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September 1995

Sep 5 - Sep 13 - Sep 16 - Sep 17

September 5, 1995

I was sitting in the back seat of a car which was probably a limousine. I'm sure I dreamt that because of last Saturday night when I took Lisa out for a ride in a limo. Facing the front of the car, I was on the right hand side by the window, then Lisa sat in front, then Nellie was on the right side by that window. Lisa and her were talking and the subject of Nellie going back to work after her pregnancy came up. I heard Nellie mention that she was going back to work where I do. I said something like, "Why the hell do you want to do that?" I said it in a mean voice but Nellie just laughed it off like I really wasn't being mean when she knew damned well I was. Lisa sort of looked at me, her expression saying, "Don't bring up bad things, Max." Then I said, "I thought you were getting some hot shot bank job." Again Nellie laughed as though I was just joking when it was obvious I wasn't.

September 13, 1995

I was in a building of some type with a group of about eight people. I can't remember them all but I do remember Bob Costerfenin and Susan Medic being there. I also remember Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox from the sitcom Friends being there. We were in some type of room where there was a long table where we all sat and stood around. To the left of me, as I faced the wall, were a bunch of people sitting at tables. They were all waiting for me and my friends to prepare them dinner. Apparently we were caterers or something like that. I barely recall the people who were waiting to eat. All I can recall is some people just sitting and staring around themselves, waiting to be served. There was a clock on the wall, a round one like you see in school classrooms, that indicated it was about eight-thirty or nine o'clock. The people were supposed to be served earlier than this, like around seven or so, so we were really running late. The long table that my friends and I sat at was where all the food was supposed to be. I think the food remained there and it was supposed to be a smorgasbord, but although I'm sure there was some food on the table, there wasn't nearly enough to serve all these people in the room (there were probably sixty people waiting for food). The feeling was that we had to stop fucking around and get these people some food. I think we were partying and stuff. For some reason, I was designated to go get some food because I guess we didn't have enough in this place. Therefore, I left the building and I remember I was drunk and was in a great mood, laughing and talking a lot. Outside now, I went in search for food. I think I had a gunny sack and I was supposed to fill it full of food for the people. I remember finding some mussels and/or clams somewhere. Some of the shells were open and there was sea water around them as I scooped them up and put them into my gunny sack. I grabbed about one or two handfuls. The mussels seemed larger than normal, about four or five inches long. I grabbed about five or six with one handful. I had gathered some other food somewhere else as well, but I can't remember what food that was. I found myself in a forest so I guess I was searching for food in the woods. I came across an old rickety shack, about the size of my living room. I think there were holes in the walls and roof and the wood was gray, old and warped. In the shack, which I think only had one room, I came across two gunny sacks filled with gold. I had the feeling that these sacks belonged to either someone other than myself, or one belonged to me and one belonged to someone else. The gold in the sack on the right were huge nuggets in the shape and size of big russet potatoes. The gold in the sack on the left had smaller nuggets, but they were still big, and were in the shape of something like bows and flowers, but all the gold was definitely bright gold in color. Only the tops of the gunny sacks were open so I only saw the gold at the tops of the sacks, but the sacks were like a mesh material so I was able to see the nuggets through the holes in the mesh. The sacks were stuffed full of these nuggets and suddenly I had the idea to take them all for myself. I guess I was just going to try lugging away all or most of the nuggets, either stuff them into my bag full of food, or to carry them away with me in their sacks. I felt cautious at first because all this gold wasn't really mine. It was as though myself and some other friends had been here earlier, discussed who's gold was who's, and we were going to take our shares later. Well, now I was going to steal some that wasn't mine. Suddenly I noticed Amanda Makenpeace standing just inside the entrance to the shack. She was looking at me, kind of smiling and I think that some of the gold may have been hers. We talked a little but I don't know about what. Sometime at this point I saw a piece of paper, either Amanda showed me the paper or it was on the wall of the shack or I had it with me the whole time. On this piece of paper were four or five lines, written by someone. Each indicated a certain time that a clock, probably the clock that was on the wall in the room where the people were waiting for their food, was at. I remember one line told of a time of 2:29, then the word or, written in cursive handwriting and underlined was at the end of the line, showing a separation of one line from the next. I think these times indicated the times that the people had been waiting for food. Amanda and I continued to talk, then she led me out of the shack and through the woods a little ways to another shack. This one was smaller, the size of my bathroom, and didn't have a front wall at all and only a partial roof. It was in even worse condition than the first shack we were in, ready to fall apart at any second. I looked up and we noticed some people on horseback riding through the woods. There were three people on brown horses and they were off to the left and back aways, riding towards the shack at an angle. Amanda and I ducked down, hoping the people wouldn't notice us. I don't know what the people looked like, but I think