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       "Welcome to The End!"
Here they are!  The five cuties from Gundam Wing.  They are here to guide you through the site so look for them!
anime - a joy to watch,
            a stress relief,
            one of the best
            things in the world!
           -don't you agree?
This site contains things that might be offensive to some.  If you don't want to see-leave now! If you are still here it's by your own free will....so no complaining!
Duo is just so kawaii!  Don't you think so?  Come on!
Are you an evil person?
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"Anyone who sees me's got a date with Shinigami!!!"
-Duo Maxwell
Animation cels from the series.
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Continuing Nonsense......
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*Duo is the God of Death!*
~shhhh, don't tell anyone
He is too kawaii!
They each have a page or two....see if you can guess who has what.
See what webrings The End has joined...
Soon to come...there is a lot of info, so you have to wait!
"I am a soldier..."
I am a soldier of lost innocence fighting in a war with no meaning...
"I fight..."
I fight my enemies for a future so far from here...
"I kill..."
I kill to show them who I am...
"I am..."
I am everything and nothing...
Shinigami, my end and your end...
"You will not forget that name"
You will not forget me...dwell on the memory...
I said it before and I'll say it again...

"Welcome to the End!!"
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special thanks to AnimeCat for this great reason behind the name.*hugs*
< Look! ^_^
Really nice artwork.