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October 1995

Oct 1 - Oct 3 - Oct 10 - Oct 11 - Oct 15 - Oct 24

October 1, 1995

I was with someone, maybe a few different people. I can't remember a lot of the beginning part of this dream but what I do remember is being with someone and we were after something, but to get to it we had to cross a field with long grass/wheat in it. I was creeping along through the grass and as I did (the other person I was with was somewhere in front of me), I saw an occasional car nearby, driving through the field on some dirt, rocky roads. The car was like the Dodge Monaco I used to own. Whenever I saw one of them driving around, about fifty to a hundred feet away, I would duck down in the tall grass to hide. Apparently, whoever was driving the cars was after me or something like that. I remember one time specifically when I crouched down in the grass and peered through the light green stalks of tall grass, concealing myself. There was another time when I tried to hide but my legs had straddled a large mound of grass and my legs kind of intersected it and one half of the mound was to the back and left of me and the other half was to the right and in front of me. Because of this, I was unable to hide myself completely so I just lowered my head in hopes that if I didn't look at the car, then whoever was driving wouldn't notice me. One time, however, a truck drove past me on one of these dirt roads and came to a stop just feet past where I was. I don't think I was hiding because the grass there was sparse and short. I don't know who was driving this truck but in the back were four people and I think they were all women. The only one I remember now was the woman sitting on the top right corner of these four women (two sitting in front, two higher up in the back). That woman was Tina Spanks. It was as though these women were looking for me and that was why the truck had stopped. I should have been pretty easy to notice because I was out in the open, but the women pretended they couldn't see me. I remember looking at Tina and she could have easily turned her eyes to spot me, but for some reason she purposely didn't look at me, probably so I wouldn't get noticed. Suddenly I remember standing up in a room somewhere and the driver of the truck was in front of me. I stood perfectly still, as if I was still out in that field, not wanting to get noticed. There was someone else behind me, another man I think, and the two men motioned for the people sitting in the truck to get out. I had the feeling that the men were going to shoot the passengers, and I think some of the passengers may have members of my family; Lisa, Sarah or William. I stayed perfectly still, still thinking that this would somehow make things better. I started sweating real bad. Sweat was running down my arms in thin rivers. After a little while, the men made it known that they weren't going to shoot anyone, that it was all just some kind of joke or formality they decided to go through. The passengers were not threatened and the one man standing in front of me kind of tapped me on the arm and said something like, "Sorry about forgetting about you buddy," as if this meant he was sorry I had to stand there for so long and sweat like a pig while he and his friend threatened to kill us all.

October 3, 1995

I was at a place that reminded me of the parking lot area in front of the trailer where I used to live with Charles in the early 1980’s. There was a lot of tall grass, like the place was a field rather than an actual parking lot, so I'm not sure why I thought this was at the trailer zone. There was a path through the tall grass that I was walking on and I think there was someone else with me, although I can't remember who - it was probably Charles or someone else from the trailer zone days. I don't remember seeing the trailers at all, but I had the feeling I was walking from them and was on my way towards where the restaurant that we often went to used to be. As we walked we had to tilt our bodies forward almost level to the ground or we would get blown back by some invisible strong wind. We made very slow progress, like we were unable to move forward at all (you know how dreams are). I think there were some people following behind us, perhaps some more trailer zone people, but I'm not sure. It could have been Gerry and Charles, which reminded me of them as they walked through the tall grassy field when we were very young, seven or eight, after we had cleaned up someone's barn and they pissed me off for some reason so I started walking back towards the barn but saw they owner go into it so I ran away and passed them coming the other way as I did. Back to my dream, there was a car along this path through the grass and we walked past it. After we did, we realized that we had to come back the other way, like maybe we forgot something and had to go back to get it. The car was a big, bulky one, like the kind Trent works on to fix up. I think it was probably just abandoned there on the side of the path and didn't run.

