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September 1991

Sep 1 - Sep 2 - Sep 5 - Sep 9 - Sep 15 - Sep 18 - Sep 19 - Sep 27 - Sep 28 - Sep 29 - Sep 30

September 1st, 1991

I was anticipating the first Seahawk game of the regular season so much that I dreamt about it. I think I may have been half asleep so I was sort of controlling the plays. I remember one play where a Seahawk receiver made a miraculous catch in the end zone near the out of bounds line. He was covered real well but he managed to snag the ball anyway. At first, the ball was bobbled in the air and it looked like a sure incompletion, but then the receiver grabbed for it again as he just barely dragged his feet inside the end zone as he dove. It was an amazing catch and I was surprised the Seahawks were doing so well. Then I was in the game as a running-back. I ran and was right at the goal line. I managed to stretch across and spiked the ball into the grass into the end zone as I was tackled and grabbed from behind.

September 2nd, 1991

I lived in a strange part of the world, someplace like a dump in a big city somewhere. I recall walking around the discardings of other people, like door frames and windowless panes and other strewn about stuff. I walked up on one particular heap and remember looking out at what was a street or an alley. Then I was inside the dwelling that I had made among the debris. There was a tunnel and I think some guys were suddenly after me. I think there was some light, but I turned it all off to make it completely dark so these guys would have a hard time finding me. Nevertheless, I didn't really run from them. I could sense them behind me in the pitch black. I knew my way around, but because these guys couldn’t keep up, I waited for them for some reason. They had flashlights that didn't give off much of a beam. I walked up to the beams on the floor and shone my light on them, or did something similar to that so they could tell where and I was. I think once they caught on and started after me again. I may have run out into the outside world of debris and ran from them.
I was down by the barn where we used to live on top of South Hill. I was walking along that road when two guys drove by me in a car, heading for the end of the road where the freeway fence was. They may have said something to me so I said something like, "Yeah Fuck you." They heard me so they stopped the car and put it in reverse to roll back to me. The guy in the passenger side poked his head out the window and asked me what I said. He wasn't that big, but he looked tough and the driver I think was bigger. Wanting to avoid a fight, I smiled and said something like, "I'm sorry I was in your way" or "Thanks for not running over me." This seemed to satisfy them, for they drove off again.
I was at work and Sam walked up to me. He asked if I wanted to know how his doctor's visit went, something about the results of the tests or blood tests that had been performed. I can't remember if I answered or not.

September 5th, 1991

I was in some woods somewhere, probably on the property my parents used to own at Case Inlet. I was running down a hill through the woods and through bushes and at the bottom of the hill stood a man. I almost ran into him and I think he started bitching at me for being so careless. I instantly started yelling back. My first sentence was cut short as he interrupted. My second sentence was less harsh as I realized that he may not have been bitching at me. Finally I realized he wasn't and I was rational. There was a scene when I was walking up a road in the woods, the road leading away from the cabin we used to have at that property. I had a neat, woodsy feeling as I did this, a sensation that felt great. Other stuff happened but I can't remember what.
I was at work and I was at my desk. I closed the hatch on the upper right of the desk (the one that used to be locked but now just hangs open all the time). It locked and this was strange because it didn't lock before.
There was a woman that looked like the lead singer from the band Deee-Lite. I don't think she was the singer, just someone who looked like her. I remember she had dull, pink fingernail polish on her long nails. She was walking away from me and I think she was either trying to replace the real lead singer, or maybe she was just trying to act like her.

