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October 1994

Oct 2 - Oct 4 - Oct 10 - Oct 16 - Oct 23

October 2, 1994

I was at home with some other people, but I can't remember what we were all doing. There was a big pile of topsoil on my living room floor, about half a yard. There was something in the rec room that I had to tend to, maybe conversing with people or whatever, but occasionally I would walk back to the living room because I tried to clean up the dirt as I mingled with the people. Every time I left the dirt and came back, it was in a different type of pile. One time when I came back, the dirt was in a large, three foot tall egg-shaped mound. Another time when I came back the dirt was scattered all over the place in a different pattern that it had been the last time I was in the living room. This led me to believe that maybe there were ghosts in my house doing this, because there was no one by the dirt who could have situated it that way, especially in the short time I was away in the other room. It was kind of scary, but far from a nightmare. One time as I looked at the dirt scattered about my living room floor, I saw the end of one of the piles moving, like there was air below it blowing puffs of dirt into the air. It was a small area of several inches round. I took it to mean that there was some small animal, a mouse perhaps, below the dirt that was causing it to move around, so I slapped my hand down hard on the dirt where it was moving in hopes of stopping the animal or catching it.
I was in bed with Lisa, then Sarah walked in. We got her back to bed, but then she walked in just seconds later because she said she heard a noise. We were going to ask her what noise, but then I heard it. It sounded like a thumping on wood, like someone walking around in the attic or someone thudding their elbows against the front door. The sound was so real that it woke me up and I laid there for a while, wondering if the noise actually happened or if it was just in my dream. The noise scared the shit out of me, but I did not hear it after I woke up.

October 4, 1994

I was in my house or at the back of it, and Sarah was out in the back yard. She was doing something, or had something she wanted to show the neighbor Fran so she started yelling Fran's name. She yelled it really loud then started walking towards the front of the house along the yard. I saw that she was going to go near the street because Fran's house is across the street, and I was afraid that she might try to cross the street. Seeing this, I started yelling after Sarah, telling her to stay away from the street. Suddenly I was outside by the chain link fence that surrounds my house and for some reason I had trouble getting outside the fence and out to where Sarah was. She had somehow gotten outside the fence and suddenly I was at the trailer where I used to live behind by 128th Street and Meridian Avenue. There was a building, maybe The Gap store, but it looked a bit wider than that store but it was in the same location, that hid my view of Sarah as she walked towards the street. I remember running along my fence, trying to get a view beyond the building to see where Sarah was. I don't know if my house was still there, I don't really know what was behind me, but I know that looking out of my fence and towards the street, it was the view of what you would see from the trailer. I finally made it out of my fence apparently. I saw Sarah and Patsy was now with her and the two were holding hands. They were close to the street, about ten feet away, but they never went into the street because I guess they heard my warnings and stayed away from the street. They looked cute, those two holding hands and walking around smiling. The next thing I remember is being on the side of the building that was towards the street. I don't recall seeing any openings to this building. It had wood siding like what's on my house, but was a darker brown color. I was facing the building, Meridian Avenue now to the back of me. It was dark now, like it was night, and I think there may have been some kind of flood light on the outside of this building to the right of me. Suddenly I noticed there was snow on the ground. I looked to my left, towards the restaurant that used to be called CG's, and saw tracks in the snow. They were weird tracks, like round circles about an inch or so round, and they were in groups of about four or five and spaced really close together, so it could have actually been just one long stream of these circular tracks clumped together. The tracks were about three circles wide and stretched out as far as I could see into the night. I also noticed blood with the tracks, big drops of blood that were spaced very close together. It was a lot of blood for someone or something to be losing. I heard some kind of noise, like a snarling or growling or something to my right so I looked that way. A small animal, I'm sure it was a dog, walked towards me from out of the shadows behind the floodlight. It was the size of a bull terrier, like Spuds Mackenzie the Budweiser mascot, and it didn't scare me. What scared me was that still in the shadows behind the light was the figure of a person. Since they were in the dark, I couldn't see any features of their face or body. The tracks led past me and to where this person stood, so I assumed they belonged to that person. The person said something to the dog, something like "Heel" or "Come back" or "Leave him alone" or something like that. The voice was raspy and reminded me of Ofelia’s (my next door neighbor) voice. The silhouetted figure resembled a woman, shoulder length hair curling up at the edges.

