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October 1991

Oct 2 - Oct 6 - Oct 8 - Oct 9 - Oct 10 - Oct 11 - Oct 12 - Oct 18

October 2nd, 1991

I was visiting Washington State from Arkansas, like I did when I had just gotten out of high school. I can only remember certain points about this dream. I had a sudden urge to go to Mountain Rainier, or to go out romping in the woods somewhere. Before I went, however, I felt a need to call mom and dad and tell them. I was talking to mom and when I told her I was going to go out hiking somewhere, she didn't believe me. I said something like, "Come on I'm not going out to get laid or anything." I heard mom then gasp and she talked to someone who was with her on the other end of the line, saying, "He's going to get laid!" I assumed she was talking to dad. I was frustrated, shaking my head and trying to convince mom that, No really, I just want to go out and romp around in the woods. I think there may have been someone with me as I talked, perhaps the guys I wanted to go hiking with.
Daedelus, his girlfriend from California (Loretta), Bob and maybe Charles are standing in my bedroom, some of us sitting on the bed. They were smoking and I suddenly remembered that I didn't want anyone to smoke in my house. After seeing someone exhale a stream of smoke, I realized it was too late and I would let them smoke if they kept it in just the bedroom. I think it was sunny outside. Then I remember another scene where Lisa's lasagna that she made turned out perfectly. I remember seeing a slice being brought out of the pan and it looked perfect, just like you see on TV and on lasagna noodle boxes. I could see all the layers and it looked great. There was a chef guy, plump and balding, and he exclaimed to Lisa something like, "See! It did turn out okay!"

