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September 1996

Sep 16 - Sep 17

September 16, 1996

I was with a woman and a child. They were probably Lisa and Sarah, or Lisa and William, but I can't remember their faces much so it could have been someone else. I'm not even sure if the man in this dream was me or if I just viewed this like it was on TV. The three of us were doing a bunch of stuff but the only part I remember is the last part of this dream. I carried around something in my hand which I think was a fishing pole. The three of us came across a gym-like apparatus that reminded me of a Big Toy set that you see at a park. This Big Toy was out in the middle of a lake, about ten feet from shore. I donít remember walking to it but I do remember being on it. I led the way. There was a slide and some steps to climb up onto. I was on the slide part and I looked back and saw that the woman and the child were still on the front part of this gym-like thing, at the steps that you had to climb up onto to get to where I was. I think the child was still partially in the water, standing right behind the woman. This whole scene took part at night. I went to the end of the slide but before I got there, I looked in the water just off the end of the slide and there was something large and red moving underneath the surface of the water. It was the color of an octopus and I think we all knew beforehand that that's what it was. The purpose for us being there was to get food - I had the feeling we were living out in the woods and had to gather our own food instead of just going to the store. I put the end of my fishing line in the water. There was a hook on the end of my line and I dropped it into the water by the large red pulsating thing and tried to snag it, like I planned on catching this big octopus thing and bringing it home. There may have been some kind of light coming from an unknown source underneath the water and shining at the octopus, which was how I could see it. Finally the creature began to get closer to the surface of the water and as it did, its head and eyes came into view and we could see that it really was an octopus. The woman and I started to notice some of the octopus's tentacles start to come out of the water and wrap around the poles of the Big Toy. The poles these arms wrapped around were the only way off this thing, so I began to become concerned, wondering if we were going to have to somehow slip by the octopus if we wanted to reach the shore. It looked that way as the tentacles became more and more wrapped around these poles, cutting off our paths to escape.

September 17, 1996

I was with Priscilla Prescott someplace. We were on the outside of a building, maybe a store. It could have been the 7-11 by 128th Street and Meridian Avenue, in the front left of the building. We were doing some stuff and talking to each other a lot. I felt real relaxed around her, although there was still some awkwardness there. I remember her laughing at something I said but it was a forced laugh, like she knew she was supposed to laugh and although she didnít want to, she did anyway. She was being real friendly to me. There was a picnic going on and she asked if I wanted some corn. I said sure and I saw an ear, the last one sitting below a picnic table there in front of the store. I grabbed the ear of corn and it looked like it still had wisps of corn hair attached to it, which I pulled off. Priscilla asked if I wanted some butter and she put a block of butter in front of me. The butter could have been a piece of buttered bread instead. I imagined twirling my corn in that bread, just like that guy did in the movie Gremlins, but I can't remember if I did it or not.

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