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October 1999

Oct 3 - Oct 6 - Oct 9 - Oct 21 - Oct 25 - Oct 29

October 3, 1999

I was on the side of a mountain on a trail that switch backed back and forth. I viewed this scenario from up above on the trail, looking back. The trail and mountain continued up to the right of me, and this trail, although it didn't directly replicate any trail I've been on, was a duplicate of all trails on Mt. Rainier that I have hiked. To the left of me was a valley, dark and out of sight. The mountain ridges wrapped around and went to my left, hundreds of feet above me, but I had the feeling that the trail I was on was the one that led to the top of the highest peak. There was a war going on. I don't know who was fighting whom or for what reason but I knew I was involved somehow and I was at battle. As I looked up and to my left I saw a yellow airplane in the air. It was up at a 45-degree angle and I think of a banana as I recall it now. I didn't look like a banana - it looked like a plane, but the color definitely screamed banana! It flew from my left to right, but I only think that because the nose of it was faced to the right. I never actually saw it move, I just remember seeing it in the sky several hundred feet away on this side of the distant mountain ranges that lined the skyline; a freeze-frame in my dream. Along this switchback I was on were cars that traveled upward as well as those hikers/soldiers-of-war that decided to use the paths for transportation. I remember the cars to be of the Model-T type, if not that then some other old type model car. They came up the dirt and rocky switchback path and traveled without caring if anyone were on the path. I, and whoever else was with me, had to jump off the path to avoid getting run over. There were airplanes in the sky, as I mentioned earlier, but besides the banana airplane there were also other normal-looking airplanes, the WWII Tiger Fighter types. They were dropping bombs across the landscape beyond the mountain ranges and this really gave the dream that war-like feeling. I could feel there was people in the trenches somewhere and I know the bombs were red-bursting in air across whatever country there was. One of the guys that was with me commented on how one of the planes that was dropping bombs, maybe the banana plane, had a lot of power because of the bombs it was dropping. That particular guy, who I can remember nothing about now other than he was guy that was in my dream standing next to me in a weird mountain war, commented on some little glass vials that we possessed. These vials were pendulum-shaped and were full of some kind of liquid, much like the life-giving vials on the movie Death Becomes Her. The guy explained how some of these vials were powerful little sons of bitches and could be used as bombs; if you dropped them then they would blow up like grenades. I found myself in another place that was still connected to the war but only now I was in a building in some type of room. I had a gun with me that was a bulky rifle and it started falling to pieces. I didn't drop it or anything, it just started falling apart and I knew it would be useless if I wanted to defend myself in a war. There was a door in front of me 15 feet away and slightly to the left and suddenly Elma Weed walked through it. There was a smug, smiley expression on her face and I got the feeling that she was the one who had sabotaged our rifles so they would malfunction. Something else passed from mind to mind and I get the feeling that she also suggested to us that we had to shoot her because perhaps she was the enemy.

October 6, 1999

I was in my garden, inside the netting that I put over everything to keep critters out. In this dream, however, there were critters that were trying to get out - they were squirrels. I was in there with two or three other squirrels, chasing them around as they frantically looked for a way out. I scrambled this way and that, trying to grasp the little buggers, and then suddenly I noticed that Plato was in there with us. I was standing there, about where the carrots and onions are and facing the corn, and I saw Plato approach from my right. I could tell instantly that he wanted those squirrels.

October 9, 1999

I was on a huge boat that was like The Titanic or some other pleasure cruise type of boat. It could have been the size of that large catamaran that Lisa and I took a cruise on in Hawaii or it could have been a huge ocean liner. I remember experiencing being on the dock of this boat in the back area of it. I was standing on the deck, just on the other side of a doorway that led into a place that was probably a restaurant. I stood there and looked up where the corner of the floor above me met with the ceiling just outside the restaurant doors. There was a TV there, about a 20-inch screen model, placed in the nook where the joists met. Actually there were joists everywhere on this ship with TVs beaming down, hundreds perhaps. I can't remember what was happening on the screen but it had everyone's attention. I can't remember what was on the screen now, some type of newscast or something. As I stood there and watched the TV, leaning against the rail that lined the deck and protected people from falling into the ocean, I noticed a guy standing to the left of me. He was wearing a drab, brown or gray overcoat and a hat to match, making him look like someone right out of the Titanic era. He was handing out large pieces of sausage to anyone who wanted one. The sausages he was passing out were inch round and some of them may have been doughnut shaped. Most of the people who were offered this sausage refused but I took a piece from the guy and promptly took a big bite out of it. After I did I looked at the bagel-shaped piece of meat and saw large white deposits of fat inside the reddish meat where I had bitten. The sight was kind of gross, but I thought the sausage tasted good nevertheless.
I was at Tanwax Lake at the property that my folks used to own and where I lived for a short while. I was sitting in front of the shack that dad built for his tool shop. I think there were some other guys there with me as well and we all sat on the porch of the building there or in chairs just in front of it. Suddenly a police car came driving up to us and it parked tightly next to the building right in front of me, so close that I was trapped and couldn't get away if I wanted to, but that was the cop's intent. The cops, two of them I think, lined all of us up along the front of the building and initially we weren't worried because we hadn't done anything wrong. Then, other cops arrived, or bad guys, but whoever they were they started attacking me - nobody else, just me. I was down on the ground and several of the cops started hitting me with the butts of their rifles. As I lie there getting beat to a pulp I wondered if the other guys that had been sitting in front of the tool shack with me were also getting beat up or if they were on the cops' side and just watched.
I was with Charles and he asked me about some stories I had written. When I commented on what they were about, he said, "Well they weren't too good!" I could tell he was going to say that no matter what he thought of them. After that, he asked about another book I was writing.

