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September 1989

Sep 5 - Sep 8 - Sep 13 - Sep 16 - Sep 17 - Sep 18 - Sep 19 - Sep 26

September 5th, 1989

There was a tractor with one tire that was too large for it. It was the right rear tire and it was so oversized that it would wobble at almost a 45 degree angle when the tractor traveled in front of me from left to right. There was also some black guy standing around, but I can't remember what he had to do with anything.

September 8th, 1989

There was a movie that was like "WILLOW", but it wasn't. It was a lot neater than WILLOW and it may have even been a book I wrote, but I doubt it. Lots of things happened in this movie, but what I remember is this: In the forest there was a crowd of people gathered to watch a car race. We all sat at the finish line as we watched this very large, overpowered jet car-truck with huge knobby tires rev up its engine to an extremely high RPM. It bopped around unpredictably and as it did, it almost looked animated and not really part of the scene. It was revving its engine so high that its tires spun and we were unable to see them clearly. After a while of racing around the finishing area this way and that, it finally let go with a tremendous thrust and crashed away into the forest. As it went through the woods, it cleared away all the trees and everything else in its way because it was moving at such a quick speed. Actually, this was its purpose - to clear paths for the real motor cars that were in the race. As I looked at the path it had cleared, I saw that it had completely demolished trees and cut halfway into some trees which I thought would topple over, but they didn't. It had also cut a hole in a finish-line type of billboard. The crowd oohed and ahhed as we looked into the forest and saw that the path went as far as the eye could see. The car was out of sight because it moved so quickly. Then the cars that were in the race began to travel on the path from the direction the path-clearer went. There were about four or five undefined cars heading towards the finish line.
I was in a room that was actually on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. This scene was still in the movie that was like WILLOW, but it was like a spoof on Star Trek also. Captain Kirk had long hair and Spock looked like a young kid. Nevertheless, I could tell it was really William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Other members of the crew bounded about the bridge, but their faces weren't clear. We were in some type of a building, a cafeteria or something. Captain Kirk was suddenly a black man and his hair was a short curly Afro. Someone in the crew (or maybe it was me), asked him why he was a black man and he asked something like, "What do you mean, why am I black?" as if he didnít know he was.

September 13th, 1989

Lisa and I were walking along somewhere and there was someone following us that I felt was a threatening person. Therefore, I went nuts and started stabbing this person with a poker from a fireplace. It might have been Lisa doing the stabbing, but I don't think so. I remember stabbing and the poker didn't go into the body very far, but apparently it was enough to kill the person for he (or she) lay dead on the floor. I also remember using a trowel to stab with and there was lots of blood on that and the poker.
I was in a house somewhere with Charles and a lot of my other friends. We were all partying and I recall how much of a good time I was having and how I didn't want the moment to end. We were getting really weird and I grabbed a bunch of hair gel or something like that and put it in my hair. It made my hair slick back and the front right part of my hair stuck up like a little Alfalfa hairdo. It was real odd-looking and I walked around this party showing everybody, getting a few laughs. Well, later everyone wanted to go to the store or something so I started washing my hair in a sink somewhere because I didn't want to go out looking like a geek with a bunch of goo in my hair. I remember listening to everybody in the next room and was worried that they would leave without me, but I managed to scrub my hair clean with some soap and towel dry it. I hopped in a car with Charles and for some reason, my hair was still weird, so I somehow got out of the car without him knowing and headed back towards the house to fix my hair once again. We were in a far away state, maybe Arkansas, and I was totally lost. Nevertheless, I managed to find my way back to the house and I drew up a bath to soak in. I was sitting in the bath and then I think Yvette, a girl that works where I do, came into the bathroom. I was surprised and I tried to cover up my nakedness. She kept trying to look at me naked, but I finally rolled over to keep her from seeing the front of me. There was a man walking around the house and I could hear him talking. He sounded like a mean person and I was scared he would get mad because apparently this was his house and I was in his bathtub. I inquired about him, but Yvette said he left to go somewhere and the noise was being made by her baby walking around. She finally grabbed a towel and covered me up in the tub and lay her head on my chest in the water. She complained that the water was too hot (which it was) but I explained that's how I liked it, just like my women. When Charles returned later he explained that he was confused as to what had happened to me on the road and why I had suddenly disappeared from his car. I told him how strange it was for me to be walking around in an unfamiliar city and how I was lost for a while.
I watched an interview with a football player at an actual game. He was on the sidelines and was pissed off and sweaty because he was out due to an injury. He started talking about the game and his injury. He said something about his back bone or some other bone being snapped "five times" during the game and finally he had to leave. He talked a bit more but I didn't catch it all. There was a scene when he was dancing with a cheerleader, as if in a TV promo. Also during the interview, there were times when he had long hair and didn't quite look himself. His face froze in a profile shot sometimes and I got the feeling that this was a very special, respectable man. He smiled at me and said something like, "You're the most perfect person I know." I told him how I was just going to say that to him.