October 6th, 1991

For some reason I didn't work at where I usually do anymore and I worked at a supermarket like Safeway or Fred Meyer. It was my first day at work and I was some kind of food preparer or stock person or something like that. Whatever I was, there were a lot of other people like me that did the same job. We were all over the place and in all the aisles. Since it was my first day, I was in training. I worked with two girls, but I can't remember what they looked like exactly, although they were younger and one had long curly hair. Her name was Poe or Doe and she was a giggly, light-hearted little babe. I can't remember exactly what I did the first day, but it was either stocking or food preparing, like prep cooks do in restaurants. The next day I was at work at the grocery store again, but I didn't know what to do. I was walking around, not sure what I had done the day before or what to do this day. I kind of just hung around all the other stock people, but I felt out of place like people do when at a new job. Finally I ran into Poe or Doe or whoever she was, and she said I could help her do what she was doing. She demonstrated by taking a plum with her left hand and slicing off the crease on its side with a paring knife in the other hand. She held the plum and then said something like, "And then you slice off its butt," and then she giggled her silly little casual giggle. Apparently she referred to the crease as the plum's butt. After slicing off this, the pit came out of the plum. Then you were supposed to cut the plum into little spear-shaped sections, like dill-pickle spears and as a matter of fact, they resembled dill-pickle spears more than plum spears. Well I tried, but I couldn't get the hang of it and I felt like a dumbshit. Poe looked at some of the plums I did and explained that I had to "book them." What she meant by booking was that after you sliced the plum into spears, you were supposed to then slice little lines into them horizontally, crisscrossing a long vertical line that ran the length of the spear. This made the spear fan out more, as if to look fuller to a potential customer. Still, I had problems slicing and booking these damned plums and I never stopped to think why we were doing this to food in a grocery store, when this type of work should be done in a restaurant instead. The next thing I remember is standing next to the cold food section. There was a phone attached to the side of the metal cooler/freezer. It rang so I answered it. To my surprise, the person on the other end asked to speak to me and so we began to speak. I think the person was Leroy, the driver for a company I work with, but in this dream he was a supervisor of some sort. He began to talk about how I wasn't doing too well and how they were having problems with the work I was doing. When I asked him for specifics, he was quiet. I could tell he didn't feel comfortable telling me this stuff for he was silent for long periods of time. I could tell he was still there because I could hear him breathing. I was instantly defensive and began saying that I was new and should be given a chance and stuff like that. After a while, the guy on the other end continued to indicate that he didn't think I was going to work out and crap like that. I understood his concern but was amazed that after only one day, the management was going to let me go because I wasn't doing great work. I began ranting and raving about what a great employee I could become if just given a chance and how I could learn anything and become an expert at anything given minimal time and so on and so forth. I said a lot of stuff but it all meant nothing. The guy on the other end, when I finished making a point, was silent again for a long time and it pissed me off. I said stuff like, "Hello? I know you're there because I can hear you breathing." Now that I think about it, that breathing I heard was probably Lisa in bed sleeping next to me. Anyway, after a few more minutes of shit like this on the phone, I was suddenly talking to the boss of all bosses of the supermarket, a black guy that resembled Clarence Thomas, the man up for nomination to the Supreme Court. I wasn't talking on the phone anymore, but I was still standing next to the refrigerated foods by the phone. Apparently he was concerned about my right to further employment and stopped by to check it out for himself. He was an outspoken, rambling-on type of guy who already seemed to have his mind made up about what to do with me, no matter what I said. He grabbed a stack of ham from the food sitting there in its cold place, unwrapped the saran wrap from around it and pulled the different slices apart. I guess it was ham that I had sliced the day before and it was sliced unevenly, one piece thinly cut at one end and thick at the other, another only a half-piece. The black guy talked rapidly and it was hard to get a word in edge-wise. He inspected the ham and he said something like, "Yeah I've bought this before" as if to indicate he knew my work wasn't what it should be. Instead of firing me on the spot, he put his left arm around my shoulder and started walking and talking with me about how I could take some time off and live at a certain place, like a housing project for employees on probation or something like that. I remember seeing a map of the place and he pointed to a group of dwellings and stated how I could spend a week at this one place and maybe a few days at another and then maybe employment would be possible. At first I was hopeful, thinking I would still have a job, but then I realized that it was just a ploy for schmucks he wanted to get rid of. Even if I lived at these places, I knew I was not in his plans to return to work at the supermarket. Realizing I was fired, I wondered if I could go back to work at where I did before. I remember seeing Sam's face and him smiling at me while saying, "Yes you can come back to work," like I was greatly missed and it would be appreciated if I did return. It wasn't quite clear if my job was a sure deal, but what was a sure deal was that I was no longer an employee at the supermarket. After talking to the black guy, I walked around the supermarket, wanting to say good-by to Poe and the other girl, who I had become good friends with. As I walked around the store, there were some tables sitting by a deli-type restaurant place inside the store. I think Donald Notches' mom was sitting in the first table I passed. Sitting at the second table was Yolanda Notches. She looked just like I remember her. She glanced up at me just as I walked by. I slapped both my hands on the table to get her attention as if to say, "Hi, remember me?" then I continued walking on. As I walked throughout the store, I saw lots of stockers/food preparers in the aisles and all over. In fact, there were more of these types of employees than customers. The store was thick with them. I remember seeing the faces of these people as I walked about looking for Poe and her friend, thinking they must surely be wondering what this new assertive-looking employee was doing or who he was looking for. I remember stockers, one dark-haired girl in particular, who almost looked like Poe, looking up from her work with her produce apron on and staring me in the eyes. I can't remember how this dream ended, but I'm sure I never did find Poe.