October 10, 1994

Dad was alive and Lisa, myself and Sarah (and probably William too but I can't really remember him) lived with him. He lived in a small apartment with two other guys, and they were all the rough and beer-drinking type, even dad. I remember being in the living room of this apartment, and it was like the place where Peter Peckster and I used to live. I sat with Lisa on the living room floor and faced my dad who sat next to the front window. He sat in a chair looking at us or maybe at the TV that was where Peter and I had it. I vaguely remember a guy, probably in his late thirties and kind of scuzzy looking, sitting against the back wall and probably also looking at the TV. He opened a beer with his teeth, cracking the bottle cap off in his mouth. Dad was a mean person in this dream, a rude and non-caring man, but he was also healthy and looked like he did when he was in his forties. His hair was black and I think he wore overalls. There came a time when Lisa and I realized that living with dad and his rowdy friends was not the best thing for us. There was an incident where Lisa and dad were outside, not together, but outside anyway. Dad was walking along a cement walkway that reminded me of the walkway at the junior high school I attended that was covered and where you stood waiting for the busses. Apparently dad had shot a dog for no reason and Lisa was just aghast because of it. She could not believe that dad would do that so she questioned him about it, saying something like, "You just shot it for no reason?" and dad replied by saying something like, "Yeah I sure did!" I think he did it with a pistol at point blank range at its head. It showed what a heartless, cruel man he was in this dream. Lisa and I had an option to stay with these other people, who were women, so we moved in with them. I can't remember who the women were, but one of them may have been mom, and there were about four total, most of them about in their thirties or younger, even mom. Apparently we had a choice at the beginning of this dream to live with these women but we chose dad's place. Why? I don't know. Dad showed a little civility when he realized I was moving out. He said something about how if I ever needed a place to stay then I could come live with him, but he said it to me only and I kind of think he didn't want to tell Lisa that. I think there was a time when we were moving our stuff out of dad's apartment, like furniture and stuff, and the women who's place we were going to move into were there. When they were there, the women got into some kind of gossipy squabble about something and dad kind of smiled at me, as if to say Have fun living with those cackling hens! That was the only weird thing about the women, though, because their place was more like a house, with more room for Lisa and I and the kids. I remember seeing a couch in the living room and behind it stood the four women, talking about something. The living room reminded me of Mrs. Larly’s living room, although the couch was in a different place. Lisa and I liked living with these four, civil women. We went to a swimming pool later that was at the apartment complex where these women lived, or it was a public place, I can't remember which. There were several pools, and one of them was the size of a Jacuzzi and may have even been one. I walked past a pool on my right and through some glass doors or entryway into an area where this Jacuzzi-like pool was. At the end of it, sitting in the shallow end, was Sarah. I think there was someone with her, maybe Charles, and they laughed and played together. There was a TV on the patio just to the left of the pool and it was facing me as I looked at Sarah. The TV was about a nineteen inch screen and was on a stand, and had a black cord coming from it which went to the left and probably plugged into a wall. On the TV was Sarah's face. It was a close-up shot, the screen showing nothing but her laughing face, and it was of her in the swimming pool, as if she was being filmed live and broadcasted onto the TV. The next thing I recall is being in a kitchen, which could have been a recreation-type place by the pools or maybe in the house where the women lived. I was sitting at a bar-like place, with a counter separating me from the kitchen. In the kitchen, which was a very open area, no walls or anything, was one of the women with whom I lived. I remember her face but I do not know her. She had hair that was short around the ears, but the rest was long and curly, kind of like Miranda's, but it wasn't Miranda. Her face kind of reminded me of that one woman who I saw at Zelda's graduation party who owned the house with the pool. I was just sitting there looking at her and it became known somehow that I wanted something to eat, so she put a bowl of cereal in front of me. Before I could take a bite out of it, she poured some beer into it and stirred it around with a spoon. That sounds weird, I know, but in this dream it meant that she wanted me to have a good, solid meal, and that she cared for me and wanted to take care of me and made sure I ate right. It was a cool feeling, like a close friendship feeling. I stared at her, surprised by her gesture. When she noticed me staring at her, she looked up but then I looked away, like people often do when they are caught staring. She continued on with her kitchen work, like wiping off counters and things like that. When she looked away I looked at her again, more because I wanted her to know I was looking at her. I can't remember if she looked up again but if she did, I looked away again, but in a way that told her that Yeah, I'm looking at you because I like you, too.

October 16, 1994

I was at a car dealership, like the one in downtown Puyallup, the Puyallup/Lincoln/Mercury/Datsun place. It reminded me of that because of the large glass windows. The building and parking lot were laid out differently, though. I stood either inside a building, or directly outside it on a deck-like place with a railing along it. To the left was a building that I think was attached to the one I was in. It had the large windows in it. There were a bunch of other people there, but I can't remember who they were. In front of me was the parking lot and it was full of vehicles waiting to be bought or sold. Suddenly there appeared some strange and large vehicles. They sped into the parking lot and crashed into the cars on the lot. There was one car that just zoomed in from the left and smashed right into a row of cars on my right. Soon the parking lot had about four of these demolition derby type cars. I don't remember most of the action, but I do remember one vehicle in particular. It was like that Snow Cat that you see in National Geographic Explorer Magazine, but it was sort of half truck as well. It roamed around on tracks like on the Snow Cat or a bulldozer, and with these tracks it was able to drive right over cars. It went to the left and its tracks turned almost vertical as it climbed up onto the tops of cars parked there, then the vehicle crashed right through the large window of the building, surprising us all. Apparently this was all some kind of car crash competition.

October 23, 1994

I was with some people somewhere outside, like on a ski slope or the side of a mountain or on a meadow. There was a row of some objects, like movie cameras, on the crest of this hill and I walked among them. I was thirsty so I searched for a drink of water. I had a Dixie cup in my hand and was going to use that to drink from. Someone told me about some little packets of vitamins and minerals that I could put in my water that were good for my health. The packets were about two inches long and an inch high, and were made of plastic. They were sealed and I think they were yellow or pink, or a dull white. I tore one of the packets open and poured the contents into my water. The contents were dirt and small rocks. It looked gross but I was told that it was good for me so I stirred the dirt and rocks around in my water then drank it. It was gross. I tipped the cup up to get every last drop and on the bottom was a gritty, sandy combination of stuff that slid into my mouth. I thought I mixed the stuff better than that, but apparently not. It actually tasted like dirt and rocks, and had just a slight lemony tang to it, which only made it worse. Because of this stuff I drank, I awoke from the dream real thirsty for some clean, cold water, and even though I drank some, I continued to crave clean, cold water no matter how much I drank. In the dream, after I drank the gross water, I walked behind the cameras, or whatever they were. There was something about them that someone in the dream mentioned had to do with rock groups while touring. There was a guy that mentioned some bands, and then someone mentioned Tom Petty, and then someone else said something like, "Oh yeah, Tom Petty always has a lot of these," which meant that Tom Petty played a lot of places or that he could play in concert just like his records sounded. Something like that.

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