September 16th, 1989

There was a road that had a long, steep hill. I think it went over a bay or ocean or some other body of water. I was talking to someone about the road and how I could ride a motorcycle up it. This was an issue, like I couldn't ride a motorcycle up it because it was too steep or something like that. Anyway, I rode a motorcycle towards the hill. The road before the hill was curved and I remember coming close the edge of the road before the hill and there was a very steep drop-off that led to a dark, foggy abyss. I was startled that I came so close and contributed it to being on a motorcycle. Therefore I worried I wouldn't make it up the hill. I had the bike in fifth gear and it climbed the hill, the bike acting just like my truck would have. I think there were other cars on the road/hill also.
I was at a house with somebody, but I don't know who. We looked inside and I think Melvin and Tina were there with their mobile home. We were discussing where they could park their mobile home and decided they could drive around the living room and to the left and go down the hallway. It was a large hallway and it may have opened up to a campground-like setting beyond that. Then this other person and I walked into the house and saw members of my family (Hannah, Dexter, mom and dad) sleeping in various places. I think Hannah had her head down on a table in a kitchen and my dad was in his wheel chair in another room which was separated from me by a breakfast bar or something like that. I think his eyes were half-open. We were pushing Grandma Poppit around in a wheel chair of her own. She seemed very different, senile and bitchy. As we tried to wheel her to dad, her wheel chair caught a bump and tipped forward, sprawling her onto the floor. We were worried for her, but she jumped up and ran towards dad like she was a hyper-active jack rabbit. She ran to dad and slapped him hard across the left side of his face as if this was her strange senile type of way of greeting her son. Dad cringed in surprise and pain and we all were surprised and a bit angry that Grandma thought she could just slap dad and get away with it.

September 17th, 1989

I was in my yard doing some type of yard work. There were ants everywhere. After a while of doing whatever chore it was I was doing, I looked down at my feet. I wore one of the pair of worn-out tennis-shoes I have, and no socks. I looked at my right foot and it was infested with ants. They were inside my shoe and all around my ankle. I wasn't as concerned as I should have been. They did not move or bite or anything like that. It was like they were in a dormant state and as long as I didn't make any sudden moves, then they would remain that way. I took my shoe off and started peeling the ants off my foot and saw they had eaten away at my foot and had nested inside of my flesh. As I pulled and squeezed ants out of my foot, I could see the cavity inside my foot they had eaten into. I could see the muscle and bone but it did not hurt. Ants crawled around inside my foot and I managed to get them all out. Then I checked my left foot and there were ants inside that one also, but they had not done much damage to this foot. I remember seeing one small hole in my skin and I forced an ant out from underneath my skin. The ants had somehow formed into a flat, square-like conglomeration and stuck together. I had thoughts of burning this mass in the burning barrel but I never got around to it.
I was putting some make-up on my face, a dark cover-girl type. I don't know why I was doing it. I was hoping it would go on light and unnoticed, but it was dark brown. I smeared it around my face, hoping that it would lighten up. I did this in front of a mirror somewhere. Then I think I had to face some people so I washed my face off with soap in a sink and was able to remove all the make-up. I towel-dried my face but my face and I think part of my hair was still wet, as if I had just taken a shower.