October 8th, 1991

This dream started weird, almost as if I was imagining something then I fell asleep and it turned out to become the dream. I saw a scene where a group of human-type beings gathered around on a small, grassy island in the middle of a swamp. The background was gray, like mid-morning. There was a line of these beings lined up from left to right in the middle of the island. The island was only perhaps twenty feet round, just large enough for these beings to stand on. Suddenly I realized that what I was looking at was a painting. For some reason this painting bore the name of "That's Life" but I don't know why. It had nothing to do with a story I had written with the same name. The beings on the left were very human, but as you looked left to right, the humans differed from the one before it, each being in the process evolving less and less until the ones on the right were hairy, ape-like creatures. The under-evolved beasts had hair under their jutted chins and stooped like apes do. It was weird because it was like the ape-like creatures were what we had evolved into now, and the humans were what we once were. It was just the feeling I got. Gathered around this straight line of human/Neanderthals were more creatures, both in front with their backs to me inside the painting. They were all looking at the line of evolving men/apes expressionless, and I can't remember what part of the evolutionary chain the onlookers were at. The colors in this painting were shades of gray and that was all; no brights or reds or blues - just dark depressing grays. This dream seemed to stand still for a while, with just this scene of these strange creatures on this island in a swamp somewhere. Time passed. None of the figures moved. They were on the left-hand side of the painting. The rest of the painting was just swampy, dark, with occasional patches of glimmer from an unseen morning sun tinting the muck of the swamp. Then there was movement. Suddenly a lion appeared from the top of the painting and he was chasing something. It was strange because what I was watching wasn't real, but rather, animated. Cartoons are frame-by-frame drawings of characters, but this lion and its quarry were frame-by-frame paintings. The lion pounced around and each movement was a different painting and I was amazed, knowing how much work this had to have been to paint each individual frame. To accent this point, the lion bounded to the bottom of the painting and stopped to stare out into the world beyond, perhaps at me, with a serious, what-are-you-looking-at? expression on its face. When the lion moved, there was a sloshing sound as if the paint wasn't quite dry but because there was so much movement, the paint didn't have time to dry in between frames. Whenever the lion stepped, there was a wet, sloshing sound that only meant "wet paint." After acknowledging me, the lion went about his business, bolting aggressively after its quarry. The quarry was something that may have been a boar, or even a human being, but it was probably a boar. I can't remember seeing the thing the lion was after clearly, but I saw its leg as the lion chased it into a hole or pit that was in the painting already. Still, the colors of the painting were dark and gray. The leg, or legs, that the lion chased resembled human legs, drawn, almost scribbled. They were protruding towards the top of the canvas and the lion was on the other end, grabbing one of the legs in the calf and tugging on it, preventing it from getting away. The chase that led up to this capture, I can't remember, but I know the animal was terrified and the lion was relentless. This idea of frame-by-frame images stayed throughout this dream.
I was living in downtown Puyallup, although I can't remember being there, just that that's where I came from. I got an urge to go to the mountain or climb Mountain Rainier, but instead of driving, not that I knew if I had a car, I decided to walk and hitch hike. I got as far as the trailer zone by where I used to live with Charles. I guess I was still determined to go to the mountain, but then I looked across the road and saw a duplex-like building that was sitting right where the trailers used to be. On the right side of the duplex were mom and dad. On the left side lived Charles, Agnes and their family. It looked like a single sliding glass door that was side-by-side, each an entrance into the other apartment. I remember looking at this building from the parking lot and seeing it was dark outside and lighted inside, perhaps the kitchen being the first room you're in when entering. I ended up going into mom and dad's apartment first. At this point I wasn't sure if I was still going to the mountain because it was getting late and I was inside a warm home now. Mom and dad, I think, sensed that. They were getting dressed to go out somewhere and I was surprised at how good dad was moving around. He still kind of leaned on his cane every now and then, but otherwise he was getting dressed by himself. Mom and dad dressed and got ready, gathering their things as we talked. Mom started to say that I could stay there if I wanted to while they left. Deep down inside I wanted to say yes, but I guess I decided against it. Nevertheless, I was suddenly by myself in mom and dad's duplex. I roamed around and I found some cartoons that dad had done, frame-by-frame drawings. I saw these drawings somehow like they were all flipping in order together, as you would see them on TV. That's just what it was like. Dad had drawn cartoons of me, but I can't exactly remember what. It was when I was younger and it looked so authentic that you couldn't tell the cartoon from real life. It looked just like me as a younger, fuzzy-headed little kid. Later, I think Charles was there with me, like I had brought him back to watch these cartoons dad had drawn of me. When watching them, you could sort of see blurs of paper going by, the only thing proving this wasn't real life. Charles and I watched and I strangely got an image of Hannah and me, as small 8 year old kids, in this cartoon acting out some kind of Romeo and Juliet play or something. I thought I was bringing Charles here to watch what I had seen earlier, but the cartoons had changed. I was surprised that dad was able to draw as well as he could because what we were watching was definitely good. In the film, Hannah and I were talking, me facing the camera and Hannah facing away. Suddenly she turned and faced the camera, not looking into it, but off to the left at a slight angle. She was a little girl, maybe 9 years old. Her face looked different, not unlike Hannah, but not exactly like her. She took a few paces forward and looked elated offstage, as if she and I were discussing something awe-inspiring and she was acting in accordance with the script. Her nose seemed to change shape, as if I were deciding the features of her face as I dreamt. At first she had a nose which was like Lisa's, but then I made it not as wide and it looked more like Hannah’s, although there still was a hint of Lisa in her face. She smiled and she looked cute. Then, as Charles and myself continued to watch the animation, we saw that dad had drawn me, once again young at 7 to 8 years old, playing the guitar like I had never done it before. It was amusing to watch me jam on the guitar at that age but because the film looked like real life, it looked like I was really doing it at 8 years old. I jammed and jammed on the guitar so hard and finally my little innocent smiling face began to make weird expressions, like the expressions you see musician's getting when they're concentrating on making the hardest of notes. My tongue crept out of the right side of my mouth and my eyes looked toward the ceiling and I still smiled my little smile. This looked so funny that when I was watching it with Charles, I burst into laughter, abruptly and without warning. I remember laughing real hard at this a couple times, sitting in a faded recliner, a dull brown-colored chair.

