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the greatest view. not actually just a normal blog site. see for youself. too long ive been planing to build my own website so here it is. max's the greatest view was named before a wonderful song The Greatest View by a great band Silverchair. i was so much inspired by the song during a certain difficult time. so i can say this site once mirrored my angst. but that doesnt matter anymore you just need to know that here you can find what im all about as i believe i am in my own pathetic way.


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the navigation section contains  all the possible links of this site. it almost impossible to see the links unless of course you put your mouse pointer over them. the greatest view link brings you home. i am links brings you to a section containing stuffs about myself. gallery, of course contains pictures. desk contains notes, calendars or that other stuff i can use for myself. reads contains stuff visitors can enjoy reading. it is mainly for visitors.


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the greatest view is best viewed in 1024x768 screen resolution with 32 bit color quality in internet explorer. it is recommended to set the browsers text size to medium. mozilla is not recommended. narrow-closed-minded people please stay away.




i thank all people who complicated my life and made it much miserable as it already is. fictionpress for the review section of my works. flooble for tag. guestbook depot for my guestbook.




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cell no : 09192612821

ym : hewll2002


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