October 10, 1995

I was with some people, about three others besides myself. I know that William was someone else that was with me, but I'm not sure who was there besides him, probably Charles and I know there was some other child there also. We were at a shack or cabin out in the woods somewhere. The shack was surrounded by water, a body of water about the size of a large swamp or pond. The shore was forty to fifty feet away in any direction. I think I recall seeing tall sprouts of grass and reeds along the shores. The water was calm. I think we were at a campground or resort of some kind and this shack was our camp site. The shack wasn't in very good shape. I think part of the roof was gone and maybe some of the walls, and the whole thing appeared to be rotting away, although it did have a solid floor and was adequate for camping. For almost the entire length of this dream, the voice of an unseen narrator filled the air. It reminded me of that voice you hear on all those old NFL highlight films that showcase past Super Bowls. I can't remember the exact words the voice used, but I do know that it talked about this campground and what was available to its visitors. It was like a promotional thing for the campers to listen to as they went about their camping duties. I never questioned where the voice came from. The water that was outside this shack we were in completely encircled us, coming all the way up to the front door. About ten feet beyond the front door was a large pile of wood which looked like a dam that beavers make. To the left of the front door looking out, behind the stack of wood, was another shack but you couldn't see it because the pile of wood hid it. To see it you had to move to the side of the pile of wood and then it would come into view. It was hidden really well and would never be seen unless you really looked hard. At some point in here, a guide joined our group. He may have been with us all along, but I just noticed him now. He was someone who toured you around the camp site and different parts of the camp ground, to show you where things were and to answer any questions. The narrator's voice in the air continued to go on and at some point I remember hearing his voice kind of falter, like his voice cracked. I think this happened because my state of sleep may have been altering as I was dreaming. Anyway, our group, along with the tour guide, went inside this other shack that was hidden behind the pile of wood. It was about the same shape and size as the other shack and at times it was hard to distinguish which shack I was in. Inside this other shack, however, was something the other shack didn't have. There was a table of some sort and a chair. Sitting in the chair was a headless body, wearing a flannel-type shirt. Where the neck and head should have been protruded a log about six inches round. It stuck up out of the shirt for about a foot and a half at which point it was cut off at an angle. The cut was precise and looked like it was probably made with a saw. The position and shape of the log was such that it looked like it could have been the actual neck of a person, but it was just too long and there was no head atop it. The sight frightened me, but it wasn't horrifying like dreams can make you easily feel. The whole scene was eerie so we left that shack and decided to go back to our other shack. We found that to get back to the other shack, we had to cross that stretch of water between the wood pile and the front door. In the water there, bobbed a recliner chair just below the surface of the water. Beyond that was a branch about ten or so feet long and six inches round floating along the surface, stretching at an angle from the chair to the front of the shack. Apparently, to get to the front door you had to step on the chair, then before it sank too far with your weight on it, you had to jump onto the log then hurry up and scamper to the front of the shack, hopefully not sinking too far into the water as you did. As I looked at this stretch of water, someone had just gone before me and I caught the sight of them just making it to the front of the shack. Just before they reached the shack, one of their legs slipped off the log and it went into the water and got wet. They scrambled into the shack though, and then it was my turn. I looked down at the water and for a second I couldn't see the recliner but then slowly it came floating back up to the surface and bobbed there. Apparently who ever had gone first stepped on the chair, sent it sinking, and now it was just coming back to the surface. I don't remember ever trying to cross the water to get to the shack but I do remember being back inside the shack. When I was there I wondered where William was because I couldn't see him so I looked outside the door and he was to the right, sitting on the small edge of the shack at the water's edge with another small child who was sitting just on the other side of him. They may have been holding plates, perhaps paper plates and eating whatever was on them. I told William and the other kid to get back inside the shack because I didn't want them falling into the water. Soon after, I looked out beyond the shack and there was a man with shoulder-length, scraggly black hair walking around on the shore. He looked rough, like Charles Manson or like that guy I read about in one of my Omni magazines who killed and ate four campers he was guiding through the woods. I think his name was Henry Packard or Marvin Bell or something like that. There was a scene where I remember the police detaining us all for something, Henry also. I can't remember what we were under suspicion of, loitering or destroying public property or something. I only saw the police as we were at the shack. They were on the shore where Henry was. Apparently whatever Henry had done was worse than what we had done, but they let us all go anyway. Being let go, we all took off, presumably to drive home. We were all in a van (except for Henry - we left him alone). The van reminded me of the one Charles bought from mom and dad in the early eighties. Charles drove and I sat in the passenger seat and we drove along a road that reminded me of the city dump that I have gone to a few times to get rid of stuff. As Charles drove, we passed Henry who was walking alongside the road. I was glad to leave him behind because he gave me the creeps. I looked back through the back of the van and saw Henry walking alongside the right hand side of the road, in the direction of traffic. A car, a station wagon maybe, passed him and then the usual stream of random cars went by. Henry was walking along the bottom of Meridian next to the entrance of the dump. I think he wasn't wearing a shirt, but had on blue jeans. Charles suddenly got an urge to go pick him but I told him, "No way!" We pulled off to the side of the road, into a small corner store or gas station, and Charles and I got out and started discussing this matter. Charles really wanted to go back and give Henry a ride to wherever he needed to go, but I was telling him that there was no way we were going to do that. I think he felt that it would be a nice, Christian thing to do, but I wasn't going to allow it.