October 9th, 1991

There was something going on with a group of extremists. They were trying to take over a country or a city or something. Finding out that taking over a city or state was too much trouble, the bad guys (as they were officially labeled from here on out in this dream), took control of the property that mom and dad used to own on the top of South Hill, with the barn and house and everything. A lot of stuff happened but I can't remember the first part of the dream. What I do remember is a female, a young woman who had shoulder-length straight brown hair, who reminded me of someone, but I can't remember who, running through the apple orchard down by the barn and through the briars down there. However, when she ran, the briars were cleared out of her way before she ran through them. It was like the head of the bad guys, now a powerful evil being, was somehow clearing all the briars and weeds, trees or whatever else, out of the way of this woman as she ran. It was dark out and the scene was eerie. She ran and I think she was an escapee from the bad guys or something like that. As she ran down through the debris where the landfill used to be but is now a dentist office, an electric guitar played a solo, as if in a soundtrack to a movie. As the girl ran and as briars and brush/landfills were being cleared out of her way, there were stump-like piles of stuff being spared, in the shape of twined hay-stack/corn stalk debris piles. The twine was at the top of the pillars of this burned tepee-looking stuff, and the woman continued to run until she had run up the hill and reached Meridian. The whole time she did this, there was that guitar solo playing its screeching riffs and it reminded me of the beginning of the movie Highlander where Brian May and Queen jammed on the song The Princes of the Universe. When this woman reached the top of the cliff and was now on the asphalt sidewalk of Meridian Avenue by the apple orchard, those piles of hay stuff were present even in the trees, like buds hanging from the branches. The ash and black sooty scene was all around. The whole time this was going on, the presence, or the low tone of the voice from the bad side, was present, like a bottom E flat playing on a synthesizer and permeating the scene. The woman reached the top of the hill and she looked at the trees which lined the side of Meridian, which had been burned and had these tepee-looking things sprouting from them. The guitar solo continued to play and I was paying close attention to its licks, feeling I could play what was being played and wondering why the guitar wasn't playing better since it had to be some professional. Suddenly, since the bad presence was determined to do something bad with the woman, her body was ripped into pieces, and separate parts of her body were put into a different tree at the top of the hill. It was dark so I couldn't tell exactly what the pieces looked like, but I could see them in the treetops from a bird's-eye view. There were about four stumpy, burnt trees where parts of her body rested neatly in a pile atop each one. As if under the spell/power of the evil presence, the woman was still somehow alive and I heard her voice talk to the thing in a calm, zombie-like tone, as if nothing had even happened to her. I then caught a glimpse of her head and shoulders being engulfed by a strange-looking creature. It had an innocent-looking face, but its head was surrounded by many tiny little fingers, like sea anemone tentacles, that had little whitesh-blue nails on the ends. The fingers were delicate, as if they were really tentacles, and were nearly transparent. There were hundreds of these "fingers" and they moved as if indeed underwater, floating and moving gracefully. The face of this creature and all these fingers rested just behind the head of the woman who was ripped up. The face of the creature was human-like, a pale blue-white color and perhaps it was smiling. The creature was actually, I guess, part of the woman's head or part of her body or something. Then suddenly there was another creature just behind the head and shoulders of this woman, but it was not a nice beast. It also had a human-like face but it was chalky white and it smiled evilly. It had what appeared to be frills around its head, making it look like an evil clown almost. This creature was out to hurt this woman, but since the woman was under the trance of the evil presence, she was unable to do anything. The creature opened its mouth and licked its long, thick, white pasty tongue vertically up the woman's face from her chin to the top of her head, as if sampling its next morsel. The tongue left a wide streak of white on the woman's face. Then suddenly there was a crunching noise and I saw the beast begin to take bite's out of the woman's neck and shoulders, eating greedily. This still didn't phase the woman. I suddenly saw her head from the side and she almost looked like a mannequin. But then her face turned more life-like and I realized she wasn't a mannequin. She had shoulder-length straight brown hair and was pretty attractive, but she didn't look like anyone I know. Anyway, this creature continued to take huge bites out of the woman's neck and shoulders and finally her head was just connected by a few strands of flesh. However, the woman was still alive and might have even smiled. The creature then cleared away some of her hair on top of her head and took a big crunchy bite out of her skull.

