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September 1994

Sep 5 - Sep 6 - Sep 8 - Sep 10 - Sep 17 - Sep 26 - Sep 29

September 5, 1994

Connie Chung was interviewing Mr. Sulu of Star Trek. Connie made some comment about how she had a crush on Sulu because he was in Star Trek and she always considered him a star and idolized him. Then George Takai (Sulu) moved closer to Connie, he sitting on the left, Connie on the right. He made it known that since Connie had such a big crush on him, then they should kiss each other. He smiled like when he does when he gets a little crazy on all those Star Trek shows, then scooted closer to Connie, his face nearing hers. Connie acted shy, like she didn't think they should be doing such a thing, seeing how she's married and all, but Sulu didn't let up. Connie looked shyly downward, not wanting to face Sulu. Soon I saw a close up of Connie's face as Sulu's face was within kissing distance. She suddenly was comatose, looking as if in shock. Her eyes were wide open and she stared straight ahead, not blinking, her face expressionless. As she did this, Sulu leaned forward and licked her across her lips, his tongue long and thick. Connie seemed oblivious to this, still staring blankly out into space while Sulu was able to do whatever he wanted.
I was at the apartments where I used to live with Lisa in the late 1980ís. I was looking at parts of the apartments there, like the ones across the parking lot from where I used to live, by the end apartment on the right. I remember seeing the carport there and how deck wash was splashed onto it. As the deck wash slid away off the walls where it hit, parts of the wood where it hit did not become clean but there was one section in particular that did come quite clean, an odd-shaped section about seven feet by one foot. The wood there was almost white, it was so clean, where before it was dark, kind of gray.

September 6, 1994

I was with Susan Medic at a place where there were a bunch of people and we all stood in this area, crowded together like we were standing in line for something. There were boards on the ground, two by sixes, and we had to stand on them, or stand among them. They were not nailed down and were kind of crooked so that when we stood on them, they moved and made it hard to stand still. There were about thirty people and we were all facing the right. The formation we stood in was like a huge line at a bank, about six rows of people total. It kind of reminded me of a line I stood in with Theena Brainer when I went to an amusement park in Arkansas once. Later on I remember there being some woven leaves, kind of resembling the big fan-like one that used to hang above the bar in my house, only these were much smaller. These leaves were made of some kind of fabric, and there were about five or six of them stitched together and circling my neck, shoulders and chest. They were actually stitched into my skin and I can't remember how they got there. Soon I realized that it was time to take them off, so someone helped me pull them off me, maybe Susan. When we pulled these strange leaves from my skin, the stitches tugged and ripped my skin, but there was no pain. Where the leaves had been were blue blotches caused by them being there. My skin was actually blue.
I was walking towards my mini-van. It was parked on the side of a curb to my right and I approached it from the back. It was idling and I thought this was weird because I can't remember letting anyone drive it. I think that it had been idling for so long that there was only the slightest amount of gas left. I saw a guy who looked like the mechanic on the sit-com Wings, and he approached me and explained that the van was idling because he had been fixing the brakes. I was getting pissed because I didn't even know him and just who the hell did he think he was, doing something to my van without asking in the first place? I asked him his name and he said it was Oeep, which I think was Swedish. I followed him inside a house or apartment, which is where I guess he lived, and I met his parents whom were faceless in this dream, although Oeep's dad reminded me somewhat of Seinfeild's dad on that comedy series. Susan, or whoever was with me, followed me as well and I wanted to make sure that she thought I handled the situation correctly, meaning that I should stand up for myself. Oeep was subdued at this point because I was so pissed off and I think he kind of wished that he never touched my van. I think that my van was in pieces because of the work he did, or at least the brakes were, and I don't think I could have driven away with it until it was put back together. I was angry at Oeep's parents as well because they were apparently in support of what their son had done, like they were the bosses of a mechanic business and Oeep was their employee. I was furious, however, even more so when they wanted to charge me for what they had done. I asked to see the estimate before I paid for anything and they showed me a piece of paper with the amount of $9,654.00 written or typed on it either on the bottom right hand side of the paper or at the top center of the paper. I wanted the estimate, like I was going to use it as proof against them in court or something. Oeep's dad said that he could make copies of it for me at half-time (apparently he was watching some football game). I told them that such a thing was out of the question and that I wouldn't take a copy, I would take the actual estimate itself.

