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October 1992

Oct 5 - Oct 17 - Oct 26 - Oct 29

October 5, 1992

I was on Mountain Rainier at the Visitorís Center called Paradise. Charles was with me and I think we were planning to leave or I just wanted to, or something like that. We had driven bicycles up there apparently. I remember seeing myself as I walked along the threshold to one shop, just off the sidewalk. I looked like I did when I was about twenty-two or so, with my hair looking like it does in that picture where I'm sitting on a couch in the trailer I used to live in and I'm smoking a cigarette and Fritz is standing on my lap. I looked pissed off, like I wanted to go, but Charles was dinking around and holding us up. There were other people there with us, but I can't remember who, of course. The place we were at, although I know it was Paradise at Mountain Rainier, kind of reminded me of the tourist stretch in Cannon Beach, Oregon where all the shops are, although I really can't remember any shops, just the one that I suppose I was standing inside. I finally got on my bike and started pedaling down the mountain, assuming Charles was behind me. I discovered almost immediately that Charles had stayed behind and I was pedaling down by myself. For some reason I didn't stop to go get him, and I kept riding. I remember one stretch of road, or part of a building, or some people that stuck out in my mind on the journey down. I guess when I got to the next tourist stop, Longmire or some other familiar place on the mountain, I stopped, like this was where I had planned to pedal to. Then, being pissed off, I began pedaling back up the mountain to Paradise to get Charles. I guess he was just having too good of a time and decided not to come, but it was like we had to do something and he had to come. I remember pedaling up the mountain and how tired my legs were and how nice it would be to just stop and take a break, but I kept pedaling and I swear I actually felt the pain in my leg muscles with each turn of the pedals. Finally I made it back to Charles and I think I bitched at him for fucking around and would he please get his ass in gear and pedal down the mountain to where it was we had to get going? The ride down to Longmire and back to Paradise took an hour and a half, and I wondered, since forty-five minutes is half of an hour and a half, if it took me less than forty-five minutes to go downhill because it would have been faster, then maybe it only took me a half hour to go down, then an hour back up. Probably. I can't remember Charles and I actually going back down the mountain, but I have the feeling we did.

October 17, 1992

I was either a character in a Stephen King book or I dreamt about one. Although I haven't finished reading Needful Things yet, I dreamt that I did, and that the story ended with some guy dying somehow. Anyway, Stephen King wrote a new book and this one started with some immediate gore. It started with the guy from the last book (who I envisioned had died in Needful Things) but he came back to life. Apparently Mr. King found a reason to bring this character back to life. The book started with this guy bashing his head in somehow. I wasn't really reading it, I just viewed it as it happened, as if it were a movie or if I was actually there. This guy was actually a head of lettuce, and there was a scene where this head of lettuce was slammed onto a counter or other similar surface several times until the knot of the lettuce came loose. This, as well as some leaves, was pulled out. This somehow got blood all over the place, because the lettuce was somehow really the guy's head. He was still alive, however, but he had blood all over himself and he stunk pretty bad from it. Then I remember a man, who was wearing a dark suit and resembled nobody I knew. He walked into a room with a couple of other men sitting there. This guy had an evil, weird smirk on his face. The other guys in the room began to comment as to how something smelled pretty bad, and although I don't think they ever commented as to the source of the smell being all the blood that was over this guy, I knew that was what the smell was.

