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October 2000

Oct 9 - Oct 10 - Oct 15 - Oct 19 - Oct 29

October 9, 2000

I was filming a UFO. I had a camcorder of some type and was filming away. When I saw the UFO I was viewing through the camcorder, although it didn't look that way but this was a dream. The UFO reminded me of one I have seen on one of those UFO shows on TV. There was a football-shaped silver object in the sky a mile or so away. It was obviously metallic, shining in the sunny sky. Although it was indeed a bright sunny day, there were great white billowy clouds in the atmosphere. I remember two huge cotton, billowy clouds, one on the left and one on the right of this UFO as it hovered silently throughout the perfect blue sky. The UFO was about 30 or so feet in diameter and as it slowly traveled at the edge of these clouds I kept the camera completely still so as to get every second, thus, assuring the quality of the film. There were people standing there next to me and they commented on how good it was that I was able to keep the camcorder completely still. It was at this point that the UFO, at the lower part of the two giant clouds, started to change colors, from its gleaming silver to a shiny red. It may have changed back to silver but I can't recall. Around this point the UFO started to silently glide upward to the top of the clouds and as it did I kept my camcorder on it, making sure to get as much of it filmed as I could.
There was something about talking with Langley Morph. He looked like I remember him; beard and nicely-trimmed hair. He kind of a had a gut on him, not a big one, but enough to show that he was no longer that high school kid I remember him as. I guess he had the gut because that is how my mind perceived him to look nowadays. He and I were asking one another how many kids we each had. I don't recall him telling me this, but I somehow knew that he had more children than I did, like three or four.
I was sitting down in a chair (well duh) and I was being questioned by Dorfelias Nguias, the engineering manager of Etch at MASCA when I worked there. There was some kind of device hooked up to me, like a lie detector contraption, although I don't think it was a lie detector, it just looked like that. Dorfelias asked me questions kind of like an interview or something. I was joking with Dorfelias, asking stuff about how the contraption thing worked that was attached to me and other witty, amusing remarks. Later I saw Dorfelias approach someone who was probably Jonathan Smiles in an office-type setting with cubicles all around and all that. Dorfelias was smiling and he approached Jonathan, who was sitting at a desk or something going through some papers, probably large sheaves of paper. Jonathan looked to his right, which turned his face away from my view of this scene. Dorfelias told Jonathan about what a pleasure it was interviewing me because I had been funny and made it an enjoyable experience. I guess Dorfelias had to say this to Jonathan because Jonathan was my boss. There was also something about Ron and Daisy; perhaps Dorfelias was asking me questions about Daisy and it was making Ron uncomfortable.

October 10, 2000

I was an employee at Jason's restaurant. I recall walking along the side of the road at the bottom of South Hill by Jason's. I was by the fairgrounds, I think, and was kind of jogging along toward the restaurant. At the restaurant I was helping out with cooking and dishwashing. I had the feeling that I wasn't really assigned to any one task, that I just helped out to do whatever needed to be done.
I was in a parking lot at night in car with Gerry. The parking lot kind of reminded me of the one at the back of Maplewood School where I worked as a janitor in 1979. I remember seeing the bike rack that was there and also the light from probably a flood light on the right side of the building where those steps were that had a door that led into that hallway where that room was that I always ate my lunch in when I worked there. Gerry had somehow produced a case of beer for us to down and we were also smoking pot. Behind us somewhere Boris Taper was watching us, either in another car or he was just standing there. He was going to approach us for some reason but I never got to see that because the dream ended.

October 15, 2000

I was Christopher Walken, the actor. I was in a room and was given something to eat or drink; I can't remember which. After I ingested this substance I could see my (Christopher Walken's) face. My (his) eyes got wide in surprise as I realized that something was definitely wrong, and then I understood that I had been poisoned. I can't tell what being poisoned felt like but I had the feeling I was unable to breathe and I knew right away that I was going to die. As I was sitting there, terrified and dying and unable to breathe, people started coming into the room. I can't recall who they were but there were about eight or so of them. I remember one guy in particular who walked in and sat in a chair to the left of me. He smiled as he acknowledged the other people coming into the room. Apparently all these people had also ingested what I had but the foods or drink they took in did not have any poison in it so none of them were going to die, just me. They all knew I had been poisoned but it was as though they had all somehow planned this so they paid me little attention as I sat there and died.