September 9th, 1991

"The Golden Cube." This is an idea for a title I got for this dream after I had it, but I'm not sure why. I was on an island somewhere, perhaps in the West Indies I guess. I wasn't sure what I was doing there, but I felt like an explorer. This island was supposed to be like a tropical place but there were houses and buildings all around, although there was no sign of them being inhabited. I remember standing on the ground and looking up at a man who was standing on top of a high building. I felt like me and the people with me were after this guy for something. I had a gun and took a few shots at him through a grated ceiling several feet above me with little oval holes in it. I guess I hit the guy, for he fell off the building and onto the ground. Apparently, this did not kill him, although it certainly would have in real life. He got up and started walking around the corner of a street towards a house. I was on the front lawn of the house and instead of running to the backside of the house to try to get away, which would have been the safest thing to do, I ran to the front of the yard and laid down in front of a knee-high metal fence, thinking for some reason it would hide me and the guy would walk right by. It was really strange. The fence was barbed wire or something like that and it was obvious this would not hide me. The guy came running by while he held onto something that led the way. I'm not sure what this something was, but it resembled several things. It was about the size of a small wheel barrow and sort of looked like one, but it had three wheels, I think. It also reminded me of a shopping cart but most of all, it reminded me of a dog because there was a nose or something like that on the front of this thing and it was sniffing as if it were trying to track me. Actually, whatever it was, that was the purpose of it. The guy held this thing in the back and ran alongside the fence while this thing sniffed. Suddenly, they both stopped directly in front of the fence where I was lying down. At this point, I think I may have been half-dreaming, half-sleeping because I was thinking about what a neat story this would make and I started to add my own little details to the dream to make it more like a story I would write. Since I was the main character, the guy spotted me hiding behind the fence. He pulled out a gun and shot me in the head, paused, then shot me again. I knew this would add a bit of surprise to the story. Actually, I wasn't even sure the guy hiding alongside the fence was me, but sometimes I felt like it was. Later on I was walking around the side of one of these houses on the island, maybe the same one, maybe not. On the side, in a darkened area under a stairway, laid Eddie Albert from the show Green Acres. I think he was one of the guys that was with me from the start. He was a bum, and he was lying in a pile of rubble. There was something he had with him, but I don't know what the hell it was. It was small and had no definite shape or form. It was, in fact, the thing which became known as The Golden Cube. This was why we were on the island, looking for the guy on top of the building. The thing Eddie Albert held didn't resemble a cube, and wasn't actually golden but rather dark, and I suddenly felt like a spy on a secret mission who was supposed to locate this thing. When I woke up later, I realized that this would have been a dumb story, but being asleep made it seem like it would be great.
I was downstairs on the bottom floor in the house I used to live in at on the top of South Hill. I was sitting on a bed in the rec room and I guess there was Trent and others there. I definitely remember dad and mom being there. I was sitting on a bed (by the downstairs closet by the laundry seat) and we were watching football on TV. Dad was sitting along the wall by where the red piano used to be. He was mad and disgusted that we were wasting our afternoon away when we should be doing work around the house. I think the football game ended and then he started to get up and expected us to do the same and start working around the house. This was strange because dad can't walk like that any more, much less do work around the house. The next thing I remember is waking up in the upstairs bedroom in the house, the bedroom next to mom and dad's on the back side of the house on the top floor. I wondered where everyone was because I was all alone. I walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway into the living room. I looked at the grandfather clock, positioned right where it always had been, and saw it was just a few minutes before seven o'clock in the evening. It appeared I had slept the whole day away and had not done any yard work. I walked to the window which overlooked the driveway and saw no cars in the driveway, telling me I was alone in the house. I wondered where the hell everyone was.

September 15th, 1991

I went to the health club I regularly attend. When I went in, I saw that girl I used to see all the time at this health club. I can't remember all that happened, but there was some other guy there, a kid, and he said that the girl’s name was Mia (I always imagined it to be Maria). I may have talked to Mia, or Maria, and when she was going to leave I pictured myself saying, "See ya, Mia", as if this was funny or something. Suddenly, the health club took on the feel of a school, or a college. There were a lot of people around and suddenly I found myself leaving. As I was walking up a wide cement walkway that had a slight incline upwards and led towards the parking lot I guess (it reminded me of a college just down the street from me), Ilia Stanford, a girl I haven't thought about for maybe fifteen or twenty years, walked up to me and said, "You should say good-by to Mandy." She was referring to my sister. As I looked back down the cement walkway and into the building, I saw several groups of people among other groups, as if the area directly inside the building was a gymnasium. In one of the nearer groups, I think Mandy was standing there talking to people. I don't remember actually seeing her, however (well maybe I did but I can't remember). Anyway, Ilia mentioned Mandy because apparently she felt like no one wanted to talk to Mandy and she felt Mandy would feel better if I did.

