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October 1998

October 31, 1998

I was in the audience at a Jerry Springer talk show. I was with someone who was probably Lisa. The building where the show took place looked just like the theater in downtown where operas and plays are performed on a regular basis - it was an old-fashioned movie theater type setting. Lisa and I sat in some seats about ten rows from the front and we watched as the Jerry Springer show went on. I canít remember seeing Jerry or much of the show either, but like in every Jerry Springer show, a fight broke out among the talk show guests. I think the fight even escalated into the audience but Lisa and myself managed to get out of the place, which was in chaos, without getting involved. Then I realized that I had actually left Lisa in the theater but there were so many people that I couldnít go back to find her. I remember walking around the theater as hordes of people ran this way and that. The area looked much like it does outside the Key Arena in Seattle. There were some iron gates that surround the theater, and I walked towards them. I knew that after walking outside of these gates then I would be outside of the premises of the theater and on the street. I think there were police walking around because of the riot going on. There were two people, a man and a woman that I canít remember right now, and they may have been talk show contestants in Jerryís circus but now they were outside and I just happened to see them again. Apparently they were a couple that had been apart after many years but had now been reunited at the Jerry Springer show. The girl, I remember was very young, younger than twenty, but still may have been old enough to be able to get legally married. I donít remember what she looked like but I remember her saying to the man, something like, "I may be wacko, so excuse me!" and then she smiled. Iím not sure what she meant by this, probably letting the man she was with know that she wasnít the same person she used to be.
I was walking through a forest and came to a house that I think was cement and kind of reminded me of that training facility down the road form where I live that is used to train fireman in putting out fires. I opened a heavy steel door that had one of those horizontal push bars on it that you have to push if you wanted to get back outside. Once inside, things started getting spooky. I looked up on the wall and saw the address of the house in black numerals but they kept changing and I never did get an accurate reading on what the house address was. I started walking up a stairwell and the walls began to sway back and forth as if I was in a dream, which I was, but I didnít know it at the time. It was scarier than shit. Apparently I was in the house because I was looking for a monster or creature of some sort that looked just like the killer in that ghost mask on the movie Scream. I think I came across one or two of these creatures but I knew they werenít the actual ghosts I was after. I came across another one of those horizontal push bar doors at the top of one flight of steps so I opened the door and stepped out into a hallway. The floor was tiled, just like the floor at most public schools, and the hallway was dimly lit. There on the floor, was the Screamghost, only it looked different now. It was really strange, but the ghost now looked like a half-woman, half-monster type of creature, and its body was either melting or absorbing into the tile floor. The woman that was part of this beast could have been Lisa, but Iím not sure. The face of this monster was predominant but behind it was the terrified face of Lisa. I think the monster somehow absorbed Lisaís body then wrapped its shell around her as it started absorbing into the floor. The face of the creature was like a cracked-tooth, dirty old maniac that could have been human, but I donít think so. The rest of its body could have been proportioned like a humanís body with two arms, a torso and two legs, but since it was melting or absorbing into the floor, those features blended together like a large pool of blood and gravy. As I stood there and watched this bizarre creature smile with an evil rotten smile up at, I could hear police storming the building. These police were after this monster for some reason. I was glad to hear them, thinking that since the police were here then they could help me get Lisa back, but the monster acted as though it knew what I was thinking. It looked up at me with itís yucky face and hissed at me the words, "Theyíll only see me . . ." which meant that when the police arrive, Lisa will be so far absorbed into him that theyíll never see her and therefore sheíll be lost forever.

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