lisa's grandmother in her white SUV driving and coming towards us and then turning up one of the aisles of parked cars when a UPS truck approached us. There was a spot in front of me that I left open for Lisa's grandma to back into so she could give me a jump, but it looked as though the UPS truck was going to parallel park and fill that spot. We talked to the driver and asked him not to park there because we needed our friend to back in there so she could give us a jump. The UPS driver obliged and didn't back in there, but he made a comment that if he would have backed in there then he would have been the first UPS driver to parallel park a UPS truck. I guess this was a big thing for him, but he drove away instead, letting the opportunity to be the first UPS driver to parallel park one of their trucks to pass.

November 16, 1999

Lisa, Sarah, William, and I were on a train. I get the feeling that the train wasn't the Amtrak kind and although it was a passenger train, it was more like an old-style train with one of those big smoke stacks on the engine and old-fashioned passenger cars. For some reason, Lisa and Sarah got off the train and William and I stayed on. Lisa and Sarah were going to meet us later at a train stop further along the route. I saw that the train William and I were on was on the boxcar tracks that run through the backwoods of Eatonville. When we passed over the boxcar canyon, William and I looked to our right and saw Lisa and Sarah standing atop a hill 150 feet away. The hill was in the middle of the forest but was a barren, grassy slope. I saw them so I reached for the window to bring it down so there would be a crack for us to wave and holler through. The window was the same kind on school busses where you have to pinch the stops on the top left and right to slide it down. I slid the window down about a foot and William and I yelled and waved to Lisa and Sarah over on the hill and they waved back to us. The train continued traveling through the woods beyond the canyon and then down a snowy hill. The slope we went down was a 10 to 15-foot drop and when we went down it, it felt like we were on a roller coaster and it added to the dreamy feeling I was deep in. There was snow all around us although I don't think I saw any snow earlier in this dream. The ground leveled out and we pulled into a small depot that was like the train depot on the train ride at Disneyland. This was where Lisa and Sarah were supposed to meet us at, probably to get back onto the train with William and I and then continue on.

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