September 18th, 1991

A lot of stuff happened but all I can remember is going to the doctor for a check-up. The physical went pretty good and I was in good health. Feeling that something might be wrong with my heart, I asked the doctor how my heart was and he said it was in great shape.

September 19th, 1991

I was at work and preparing to send some material to one of our vendors. Sam used a paint roller and started painting the side of one of the big boxes that paper towels come in. It was the box sitting by the bathrooms. It was still on the floor and had paper towels in it. Sam pushed the roller across the side of the box, somewhat covering up the large black lettering there. The paint was kind of translucent brown and I was worried that the lettering wouldn't get covered up good enough, but Sam rolled a couple of coats on and it seemed to do the trick.

September 27th, 1991

Charles found a house for me to buy and it was a good deal. I had this dream because, I'm sure, I was thinking about real estate after Charles found 9 acres near Morton for us to buy. I guess Charles found a house for me and I originally understood the deal to be a house on one acre. It was selling for $410 dollars, which was very low, but in this dream I was still kind of cautious. I wanted to show Charles the house because for some reason he didn't know where it was. I showed him that it was off a road that you took off of South Hill, right where the trailer zone (where I used to live in a trailer with Charles) used to be. When I showed Charles and someone else who was with him, they said, "Oh yeah" like they knew it was some road around that area but they didn't know which one. We turned on to a road (I'm pretty sure we were walking) and we walked to the end of it, about a hundred yards away. Then we had to travel through some woods and down an embankment which reminded me of the hill by 103rd Street Charles and I used to play by when we were kids. We went down the hill and there was a pile of stuff at the bottom of it. There was something in this pile that Charles saw and said something like, "Hey that's from my boat" like he had a boat parked nearby somewhere and someone had taken this something from it and thrown it onto this pile. We walked past the pile and on to the house I was buying, which was about a quarter mile away. When we got there, I saw that the house was in a neighborhood with other houses next to it and I then realized that it was not an acre after all. Charles then explained that what he meant was that there was a house and also an acre of land but he thought I agreed to buy the house instead. He apologized and asked me if I was mad. When I didn't answer right away, he said he could tell that I was mad even without saying anything. I really wasn't because I still felt it was a good deal for only $410. The house, however, was really small and was nearly unlivable. Inside there was one room, the size of my computer room, and a bathroom off to the right in the back, and that was it. I think there may have been a basement that you could go down to as soon as you walked into the place. I think I may have even spent the night in the house, but I can't say for sure. The house was in terrible shape, needing the walls and ceiling remade because there were holes in them. I looked at the house with Charles from the outside and we looked at the roof. It was made of bricks and was very old. There was green moss growing between the cracks in the bricks and the roof was crooked with age, warped at the front right of the house. I asked Charles how much a new roof would cost and he said, "About $100,000." This didn't seem to faze me for I thought it was a normal price. I remember looking at the house from the top of it, just at the front of the roof. The roof had holes in it and you could see right into the house. That's when I noticed that there was an attic and through the cracked and missing boards in the ceiling, I could see a skinny rope that hung down so you could pull down a hatch that led to the attic. I didn't notice this before. I wondered how the house would manage to keep warm in the winter with all the holes in the roof and ceiling leading straight to the outside world. On the front yard again with Charles, we talked about the possibility of putting a small fence around the yard. On the right side of the yard was a raised portion of grass about half a foot higher than the rest of the yard. I traced along the outside of the yard where I could put a fence at, but I only considered a small, rickety white fence, like the one in my dream "The Golden Cube." There was a street in front of the house, and there were neighbors all around. Then I remember sitting on part of the lawn by the house and I was considering not really living in this house, but just buying it and continuing to live where I actually live at now. It seemed different though, like the house I live in now I was only renting, but this $410 house would be a residence. Nevertheless, thinking of keeping Lisa happy, I thought of still living where I am and maybe selling the run-down house for a profit at a later date. As I sat there, Charles was off to my right and I spoke to him, about to ask him what my options were. I said, "Hey..." like I was going to say what was on my mind, and he looked at me and started walking towards me, but then I woke up and that ended the dream.

