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September 1992

Sep 9 - Sep 14 - Sep 18 - Sep 21 - Sep 23

September 9, 1992

I was in a forest. I know that Charles, Lisa and Sarah were there. There were some other people, but I can't remember who. I had an image of us standing atop one hill and a troop of soldiers/warriors storming towards us over a hill about a hundred yards away. Someone may have mentioned that the troops were coming, kind of like a warning, but that part's hazy. We went down this hill through the woods. The scene kind of reminded me of the woods where I grew up at, but it wasn't an area that I recognize. I remember looking up a hill with a path on it. The top of the hill was about thirty feet from me and I think I can remember someone standing there on the path at the top. The forest around had an autumn-type atmosphere, with many orange and light brown leaves scattered around. The trees were sparse and bare, and were probably maple and oak trees. I felt like I was in the middle ages, that era of time. I got this feeling because I think we were all dressed in that medieval type garb. Anyway, we were all trying to get away from whoever was after us. We ran down the hill and through the forest. Charles and whoever was with him ran past Lisa, me and Sarah and to a river, lake, or some type of body of water that was at the bottom of the hill. Instead of following him, I decided to stay and start digging a hole in the ground. This hole apparently had been previously dug before by Charles but had been since filled back up with dirt. I thought I would have a chance to dig out the loose dirt and hide Lisa, me and Sarah in it so when the soldiers arrived we would be in the ground, maybe covered with dirt or something, I don't know. When Charles ran past me and he saw me doing this, he made some kind of remark as to how I should hope he wouldn't need the hole for himself if he couldn't hide somewhere along the water. I wasn't sure what he meant by that remark. Whatever the case, I kept on digging with my hands and I wasn't making much progress. I'm not sure what happened but there was a feeling that the soldiers weren't after us anymore, and we didn't have to worry about hiding. Charles walked past me, up the hill, and made a remark like "I'm sorry but I really may have needed that hole." What this meant was that he was going to use the hole in the ground instead of Lisa, Sarah and I if he couldn't find a place to hide, because he had dug it out in the first place. I was mad about this and I think I said something to Lisa about how there was no way he was going to take this hole from us.

September 14, 1992

I was with some people on a road. I only remember two people, but they were really strange people. They both had something wrong with them that separated them from normal people. One of them, I can't remember exactly what was wrong with him, although I could right after I woke up from this dream. Now, I can't. The other person had a really long, long neck, or upper body. It's real hard to describe. The long part of this person was about a foot or so round and protruded from the shoulders for about ten or fifteen feet. I don't really remember seeing a head on the end of this long, tubular part of the body, just that it ended. It was more like a rounded end instead of a head-shaped end. Anyway, this long tubular part of the body was up in the air and this weird person stood in front of the other weird person, about five feet in front, along this road. The person that I can't remember didn't have a long tubular neck, I know that, but I can't remember what was wrong with this person. The long, tubular-bodied person held the upper part high then I remember it swinging downward at an arc in front of itself and to the left. It arced down and maybe it went behind a wall or something like that. I can't really remember any details about the rest of its body, just the long, tubular thing that swung around. Then there was the sight of actually seeing the top part of the tube, and it was even stranger. It kind of resembled someone with a white dress shirt pulled over their head with glasses positioned in front where the eyes would be if the shirt wasn't there, and maybe the hint of some type of detail of a mouth where the mouth would be. It was like this bizarre face was purposely making a funny face or something, and for some reason I found it hilariously funny. In my dream I really did find it funny and I started laughing out of control. I was laughing so hard and this is when I woke up from the dream, and I wondered if Lisa, sleeping next to me, could hear me laughing because I thought for sure I was laughing out loud. After I was awake, the incident didn't seem funny at all, and it wouldn't have surprised me if I had been laughing in my sleep.

September 18, 1992

I was at work and although a lot of shit happened, I can only remember a little bit. I remember being in my work area. There was some stuff going on, but I only remember walking to the back part of my work area and I was surprised to see the desk where the computer is (Miranda's desk), moved completely out of the way, as well as everything around it. It was like the entire one-third of my work area, near the back wall, was completely moved to other parts of my work area. There was nothing but bare floor there, as if everything had been moved out of the way so Miranda could mop and clean the floor or whatever. I was shocked, but at the same time, was not surprised because Miranda is known for doing drastic, unbelievable things on the spur of the moment. I can remember seeing the dirty blue floor where the desk used to be, as well the area around it for twenty feet in every direction, and I thought of how cool it would be to see that floor clean.

September 21, 1992

I was with a vendor from work. He was taking me out to lunch and I think there was someone else with us, but I'm not sure and even if there was, I don't know who that could have been. We may have been in the company van, I think. I remember this vendor guy sitting off to my left and slightly behind me, as if he was sitting in a seat behind me, the driver. He was about thirty-two or so, had short, ear-length brown hair, and didn't resemble anyone I know. He seemed really cool and was soft spoken. I don't know what he was trying to sell me, but that really didn't matter. As we were talking, he mentioned that he was going to eventually play football in the pros. I was kind of disbelieving at first but then he said something like, "Yeah, the pros," and I knew he was telling the truth. I thought of how cool it was for him to be doing a job like he was now, knowing that he was headed for something better.