September 8, 1994

I was with someone, maybe Lisa, and we were approached by a small man who reminded me of a stinky salesman who I met at the job I used to have. I had the feeling that Lisa and I were in a patch of woods that reminded me of a spot where I hid when playing hide and seek at Case Inlet and my dog Sheba led Charles to me. The small salesman was explaining something to us about our dryer. I don't know what he said exactly, but it was apparent that the thing needed to be fixed or replaced. Apparently the top section of the dryer lifted off, about the top one-fourth. Inside this section, there was a lot of ice, like the kind you find in your freezer at home. This ice coated the inside section of the top of the dryer. There were some thin pipes or something, sticking up from the portion of the dryer that was exposed now that the top had been lifted off. These pipes had ice on them, too. I guess the dryer needed repair because of this ice and I thought it was strange that there was ice in a dryer because it got hot and dried clothes. I guess that's why it needed repair. Anyway, there was someone else besides the stinky salesman guy, a taller, bigger man about my size with short hair. He grabbed a hose that resembled a fire hose but it didn't squirt out water - it squirted out fire. The hose was black and I could see it as it snaked away from us to the left and back to whatever its source was, which I never saw. The hose had flames, about a foot tall, lining its length, all the way to where the taller guy was holding the end. He worked quickly, as if in a panic like he only had a little amount of time to do what he had to do or something would happen. The man pointed the end of the hose inside the top of the dryer where the ice was and fire began flaming out the end of the hose, which melted the ice. As this was done, the top of the dryer began turning black, but I don't think any damage was done. Soon they were done flaming the dryer and then it was time to put the top back on. The dryer was set against a wall that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, a wall about four feet high and wide. The top of the dryer was put back on by the tall guy. To put the top on, he used large gray plastic screws that had heads on them at least an inch round. The screws were about a foot long. The guy used a drill to screw the screws in. There were only about two or three screws at the most to screw in. The lid was put on top of the dryer and he fastened it with screws. I remember watching as he screwed in one of these screws into the large hole that it went into. I was standing back about ten feet watching them do this. As they worked, something appeared overhead. I looked up and was surprised to see a pickup truck of some kind flying through the air over the dryer and wall and repairmen. I looked and could see the underside of this truck as it was about ten feet above me. Apparently what had happened was that the fire hose they used, or the source of the fire itself, had exploded and this blew the truck into the air and over towards me. It seemed to move in semi-slow motion, but not so slow that I didn't have to run to get the hell out of the way. I did just that, scampering away to avoid being crushed by the truck. I don't remember it landing.

September 10, 1994

I was in a house that had a lot of stairs and hallways. A lot happened in this dream but I can only remember a little bit because I took too long to write this down and most of it has escaped me. Anyway, I had the feeling I was trying to get away from someone or a bunch of someones. There may have been someone with me who was trying to get away as well, but I don't know who that may have been, maybe Charles. Anyway, I remember walking up staircases that seemed odd, like they turned at weird angles or had different length steps. There were at least ten to fifteen steps in the staircases and I don't think any two were alike. Sometimes when the people were after me, I would escape their sight for just a second but they would find me again because I was on the stairs in front of them just around the corner. Sometimes, I was able to sneak inside a door that would be at the landing of a flight of steps and this would throw them off, them not knowing when they reached the steps if I went up them or if I went through the door. This house kind of reminded me of the one that I know of to be haunted in real life. There were times when I would reach the top of some steps and open a door that led out into a hallway, but once or twice when I did this, there would be a bunch of people out there, probably the ones who were after me. The people stood on a hallway that was across a space so to get to me they would have to go to the left and down another corridor which connected to the one that I was on. There was a railing that stood around the edge of this hallway corridor that they and I were on, a wooden dark polished railing. We were all on the second or third floor and the open space between us led to the main floor below which could have been seen if you looked over the railing, which I didn't. The people were faceless but I do remember one person who was a woman that had shoulder length black hair that curled up on the ends. Her face, however, was completely blank and smooth, like a mannequin with no features. The distance from them to me was about sixty feet. I think that what I did after I opened the door and saw them was immediately close the door and continue running on to get away.
I came across a cat that reminded me of Misty Lou, although the cat was kind of gray and silvery instead of calico like Misty is. I met the cat in what was like an alleyway or hallway. It was very docile and let me pet it. When I bent down to pet it, I saw two small blue dots on its back, one on each shoulder blade. The dots were actually like some kind of membrane just below the skin, wet like eyes but they were a turquoise blue. They were about a quarter of an inch round each. From the outer edges of these blue membranes sprouted two whiskers, which gave me the impression that these blue things were like feelers for the cat.