the third person in line, farther back and not as close to the other two as the first two were to each other, looked like a young girl, about ten, and I think her horse was probably smaller too. These people on horseback didn't seem to notice Amanda and I. They passed by just in front of the front corner of the shack and continued riding through the woods. Something happened to Amanda, I donít know what, but then I was alone again. I was in a small building of some kind that had rows of shelves or some type of barriers that could have been lockers of some kind. They were pale in color, kind of an off-yellow/white, as were the walls. I think there may have been windows but if there were, they had plastic taped over them so the glow that came in from outside was kind of musty and dank. I could tell that the people that were my friends at the big table in the beginning of this dream were walking around outside. They were looking for me, probably because I was taking so long to get back with the food. As I heard them approaching the building I was in, I hid behind one of the rows of shelves or lockers or whatever so when they came in, they wouldn't see me. The barriers were at an angle in the room, the fronts towards the corner where the front door was and the backs stretched back to the back left corner of the room. I hid behind a barrier in front of the front door, but because the barrier was at an angle, they couldn't see me if they walked in. They walked in the building, and it was then that I realized that Winthrop Snatch was among this group of friends. He was the first one in and he was talking with all the others but I don't know what they were saying. Whatever the case, I knew they were looking for me but I continued to hide behind this shelf barrier thing, giddy because I was still drunk. I showed myself right away because I didn't really want to hide from them permanently, I was just playing and having a good time. The next thing I recall is showing these people the food I had acquired in my gunny sack. I showed them the mussels I had got and said something like, "See all this seafood I got?" There were probably some clams and crabs in there too, although I can't really remember. We were in the house again at the long table. I don't remember pulling all the food out of my sack, but apparently it was enough because it filled the table and everyone seemed satisfied. The clock on the wall now said three o'clock in the morning and it was amazing because all those people were still sitting there, waiting to eat their food. We all felt like shit for making these people wait so long to eat. I don't think the people ever did eat but we certainly did. All my friends gathered here started piling food from the table onto their plates. I just waited and watched, why I don't know, but I did. When everyone had their turn, I put food onto my plate. I had some kind of meat and also some mashed potatoes and maybe some other stuff. I remember there being an empty spot on my plate in the front which took up about a third of the plate. I was going to find something to put there but then I thought Why should I? I always seemed to pile the food high on my plate at smorgasbord-like gatherings. I figured there was plenty of food and I could go for seconds if I wanted to so I just ate what I had. Suddenly the wall to the left of me wasn't there any more and there were no more people waiting for food. Instead, there was the outside world. We were probably still in the house, or on the edge of the room, but we were definitely out in the open. Beyond a small yard that stretched for about ten or fifteen feet to the left was a street and a neighborhood beyond that. As I was eating at a picnic table, once in a while a school bus would drive by, coming from the right of the street. The street curved up and to the right then away from us. Whenever a school bus drove by, I stopped eating and looked up as if I was waiting for a particular bus to come by. Once or twice I stopped to observe a yellow school bus with black stripes down the side drive by, but neither time was it the one I was waiting for. The busses were the kind where the front stuck out, not the larger ones with the flat noses. As I sat there, I looked over to the house directly across the street, and I noticed a window in the back part of the house, then there was a section of the house that angled towards the street, then the house straightened out again to become parallel with the street. There was also a window in the angled section of the house. I saw mom and someone else, maybe one of the kids, walking by these windows and I think they noticed us and mom may have said something to the kid about us. When they came to the window in the angled section of the house, mom pulled some type of pink drapes or blinds so we couldn't see in the window anymore. I remember seeing Lisa's mom walk by between us at the picnic tables and the street. There was someone with her, some kid that was about Sarah's size but I don't think it was Sarah. Lisa's mom asked us if anyone wanted to go to church with her, because I guess that's where she was on her way to. She kind of smiled slightly as she asked. I remember looking down and saying, "No" in a low soft voice, and I think everyone else said no as well. Lisa's mom was then on her way. Ever since I had come back to the table with the rest of my friends, I noticed that everyone was sniffing but not because they had colds - it was because they had all snorted cocaine and because I had been romping through the woods looking for food, I missed out. The sniffing continued going on until the end of the dream. I mentioned something to them all that the next time someone had to go, I was going to stay behind so I wouldn't miss out on any snorting. As I was sitting at one of the picnic tables, to the right of me sat Susan, who was probably also eating. As she sat there, Sasha, a girl who used to party with Charles and I when we lived in a trailer in the early 1980ís, moved her legs to situate herself at the picnic table and as she did, her feet shoved into Susan and knocked her off the bench. I think they laughed and Sasha apologized.

