Oni no Yume's GW Fanart
Oi minna!
This is Oni, the one behind these pics. I hope you all enjoy
these, and I encourage you to take them for personal use, but I must ask that
you do NOT take them to post on a web page or anywhere else where they will be
publicly displayed, unless I give you my EXPRESS permission. The reasoning
behind this is that I like to know where my pics are, and to make sure that I
agree with the content of the site. Arigatou gozaimasu, and my e-mail is:
If anyone would like to host my pics until I get a page set up, e-mail me at
that address and I'll take a look at your page. I haven't turned anyone down
yet, so chances are I'll say yes.

I have more pictures to put up....but this is all I could do for now....these things take forever to up-load! ^_~ Come back! I'll have them up real soon!