September 17, 1994

I was on a boat on the bay or ocean fishing with some guys, but I can't remember who they were. I had my line in the water and had something hooked - something big. I knew before I even saw the fish that what I had on my line was an eleven-foot long Killer Whale. I don't know how I knew that, I just did. Although a killer whale is nothing to sneeze at, I was just playing with it, laughing and joking about how I had this fish on the line. I also knew, somehow, that the whale was in agony because it was hooked. I really had no intention on keeping the whale, I was just toying with it, which is really cruel and not an attitude I would have in real life, but this was a dream and therefore reality does not apply. Finally the killer whale surfaced. It poked the upper one third of its body above the surface of the water. The water was kind of turbulent, like I remember Commencement Bay to be. The killer whale was vertical, the top one-third of its body bobbing among the waves above the water about ten feet from the back of the boat I was in. Right away I could tell it was huge and I thought that it had to be longer than eleven feet long, but it could have been, I suppose. The whale had an expression upon its face of pure grief, of sadness, of pain. It was as if it was trying to say to me Why are you doing this to me? I laughed at it, not because I didn't care, but because I was with these guys and I wanted to act like it was no big deal, hooking this whale the way I have. I then cut the fishing line with a knife or something like that and set the whale free, for my purpose was never to keep the thing, only to catch it.
I remember being somewhere by myself. I was bleeding massively from cuts I incurred while shaving. The blood was massive and lumpy, and I thought that maybe I was going to die. My throat and most of my body was covered with a dull red blood that poured from the wounds that I made while shaving. Also bleeding was a wound in the ankle in my right foot. I hit the bone there last weekend so that is why I dreamt it was bleeding, I'm sure. While I was just standing there, trying to deal with all this blood, a stream of blood poured out of that bone where I hit my ankle at. It was a lumpy, crimson, grainy stream of blood that was not normal. There was blood all over me.