September 28th, 1991

I was at the house at the top of South Hill that I grew up in. I guess it was my residence. Trent was with me and we were standing in the living room on the top floor. There was a tall, rugged-looking bum that walked around the deck outside and he scared me. Apparently he had been roaming around my property for a couple of weeks but I didn't have the guts to speak to him. Trent asked why I didn't tell him to leave and I told him I was too scared to. Therefore, Trent walked to the sliding glass door, opened it, and explained to the bum that he had to leave the property. Although I knew Trent was scared, he talked to the guy anyway. When the bum showed he intended to stay, Trent told him he couldn't stay here and he had to leave. When the bum still made no effort to leave, I think I said I would just call 911 then. As if calling my bluff, the bum stood outside and watched to see if I would really do such a thing. I went to the phone and dialed 911. When the operator on the other end answered, I spoke very calmly and clearly as if it was necessary so they could send help quicker if I did. I remember saying, "My name is Max Poppit…" and then I stated what my address was where I live now, not at that house on South Hill. I then went on to explain that there was a man that had been walking about my property for a couple weeks and when he was asked to leave, he wouldn't. Seeing I wasn't joking, the bum then appeared to slowly walk away and suddenly I wanted him to stay on my property so the police could catch him when they arrived. It looked as though the bum, although still showing signs of hanging around, would surely be gone by the time the cops showed up. Then there was another guy and he showed up at the kitchen door. I'm not sure if I let him in or if he just barged in, but when he got in, he walked after me like he wanted to kill me or something. I walked away, asking him what he wanted. At first he mentioned something about selling life insurance or something like that, but that was all I got out of him. He chased me (we walked, not ran) around and around through the kitchen, past the dining room, through the living room, then through the kitchen again. He had a sly little smile on his face and he was a stocky, muscular man with short dark hair. He also mentioned something about his name being Charles, but this had no connection with my brother Charles. Finally Trent walked onto the scene and apparently he knew this guy. He said something like, "Oh hi Charles," and then the two of them walked off to discuss matters. The next thing I remember doing is looking out the big window in the living room and down to the property below (I may have been looking through binoculars). It was suddenly night time. There were people driving off of Meridian Avenue and onto my property, some vehicles driving down to the property below and some driving up to the house. I looked down to where the barn used to be and it was now off to the left instead of the right, just across from where it used to be. There was a big window on the top floor and through it I could see a couple of guys, one of them reminding me of someone that I can't recall right now, and the other one with a huge, almost cartoon-like grin on his face with big teeth showing. They were doing something, like sitting on a couch and talking or watching TV. There was also a girl with them, I think. These guys were part of the huge group of people that had appeared out of nowhere and started to invade my property from all angles. When I looked back to the driveway off Meridian, the vehicles were still pouring in. There was a long bus-like vehicle, maybe a mobile home, and it was very slow-moving, blocking others from coming in as well. I wondered when the hell the cops were going to get here and if this traffic would slow them down. The next thing I knew, I was downstairs in the rec room, looking into the garage. People were flocking into the house from this way. It was crazy. People were running around and screaming and being wild. They bounced into each other in the garage and it was packed tight. Finally, the cops showed up but there were only two of them, but I was relieved anyway. Amazingly, they tromped through the garage, subduing the rioting crowd as they went. They grabbed and handcuffed people as they strode through the crowd and I could see the people calming down and the craziness dying as the cops made their way through. I wondered why the people just didn't overpower the cops, but apparently they showed some fear in them and obeyed them. Then I guess the policemen went upstairs to calm down the crowd up there. When they were up there, a few of the people in the garage began to get up off the floor where the cops told them to lie. They realized they no longer had the law watching them so they began to creep out of the garage. One of the first ones to escape the garage and come into the rec room was a girl. She was smiling cautiously and looking towards the stairs leading up, curious if the cops were really gone for the time being so they could all get rowdy again. Her, as well as others coming from the garage, held guns by their handles and upside-down. Apparently these were guns the cops found them with, but told them to hold downward so they couldn't use them. I wondered if they would ignore the cops and use their guns and go crazy again. There was a scene when I was standing at the glass doors in the rec room and Charles came up to me, screaming in fear. He had a gun in his hand that belonged to some wild maniac that was partying on the deck above us, just outside the door. I guess he managed to get the guy's gun somehow and now he wanted to shoot him with it. He walked outside and pointed the gun upwards as if to shoot the guy through the deck, but he got scared and handed the gun to me. I, too, was too scared to shoot the guy so we just came back in. The next thing I knew, I was upstairs in a bedroom where the bathroom used to be. Lisa was in bed, maybe Sarah was with her, and I was going to explain the craziness in the house. She was asleep and I had to wake her up. I was frantic so my sentences came out rushed and not as I would have liked them too. I began explaining that there were about one hundred people in the garage and in other parts of the house. She instantly became very upset with me for having so many people over to party, and she flipped me off and may have begun to start crying in anger. I frantically tried to explain that I didn't invite these people here, that they just showed up and I was trying to get rid of them, but she wasn't listening to me and got even more mad. I almost started crying as well because I was so mad that she wasn't listening to me and I said something like, "I'll be damned if I'm going to take responsibility for this!" or something like that. Then I left the room.