October 26, 1992

I was in a field of snow with two other guys. I don't know who these guys were, but one of them kind of reminded me of Timothy Smiles from my elementary school days. The other person may have been Charles, but I'm not sure. This field was by some woods, or in the middle of some woods somewhere. A lot happened but I can only remember a little bit of what actually went on. We were on one side of a barbed wire fence, kind of like on a path in the woods, and there was a field with a lot of snow on it, on the other side of the fence, off to my left. The three of us were waiting for a school bus to arrive. When Timothy saw it (or heard it) coming, he tossed three footballs into the snow-covered pasture. I was kind of surprised at this at first, because I wasn't sure that we could actually go into the field, or throw anything into it, like something bad would happen. Timothy explained in one way or another that throwing the footballs meant that the bus would know where we were at, or that it would know to stop for us, or something like that. I can't remember ever seeing a bus, but I think there was a road, or actually a path I was on, that curved up and to the left in the woods, and I'm pretty sure this is where the bus, if there was one, came from. I think we then crossed over the fence and romped onto the field of snow. I remember seeing one of the footballs as it rolled away, the path it made in the snow as it traveled along, a football-width track in the snow. I also remember looking for the other footballs, as if they had fallen through the snow and down a few feet. I remember lifting a patch of snow and looking underneath where a football was, and there was the wreck of an old car there underneath the snow. I also remember a scene where I saw the three of us standing in the snow and looking around, down a slight slope from my eye's view, and on the other side of us, about twenty feet away, was another fence, but this one may have been a chain-link fence like the one separating the pasture from the freeway at where I used to live on the top of South Hill - in fact, it kind of looked like that place. There may have been a road on the other side of the fence which kind of reminded me of the road by the haunted house that I used to live in, in West Virginia when I was a tree planter.
I was hiking on Mountain Rainier with Miranda and Charles. It was the trail that led from Longmire to Narada Falls. We were hiking along and I think Charles and Miranda were complaining about the hike, that it was too long or something. I told them that we should at least hike to the waterfall and that's about when we came upon it. Although the scene seemed a bit strange in this dream, it was still the same Nirada Falls. I remember looking up and seeing the rainbow that appeared in the falls. The three of us were at the bottom of the steps leading off the trail and going up to the rest stop. We walked to the edge there and looked down at the water below. Charles got a stupid gutsy idea to jump into the water and as he did, I exclaimed something about what a stupid thing that was to do because it was about fifty feet or so and I could see rocks in the water, especially one big one that you would have to be careful not to hit. Anyway, when Charles hit the water, there was a loud smack when he hit. I could tell he missed the big rock, although it sounded like he hit it anyway. There was a big splash and as it sprayed water all around, Miranda and I scooted ourselves down closer along the cliff on the slimy, bumpy brown rocks. We scooted towards a tree and we reminded each other to be careful. I remember seeing Miranda to the right of me and the serious look on her face as we scooted, thinking of the treachery of slipping and falling off the cliff and into the water. We looked down at the water and I expected to see Charles climbing out of the water on the far side, where there was a brown rock cliff which resembled the rocks we sat on, or onto the rocky shore to our left and downward. I did not see him climb out of the water, then suddenly we saw him lying on the bottom of the pool there. The water was very clear so we could easily see through it. He was just lying there with his eyes closed, looking like he was sleeping but he was in water and I knew there was no way he could be sleeping. For some reason, I didn't really feel concerned, thinking that Charles would snap out of it and he would swim to shore. When he didn't, I began to scoot to my left and Miranda was now on my left and in my way. I tried to tell her to move out of my way so I could get down to the water. About this time, I saw Charles come to the surface of the water and he was paddling frantically with his arms like he was trying to swim but couldn't, much the same way Donald Notches did when he jumped into the Mashell River and I had to save him from drowning. Charles made it close to the shore, downward and to our left, but he was barely getting his head above water to take in air and he would not survive if I didn't get to him soon. I told Miranda to either jump down and get out of my way or move out of my way so I could rescue Charles. But instead, she jumped into the water and pulled Charles out herself. I jumped in right after and was surprised that she did this, not thinking, for some stupid reason, that she was capable. It was strange how she pulled him out because she wrapped her right hand around his waist like he was a small fish and tossed him onto the shore. We stood there over Charles and I was wondering if I would have to administer CPR, but Charles began coughing and coughing, to my relief, and I remembered from CPR class that this was good, that if they showed signs of breathing to let them be. He coughed a lot and pretty hard, and although it was pretty hard on him, I knew he was going to be OK.

