To Speak of the Rose

By: Ashiko-chan

"'s been a year."

A young woman stares out into the falling snow, sorrow laden in her eyes. Despite the Christmas cheer, Lady Une seemed to walk around in a daze. Around the day that the savior to the human race descended to the Earth, her one love stolen from her. Her Treize.

She turned her head with a sigh. Wrapping her robe around her, she walked down the hallway of her apartment. A small sound stopped her short of her room. Reaching toward the door, she turned the knob and peered inside. Relief washed over her, Marimaia was fine.

" Your daughter Treize. A rose's last petal..." Une whispered to the cherry haired child. Laying by the bedskirt, some scraps of ribbons, craft wire, and fabric were tousled on the wood. Une felt tears well up in her eyes; the poor girl only grew up around the twisted Dekim Barton. Manipulated and distorted by the views of the insane.

At least her wounds are healing well Une thought. She walked out of the room and shut the door quietly behind her. Fatigued, her head leaned back and pushed against the door. Tomorrow, she after Marimaia's doctor appointment, she agreed to take the girl to her father's grave. It would be the first time in months Une agreed to visit the grave with someone else. It was always too painful to let someone else see her cry.

@--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*---

The sun peered inward through the slits in the window. Dawn's wings rose up over the horizon, placing the sun on her shoulders. Une rolled over and looked at the clock by her side, 6:45. Perfect. She rolled out of bed and moved to the bathroom.

After showering, the tall lady pulled on a suit and walked to the kitchen. She took eggs, bread, and bacon out of the refrigerator. Warm aromas of breakfast swam through the air, delicately weaving through the small apartment. Then, she proceeded to Marimaia's bedroom.

" Marimaia? Are you awake?" Une questioned. The little girl stirred slightly, stretching, and yawning. After looking around for a couple seconds in fright, the girl seemed to remember where she laid.

" Good morning, Ms.Une," Marimaia greeted politely. She cringed as she leaned forward, the pain stabbing at her wound. Quietly, she stepped out of bed and walked alongside Une to the kitchen.

Breakfast was silent, as it was the day before. Neither Marimaia nor Une had anything to say to each other. Marimaia saw Une as the love of her dead father, and Une saw Marimaia as the daughter of her dead love that wasn't her child. Marimaia's mother was a mystery in itself. Treize never spoke of his past relations, so Une couldn't conjure a name to even think of being Marimaia's mother. A child with no past and a woman with no future, strung together by a man who led the world in every direction.

@--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*---

" Wufei?! Where are you Wufei?! We have to go to work now! Don't be late for your first day on the job!" an angered woman called.

" I'm right here, onna. I've been ready to go for a half an hour," a short, pigtailed boy replied.

" Sorry Wufei, I'm just not used to having a roommate," she apologized sheepishly.

" Apology accepted, Sally. Let's go," Wufei urged.

Sally Po nodded her head and walked out to the truck waiting outside. Wufei stared into the December sky, almost looking for someone. In truth, the ghosts that haunted him still lingered every now and then.

The Chinese boy took one last look at the house, staring at the rose garden now covered in snow. Smiling slightly, a reminiscent memory sprung to his mind about when he planted the garden.

Sun sat high in the noon sun as the clouds broke way for light. Perfect blue sky set without clouds on the this day. The thirteenth month since the death of Treize.

" So, the honorable Wufei has a thing for gardening," a voice came from above. Wufei squinted slightly into the brilliant sunlight. A twinging smile pulled at the corners of his lips, from anyone else, he would have taken it as unjustifiable mockery. But, not from Sally.

" Honor is taken in the thoroughness of ones work," he replied. Wiping his brow, he sighed in accomplishment. It was done. It had taken since 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM but it was well worth it. Soon enough, the garden would be in full bloom.

" So, what did you plant in your garden?" Sally asked knowingly.

" Thirteen red rose bushes," Wufei smirked. The Chinese girl tilted her head to the side, silently asking why the thirteen. It was far more common to plant a standard dozen.

" Thirteen. For one dozen and an extra to set it above the rest."

" Wufei? We're here," a gentle voice called. Wufei sat up sharply, he looked around the area. It certainly wasn't the Preventer office.

" I thought you might need to lay a something to rest..." Sally implied softly. Wufei stood up, every ghost had a reason to linger.

@--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*---- @--*---

" Zechs?" A tired voice called through the hallways. A slim woman rose out of bed, slipping a robe around her body. Yawning, she stretched and walked to the kitchen. To her surprise, the light lingering of coffee didn't hang in the air. Instead, a note was attached to the countertop.


I decided to take a drive this morning. I'll be returning home shortly. Sorry about the coffee.


Somewhere down the road, a tall man with billowing blond hair steered his silver Lincoln LS down the iced road. Strains of a mournful saxophone wound their way through the leather-patented interior. Snow landed gracefully on the windshield, only to be brushed aside moments later.

A friend, an ally, a brother. In one day was lost to him. Like everyone else, they had their hard times...but that something never lost itself in their problems. Best friends and allied soldiers, two people with understandings for another. A trait that seemed forsaken by the people of today.

Curving around a slow turn, the car pulled past the gate guarding the driveway. Etched rose climbed their way up the sides of the frozen, iron gates. A red and white stitched tapestry lay in front of the young man. With roses in one hand, he stepped out to his past.

@--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*--- @--*---

" Marimaia's tests have progressed soundly. We'll be cutting down the prescription intake, and we'll be putting her on a slight more rigorous physical therapy program. You should make an appointment ASAP to see her therapist," the doctor prescribed sweetly. She smiled, and placed a hand on the little girl's shoulder.

"It's nice to see your progress coming along so smoothly, Marimaia. We'll see you soon, okay?" She asked politely. The girl merely nodded and hopped off the chair. Une smiled and walked behind Marimaia out the door. Silently, they walked to the car destined for the graveyard.

Une turned over from the steering wheel to the little girl. A translucent veil of happiness covered her eyes, but deep inside you could tell that they were strung by sorrow. A child without the parenting needed for stability, hardly the type of childhood one could enjoy.

They pulled into the snow-laced drive of the graveyard. Une raised an eyebrow, the typically deserted yard held two visitors in its grasp. Quickly, she recognized a tall, blond man as Zechs and the short, black pig-tailed boy as Chang Wufei. Each of them held a bouquet of red roses in their hands.

" Ms.Une? Is this my Father's grave?" Marimaia questioned formally. The former assistant to Treize smiled slightly.

" Yes, this is your Father's grave," she replied. After help the injured girl out of the car, the two of them walked to the grave. The four onlookers stood side by side, staring at the beautiful granite grave custom made for Treize.

The only sound between them belonged to Marimaia. Curiously, the three others watched on as she pulled a small bag from her coat. With caution, she pulled several objects from the bag. Une stifled a gasp as she recognized them to be red roses constructed out of ribbons, craft wire, and fabric. Marimaia bent downward and placed the roses on the grave. Expectantly, she turned to Zechs and Wufei.

" Those who speak of the rose bring their blessings, so why don't you offer them?" She asked calmly. Zechs and Wufei looked at each other, and together laid their roses down beside Marimaia. Laying the ghost of Treize back to where it rightfully belonged.

Author's ramblings-

Hey minna-san! I felt kinda empty after writing this fic, but I was inspired by the end scene of Endless Waltz (which, in my opinion, was fairly decent in English, but better in Japanese). Since I don't know much about Treize or Lady Une, it was kinda hard to write this fic. So, if you have any info about them, please tell me at Please review...Arigato!

Ja ne,