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Welcome back to my web site. Thank you for visit my web site again and again.  Here I can share you my idea.

I was deeply regret as one of Thai people to lost Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana

New year has just gone by, the good memory for everything in the past was deeply inside my mind. The party of our friends has been held at Soul Fly (Lampang) View Photo album

The reason that I was making the charity project because I was born in the country-side and I could say that "I'm a suburb boy" I knew myself, no body could select their opportunity to born and to live! It's important that "How to make every count" and "How could you share your life with other peoples with peaceful

Herein I would like to thank you to all visitors for your visiting at my web site. I hope that you may enjoy the rest of your visiting. If you want to share your idea or your comment; I would be appreciated for that, you've just sign my guest book. Thank you for any idea or comment you might have.

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Sutthipakorn Meetham


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