September 16, 1995

I was at work. I was working with some engineers. I remember seeing my new desk early in the dream. It was kind of skinny at one end and seemed like it would be hard to get into. Later in the dream, I walked back to the office area after doing something but I can't remember what. My desk wasn't in the same place it was before so I looked around for it. It had been wedged in between some other desks by someone in my group, probably Phil George. I looked at my desk and the opening to it was so small that I was sure I wouldn't be able to get into it to sit down. It was shaped like a triangle, like a wedge of pie sitting next to other wedges of pie to form a round, half-circle to define the corner of an area where these desks were at. The opening was about four inches wide and I could see my desk inside. There was plenty of room inside, it's just that I wasn't sure if I could get past the opening. Inside my desk I could see things in it like plastic IN/OUT boxes and other desk stuff. As I was in this office area, The Judas Priest Metal Works tape was playing. I remember hearing the song Ram It Down and after it had played, Phil George and someone else who was with him commented on the song, saying something about how they didn't realize that being in this engineering group would be so hard core. Then the next song, Metal Meltdown started playing. I stood there, on the edge of the rails and the desks, talking with Phil George. I've never met him and in my dream, his features were unclear, but he did have short hair. The pronunciation of his name came up. I may have pronounced his last name Gee-orge, but he corrected me, saying it was pronounced just plain old George, just like Bart Cinderblock says it. The time had come for me to go and either I had turned off all the lights in the office area or someone else did because suddenly it was dark. As I was on my way out the door, the one by the computer room towards the back, I realized that I should grab my Judas Priest tape and bring it with me. I therefore turned the light back on, not all of them, just the ones on the far side of the room. When I turned on the light I saw that there were still lots of engineers and such at their desks, working away. I guess they preferred to work in the dark. Some of them looked at me and kind of squinted their eyes because their eyes were used to the dark and now the light was on. I walked along the rows of desks and to the back wall on the opposite side of the room. At the end of a row of desks was a tape player that kind of looked like my VCR, only shorter. It sat on top of something that could have been a file cabinet, about seven feet in the air. Metal Meltdown was still playing so I hit one of the buttons which stopped the tape, then I hit another button which ejected the tape and I grabbed it. There was some kind of writing or symbols on the buttons I pushed, but they didn't say STOP or PLAY or anything like that. I'm not sure how I even knew which button did what, I think I just guessed and got lucky.

September 17, 1995

I was at the church that's just down the street from me. For some reason I decided to start going. A lot happened but I can only remember the end of this dream, where I was going to get baptized. Lisa and I both were. There was hardly anyone around, I think just a group of us that were going to get baptized and the preachers or whoever was going to do it. Lisa and I were in line to get baptized. We were looking on at these big tubs of water that were up on foundations about three feet off the ground. Lisa was in front of me but then a couple of tough looking youths stepped in front of me so I made sure I stood my ground so no one else could cut in front of me. Lisa went into a tub in front and off to the left of me about twenty feet away. I don't think that tub was off the ground. Somewhere along here I noticed that the church congregation was to the right of us and suddenly the chairs and pews started filling up with people. I realized that we were going to be watched being baptized, just like when I did it when I was seventeen at that Baptist church in Arkansas. As the people filled the seats, I noticed Lisa's mom and dad walking in and finding seats among the crowd. I felt kind of weird, like I didn't want them to see that I was conforming to their ways, but then I realized I didn't care. Between the baptism tubs and the congregation were several rows of parishioners, like a choir or something. Suddenly they stood up and angled their arms through the air between them so they could hide us from view from the congregation. I looked at the people, who were probably all wearing some kind of white robes like choir members usually do, and saw that I could not see through them and their intertwined arms, so my baptism would be private. I think Lisa got baptized although I can't specifically remember her getting wet and going into the water. Then came my turn. I got up into the tub and a man grabbed me and started pushing me down into the water. Because I am tall, this was a difficult process. I had to bend my neck and legs at an awkward angle so I could fit into the water, but eventually I did and soon I was submerged in the water.

September 27, 1995

I was in a building, on the second or third floor and was looking out some windows to the world outside. There were a couple windows or openings in the wall that were four feet high and three feet wide. I think the wall was made of brick, or maybe just the lining around the windows were made of brick. Outside was a helicopter flying around. It was hovering rather nicely between buildings and going slowly, steadily from area to area. Soon it was right in front of me, outside the window. Somehow, there was a dog attached to the front of the helicopter, a light-colored dog like a golden retriever. I wasn't really sure if the dog was part of the helicopter or if was tied onto the front of it. The helicopter came so close that I was able to reach out and hold the dog, like I was hugging it, around it's neck and shoulders. I guess I just wanted to pet it. The next thing I recall is the pilot of the helicopter, a woman, being next to me. I think she exited the helicopter because she thought I may have been trying to kidnap her dog away from her. The female pilot and I sat there and discussed some things. We had our arms around each other like we were best buds. This woman was pretty ugly. She had short, cheek-length straight hair and I think she wore glasses. She may have had braces on also. I can't remember the details of her features, but I knew she was ugly. I recall seeing the nails on one of her hands and they were awkward; one was kind of long, then others were short and almost misshapen. The nail on the middle finger of one of her hands was short and kind of uneven and this was right next to a finger that had a nail that was longer, but thin and weird-looking. We discussed flying her helicopter and it somehow came to pass that she was going to give me helicopter-flying lessons some other day. I think we agreed on a Sunday. Later on I was with a group of people, I'm not sure who they were but I do know they were close friends of mine. They were probably people like Charles and Lisa and Bob. Anyway, it was like a party or other similar type of gathering and I think the helicopter pilot was there.

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