October 29, 1992

I was in a house and I think it was the house where I grew up in at the top of South Hill. I was with some people, I can't remember who, but I think Charles was one of them. Forest Henderson was there and he was being an asshole. I can't remember exactly what he was doing, but he was clowning around and was really beginning to get on my nerves. I guess he thought he was funny, but he was being an obnoxious schmuck. Finally I lost it and started yelling at him, telling him to "Get the fuck out!" and stuff like that. He looked at me like he wanted to fight, but I wasn't scared and I kept yelling at him to get the hell out. I remember him standing on the top step of the stairs in the living room that led down to the rec room and I walked up to him, walking from the living room. I was pretty mad by now and I remember the expression on my face was serious and pissed-off. Forest looked back at me, no expression on his face really. His hands were out at his sides, the one nearest me clamping onto the rod iron railing there. As I walked towards him, I wondered if a fight would break out, but apparently I looked frightening enough and he never tried anything. Then he left the house although I can't remember him doing it. The next thing I recall is seeing Forest opening up the sliding glass door (the rec room or living room, I can't recall). As he walked in I yelled at him, something like, "Who the hell do you think you are? You didn't even knock and you just walked in! You don't live here so get the hell out!" He promptly left. There was a crowd of people watching on but I didn't care because I was madder than hell.
I recall being outside my house (the one I live in now), or at least seeing it from my neighbor's house, Cletis and Frannie. I was inside their house and I remember looking across the street at my house. I don't know what I was doing at their house, perhaps it was a social gathering or something. I think the weather outside was cold and rainy at first, but when I looked out the windows of their house, the sky looked blue and sunny. We sat in Cletis and Frannie's living room (I think Lisa and Sarah were there too). It was pretty boring. The TV was on and some black and white movie was on. Cletis was there and he was watching TV and I realized that these people live pretty boring lives if they sit inside the house on sunny afternoons and watch TV. Cletis talked to me in his usual slow, raspy drawl and I can't remember what he was talking about, but it was something boring.
I recall being on a motorcycle. It was at least a 500cc model, and was some kind of Harley. There were some other people on bikes as well, but I think I was ahead of them because my bike was faster. I remember clicking up several times on the gear shift foot lever as I raced the engine and the round speedometer on the handlebars showed I was doing eighty miles an hour. Either I wasn't riding the motorcycle right or it had something wrong with the engine because it was revving really high like I didn't have the clutch out all the way and was RPMing it to the max. I was racing along ahead of everybody when suddenly the motorcycle started to slow down. It still revved high but it rode slower and I realized it was because I was running out of gas. The guys riding behind me also said I was slowing down because I was low on gas, which makes no sense, but this is a dream and you know how making sense has nothing to do with anything. I think we were on Mountain Rainier and we were riding down the mountain. I pulled off to the right side of the road, but I don't remember if I planned to get gas or hitch a ride with the other guys or what. The next thing I recall is riding down some water slides that were on the side of the road. They were kind of like big metal troughs filled with flowing water. The ride down these slides was kind of vague, but when the end of the ride came, I told myself to pay attention because there was something important here. I could see the side of the trough as myself and someone else was with me (I don't know who) slid out of the trough. I remember seeing water coming out of the end as we flew out. I paid real good attention to what was coming up and as I looked down at to what we were going to fall into, it was the same pool of water in my last dream where Charles had jumped into the water and Miranda jumped in and saved him. It was the area off to our left where that scene took place. I remember seeing it from about fifty feet up. I don't remember landing in the water, but for some reason I thought there was going to be a big crab or something like that in the water and we should watch out for it. I guess it had been discussed earlier before we slid down these troughs that there would be a crab in this pool at the end, but I didn't see it. The water was as clear as it was in my last dream and there was nothing there but rocks. Then finally we saw a fish swimming about and I thought that maybe this was the creature we were supposed to be watching for, not a big crab. Whatever the case, the fish came really close to shore and it looked rather odd. It was about the size and shape of a big catfish. Instead of fins it had tentacles, like the kind you see on sea anemones, attached to the sides of it. There were about fifty of them, one to two inches long and they twitched about, just like they do on those fucking sea anemone thingies. The fish had a face that had a mouth that snarled at us, like it was challenging us to get near it. I was cautious, but still chose to fuck with it. I had a plastic card-shaped thing in my hand but I don't know where I got it. It was clear plastic and I stuck this in the water to try to poke at the fish. As I did this, the fish began to surface. As it started coming out of the water, it began to change. The parts of it that poked out above water (its back and head) had hair on them and as more of the fish came out, the more it began to resemble a raccoon. The tentacles disappeared and were replaced with the raccoon's feet. It was a mean raccoon at first, snarling at me, and I was careful not to get bit. I scratched the raccoon around its head and neck with the plastic thing in my head, trying to show it I wasn't going to hurt it. This assured it I was a friend and finally I was able to pet the raccoon with my hand.

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