September 26, 1994

I was with a group of people that had been gathered by another group of people. I get the feeling that we had to leave our homes by the order of men who we did not know, and I felt like one of those Jews in the movie Schindler's List. I was among a group of people who were like me, and although I knew them in the dream, I now cannot remember what they looked like or what their names were. There were about six of us in the group I was in. We were gathered together at a place and given some pictures of what I took to be a knight of some kind. We were given these sharp paring knives and told to cut out the pictures with these knives. The paring knives used reminded me of a particular knife my mom had when I was little, and she probably still has it today. Along with the pictures of the knight we were also given a purple piece of construction paper that seemed to be glued or taped together. I had been cutting out the shape of the knight picture on the purple piece of paper when I was told that it wasn't the purple paper I was supposed to be cutting out on, but the actual picture itself. I was discouraged because I had the feeling that whoever cut out the picture the quickest and most accurate would be allowed to live. This was never said, it's just the feeling I got. I finally started cutting around the black lines that defined the picture of the knight. The picture was just black lines against a white background, like a coloring book would be. When I cut with the knife, I pressed down the edge of the blade with the forefinger on my right hand and after a little while this began to hurt and cut into my finger. Even though my finger was against the top, dull part of the knife, it still cut into the skin of my finger because of the pressure I applied. I pushed and carefully cut along the black solid line of the picture, although exactly what part of the picture I was cutting along was a mystery to me. I recall not getting exactly on the black line when I cut, like I was off the line a little and allowed some of the white of the background just beyond the black lines to be a part of what I was cutting. This concerned me because I had the feeling for some reason that if I didn't cut just perfectly, then I would be killed or something. I felt that the people that gathered us up would weed out the imperfect ones among us and keep the ones that did better than others. I remember very little about the actual pictures I was cutting out. I recall the expression of one face of what I guessed was a knight. His mouth was open and he looked like he was staring at something off to the left and down a bit that scared him - that's why his mouth was open, because he was screaming or in shock. I also remember the image of what appeared to be a carrot-top, the pointed splayed greens of a carrot top sprouting from something, but I don't think it was actually a carrot, it just looked like the top of one. I cut a little around those black lines as well. Eventually I was pulled away by a man whom I do not know nor did he look familiar. He had short hair and was clean shaven, but that was all I remember of him. He seemed real nice. He showed me several pieces of paper which resembled three by five recipe cards, and written on them was an inventory of stuff I had thrown away when these people were coming to get me. Apparently, when I realized I was going to get captured by these people, I started stashing stuff in a small garbage can, like the one in William's bedroom, in hopes that the people wouldn't find it and perhaps I could come back later and retrieve the stuff. But it didn't work. They found the stuff and inventoried it and now this guy was showing a list of what they found and he wanted me to verify it. I was a bit surprised that they found it, but it also hit me that they meant business and nothing was going to get by them. I went down the list, card by card with this guy, and I was kind of reluctant to tell him if the list was accurate, not knowing what would happen to me if I did. On the list was something about a suicide note, like I had thrown away a suicide note. I think I remember seeing the note and it was on a piece of notebook paper and was in handwriting, assumably my own. There was other stuff on the list but I can't remember what it was. I was able to talk to this guy pretty openly. I asked him what would happen if he lost the cards he was showing me. He then looked at the floor, deep in thought, and at that time he reminded me of Liam Neeson from Schindler's List. He replied, still staring at the floor with a concerned expression on his face, "Then I would not have a job anymore." The way he replied made it sound like he wanted to tell me more than that but he couldn't because the people who gave him his orders would get mad or something like that. I then said to him, "You say it like that's the only way you can", meaning I knew he was holding back and couldn't say anything more than he had. I kind of smiled when I said that to him, to get across to him that we could talk. Later on there was scene where there was a little girl in the middle of a floor, the same floor, I think, that was in the dream I had about a month ago about Christopher Lee and the house where the front door was opened and would reveal the church I attended as a child. The little girl had curly hair, like Shirley Temple, but that was all I could remember of her. She was in the middle of this floor and there was a script someone was holding, perhaps the guy who asked me about the three by five cards, and it had something to do with the little girl, but I don't know what. On the script I remember seeing some sentences about halfway down one of the pages that had quotation marks around them.

September 29, 1994

I was in a play. I had not rehearsed my lines very well and I thought I would forget them, but for some reason, I didn't care. There were some other people there, others actors or the director or something, and they were worried about me going on stage and not getting my lines right, but like I said, I didn't care. I remember the opening scene and I walked out onto a nice stage, which sat in a nice theater, an opera-house type setting. The place didn't look familiar but I recall seeing large red or dark-colored curtains draped down from a balcony on the left hand side of the theater. I walked out onto the stage and sang an opening number with confidence and I did real well. I reminded myself of Robert Preston from the movie The Music Man. I had a lot of confidence and my voice sounded great, but I can't remember the song I sang. The next scene involved just myself being alone on the stage. I walked around like I was looking for something and as I walked from spot to spot on the stage, I talked, again feeling confident about my voice. There was one part where I was supposed to say something really fast, like an auctioneer or hyper salesman, but I didn't know my lines so I made it up. I can't remember what I said, but I know that I just ad-libbed and it was a bunch of garbled words and sentences. Apparently the audience liked it, impressed at the way I talked so fast, and they clapped which surprised me because I just made it up because I didn't know the lines.
I was talking with Andre Agassi on a tennis court. I stood to the right of him as he bounced a tennis ball in front of him as he held a tennis racket in his other hand, looking like he was going to serve at any second. I told him I liked how he did in the French Open (when it was really the US Open that he recently won), how he was able to win even though he wasn't even a seeded player. He played tennis as he talked to me, but I never saw who he was playing tennis with. He explained that he didn't like going to Europe to play tennis, but I'm not sure why. Probably because it was such a long ways to fly or because the people were different or something like that. He went on to explain that even though he wasn't seeded, he was ranked number three among teen players, meaning that he was good compared to teenagers but not good enough to have a ranking among the adult players.

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