October 21, 1999

I was in an auditorium or larger place, somewhat like the Seattle Coliseum, and the place was packed. It was dark in there and it was a concert atmosphere. There were people all around and whatever people I may have been with at the beginning of this dream, I had lost track of them. I had a need to get a ride home so I could get home by 7 a.m. for some reason but since I lost track of who I had been with earlier I was screwed. I don't know what the event was that was occurring at this place but the place was humming. Then I noticed Bob Costerfenin in the crowd. I think he may have walked past me in the crowd but didn't acknowledge me; he just kept walking right on by. Behind him was a long line of people that were dressed in tan and black band uniforms that looked like high school or college uniforms. They all wore those tall, cylindrical band hats and they may have been carrying instruments. They followed Bob and I guess he was in charge of them or was the leader or something like that. I think Bob was leading them into this arena because they were supposed to perform. I asked Bob if he could give me a ride home and the next thing I remember is being in his car with him, in the red VW Beetle he used to own. I think I was in the driver's seat and he was in the passenger seat. For some reason we tilted our seats back, so far that the top half of our bodies were tilted backward and downward, looking back at the back seat. It was weird.

October 25, 1999

I was on Mountain Rainier with Bob Costerfenin. We were hiking and talking like good friends and having a great time. The next thing I recall is being with Charles and some other people, and maybe Bob was there with us. We were at a campsite type of area, not Cougar Rock Campground (the place I usually camp at), but something like it. This place is where the Visitor Center is at the top of the mountain. I found myself going down the road on the backside of the Visitor Center parking lot, a one-way road. I was walking. About half a mile into the walk I came across a cabin type of dwelling on the left side of the road, in to the woods about 50 feet. It reminded me of one of those buildings that people can reserve at a park I go to on a regular basis with my kids. There was something going on at this cabin, like a gathering of people or something, and I felt that the people at the campground/picnic area that I had just walked from up where Charles was needed to come down here and see this place as well. I was then back at the original camping area and I was telling Charles about the other area, half a mile down the road, and how we all needed to go there. I think I was giving him directions. There was a large group of people here that all needed to go down to that other area but all we had to travel in was my mini-van and Mazda Protégé. Therefore I knew that we were going to have to make several trips. So a bunch of people loaded into my van and I walked up to the driver's side door and opened it. Trent was sitting in the driver's seat like he was going to drive but I told him to move it because I was driving, not him. He moved out of the seat to the right to disappear into the group of people already crammed into my van. As I sat there getting ready to go I looked in front of me and saw a group of people coming from out of the woods and walking towards us. They also needed rides and I knew we weren't going to have near enough room to carry all these people down to that other camping area. Lisa's uncle Stuart and her Aunt Luella may have been in that group of road-crossing people, smiling and just happy as hell to be alive. The next thing I remember is walking around the area telling people that we needed to get going to the other campsite and to stop screwing around. There was a place just up a slope that had some framed dwellings surrounding an area that had grass on the ground. There were a few people tossing a Frisbee around and I was kind of miffed that they were playing catch with a Frisbee instead getting ready to leave. I think I walked into this area and intercepted one of the passes thrown and exclaimed to the people there, "Come on! Come on let's get going!" I told them that if they came down to the other camping area that there was a Frisbee there that was the size of a firebox. I then went on to say something like, "I don't know what a firebox is but I'm sure it's big!" I was trying to be cute and I may have gotten a laugh or two out of that.

October 29, 1999

I joined the army and had to ride a motorcycle that was like a Yamaha.

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