October 11, 1995

I was in a house with a bunch of people, I can't remember who they were although I'm sure they were the regular crowd: Charles, Bob, Lisa and so on and so forth. I had the impression we were all there because of some occasion that dealt with me, like my birthday or something. All I can remember is the end of the dream. The house we were in was dark, not black, but there were no lights on, and I was chasing Tina Spanks through the halls and into different rooms. She was trying to lose me and I knew that if I caught her, then I would be able to tell what was going on with me, for example, if everyone was planning a surprise party, or something like that. She managed to stay just ahead of me and it was hard to keep on her trail. I don't know if I knew it was her I was chasing the whole time or if I realized it after I had caught up with her. She kept disappearing into doorways into rooms. I specifically remember her running into a room off to the right, about ten feet ahead of me. She entered it as she was facing me, so I felt that she had been ducking around corners and into rooms not just as I chased her, but perhaps as I roamed around the house by myself and I just was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her in another part of the house. I think this room is where I caught up with her and she couldn't run away any more. I don't, however, remember specifically cornering her or confronting her, I just knew that I did.

October 15, 1995

I dreamt that someone from work called me at 11:30 at night. Lisa had answered the phone and handed it to me. I remember seeing the numbers on a digital clock, like the one we used to have in our bedroom but now have in the den, and the red luminous numbers indicated it was indeed 11:30. When Lisa handed me the phone she mentioned something about how it was work calling me and I was wondering what they could be calling about. Anyway, Lisa handed me the phone and I had just woken up so I said, "Hello?" into the receiver, and my voice was real raspy from the sleep. After I had spoke, the person on the other end hung up immediately. Instead of a dial tone, there was silence, like what happens when someone calls you instead of you calling them. I waited and waited, listening to the silence, wondering if the person would pick the phone up again, but they never did. Lisa had mentioned that the person's name who called was Lisa or something like that, a name that did not belong to anyone that I know of at work.

