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October 1996

Oct 11 - Oct 14 - Oct 15

October 11, 1996

I was on a train with some other people. Among them was Nelda from work, the woman who just can't seem to get the hang of her job. I think Charles may have been one of the other people with us. There were ten of us total and we were all in on some kind of robbery. There was a fifty-five gallon drum of oil and for some reason this was worth millions and millions of dollars. Some of the people I was with, even though we were in theory all part of the same team, scared me and I had the feeling that I was thought of as a useless member of this team. I donít think the train we were on was moving anywhere. It was stationed at some place that had briars and a dense thicket growing outside the doors. I think we were in the caboose. One time something happened and I felt the need to get away because one of the guys was going to get me or something, so I ran out of the train and into some of the dark bushes on the side of the train. I remember crawling into the bushes and the light disappearing more and more until there was nothing but darkness around me. I laid there on the ground for a while then decided to go back inside the train. I recall someone tipping the barrel of oil and spilling some of it out from a little round opening onto a handkerchief, but I donít know for what reason. It was like since there was so much oil, it didnít matter if a little bit of it got wasted. Something was happening to the barrel of oil once when I was outside doing something. When I came back in I asked Nelda what was happening. I had the feeling that the oil was lost or something but she assured me that everything was just fine. She showed me the earrings she was wearing and from one of them dangled a price tag that had written on it $92K, meaning that the earrings cost her 92,000 dollars. It meant that she was able to buy them because of the money she had gotten from the oil. I said, "Then we're millionaires" and she nodded calmly. Apparently, when I was outside doing whatever it was I was doing, some transaction took place and we got the money for the oil and my share was coming to me. When I saw the price tag of $92K in this dream, I felt like it was actually 920,000 dollars, not 92,000, and I wondered why Nelda would want to spend almost her entire fortune on something that dangled from her ears.

October 14, 1996

I was in a strange room in some type of freak amusement park or other abnormal place. I was in a room that, I had the feeling, was underground. The room was dimly lit and rather gloomy. Off to the right of me was a long counter which ran the length of a dark wall. The counter was thirty feet long, three feet off the ground and two feet wide. On the other side of this counter was the large head of some kind of odd creature or person. The head kind of reminded me of what Mr. Potato Head's head looks like. I had the feeling that this head was a mean creature thing that popped up every time I wanted to pass by him, thus preventing me from doing so. There was a suitcase on the opposite side of the room against the wall and the lid was propped open. I had some type of gadget in my hand that shot small ball-shaped green flashes of light. I pointed this object at the suitcase and fired a few balls of green lightning into it. I did this because I was trying to make the large head think that it was me in the suitcase and this would distract it while I tried to get away to wherever it was I was trying to go. It seemed to work. The large head popped up from behind the counter and whizzed back and forth behind the counter, apparently thinking the commotion inside the suitcase was me trying to pass by. Eventually I realized that this head was an inanimate object. There was someone else with me in this bizarre room and they indicated to me that the large head was operated by remote control, which may have been the object I held in my hands that shot green balls of light. I held the remote control down at my side and slightly pushed one of the buttons. This instantly made the large head jerk as if ready to jump into action. However, whenever I stopped pushing the button, the head stopped moving. I tried it a few more times and thought it was cool that I could control this large freaky looking head. Then I was facing the other side of the room. There was a small rock incline going upward along the left side of the wall (which was the same wall the counter was on only I was looking the opposite direction now). The rock slope had a step or two in it that led to a dark opening about ten feet up. I remember there being about three or four of us now. What happened next may have had something to do with the large head, maybe not. I think the place I was trying to get to was this cave in the rock up along the wall. We started running that way but then suddenly from behind us, some large, odd-shaped objects tumbled by and among us. It's hard to describe what these objects were. They were all part of the same, large object but sliced up into one or two foot thick pieces so there would be more of them. The pieces were four feet long or round or tall or whatever, and where shaped like kidneys or peanuts. Their color was light blue and purple, these two colors alternating on the objects in wide stripes. They may have been things thrown at us by the large head behind the counter in an attempt to stop us, but I'm not sure. I had the feeling that a couple of these objects connected together, making an object of the same shape but twice as thick. I had the feeling that these things were like large marshmallow things, like that weird, dry sticky peanut-shaped candy that I hate so much. There was a large dog, about six feet tall, and it resembled that bull terrier on the movie Toy Story. The dog was dark blue and it was huge. It chased after one of these kidney-shaped things as it tumbled towards me/us, opened its mouth, and scooped the kidney-shaped thing into its mouth. It promptly chewed and swallowed the thing very quickly. None of us seemed concerned about the dog.

October 15, 1996

I was in some woods somewhere that kind of reminded me of the woods we had to hike through to get to the bay at the property my parents used to own at Case Inlet. I was by the place that was about the halfway point, by a little hill that went up along the main trail. I stood on a trail and to my right was a drop off. I held something in my hands, I can't remember what it was, but I knew what it was a few hours ago. This thing I held in my hands had sentimental value to me. I think it was a hat or something like that. I was standing there on the ledge when this object slipped out of my hands and fell down into the ravine. It was at about this time that I noticed some other people in the woods, some other hikers perhaps. They came from the direction of where the cabin was that my dad had built on this Case Inlet property. I had the feeling that I knew who these people were, like they were explorers or scientists or archaeologists. I think I was a little intimidated by them. Anyway, I wasted little time and I quickly jumped off the edge of the cliff I was on and dropped down into the ravine to retrieve my hat. The next thing I recall is being at the bottom of the ravine. The thing I was looking for was now the furthest thing from my mind as I became involved in the world around me. The explorers that I met up above were also down there with me. There was a large pool/swamp/pond at the bottom of the dirt cliff and I walked around it. One of the explorers, a woman about my age that had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, wore shorts and a pith hat, pointed out a small apatosaurus in the water. This small dinosaur was only about five inches long and could fit into the palm of my hand easily. Either myself or the woman plucked the dinosaur from the water and set it on the shore. This frightened it and it immediately buried its head into the dark dirt of the shore, just like an ostrich would. It buried its head and most of its neck into the dirt, but I pulled it out. The dinosaur did it again however. The dinosaur was sometimes in the water, sometimes on the shore. One time I pulled it out of the water by its little head and apparently I yanked too hard because the dinosaur died instantly. I felt bad and thought that maybe if I put it back in the water and moved it along, then it would come back to life, like you can do with a fish, but this didnít work. When I put the dinosaur in the water, it turned over on its back and floated upside down. Its underside was white. This made me sad. It was then that it occurred to me that such a find as a small living apatosaurus would be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, but now the poor animal was dead. I went on to explore this wet world at the bottom of the ravine with the rest of the explorers. There were four of these people, but I only recall vividly the one woman who pointed out the apatosaurus and the one guy who had black hair and was also about my age. Beyond this initial pool was another, isolated pool about forty feet round. Beyond this pool was a small inlet that stretched out into the bay or ocean beyond. There were woods all around, covering the slopes that stretched on all sides of both bodies of water. Our main interest was on the isolated pool that was forty feet round. The scientists/explorers told me that this particular pool had a passageway to the ocean beyond. They told me that there was a large hole at the bottom of this pool that was actually the beginning of a tunnel that led out into the ocean. Apparently this was how the small dinosaur came to this pool. The idea was that the ocean was full of unknown beasts but they would come to this pool via the passageway. I remember looking into the pool and it didnít look very deep. I could see the bottom of the pool at some locations. There was a rocky shore in some parts, like at the top of the waterfall in Eatonville that I always hike too. I thought about diving in to see if I could locate this tunnel that was a gateway to the sea, but I never did.

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