October 19, 2000

I was at a bus stop with Sarah and William and some other people that I can't recall right now. The bus stop was on South Hill by where the Safeway is in the general area of where the Ivar's is where Lisa and I first met. I can't recall ever standing at the bus stop - I just had the feeling that it was there. I remember viewing the scene from where that bank is on the corner across from Safeway - I think it's called Rainier Bank. My view was from the back end of the parking lot looking at an angle to across over to the Safeway through the shady trees at the back of the Rainier Bank parking lot. I could see the Safeway across the way, Meridian Avenue and its daytime traffic, and a person or two who may have been part of the bus stop group on the other side of the street and intersection on the Safeway side. From this vantage point I couldn't see where the bus stop was because I was too far back in the parking lot (or this view that I could perceive in some way without maybe even being there). The bank, or trees, or whatever to the right blocked the view of where the actual stop was, but I knew it was to the right on the Safeway side of the street. This person that I saw that was part of the bus stop gang, I think, was myself. I left the bus stop and started walking back home, apparently not thinking much of just leaving Sarah and William there. They weren't by themselves, there were other people at the bust stop, so I, apparently, figured they would be OK there, something I certainly would not have done in real life. Not giving much thought to missing the bus if I walked back home, I was on my way. I lived in the house where I grew up in at on the top of South Hill. I guess I felt the need to go there and gather some stuff up that I wanted to take to school with me. When I got to the house I felt awkward because apparently I didn't live there anymore. Prater Olson and his dad lived there now, but I had the feeling that they had just moved in and because of this, some of my belongings were still there. Since I didn't technically live there anymore I had to knock on the door to be let in. I knocked on the glass door that entered into the rec room on the bottom level of the house underneath the deck. When I was let in I felt out of place and although Prater and his dad didn't say it, I felt like they really didn't want me there. They were cleaning up the house and I had left a bunch of stuff there that for some reason I hadn't taken with me when I moved out. Prater and his dad had gathered all my stuff up into a pile, kind of swept together, that was in the middle of the rec room floor. They were going through the house and sorting out all my and whose ever else's stuff that used to live there and putting it in this pile. I remember walking around the rec room and seeing the bedroom that Trent and Gerry used to share, and then Charles and I. I was standing at the area where dad had his gun rack outside the bathroom door. I may have even noticed the furnace room entrance also. As Prater and his dad wandered around gathering and cleaning and trying not to seem too annoyed that I was there, I gathered up some stuff from the pile. There was a lot of stuff there in that about three-foot-round and two-foot-high pile. There was also some dust and dirt mixed in with the stuff. From the pile I grabbed a Mach 3 razor; just like the one I use now, some fishing poles; two or three like the ones William and I use for fishing, and also a large duffle-type bag that was that dull green color you imagine duffle bags to be. It was shaped more like a large almost-square suitcase and had the word ARMY stenciled on the top part of it where there was probably a handle. There was some other stuff there that I wanted to grab but I knew I would be missing the bus so I stopped with just these few items and thought about leaving. I was talking to someone there, maybe Prater, and as I did I looked out the window that was above the window seat there and could see out to Meridian (which you really can't in real life). The day was bright and the sky was blue. I could see the street through the denseness of foliage that swelled on that piece of property. I think I could see the bus stop from this view and I may have even seen a school bus, so I told whoever it was that I was talking to that I had to go or else I would miss my bus. I was on Meridian again, carrying all this stuff with me that I felt I needed to bring on the bus, and it was real awkward lugging around this huge duffel bag suitcase thing and especially the fishing poles, which I never really got the hang of carrying. They continued to swivel unparallel to one another and were awkward to carry. As I walked along the street I somehow knew, either I saw it or I just had the feeling, that the bus had come and picked everyone up that was at the bus stop, including Sarah and William. I felt bad, knowing that my kids were on that bus and surely must be wondering where their daddy was. For some reason, even though the bus had come and gone, I still walked in the direction of the bus stop. Eventually the bus came along from the opposite direction it did when it picked the people up at the stop, which meant it was traveling in the same direction I was walking, and stopped to pick me up. Apparently the driver saw me and knew I needed to get on the bus. I reluctantly boarded the bus, not really wanting to because I felt like I had to go get my car, wherever that was. I got on the bus anyway with all that stuff that I continued to lug around. The bus was crowded and there wasn't anyplace for me to sit. I saw Spanky Pops in the back of the bus, sitting on that long seat in the back. He was talking to someone, I don't know who, and everyone was staring at me because I was the only one standing and I had all this junk with me. I stood about halfway down the aisle and on the right of me I saw a seat where there was only person sitting, I think it was a girl but I can't say for sure. She had short black hair and was sitting toward the window and that, therefore, left a little space on the seat near the aisle. I put some stuff down on that portion of the seat just so I could get rid of some of the awkward load I had.