October 24, 1995

I was at a store like K-Mart and was at the checkout line. I had a bunch of notes from work, and I think there were people in this dream that were from work. The only one I remember, however, is Ned Freemont. He was in front of me in the checkout line. He had a file folder or folder of some kind that had a bunch of stuff from work in it. On the folder were different pictures of things that had to do with his work. The only picture I can remember was one that looked like the World Maggot on the rock band GWAR’s video called "This Toilet Earth." That had nothing to do with work, but whatever. I remember seeing its splayed flower-like mouth on the cover of his folder. He was kind of in front of me, instead of to the side as you would imagine someone in a check-out line to be. He acknowledged me, saying something like, "Hey Max how's it going?" I wondered what it was he was buying and finally I noticed a comic book off to the side of his work papers. It was some kind of cowboy comic and it had a picture of a cowboy on a horse on the front cover. I guess this was what Ned did to relax and unwind, was read comic books. I kind of had the feeling that he would hardly have time to read any of the comic because he was always so busy - that's why he carried his folder of work stuff around with him. When it was my turn in line, I moved along and ended up dropping all my own notes onto the floor below and around the check stand. I don't think the check-out person was there, or Ned either, but there were people behind me in line and I didn't care what they thought of me dropping any of this stuff. I bent down and started gathering all the stuff I had dropped. There were small notebook sized pieces of paper, like eight by five inches, and some of them were pink. There was a bunch of stuff written on them but I can't remember what - it was just stuff having to do with work, lots of scribbling and calculations and shit. I started scooping up all these papers and I remember thinking that there was no way I was going to get them all picked up because there were just so many of them and they were so messed up and disorganized. I picked up maybe a third to a half of them but that was as far as I got, then the dream ended.

October 29, 1995

I was at work, but it was a lot different than it is now. I was in the room where all the lockers are, and my locker was number 215 or some similar number. I remember trying my combination and I think it was the same one that I have to my locker now. I remember being real busy, although I can't remember specifically what it was I was doing that made me so busy. I had ordered something to eat from the cafeteria, something like eggs and hash browns or something like that. I don't remember the cafeteria, only that I had ordered something. Soon, I heard Chad Benson from behind me say that my dinner was ready, as if it was he who had cooked my food. I heard his voice when I was in the locker room and I said thanks, but I was so busy running around that I couldn't eat my food. That happened at ten o'clock. At around 10:30, I looked up at the clock and realized that my food was probably cold and I was pissed off that I couldn't eat it. I may have looked at the clock around a quarter after ten and thought I still have time to get to my food, but I never did and by 10:30 I knew the food was cold. There were a lot of people crammed into the locker room. It was like no one wanted to go into the fab, as if they were all on strike. I felt real uncomfortable in the locker room, like I did when first coming to the shift I work now. I remember going up to a locker that could have had numbers on it that looked like 215, but I couldn't get the locker open. It was in a different location of the room then my locker really was, so I went out in search of my locker. Bob Costerfenin was alongside me and was following me around. I guess he worked there. He was saying to me how he wanted to learn stuff and if I could show him stuff then that would be real cool. I said something to him about the next time I was working on a piece of equipment, then I would get a hold of him and show him what I was doing. He got quiet when I said that, like he took offense to what I had said. It was like he was thinking "So you think I need help from you to understand this stuff?" but I could have just got the wrong feeling and that wasn't what he meant at all. Finally I found my locker and Bob was still following me around. There was a combination lock hanging on my locker so Bob held it up and at an angle slightly, as if this would help me dial in the combination better. This again showed me that he wanted to be around me and wanted me to show him stuff. I walked out of the locker room and caught a glimpse of my work area. There was a big glass wall and all the employees that should have been in their work areas were still outside just looking in, again like they weren't going to work for some reason that I didn't know. The feeling I had when I was among these people outside the locker room was a different, in-control feeling that was really cool. I don't know why there was a difference, but it was very noticeable. I did see a few people in their work areas through a glass wall, one or two, but I think they were engineers or maintenance personnel so they had to be at work and couldn't strike. This made me think that I had to get to work because I work in engineering and had shit to do. I was stressing out about it and that's pretty much how I felt throughout the whole dream: stressed about work. There was a scene where I was talking to some man, probably my boss or someone, and we were going over some stuff, like my job performance or things I needed to get done. I remember him talking to me and pointing things out to me on some paper, but I can't remember the conversation.

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