September 23, 1992

I was on the highway somewhere, although I can't really remember driving, or if I was, what kind of vehicle I was in. What I do remember is seeing Lawrence and Elicia Bread in a pickup. In the back of the pickup were three girls, and these were their children. We stopped and pulled over, probably because we recognized each other. I walked up to the pickup and the first little girl closest to me, squatted near the cab of the truck, was Dena, but for some reason I couldn't remember her name right away. I thought it was Charles, then maybe Rebecca or something like that. Then I somehow realized it was Dena. I approached the girls, all of them near the front of the bed by the cab. Dena had definitely grown. I'm not sure what it was about her that told me she had grown, but it was obvious, whatever it was. Lawrence and Elicia were now out of their pickup, Lawrence in front and Elicia in the back of him, her face appearing over his left shoulder as they both faced me. There may have been someone with me but I can't remember. We were on the side of the road. Lawrence was smiling. We talked I guess, about their three kids. I only remembered Dena and Portia, and I asked who the third kid was. They said it was their third daughter, one whom I have not yet met. The three girls crawled towards us as we spoke.
I was at a place like a campground or trailer park. I was in a trailer or mobile home and I was sitting there with some other people, none of whom I can remember. We were talking about some stuff, and the subject of me jamming with Charles and Bob came up. There was a phone nearby and it rang. Apparently someone answered it and said it was for me. They said it was Gallagher, the comedian, and I guess he wanted to talk to me about possibly setting up an opportunity to jam with Bob and Charles and make some money. I took the phone and started talking to Gallagher. His voice didn't sound like the comedian I knew. It was deeper and more serious, but I didn't question it was him. We talked about the band I'm in and I told him how it's just three of us. I remember him asking me how many songs we knew. I didn't want to sound like we were amateurs so I think I said we knew forty songs (which is probably a lie). I almost said fifty but then I realized that would be too fantastic to lie about. I was thinking that since I only said forty that he would think we weren't that good, but when I did say we knew forty songs, he said something like "Oh then you guys are real good if you know that many songs." It made me feel good, knowing there was an opportunity here to make some money jamming. Gallagher then went on to say how there was someone with him that he wanted me talk to. This someone, I guess, was an agent or producer or someone like that who could get Bob, Charles and I lined up to start cutting some albums immediately. I was nervous and the next thing I knew, Gallagher was off the line and this other guy was on. I had a hard time hearing him. I don't know if it was because he spoke quietly or if there was just a lot of background commotion and I couldn't hear him over it. The next thing I knew was that there were some people telling me to get off the phone. I looked up and saw the actor Morgan Freeman standing at the doorway of the trailer. To the left of me was a window and I looked out it and saw Shag Burke. There was someone standing next to Shag but I don't know who. Apparently there were a bunch of people gathered around outside, wanting me to get off the phone real bad. They were all dressed in nineteenth century garb, like around the Civil War time. The reason they wanted me to get off the phone was because they were conducting a play, perhaps the movie "Glory", that Morgan Freeman was in, and to make it seem legitimate, I had to get off the phone because there were no phones back in the time of the Civil War. I guess they didn't want any of the audience, wherever the hell they may have been, to see me because it would make the play look unauthentic. It was quite a predicament because while this was going on, I tried my damnedest to impress this guy on the phone so I wouldn't blow a record deal. I kept talking to the guy on the phone and I took the phone out of the trailer, attempting to get away from the people who would bother me while I talked. I guess it was a portable phone. I walked about the campground, which kind of reminded me of the place where I went to church camp when I was seventeen in Arkansas. There were rows of houses lining a big open space, and everywhere there were people dressed up like in Civil War times. The entire area, I guess, was partaking in this play and I was distracting everything by talking on the phone to this important guy. The more I walked, the less I could hear this guy's voice, and I was starting to get concerned that he would think I was a loser or something and wouldn't want to waste his time with me. I explained to him that I was having a hard time talking because there was a play going on and I was out of place by being on the phone. I remember him saying something like "Well any normal guy would know when there was a play going on", like this meant that if I really had my shit together then I wouldn't have tried to hold this conversation while I distracted a play and that I should have planned for this talk some other time. I think this made him decide not to do business with me, like me being on the phone during this play showed I wasn't responsible, or something like that. I kept walking past several people that I think may have tried to persuade me to put the phone down, but they were wasting their breath. The guy's voice on the other end became fainter and fainter until I was sure he had hung up and was no longer listening to me. When I realized this, I was walking towards a man, who may have been a teacher I remember from elementary school, and he had that look in his eye that suggested when I got near enough to him, he was going to try to persuade me to put the phone away. Seeing this, and realizing my opportunity to make money jamming had disappeared, I got very angry. I flung the phone towards the guy, receiver and coiled cord flying, and said "Fucking A!" at the same time, disgusted. Then I turned and walked away.

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