October 10th, 1991

I was at the school I attended in high school, as if I was a student there. Apparently it was one of the first days of school because I was looking for my locker, which was locker #204. I remember the combination to be something like 36-26-4 or something similar to that. I found myself wandering the halls of this school, trying to locate my locker and I could not for the life of me find it. I remember seeing locker numbers as I walked by them but they didn't get down to 204 - all the numbers were higher than that. It became increasingly frustrating, then suddenly I realized I was in a Home Ec room or something like that. There was a class going on and, although I was sure this wasn't my first period class, I sat in a chair in the back row on the left hand side just so I could calm down for a minute. This wasn't my class, but I figured at least I could pretend, thus bringing some sense of calmness to myself. The class was open, like the Home Ec room at the junior high school I attended, with entrances leading to other parts of the Home Ec class. There was a speaker that sat in the front and off to the side, sitting on what looked like a counter next to a sink. I can't really remember any of the students, but after a while I realized that I couldn't just sit there and pretend to be in this class - I had to find my locker. I got up and left the room, feeling that I had disrupted the class but not caring, and again went in search for my locker. I met two woman who informed me that all the lockers I had been looking at were for Home Ec purposes only and my locker was out in the hallway somewhere. This being the case, I tried to find my way out of this Home Ec department. I wandered through endless rooms with kitchens, bedrooms and other Home Ec settings, but was unable to find my way out of the class. It was like a maze that always led me back to rooms where I had already been. Suddenly I met Abigail Cuppenhop from where I used to work. She had a big blood blister on the right side of her bottom lip and I remember her biting on it with her top front teeth. She said she could help me find my locker. It was then that I realized that I shared my locker with a girl. The girl appeared out of nowhere and we looked inside her notebook/Pee Chee to get directions on how to get to the locker. The girl had the word "GRIT" on the inside flap of her notebook with a picture of a dirty, hunched-over scrawny man beside it. The man apparently was the representation for the word GRIT. GRIT also was a code for the location of where my locker was. Abigail Cuppenhop acted surprise, saying something like, "You're in GRIT?" like I should have a locker in a nicer place than that, but nevertheless she knew where it was and she started leading the way. We instantly took the first flight of stairs leading up and I wondered why I never considered my locker to be somewhere else besides the bottom floor. I think we went up several flights of stairs and I was wondering how anyone could travel all these stairs and still get to class on time after going to their locker. Abigail led me to a place where many students were sitting and standing about, talking like it was lunch time or a pep rally or something. There was a motorcycle race or jump going on inside this arena-type area that I saw below me as I walked up a skinny metal stairway with no railings. I came to a small landing where a guy and girl sat and I asked if I could pass. They said "Yeah" but when I did, I realized the danger this stairway had. There was no railing and I could have easily stepped or slipped off the landing and into the large arena below. I had a strange feeling that the guy and girl were going to push me off, but I made it to the top of the last staircase without incident. At the top there was a large walking area with a tall wall lining the edge. One side of this walkway was open to the arena below, the other had the towering wall, which was where my and other lockers were, although I could not distinctively see lockers. The wall appeared to just be a dark orange colored divider, like the kind cubicles are divided with. Abigail was waiting for me as she stood where she indicated my locker was. She kind of laughed seriously, saying, "Don't make me miss this," meaning that she wanted me to hurry and get to my locker so she could watch the motorcycle activity below.