October 29, 2000

Myself, along with another large group of people, perhaps 30, were being held hostage in a store type of building that was right where that Mega Foods is on South Hill; it wasn't the actual Mega Foods store but it was right in that spot. It was an office building of some type. There may have been some cubicles there or rows of desks - that type of thing. The ceiling was eight feet high and I think I recall some low office lights dangling from the ceiling with those cone-shaped reflectors around them. One of the bad guys was Ned Freemont but I didn't know any of the other guys nor do I recall what they looked like. The front of the building was full of windows and I could see that it was raining pretty good outside. I may have talked to some of the other captives, people who I also cannot remember, and made it known to them that I was going to escape by climbing out of one of the windows; they were the kind where the lower half would bend down and in at an angle along a metal guide on either side, allowing air to get in. I opened one of the windows and managed to slip outside into the rain undetected. To keep it that way, once I got outside I headed for a stretch of landscaping that was on the edge of the parking lot, to the right as you look at the building. This was a four-feet-wide patch of beauty-bark topped earth, slightly mounded up and dotted with the occasional landscape shrub here and there. I hid behind one tall skinny tree 50 feet from the front of the store. When I stood there in the rain behind this tall spindly tree, cars drove away from and into the parking lot and I imagined Ned Freemont and maybe some other bad guys in these cars, going off to do whatever it is bad guys do that have people held hostage in a store that resembles a Mega Foods. When the cars went by I made sure to conceal myself behind this tree the best I could so I wouldn't get noticed. The plan, which I may have discussed with the people inside before I flew the coop, was to get to a phone and dial 911 and let the cops know what the situation was. I don't know if I ever got to a phone.
I was with a large group of people at a place and it was a gathering that could have been interpreted as a party. I was introduced to a woman who I can remember little to nothing about; I did know that she wasn't a 4,000-pound alien but that's about it. I'm pretty sure she had black shoulder-length hair, which is what most of the women in my dreams have. She had a chicken drumstick in her hand, which was probably something she snagged from a buffet that was there. She mentioned to me that she that she wasn't feeling too good. She talked at a low volume and looked like something was bothering her. I grabbed the drumstick from her, held her hand, and then led her to a chair and sat her down. Having done that, I started chomping on the drumstick in my hand because I was hungry and it looked just so damned good. As I was munching on this chicken part, Bob Costerfenin walked up to me from my left. He was carrying a tray of food that I guess he got from the same smorgasbord that my sick female acquaintance got her drumstick. Bob walked out from the other side of a wall that kind of segregated this half of the room from the other half, kinda sorta. I got the feeling there was a table there, a rounded three-foot-in-diameter jobbie, and he was going to put his tray of food down, sit there, and pig out. He and I never really regarded each other that much, telling me that it was no surprise for either one of us to see one another there.

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