September 29th, 1991

There was a job opening at work for a salesman so I told Bob about it. It seemed more the type of job he would like rather than the technician one I told him about, and I was sure he would get it and do good. I don't think he ever interviewed for it, but I'm sure he would have if the dream went on longer. I also learned that the position paid very well, more than I made, but I didn't care. All I cared about was giving Bob this opportunity.

September 30th, 1991

I was at work doing something, then suddenly I was walking towards a room, maybe the front office. It was a place you went when you got visitors and needed to talk to them. It was Charles. He had shown up to talk to me about the 8.94 acres we're thinking of buying. Although the news wasn't definite, Charles said how it looked good so far and how we were up to $109 already, meaning something like if we wanted to, then we could pay as much as $109 a month for this land. Charles said this with that serious, confused yet concerned face that he often gets. That was good news because we were only going to be paying about $86 a month anyway.
I was at a building. It felt like a school, but the situation had to do with work. I was in a room inside the building looking out into what was probably the parking lot. A car drove up, but I only remember seeing the back end of the car, like the window ended or the building got in the way. It looked like a Cadilac, like the back end of mom and dad's Cadilac. The people in the Caddy were people from a company I did some business with. Apparently the room I was in was the room the receptionist was in and she may have been Georgia, the secretary at work. There was a man, around 5 foot 9 inches tall, and one woman, whose appearance I cannot remember, although she was an average weight woman. They came into the front office, which is where I guess I was. I guess Georgia reminded me earlier that these people would be here and that they were not very happy at all. They had been waiting on some parts so they could make equipment for our company. The woman and man came walking into the office. The woman was muttering something like, "That's pretty dirty," referring to us not sending the parts. The man and woman were very upset, giving me dirty looks, and there was trouble in store, but being the rational guy I am, I tried talking my way through it. I said something like, "Well if I had known that there was another P.O. and you needed parts and you asked me for them, then I certainly would have given them to you." I eventually persuaded them to discuss this rationally and I had the feeling that the people around me were impressed by how I made the man and woman not angry anymore. We were all sitting at a table and agreed that the missing link was Sam, since he had written the P.O. We repeated, "Sam is the missing link." I no longer felt responsible for the problem, nor did the man and woman blame me.
I was at the my agent’s office. It resembled a dentist's office with its waiting room and receptionist window at one side. There were all types of people there, maybe five to ten total, and they were filling out applications for their stories to be read. I remember seeing a young girl filling out an application and I was worried that I hadn't filled one out yet. There was a woman with me, I don't know who she was or what she looked like, but she assured me that I didn't need to fill out an application because I had already turned my stories in. I remember seeing an entrance to a room beyond the waiting room through a door on the right side of the room, but I don't think I ever went through it.

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