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September 1999

Sep 22 - Sep 24 - Sep 25

September 22, 1999

I was in a house by a lake. The house was 100 feet from shore. I get the impression that the house was brick, or a red brick color, and wasn't that large of a structure. It may have had two stories but I can't remember - it was a small place, 1,000 square feet at the most. I was in this house doing something but I can't remember what it was. I remember being on the outside of the house, on the backside by a door that I probably came out of, and facing the grounds beyond. There was a gravel driveway in front of me that traveled from the right, which is where a main road probably existed, and then sloped slightly to the left where the lake was. The lake was not one that really looked familiar but it could have been any number of lakes that I have seen throughout my life. Looking out across its smooth water I saw the dark green of trees on the far opposite shores. The next thing I recall is being on the opposite side of the driveway looking back at the house. I was naked and because of this, I tried to conceal myself. No one could see me, really, not until a truck with a camper pulled onto the driveway from the left from whatever main road there was. There was a log 12 feet long and 2 feet thick that laid along the driveway and I tried to conceal myself behind this. As the camper came closer and drove by me I might have even tried desperately searching for other things to hide behind so I wouldn't get spotted but the log was the only one I really remember clearly. I felt that even though I tried to hide my naked body that I could still be seen but I'm pretty sure whoever was driving the camper didn't see me. I wanted to get back into the house but the camper was on the driveway between me and the house on the other side of the driveway. Eventually the truck/camper drove down to the water to my right. There, some people got out, perhaps just a man and a woman whom since they were far away and all I could make out were their shapes, I did not recognize. They strolled by the shore of the lake and I watched as they did. There were trees around this area, more so by the house. I think the season was fall because what I do remember of the trees close to me were their colorful leaves, red and orange. As the driveway wound down to the lake, the trees thinned and there was just a wide-open grassy area for people to frolic by the water. Eventually I noticed a dog running around. Apparently the people in the camper had brought a dog with them and let it loose to run around. The dog, however, noticed me and ran towards me. I can't remember it ever reaching me or if I managed to make it back inside the house before it got to me, but it definitely was running towards me. It was a Labrador-sized mutt with a slightly pudgy face and a thin coat of black fur. Its tongue wagged about as it bounced and ran, just like all dogs do. I remember being on the outside of the house on the backside of it, the part that was facing away from the lake. There was a door that was open. The door was slightly ajar, maybe two feet opened, and inside the house it was dark. I looked up and saw the lock to the door, a padlock type of lock, hanging from a tree branch 10 feet above my head.

September 24, 1999

I was hiking along a trail on a mountain somewhere. I know I dreamt this because of the hike I did two days ago on Mountain Rainier - the Pinnacle Peak and Lakes Trail Hike. The hike in this dream was very hard and that again was because the hike I did two days ago about did me in. Jethro was with me in this dream as was someone else but I don't know who that was, but I do know that it was a guy that was the same age as us and was probably someone I know. We came to a steep slope, about 60 degrees, of loose shale, much resembling the one I encountered at Pinnacle Saddle that led to the peak. Jethro and the guy I was with started hiking up the slope ahead of me. The sky above the rocky top, a hundred feet away, was blue and cloudless. It was an amazing day. I vaguely remember Jillian Bond being there with us. She had a cart of some kind with her. She toted it alongside behind her as we hiked but I don't recall anything being in it. The cart was made of wood, was wheelbarrow shaped, and reminded me of the one in the dream I had years ago called The Golden Cube. I think I took the cart from Jillian and left the hike to go somewhere else. Now away from the mountain, I found myself walking up South Meridian, the street I used to live on when I was a kid. I was walking up Meridian, toting the cart behind me, and, as I often find myself in dreams doing, I had to pull at the ground in front of me with my hands to get anywhere because I was getting great resistance against an invisible force while trying to walk. I was actually on the street, not the shoulder of the road, so traffic began to pile up behind me because I was going so slowly. As I kept tugging along at this maddening pace I wondered how Jillian managed to tote this cart when hiking, which was a much harder trek than just walking along this road, when I was having trouble toting it along this road.

September 25, 1999

I was in a house in your typical Leave-It-To-Beaver neighborhood. The houses lining the street around mine were all ramblers just like the Brady's home. I was in the house with someone that was either my mom or my wife. Apparently the actor Chevy Chase lived with us. He wasn't home but we were waiting for him to get home. I think he was out buying a car and we were all waiting for him to come home so we could see what kind of car he bought. Eventually Chevy drove up in a lime green station wagon that had a boat on the top of it. The group of us inside the house were appalled and wide eyed, wondering how Chevy could have bought the ultimate embarrassing car. It seemed to fit the role that he plays on all those Vacation movies he does, being the naive, wannabe father that often makes embarrassing decisions that his family has to live with. For some reason he backed into a neighbor's driveway across the street, probably because he couldn't quite direct the car into our driveway, so he backed up to straighten it out. This made him look like a moron. Frantically, the group of us in the house wondered how we were going to escape having to be seen in this car because obviously it was one that we would have to drive around in now that Chevy, who was like our dad or something, bought it for us to use when we needed to do regular family stuff like go to the movies or to the mall or get groceries or whatever. We decided that we would escape in the other family car we had that was already parked in our driveway. I can't remember what kind of a car it was, but we all piled in it, I guess hoping that we would be able to drive away and not have to confront Chevy about the lime-green lemon he bought. I think that the woman who was with us hopped in the driver's seat. We were all in a hurry to get the hell in that car and drive away, so off we went. Being in such a hurry, we peeled out of the driveway and swerved so badly that the car crashed into one of our neighbor's fences and landed in their swimming pool. There was a guy that was with me, maybe one of my brothers. He and I climbed out the car, laughing at the fact that we had actually crashed this car into someone's pool. We crawled to the surface of the water and the car sank to the bottom of the pool. We looked back to the sinking car and saw that right above it was a boat floating on top of the water. It was a small rowboat-type of vessel and may have been that 12-foot aluminum jobbie that my dad used to own, which was also just like the boat on top of the lime-green car Chevy bought.

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