September 18th, 1989

I was with a large group of people. We had journeyed to another planet and were exploring it. The details are foggy but I'll do my best. There was a house or building on a hill, overlooking slopes of deep snow. The snow was so deep that if you weren't careful then you would disappear into it if you stepped in the wrong place. Several people of our expedition died that way. Anyway, in this building there were different rooms and panels and drawers made of oak, like the kind in my house. Some drawers opened up and actually weren't drawers at all, but rather, passages that you could crawl around in. On the slopes I remember seeing lots of our people walking around and they were being careful not to step any place where the snow would swallow them up. I slipped under the snow once but I guess I managed to find my way to the top again. On the far end of the slope was a mountain or something like that which caused great interest among us, and a lot of our people ventured to it. Back inside the building, I was exploring and came upon a room that was dimly lit and there was a huge head of a man near the back wall. He was bald and looked like an evil Mr. Clean. There was no movement but upon closer observation, I saw it start to move and come to life. Actually it was a whole body, not just the head, the body being concealed beneath the floor. This giant came to life and began to wreak havoc among all of us. I ran around warning the others. I don't recall what happened to everyone but me and a few others began to hide in the passages concealed by oak drawers. Me, and I think a girl and some other guy, crawled about in these passages (I was the last to go). Because I was the last, the giant reached for me. He stuck his huge arm down the passageway and nearly grabbed me but I was just out of reach. It was actually rather terrifying. There was another scene where the three of us made it to an intersection type area of the passages that led downward. It was real narrow and it took some time for us to position our bodies so we could squeeze in this place. The guy and the woman with me managed to make it down but as I was trying, the giant appeared to my left and grabbed for me, preventing me from going further. Just when I thought I was going to end up in this giant's stomach, another giant appeared. He was a good giant and looked nice, with nicely combed brown hair and a charming disposition. The mean giant reached for me as I stared at him from outside this building through huge glass windows. Just before his hand reached me, the nice giant crashed his fist through the glass. His hand was covered with a huge white blanket and he closed it around the mean giant's face, attempting to suffocate him. There were mumbles and groans coming from the mean giant as he began to suffocate. The nice giant had saved me. There was a scene where I was watching from a distance the mean giant standing outside the building. The outside was a huge rock wall, rectangular bricks/rocks placed neatly. It was curved and sat over a valley or something like that. The mean giant stood in front of the wall as if stunned. The nice giant was on the other side, in the building (which now resembled a castle) and I thought he was going to push the wall over onto this mean giant thus crushing him in the process, but it didn't happen. Later I was observing the scene from the outside and saw that the buildings these giants came from where actually old, huge mobile homes. They were brown and looked rusty. The nice giant came from one higher up on the hill while the mean giant came from one further down the hill, closer to me. I was in a room with a woman and a man and my brother Ron. We were listening to a song that Ron had written and it was pretty good. There were slow parts and when it got fast, Ron really jammed. I was thinking of the lead I could have played to that song. As Ron went somewhere, I followed along with the song which was somehow written on the wall in front of us in huge square segments that led from left to write. As the song went along, I sang to it and it sounded pretty good. The notes were real high but I managed to hit them. The song sounded familiar, but I can't recall what it sounded like at this time.

September 19th, 1989

I was with Charles by a forest somewhere. We were standing by something, maybe a fire. I was saying good-by to him because he was going to spend seven days and nights out in the woods by himself. He had wanted me to go with him, but I couldn't manage to get the time off. He just had seven days of vacation coming and he wanted to spend it in the forest. I was really worried for him because he was going to be out in a forest for so long by himself. I remember hearing Agnes (his wife) talking about how Charles was supposed to be at a place called Wright's Park by the next night. Suddenly it was the next night and Charles hadn't shown up yet. Agnes didn't sound too concerned though, explaining that it wasn't night yet and he still had time. I remember seeing Wright's Park on a map and the woods that surrounded it, thinking that Charles was out there somewhere. I had horrible visions of Charles getting murdered by men out in the woods, or maybe getting eaten by a bear. It was very shocking and depressing to think of it and it still gnaws at my brain to think of how terrible it would be to have anything like that happen to Charles.

September 26th, 1989

I was in a land somewhere and I was the king. I think I was newly appointed. There were other higher members of society such as presidents and I wondered who had more authority, me or them.

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