Jesse Jaramillo
Hi everyone!  To start, I'm really happy you found the site.  Let me tell you about myself.   After receiving a full tuition scholarship from USAF, I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ., and now serve as a communications officer.  I work at Patrick AFB on the beautiful Florida Space Coast.  This page is a tribute to my success thus far: to my parents, my girlfriend, and my car.
Nissan S14 / 240SX 
No One Comes Close!
My primary interest at the moment is fawning over performance additions to my car.  I hope to enter SCCA racing soon.  Inline with speed, I consistently train for endurance events such as marathons, duatholons, & triatholons.  Instead of hurting my wallet, its hurts my body and mind!  Finally, I'm a total computer geek and I'm very skilled in the arts of surfing, video, graphics, etc.
U.S. Army Airborne
My girlfriend and I have great friends in Daytona Beach where we both attended college.  Whether they're old roommates, classmates, or weirdos, we always have a lot of fun
My family lives in Florida since they loved it so much when visiting me in college.  They're very happy now and life is pretty good. 
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