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This site is a database of fanfic Macross equipment, from rifles to variable fighters to starships adapted to the Macross universe of things. Most the of the stats listed here are not canon. Feel free to send any comments or suggestions to MaxVF22S@yahoo.com

  • Please Note that all craft that are not listed on either on Macross Mecha Designs and UN Spacy Database will be either be linked here or at Macross Fan Fiction Mecha Designs until other wise.
  • Some of the pages are linked to their creator's website. So their updates could and may be different than this site.
  • All craft are property of their designers, and subject to what ever rules they have made for them.
  • If you know of a Mecha not listed here, please E-mail me and let me know.
  • If you want to add your own mecha, feel free to e-mail me the link, files or stats and I'll put it up with full credit to you.
  • Credits to Kamikazi whose site provided me the inspiration (and the above written) to make this site.
  • Always check the updates page for any new development.^_^

Last updated: 10/22/03

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