October 11th, 1991

I was in a big house which resembled the house I know to be haunted in real life, as well as a house I used live in about ten years ago in downtown. It was like Lisa and I lived there and Bob and Valerie were there too, as if we all lived together. The feeling was that we had just recently moved in and Lisa and I decided to have Bob and Valerie live with us as well. The house was huge, with wide open living rooms and many stories. I remember we tried to decide on which rooms to use as our bedrooms and initially we all picked rooms close to one another. Then we realized that there were many stories and we could pick rooms, any rooms, and be far apart if we wanted. I have this feeling that the house needed fixing up, like there were holes in the roof, or no running water or something like that. But it was such a neat, big place that it was worth it. I remember being out on the back porch of this house, which closely resembled the back porch of the house that I used to live in. The porch was old and the wood was gray and faded. The porch apparently defined the property line because there was our neighbor directly by the porch on his land, which I remember as a small lot with a small, duplex-like house. I was on the back porch when suddenly a fire started somehow. I don't know how it started, but because the porch was so dry and old, the fire, I knew, would spread rapidly. At first I wasn't concerned, but then I began to panic, seeing several steps catch fire. I yelled to someone (Bob? Lisa?) to get some water. They were in the process of getting a fire-hose-like contraption to drench the fire, when I grabbed some grass from the lawn and smothered the flames with that. I was surprised the grass worked so well. After the fire was out, I pulled some of the smoldering grass away to see how well the fire was put out, nervous that the fire would start again, but it didn't for I left the grass covering the spots where the fire was. Back inside the house, we were convinced the place was haunted. I think Bob was a bit skeptical at first, but then he was convinced. I don't know all the stuff the ghosts or whatever did, but they made it very obvious that the place was haunted. However, we didn't care and thought it was kind of neat. One thing that happened was when we were sitting in what I guess was the living room, and I think someone was pulling on the drapes to open them (or close them). The drapes were dark and were about twenty feet tall, thus defining the largeness of the room even more. The drapes wouldn't move right, as if they were stuck together, but then finally they started moving by themselves. The drapes somehow came off the wall and started to change shape, as if these drapes were part of the spirits living in the house. The drapes at first were huge, but then they bunched together and floated horizontally beside us as we sat on a couch in front of the window the drapes had covered. The drapes momentarily took on the shape of a huge tapeworm, but then they decreased in size even more. The transformation was neat to watch and finally it looked like the drapes were trying to take on the shape of a human arm. Finally they did, and the hand reached out for someone, as if wanting a friendly shake. Not scared in the least, I shook hands with the drapes/ghost. Later, I got the feeling that I may have tried to climb to the top of the house, but it was a tight squeeze and very frightening, so I think I decided against it.

