max. as some would call me. of course that is my name. well, 17 years of boredom, frustration and immaturity became my foundations for the greatest view. i take up biochemistry at the university of sto tomas. its not that i love science subjects and i admit it can be boring sometimes but i just cant figure out what career suits me. i often change interest by time and that is who i am.practically inconsistent. updated. random. ever-changing. just keep updated. but of course, i also have my own identity. sarcastic. snob. diffident. mysterious. reserved. blah blah. some say im rude. insensitive. backhanded. difficult. shallow. no one. impossible. while other would certainly disagree. but who would you rather believe? i tell you, rumors and other second-hand infos quite misleading. yes. good or bad. besides, these legends have no match for the real me.


think you really know me? well, no one can actually say im this and that for i am the god of randomness. i think so. i prefer to be random. i dont know why. maybe so i cant get stain. who knows. not me.


I a m

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