One Last Tomorrow

By: Ashiko-chan


Violet eyes stared out into the darkness of night. A slight breeze ruffled the drapes that adorned the window. Sighing, Relena Peacecraft sat down on the window, smoothing the fabric of her robe. Another day passed with the Sank Kingdom in total pacifism.

She looked over to a note that sat on her desk from Dorothy. Relena attempted to surpress a frown, she found the girl named Dorothy Catalonia immensely confusing. How could anyone support war so much? Shaking away her thoughts, she picked up the note.

Dear Ms.Relena,

I wish you luck at the conference at Bremen. I wish I could be there to hear your riveting speech on your ideals. Oh how I do love to hear you speak about your dreams.



Relena sighed as she folded the note up, sticking it in one of her drawers. The one that kept all the other notes that she didn't want, but didn't want to throw away. She placed her hand on her forehead, she had completely forgot about Bremen. There, she would speak the ideals of the Sank Kingdom the Romefeller Foundation.

I was hoping to spend tomorrow with Heero...

Heero...I've missed you so much.

I dream of the day that you'll leave the battlefield.

And stay here with me.

Shaking her head, Relena knew that her wishes were all for naught. The truth was, Heero would never leave the battlefield. Maybe the psychical field, but the battles in his mind and heart would never cease. Heero was a soldier, nothing more, and certainly nothing less. However, as cold as the facts may be, Relena never fully wanted to believe them. She hoped and dreamed that maybe, just maybe, Heero would change. Maybe, time in the Sank Kingdom could change his mind, his ideals.

Maybe, Heero would bring himself to love her.

Relena found the last wish, the one furthest from the truth.

Heero loved the battlefield, and nothing else. His mind was set on fighting, saving the colonies and acting on his emotions. Emotions saved for only the things he saw fit, necessary. For Heero, love or romance certainly wasn't a necessity.

Taking a seat in the chair, Relena rested her chin on the desk. Staccato beats of her drumming fingertips were the only sounds in the otherwise silent room. Not only had she forgotten about Bremen, but also there were rumors about a big battle at Luxembourg the next day. Right after the time she would leave to conference.

Heero, I know you'll leave tomorrow.

Even if I demand your word, you'll still head to Luxembourg.

To fight, to live, to die.

I can't stop you. I never have, I never will.

Why Heero? Why must you go?

How long will it be before I see you again?

And then, I know you'll eventually disappear for the battlefield again.

But Heero, no matter how many times you leave my presence. You'll never leave my heart. Never.

Wrapping her arms around her, Relena headed for her bed. Lifting up the heavy comforter, she slid into the sheets. Yawning, she knew that she needed sleep to prepare for the meeting tomorrow. Maybe not even entirely for the meeting in Luxembourg, but for one meeting with Heero. For one last tomorrow.

" Heero, promise you won't go anywhere before I return!"


" Promise me Heero! Promise me!"