October 12th, 1991

I was at a place, like a gathering of all my friends at work, or maybe it was actually work, when I announced I was leaving. People gave me a bad time, like they always do when I leave work or have to leave early because I want to get home. Nevertheless, I stood by my statement and walked out of the room. It was like I was walking along the bottom of a stage area and everyone else was in rows of seats mingling among themselves. I think I was wearing a coat. I somehow managed to end up with two other guys, who reminded me of Ted Danson and Steve Guttenburg of Three Men and a Baby. Throughout this whole dream, they were making it hard for me to get home. I got frustrated and very mad several times and I can't remember all the details, but it was a nightmare. I had to drop one of these guys off first and I ran into troubles, like I got lost in the city or I lost my keys or something. There was one scene where I was in a building downtown, maybe a restaurant, and when I went outside, there were thugs and other people around, making me even more angry that I was lost in a bad part of town, just because these guys were with me. I think I had to try several times to get the first guy home, but I never did. Throughout the whole dream, I was filled with the urgent need to get home and get rid of these guys, but it never happened. A lot happened but what I can remember next is that Ted Danson (maybe Tom Selleck at this point) was driving my car. It had started snowing and now we were stuck in a blizzard, to make matters even more worse. Then I remember Steve Guttenburg at the wheel and I was worried that he wouldn't be able to drive my car safely. Steve had a worried, nerve-wracked expression on his face as he stared out the windshield. He drove with his right hand and his left hand stroked his hair in panic. I guess I was in the back seat taking a break from the driving. I remember seeing into the car from the outside, on the right side. I saw Ted Danson and someone else (presumably me) in the back seat. Ted was complaining that I was taking all the blanket or something and he pulled the cover on to him. We were in a bind and the exasperated expression on Steve Guttenburg's face as he stared frantically out the windshield was the last thing I remembered seeing, which was an appropriate way to sum this dream up.

October 18th, 1991

I was at a place, like a school or other similar brick building. I was in a small grassy field on the right side of the school with another group of people, but I'm not exactly sure who they were. It was another man about my age, then some kids, like a boy scout troop or something. Anyway, in a clearing about fifty or so feet away, was a bear. I think it was eating something, perhaps a dear or some other animal. Beyond the bear was a forest and for some reason I found it necessary to somehow slip past the bear and into the woods, feeling this would keep me safe from the bear. I slowly started walking across the field, the brick building to my left and the bear up and also on the left, past the building. I left the group and began walking and instantly I discovered that the grass was wet, almost swampy. A squish-squish noise accompanied my every step so, not wanting to alert the bear to notice me, I walked out farther along the right side of the field. The grass was still wet but was eventually becoming dryer the more I walked to the right. Finally I made it to some grass that was dry and didn't make that splashy sound when I walked, so I began to run towards the woods. I'm not sure if the bear ever noticed me, but I ran into the woods and up a hill as if it did. The forest sloped up and I ran, passing trees and following a natural path up the hilly terrain. Somehow I felt that the people below, the man and the kids, were going to meet me on the other side of the woods so I eventually had to turn left to go that way. Nevertheless, I kept running up into the forest, making sure I would not run into the bear, which I felt was just to the left of me as well. Before I ever did change direction to meet the party below, I came across a small area atop a small ridge. It was a square cleared-out area with other foliage around it. There was an electric fence that outlined the square, about an eight foot by eight foot area. The fence consisted of two skinny wires running parallel to the ground, only about six inches off the ground. I think I may have seen a wire coming off one of the corners and stretching up to the power source. Then there was a building, just off to the left of the electric fence. I don't remember actually seeing the building but I do remember being inside of it. I don't know what this place was, but there was something secretive about it. I remember a big steel door that led into the place, and right at the threshold was a staircase that led upward. The whole place seemed large, like a warehouse or a military installation or something. Now, I can't remember what I was doing there, but in my dream I knew. It was like I was trying to scope the place out for a robbery or else I was looking for the people who were in the building. After a while of walking around this worn down, large building, I walked past a TV screen to my right. As I walked by and stared at its screen, I saw myself as I walked, like there was a security camera watching me. I never saw the camera, but it relayed my image to the screen as I moved. The view was from the side, almost back of my head and torso, but I never looked around for the camera. I had a sudden urgent feeling, like whoever lived in this building saw me on their security camera and were now going to come after me. I suddenly was outside the building but before I exited, I heard the sound of a heavy steel door slamming shut from above, telling me that someone was on their way down to get me. I made it outside the building and was back in the woods. I started running down the hill through the woods, away from the building, and I ran into the group of people that were on the grass by the brick building before the woods. They were coming up the hill I had just ascended. I remember jumping over an old fallen log or something like that and shouting at these people to get away from here, that there was danger and they needed to run away as I was doing. They seemed calm as I ran by them, soaking up what it was I was telling them.

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